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Author: Stephen A. Hart

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Stephen A. Hart explores the stories behind today's most successful black entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.

Listeners gain access to the knowledge, resources and tools of these accomplished professionals and come away with the know-how, confidence and motivation needed to blaze their own trail.
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Messaging is so important because it just makes it clear how you add value to your industry, and a lot of people just aren’t clear about that. Our featured trailblazer is Maya Elious. Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist that teaches experts how to position themselves as the go-to authority figure in their industry so they can confidently launch their signature offer. She’s helped hundreds of students and clients get clear on their message, confidently increase their prices, have successful five-figure launches with their masterclasses, webinars, courses, and programs. Her main mission is to help women increase their impact and income with their gifts and expertise. When she’s not helping her clients build their online empire, she can be found traveling, scrolling through IG, or watching Hulu. My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
I want to create long-term wealth that will last multiple generations and that produces cash; among the different options to invest, real estate is a very, very clear option. Our featured trailblazer is Tawan Davis. Tawan Davis is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of The Steinbridge Group, which has structured, executed and invested nearly $1 billion in commercial and residential real estate. Under Mr. Davis’ leadership—which includes managing the investment program and overseeing the day-to-day operations and transaction pipeline—Steinbridge is now investing more than $425 million in the urban single-family home market. My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
As an entrepreneur and business owner, there is never enough learning that can be done. Our featured guest is Raymond McKenzie. Ray McKenzie, founder of Red Beach Advisors, an executive business and product strategy, operations, and process consultant with more than 20 years of experience with public, private, and start-up tech companies specializing in growth and scaling strategies.  Ray has held various senior executive positions with companies such as Verisign, Neustar, State Farm Insurance, TeleSign, UltraDNS and has served in an advisory role for several start-up companies in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. Ray McKenzie completed his studies in Management Information Systems from San Diego State University in 2001 and is a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF). Mr. McKenzie is also a certified Lean Six Sigma sensei (CLSSS) practitioner from Villanova University, is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) from Scrum Alliance. Mr. McKenzie currently sits on the board of directors for non-profit organizations such as My Friend’s House, Inc. based in Los Angeles, CA and Students With Aspiring Goals based in Merced, CA and regularly speaks to groups of children and youth regarding entrepreneurship, leadership, and achievement. Ray is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.  My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
It really takes one step, one leap of faith, to grow something beyond what you ever imagined you could. Our featured guest is Jeresha "Sherri J" White. Sherri J started with one childcare facility and opened it because of her passion for education and children. She never imagined becoming a real business guru, opening five more childcare facilities, and starting a business coaching venture. Needless to say, listeners should walk away from this podcast episode knowing that one baby step is still a step, and that one step could be the seed that starts your garden. CONNECT WITH SHERRI J Instagram: @successsouvenirs; @sherrijlovely  Website:
3 of the many takeaways from my conversation today with Tammeca Rochester of Harlem Cycle: 1. No matter your college degree, you can create the life you want.  2. No career is absolute. At any point you can pivot and change direction  3. To open a business you don't need to be the expert but you need to surround yourself with those that are   Our featured guest today is Tammeca Rochester. Tammeca Rochester is owner and founder of Harlem Cycle, Harlem's 1st and only indoor cycling studio. She has three academic degrees (Mathematics- Spelman College, Mechanical Engineering- The Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Stern Business School, New York University), multiple professional certifications, and several awards and honors. In 2016, she decided to turn her passion for fitness and open Harlem's 1st and only indoor cycling studio. My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
