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Author: Jim & Ted

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Trailer Junkies Podcast (TJP) is where Jim and Ted discuss movie and TV trailers, and the consumer-facing part of media marketing. They use Ted’s industry knowledge, Jim’s common sense, and their wit to break down movie marketing using trailers as their vehicle.
141 Episodes
It's episode 129 and this week Ted is across the country 3500 miles from home.  Ted enjoys a beer from Maryland while Jim is wondering why his tastes like fake bananas.  The guys talk two trailers: The Comey Rule and Kajillionaire.  They also talk about what they are watching and share stories from their week.
It's episode 128 and this week Ted is on a traveling road trip with his family.  Jim interviews Frank Monaco for another industry interview.  The two discuss Frank's career highs and lows and finish with the original Jaws trailer.
Enjoy this replay of episode 117.  For show notes and more see episode 117 on our website at:
It's episode 127 and this week Jim and Ted have a theme (or two).  They guys talk beer, their week, three trailers, and what they're watching.  The three trailer this week are: Project Power, Brave New World, & The Secret: Dare to Dream.
It's episode 126 and this week Jim & Ted talk three trailers: Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy-Siege, Halloween Kills and The Boy's Season 2.  They talk about what Ted's watching, a few of their favorite podcasts, their week and more.
It's episode 125 and this week Jim & Ted talk three trailers: The Old Guard, American Pickle, and Greenland.  The guys enjoys Jim's third and final home brew and Ted has a laundry list of what he's been watching.
The King's Man & Hamilton

The King's Man & Hamilton


It's episode 124 and this week Jim & Ted talk two trailers: The King's Man and Hamilton.  They also enjoy another one of Jim's home-brews.  You need to listen to hear what it is.  The guys also talk about what they are watching and what they did this week.
Dads & Palm Springs

Dads & Palm Springs


It's episode 123 and this week Jim & Ted talk two trailers: Dads on AppleTV+ and Palm Springs on Hulu.  They also enjoy one of Jim's home brews, their week, and more.
It's episode 122 and this week Jim & Ted talk Bill & Ted Face the Music.  They also discuss two other movies that lend to a couple of different themes.  One of the movies is the new Will Ferrell 'Saga': Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and Feel the Beat.  See if you can guess the theme beyond just song and dance.  Jim & Ted also talk about their week, beer, and what the
It's episode 121 and this week Jim & Ted have a heart felt discussion about equality, perceptions, and how the media may influence how we view each other.  The guys also talk about the latest Jo Koy: In His Elements Netflix special
Tenet & You Don't Nomi

Tenet & You Don't Nomi


It's episode 120 and this week Jim & Talk talk two trailers: Tenet & You Don't Nomi.  They also talk beer, their week, and what they're watching.
LANCE & Force of Nature

LANCE & Force of Nature


It's episode 119 and this week Jim & Ted talk about why Ted is so exhausted, beer and two trailers: LANCE and Force of Nature.  The guys also talk about what they're watching and Jim's frustrations with Disney+ and Hulu bundling.  Heed his warnings before you bundle.
It's episode 118 and this week Jim & Ted are joined by Ted's daughter, Audrey.  Audrey chose this week's trailer, The King of Staten Island.  Yes, we only talk one trailer, but as usual the guys talk beer, bike racing, what they're watching and so much more.
It's episode 117 and this week Jim & Ted talk beers (what else is new), their week, what they're watching, and three trailers: Becoming, Space Force, and Have a Good Trip.
It's episode 116 and this week Jim & Ted talk tw documentaries and drug movie.  The Last Narc and Spaceship Earth sandwich White Lines (NSFW).  The guys talk beer, Coronacation, and what they're watching. 
It's episode 115 and this week Jim & Ted are joined by Jim Wyatt, a media professional in the animation world of television and movies.  The guys have another one of their bobbing and weaving discussions that lead to the movie trailer, Hollywood.  They talk beer, bourbon, what they are watching and more.
It's episode 114 and this week Jim & Ted talk beer, what they're watching, and not much about their week.  Being quarantined does not lend itself to exciting times.  They also talk three trailers: Valley Girl, Capone, and Artemis Fowl.
It's episode 113 and this week Jim & Ted talk beer, their week, and staying at home along with three trailers: Extraction and Train to Busan Presents Peninsula with a comparison to Train to Busan from 2016.
It's episode 112, and Jim & Ted are physically distancing.  They talk The Willoughbys, Making Home Count, and Disneynature Elephants & Dolphin Reef.  The guys talk beer, SARS CoV-2, COVID-19 and the novel corona virus, or whatever they are calling it these days along with all the other linguistic nuances that have creeped in.  The guys also talk about what their watching and more.
It's episode 111, and this week Jim & Ted talk about how to survive the COVID-19 sequester.  On the entertainment side of things.  They also talk two trailers, The Great and Defending Jacob.  As is typical, Jim & Ted have a couple of great beers and they talk about their week.  We had a recording snafu this week when Ted fell down a well.  Actually, he recorded the episode through the computer mic instead of his Audi-Technica mic.  He looked good talking into the Audio-Technica, but it was off, unfortunately.  We'll do a better sound check for episode 112. 
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