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Tossin' Margs with Michael and Taco

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We're Michael and Taco. We're best friends who work together every day, and generally hang out every night. This has led to plenty of discussions that we've been told the world needs to hear, so now we're podcasting like every other dork in the world.
10 Episodes
We're back, even though we still don't know what the hell we're doing! Season 2 is underway with a return to the scene of the very first Tossin' Margs recording session, with the same crew on hand as well. We discuss a little bit of everything, catching up on some of what y'all have missed since October. 
We’re back with the eighth installment of our stupidity! We return to Jess and Jarred’s back porch, where we check in with our beloved producer, talk about dumb girls sharing stupid memes, creampies and ass cakes, and we finally tell the mop story. Jarred and Koty join us again, and we welcome Gabby, a waitress and bartender at Mac’s and a good friend of all of the whole crew!
It's been like 2 weeks since we uploaded a new episode and the 9 people who listen regularly have all gotten distracted by true crime podcasts and the fact that it's still 100 degrees in Alabama in fucking October. So we headed to Elkton, TN to The Hideaway to chat about what's been going on to keep y'all at least mildly interested, hopefully.Little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing, like Seinfeld without the talent or the budget. Let us know what y'all think, maybe?
For this episode, we loaded up in Jess's brand new Dodge Durango SRT and rode out of the backroads of western Limestone County, into Lauderdale County and even up into the edge of Tennesses to discuss the Rules of Engagement for dating someone that's dated someone within your circle.We also discuss the easiest way to sink Baberaham Lincoln's Battleship, a next-level-fucked-up suicide attempt, and pawn shop xylophones.
We're back, because nobody has pulled the plug on this deal yet. Episode #5 finds us searching for our Irish fan, discussing (briefly) how bad Tennessee Football sucks so far this year, some brunch idea, and Michael sings us a tune. Let us know what you think about the idea of a Tossin' Margs Brunch, or about anything you want to discuss. We won't bust y'all out, unless you wear "Y'ALL" socks, because apparently that's just who we are now.
In our first Minisode, we discuss a few things on our way to Bro Brunch, including the "I don't care where we eat" conundrum, the Krystal's challenge, and some other stuff. This was a spur of the moment decision, so Jess the Producer had to sit this one out, but she will be back for EPISODE #5!
This episode we scale back the stupidity and actually tackle a subject we've been asked by several listeners to address. There's a Snake Farm, we discuss wings and things, and Jess the Producer now has a lisp, so needless to say there's still some off the wall stuff. This episode is the first time we've managed to record with just the three of us, and it's nice not dealing with smartass comments and an extra idiot. As always, be sure to let us know what you think with comments on our Facebook page, or message us if you'd prefer.
The tiny town of Athens Alabama has been rocked by EPISODE #2, and we're here to sort through the rubble. That may be an exaggeration, but it sounded cool, didn't it? In this week's episode, we discuss the feedback we've gotten about our Hotness Classification system, Michael sings our intro for future episodes, and some other shit. We're joined as always by Jess The Producer, along with her husband Jarred and his boyfriend Koty.
Welcome back, all three of you, to Tossin' Margs. This week, we discuss free range bees, the different types of hot, and getting broken up with by a girl you're not dating... We're joined again by Jess, who's officially accepted the title of producer, and Jarred, her cotton-headed ninnymuggins husband. 
We kick off what we are sure will be the mediocrest podcast you've ever listened to with a little introduction. We're joined by Jess, Jarred and Koty and discuss the point of the show – hint: there really isn't one – and who we are. Hopefully you'll chuckle at some of our shit! If not, you probably just suck anyway.
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