Eric Thomas, aka E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher kicks off our first episode of the 2019 Trailblazers.FM Entrepreneurs series.    “The version of you that you are right now is keeping you from being everything you should be. Who you are right now is responsible for why you're not where you supposed to be…. who you are is keeping you from being who you should be and your dreams though, are the only thing that's telling you “Come on. Let's go!” Your dreams are the only thing that's telling “You can do more. You can have more. You can be more! Come on, come on, come on! Don’t be comfortable. Don’t sit. DON’T SETTLE!”   My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
The Black Male Equity Initiative is an interactive exploration of what wealth and equity look like and how you can build it. The intent of the Black Male Equity Program is to establish a foundation from which to build, grow, and expand the Legacy Wealth perspective of black men by measuring and monitoring four specific milestones and results of a black male cohort. Our episode this week is a panel discussion about the first cohort of the Black Male Equity Initiative that took place in Detroit, Michigan. Our featured guests today are Dr. Pamela Jolly, Christopher Rutherford and Richard Grundy. Dr. Pamela C.V. Jolly is Founder and CEO of Torch Enterprises Inc, a strategic investment firm committed to minority business growth and development. Torch Enterprises has assisted over 1000 entrepreneurs, national non-profits, trade organizations, the Federal Government, foundations and financial institutions. Christopher Rutherford is a Promise of Place Manager in Detroit, developing strategies with community based organizations to improve life outcomes for Black men and boys. Chris has dedicated over 30 years in Michigan, helping young people from all communities to access opportunity. Richard Grundy is the cofounder and CEO of JOURNi. JOURNi is a non-profit focused on decentralizing tech education for Detroiters. Through partnerships with workforce development agencies, schools, and other organizations, JOURNi has been able to train hundreds of youth in web-development and entrepreneurship skills vital to closing the digital divide in Detroit.  My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag Trailblazers.FM. Our handle on twitter and instagram is @tbpod
Cities United works to support the network of Mayors who are concerned with the issue of keeping young Black men and boys and their families safe, healthy and hopeful. Cities United partners with these leaders in the quest to reduce the homicide of Black men and boys by 50% by the year 2025. Our featured guest today is Anthony Smith, CEO of Cities United. My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
Being relational drives business. Your brand/business must be about more than just transactions in order for it to thrive. The beauty happens in between the transactions/deals. When you are relational, you step into the spaces between transactions, so to speak, and that step-in is what makes clients come back, makes them choose you, makes colleagues recommend you, and makes people want to work with you. Our featured guest today is A. Nicole Campbell. Nicole (Nic) is a mom first, and everything else falls into place because of it. She's an MIT graduate and an attorney who has served in senior leadership positions for two billionaire hedge fund giants.  Nic recently transitioned to a new role, having founded Build Up Advisory Group (February, 2019). Her firm specializes in designing and building systems to help nonprofits, philanthropies, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists thrive. She's working to scale it to create the kind of workplace she's always wanted to work in. Build Up, Inc. is a boutique capacity builder that holistically supports leaders of color and projects and nonprofits led by people of color that serve under-resourced communities. Probably the first of its kind, and hopefully it can serve as a model for other fiscal sponsors. My ask today is that you’d help share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod and use the hashtag #TrailblazersFM
When Black males start to achieve, the mobility rates for our community will pick up exponentially.  That is the opportunity for us, but it is also the risk, if we don’t. Our featured guest today is Jim Shelton. James “Jim” Shelton is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blue Meridian Partners. In this role, Jim is investigating new areas where significant focused capital can help solve problems at scale and advising Blue Meridian. Jim is also a founding partner of Amandla Enterprises, Senior Advisor for Education at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institute. Prior to this, he served as President and Chief Impact Officer of 2U, Inc. and was deputy secretary at the US Department of Education (and head of its office of innovation and improvement) under President Obama. There, he served as the Executive Director of the President’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative and served on and led multiple interagency efforts focused on poverty reduction, economic development, entrepreneurship, and increased opportunity, such as the Investing in Innovation Fund, Promise Neighborhoods, and ConnectED.
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i enjoy their podcast always dropping gems 💎

Jun 10th

Gary Moore Jr.

Truly enjoyed this episode and was a huge wake up call. Thank you for your time and what an AWESOME start to the work week hearing this GREAT story!

Mar 18th
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