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Welcome back to another round of musical nerdary and merriment! The guest with the 2 pound coin and the itchy fingers at the jukebox is Colin Jackson Brown, one of the presenters of the superb Free With This Month's Issue Podcast!! They've just reached the 50 episode milestone over in their Parrish, so the timings perfect for our musical natter! Loads of ace stories about festivals, working in record shops, how The White Room on Channel 4 was better than Later With Jools Holland, the unparalleled genius of Mogwai, is it actually still OK to listen to Pantera, along with all the usual nerdy shit that we'll always inhabit over here! As ever, click the link to hear Colins 5 picks in a handy playlist :- --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the Sunset Strip my hard rockin' amigos!!! Joining me for a trawl through some amazing deep cuts from the hair metal genre, is returning guest and vocalist from The Infernal Sea, Dean Lettice. Like myself, Dean is a HUGE fan of this most derided and disposible of genres..... Or is it??? With Motley Crue and Def Leppard filling uk stadiums this summer and Guns N Roses all but confirming they're headlining Glastonbury this summer, the scene is experiencing a massive renaissance of late. Its always a pleasure having a natter with Dean about any type of music, but especially tunes that reek of riffs, hairspray and EXCESS!! Click the Spotify link to experience the sounds of the times, best enjoyed with a huge Jack and Coke and some tight stonewashed denim...... Xxx --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to 2023!!! Joining me for the 1st episode of the year, is comedian Dave Fensome. I first came across him when I discovered the fantastic Pop, Collaborate and Listen Podcast during the 1st lock down in 2020. On the pod, Dave and his Co-host Krister listen to and review every UK number one of the 90s, a truly herculean task when you take into account the garbage that got to number 1 in that decade! They're at the end of 1993 now and have already critiqued such classics as Michael Ball, Cliff Richard, 2 Unlimited, 3 albums featuring the legendary Phil Collins and tons of others!! Please get on it, as it's a hilarious insight into what the general public were buying in that decade. My god, they were buying some utter CRAP!!! Daves picks for this Parrish however are utter gold, also they're all first timers, so lots of 90s chat and tracks that include Beastie Boys, Kyuss and more!! Please check out Daves new comedy special ADHDave by clicking the you tube link :- And here's Daves 5 cast iron bangers, in a handy playlist..... --- Support this podcast:
Hey there, you bloody ball of lushness!! Welcome to the penultimate episode of the year and its a banger! My guest this week is a bit of a legend from the Gaz-Reading-Kerrang-Years, it's the fantastic journalist /author and all round lush human being, Mr. Ian Winwood. Ians latest book "Bodies : Life and Death in Music" is out now and I can't recommend it highly enough! Ian also has a wonderful taste in tunes too. Loads of brilliant chosen tracks and tales, from Beastie Boys, through The Wildhearts and onto Elvis Costello, plus Ians stories that are associated with each pick are INSANE!! Click the link for a handy pocket sized playlist of Ians 5 choices: --- Support this podcast:
welcome back once again! This weeks guest is a legend from the 00s Cambridge music scene, the DMS himself, Darren Michelangelo Smith!! It's always a pleasure to have a natter with my old mate and was an honour to have him bring along a plethora of great tunes and stories to the podcast. Click the link to hear Darren's 5 song choices in a handy playlist-style :- Please also make sure you listen to the fantastic O'Holy Ghost debut EP, by clicking here...... :- --- Support this podcast:
welcome back to the pod, grab yourself a beer from the bar and pull up a chair at the poker table!!  Joining me this week, is legendary ex-Kerrang and present Metal Hammer, Guardian, Classic Rock Magazine (etc etc....) scribe / legend, Mr Dom Lawson! I have always wanted to get Mr Lawson on this here podcast, so it was a real treat to have a high class musical natter with the guy who's literally interviewed and reviewed EVERYONE!! As well as finding time to award St Anger a well deserved KKKK's back in 2003. Its a great album!!! Whatever pal.....  So expect lots of great stories, some incredible song choices and a truly heartwarming Iron Maiden tale that started it all for little Dom back in the day. One of Doms choices isn't on Spotify, so get yourself over to You Tube if you fancy listening to The Cardiacs song that he put forward, but the rest of his selections are collated in this handy little playlist :- --- Support this podcast:
Yo! The club is open, no hats NO TRAINERS!!!! Grab something cold and come a bit closer, as locking horns with me this week is folk punk troubadour and all round lush human being, Benjamin Sydes aka BSydes. Always a pleasure catching up with this total gent and its a lovely ole natter as ever!! Warning: may well contain 2 fully grown nerds, frothing at the mouth when chatting about that most special of bands from the early 21st century; Reuben...... Please like, share and review the podcast and as usual, click the link to hear Ben's 5 song choices in a handy playlist. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back!! Cheers for sticking around people, sorry I've been away. Life etc innit. Bringing the tracks and the virtual hangs this week is Cambridge six string slinging LEGEND Jay Williams!!! I've always loved chatting music with him over the years, so it was a real treat to do it again for you lovely ole lot!! From playing in John Peel favs Hofman, to scratching his alt-country itch in Broken Family Band, performing at Glastonbury and onto newer pastures with the incredible Hip-Hop and classical mashup of I Strip For Couples, Jay is a musical genius and has done it all. He's also fond of a heavy riff or two, as shown by his 5 incredible choices that he's put on the mixtape for us all. From ACDC, to Van Halen and into Marillion, it's a journey through the ages of RAWK!! As ever, please share, like and tell your friends about the podcast, it all makes a difference. Click the link below for a handy playlist of Jay's choices over on a the Spotify...... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to your (un)official start to the weekend!! Today is about all things 90s and Britpop related. Like myself, Paul has been a huge Britpop obsessive and has just released an incredible document of that period of time, but rather than focusing on the usual fare, (Oasis, Blur, Pulp etc...) Paul's dug a bit deeper into the world of the nearly-bands and uncovers some amazing stories. Ever heard of a band called Soda? Then be prepared to meet your new favourite band.... It's an incredible read and I urge you all to have a ganders. Please enjoy the episode and as always, here's a link to Paul's picks via a handy playlist... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to another audio slice of baked musical nerdary! Joining the musical dots with me this week is the macdaddy of the podcasting game, Stu Whiffen!!! It was a real honour to have a chat with him, as he's one of the reasons I wanted to get my ass into gear and put my podcast idea on the map! As ever, loads of great stories, conversations and laughs, as well as 5 incredible, bulletproof bangers as his song choices! From all time classic motown, to proto grunge legends, onto Essex syth gods and we finish with an incredible R.E.M. story that you don't want to miss!! Click the Spotify link to hear Stu's song choices..... --- Support this podcast:
Hey now!!! Welcome back to the club, where musical nerdary is KING!! This weeks chat is a cracker, as its James Parrish' turn in the hot seat.... Loads of ace stories and song choices, From Fugazi, Iron Maiden and the mighty Guided By Voices! As ever, have a listen to James' 5 incredible song choices by clicking on the link (and give the podcast a sweet 5 star review whilst you're over there) .... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to the nerd club from wherever you've been!!! This weeks guest is the presenter of the fantastic (and guardian recommended) The Indie Alternative Podcast, Chris Olden. Loads of 90s chat, along with some amazing song choices. We go from speed metal, to grunge, to Britpop and loads more! We both share our collective love for Huey Lewis, even Michael Fkn Bolton gets a reference haha! Chris is a total music freak, like me..... It's a great listen as always!! Here's a link to Chris' playlist of bangers.... Here's a link to Chris' podcast too.... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back you lush ole lot, form an orderly queue!! No hats, NO TRAINERS!! Joining me this week for some musical nerdary, is the host of the Riot Act Podcast and Kerbdog mega-fan, Stephen Hill. Stephen brings tons of incredible stories, as well as some ridiculous song choices, which are dissected and discussed this week. From life affirming punk rock fury, to dark 80s electro bangers and then onto Stephen and myself losing our collective minds in regards to our love of a certain track by Neneh Cherry!!! As always, please rate and review the podcast and as always, click the link for Steve's playlist of absolute bangers!!! It may well be the strongest one yet..... Xx --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to another slice of 90s alt Rock heaven! This weeks guest is the drummer from Kerbdog, Darragh Butler. Their 1997 album On The Turn is a lost classic of the era, which has subsequently been rediscovered by following generations by good ole fashioned word of mouth. It was re-released in 2020 on vinyl to much acclaim and they are in the middle of a few celebratory 25th anniversary shows of the album. Darragh brings his A-Game with some brilliant tracks and some great stories from Kerbdogs past. Please enjoy and don't forget to leave us a review on Spotify and ITunes!! Here's a link to Darraghs choices in a lil' playlist...... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to the podcast my friends! This weeks guest is the presenter of the fantastic Kerrang Back Issues Podcast. In his show each week, Steve goes through an old 90s copy of the big K! and pulls out all the best and funniest news, reviews and interviews for our delectation and its a cracking listen! Steve pulls out the big guns for his song choices on here, with 80s rock classics, 90s pummelling Brazilian metal, early 00s UK underground punk and much more! Click the Spotify link below to check out Steve's choices! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back to the best day of the week, new Track One Side One release day!!! Joining the dots and staying within the lines with me this week is graff legend, Si Mitchell!!! This episodes for anyone who fancies getting punk and disorderly!! Lots of amazing tracks and tales, featuring : NOFX, Random Hand and many more. Click on the link for a playlist of Si Mitchell's choices..... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to 1997 people! Joining me on the podcast this week is the singer from the greatest live band of the whole Britrock era, Ross Cummins from Symposium!! It was a real treat having a natter with a proper music geek of the highest order! Ross twists the format of the show as well, as each one of his choices are associated with a member of Symposium, such a great idea. Theres chats about those incredible Reading Festival sets from the late 90s, skating with Chino from the Deftones, hanging with Suggs and much more!  Click on the link below to listen through Ross' ace song choices over on The Spotify...... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the latest episode! Joining me this week is a total LEGEND of the UK DIY punk scene, Matt Clarke from Vanilla Pod. There's a plethora of amazing stories and song choices in this chat, as we go deep into Clarkeys music obsessions. From Hundred Reasons, through At The Drive-In and punk heroes Strung Out and onto the untapped genius of Starmarket, its an ace musical natter! Click the Spotify link to have a listen to Matts choices...... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back! This week on the podcast, my guest is Clovis Taylor from Headswim. This is a HUGE one for me, as Headswims debut album Flood, was one of the best albums to come out of the mid 90s britrock scene. It's a great chat as always, as we deep dive in on Clovis' incredible record collection, talk about the magic of playing Donington 94 and also what Headswims future plans look like, as Trapped Animal Records are doing a full deluxe reissue of their debut labum later this year. Big thanks to Joel for facilitating this chat with Clovis and also massive props to the peeps on the Headswim FB page, for keeping the flame burning for this brilliant band. Please share, rate, repost and enjoy the podcast!! Here's a link to Clovis' 5 picks in a handy playlist...... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome one and all! Here are at the start of season 2!! It's been a minute, but we're good to go! And WHAT a 1st episode we have for you, as joining me in a musical natter is Andy Cairns from Therapy? It was a real treat to have a chat with the singer from my all-time favourite band and it's chock full of incredible song choices and ace stories. Please enjoy, like, share, review and repost! As always, here's a link to a handy playlist with Andys 5 choices...... --- Support this podcast:
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