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Author: Jeff Poquette / Brad McIntosh

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There’s No Business Like Tow Business
Running a towing business in today's world is tough. The Tow Business Podcast focuses on towing business topics and discusses all topics that relate to owning and operating a successful towing company. We welcome all show ideas and feedback.
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Our industry is under attack by a well-funded, well-organized group using the FTC and FMCSA to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, it seems that most U.S. towers are still unaware. The National Open Commerce and Safer Highways Coalition needs your support! Please visit for accurate, up-to-date information. Please consider a one-time or recurring donation so that they can represent our proud industry in Washington D.C. The coalition is already starting to tackle the issue of low policy limits and non-payment of recoveries. They are fighting for you, will you help spread the word and donate? Imagine if every tow operator in America donated only $5.00.  
Brad goes to the Florida show and Buc-ees has everything! Also, the over-the-phone Tow Scam strikes again.
Industry News - 121

Industry News - 121


We discuss some current topics going on in Towing News. If you own a Freightliner M2 make sure you listen until the end.
All Things Traxero - 120

All Things Traxero - 120


Traxero's products help glue the business side of our industry together by offering several pieces of software, services, and hardware that integrate in a way we've never before seen. Dispatching software, payment systems, GPS, dashcams, auctions, and more. Whether you're using a pen and paper wondering if it's time to go digital or a 20-year veteran of digital dispatching wondering if there is a better way, give them a call. This episode discusses many of the integrated solutions they offer and how to receive additional information about them. We also talk a bit about how their podcast Traxero-On-The Go comes together. Our guests on this episode are: Jillian Grassetti - Senior VP, Sales & Marketing Laura Dolan - Senior Content Director Shelli Hawkins - Director of Market Engagement Traxero On-The-Go Podcast     Show Partners: Miller Industries TRAXERO HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Emergency Road Service Coalition of America ERSCA
Recently the FTC and FMCSA announced new rules that would adversely affect the Towing Industry and those who supply and support the industry. Luckily, a large group of towers from around the nation worked tirelessly to create a new Coalition not only to fight against these new proposed rules but to combat the negative stereotypes and misunderstanding of the costs and challenges we face while trying to keep America's roads and commerce flowing. NOCSHC isn't simply talking about doing something about it, they are doing something about it. They already have D.C. lobbyists and two D.C. law firms who specialize in the FTC Rulemaking process on the ground and digging in. The coalition is here to fight for every tower in the United States but they need your help. Please check out and their Facebook page National Open Commerce and Safer Highways Coalition to learn how you can help and donate.   Thanks to our Show Partners Miller Industries Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Emergency Road Service Coalition of America ERSCA
Falsely Accused - 118

Falsely Accused - 118


There is a war being waged against the towing industry by insurance companies and trucking companies simply trying to improve their bottom line. We all know there are bad actors within the towing industry but they are few and far between. We are all currently being accused of being that small group and people are manipulating the data in an attempt to crush our industry so they can increase their profits. This episode is a must-listen for every tower in the United States. We told you this was coming and now it's here. This is going to be a difficult, very expensive battle that's going to require our entire industry to stand together. Miller Industries Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud
A listener sent us a great email asking us follow-up questions about previous shows. We chose several of his questions to respond to.   Miller Industries Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud  ERSCA Training, Standard Duty Heavy Duty, EV Winching & Rigging Online & in person
A major auto club has come out in support of Congestion Charges. We also discuss the Not So Crazy TRIP Invoice that is in the news and try to provide some insight to the costs of participating in the TRIP Program.
Are you tired of your boss not buying the latest greatest tow gadgets? Maybe it's time to realize the benefits of investing in yourself and paying your own way on the path to success. Applying for a job? Be careful how you do it. Put some thought into your words and tone while applying digitally. There's trouble brewing for towers in Massachusetts if they charge admin fees as a percentage. Miller Industries Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud ERSCA
Towing News and Scams - 114

Towing News and Scams - 114


Our show from August 30, 2020, on workplace behavior pops up.  More PPI news from Memphis, Tn. ATRI's Predatory Towing Report. SSTA supports legislation to allow additional fees on EVs. There's a new towing scam in town.   Miller Industries Traxero ERSCA - Emergency Road Service Coalition of America HASS Alert Safety Cloud
There's a lot of news about tow companies being gobbled up by some large players. What's going on, why now? We also revisit two recent topics and want to know if your company has seen a slowdown in heavy call volume in the past six months. Miller industries Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud ERSCA  
What in the world is going on at that truck stop in Memphis? We also discuss that big, green toolbox that ended up on its back and the one simple thing the owner of it could've done to prevent it and a few other topics.
Industry Talk - 111

Industry Talk - 111


We discuss several tow industry topics we've recently heard about or found on the Tow Business and other towing pages. Miller Industries ERSCA Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud
We all know that the tow industry is almost 100% drama free... not this episode. We've just come back from the Tennessee Tow Show and this is the first show of season 15.   Miller Industries Traxero ERSCA HAAS Safety Cloud
Industry Discussion - 109

Industry Discussion - 109


Tow Business Podcast discusses various topics facing the Towing Industry today. We strive to put out the best business-friendly information to towers everywhere that they can consume when they want to. We discuss various topics. Recent legislation, Employee Retention Credits, Online marketing mistakes. Please support our Show Partners: Miller Industries Traxero HAAS Safety Cloud Emergency Road Service Coalition of America ERSCA
We discuss tactics the insurance companies seem to be using to pay us less, while they are also convincing our legislators that towers are the problem. Artificial Intelligence is entering the towing industry quickly and we explain how. Tow Business Podcast discusses current topics occurring in our industry and presents ideas to help your towing business be a profitable, rewarding, success.
Tom Parbs with HAAS Alert and Lee Roberts come on the show to discuss the importance of more industry support of the Survivor Fund and different ways you can support it.
We discuss ERSCA's current legislative efforts and fundraising program. The show then finishes with a few more questions from our Tow Business group on Facebook.
We discuss some great questions that have been asked on our Tow Business FaceBook Group recently. This is part one of a two-part series
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Linda Scott

Really enjoyed the cast guys! A wealth of insight and knowledge into current trends and future possible realisms with MC's and Tow apps. Good thought points that I as an owner need to start focusing on. 5 stars from Tow n Go in Lewisville, Texas

Mar 16th