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Author: John Fosco & Travis Browne

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Tough Business is a raw, rough, real, small business survival guide. Hosted by John Fosco; serial entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Investor, and co-founder and managing partner of Max Effort Muscle and CBD Social and Travis Browne; Top-ranked UFC Heavyweight, husband of Ronda Rousey, and aspiring entrepreneur. If you are not seeking the truth at any cost, this show is NOT FOR YOU.

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7 Episodes
On this episode of Tough Business John Fosco and Travis Browne dig into the process of HOW TO use Black Friday to maximize customer acquisition. In addition, they break down the psychology and behavior of the consumer on the busiest shopping day of the year.  This episode of “How To” is a must listen, as it will change your whole perspective on what Black Friday can do to create explosive business growth.  
On this episode of “Tough Business” John and Travis dive deep into the current trend of 4 day work weeks, how to build great employees, Believing in your vision, and how to build people up. They explain what it takes to build something that is successful and sustainable and why being soft in the current environment gets you nowhere.  
On this episode of “Tough Business” John & Travis break down one of Travis’s infamous war stories.   They proceed to freeze frame specific moments and extract & articulate the wisdom they found in the darkest times of this very specific incident.  These lessons learned are universal truths that apply not only to business but life. 
John and Travis dig into the process of HOW TO strategically collect customer data in any business and then implement that data to spark business growth.  In addition, they will explain how customer data provides every business with a better understanding of customer needs and wants. This episode is a MUST LISTEN as this information could increase your business's expansion exponentially.    Hit that subscribe button #TBCru
On this episode of "Tough Business" John & Travis introduce "Let Em Have It" where they punch you right in the face on the current trend of men wearing dresses. They give their different opinions on masculinity, and how it is becoming something of the past and what that means for the world of business. John also shares how he got his hands on an impossible to find PS5 thanks to his good friend Meng Hwa.
On episode 1 of Tough Business, John and Travis explain how they originally came together through a business partnership gone right.  They go on to explain that "Tough Business" isn't simply 2 words, it's their style of doing business. Their thought process behind this brand of business (Tough Business) is the basis of the show and is broken down into  26 defining pillars that work together like a business decision making ecosystem.  
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