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Trailer Junkies Podcast (TJP) is where Jim and Ted discuss movie and TV trailers, and the consumer-facing part of media marketing. They use Ted’s industry knowledge, Jim’s common sense, and their wit to break down movie marketing using trailers as their vehicle.
95 Episodes
It's episode 87 and this week Jim & Ted review four different trailers with a loose theme: Motherload, The Aeronauts, Just Mercy, and The Lighthouse.  What's the theme?  You'll need to listen and find out.The guys also talk more about Amazon Prime's 'The Boys', and Star Wars Lego's.Follow the Trailer Junkies PodcastTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 86 and this week the Trailer Junkies talk about Bad Boys for Life, Laundromat, Between Two Ferns, and Ted's movie from 2005, Aberration.The guys also discuss their beers for the week and what they're watching.Follow the Trailer Junkies:Twitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 85 and this week Jim & Ted talk Disney+ with two their offerings: Mandalorian & The World According To Jeff Goldblum.  The guys, or more like Jim, talks about what he's watching and as usual, they talk beer.Follow the Trailer Junkies PodcastTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 84, and this week Jim & Ted are joined by their wives to talk about three women themed trailers.  Yes, there is a lot of estrogen that Ted eats for breakfast.  Jim and Clarissa's beer goes along with this women theme, too.The crew discuss The Morning Show, Bombshell, and Little Women, and Ted gives the finer points of "Crop Dusting".Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
The Trailer Junkies are back for from hiatus.  Jim gives an in depth discussion about his Leadville Trail 100mtb race experience and Ted talks about his trip to Los Gatos and his anniversary dinner.After the guys discuss Honey Boy, Dolemite Is My Name, and Last Christmas.  They then talk about what they've been watching.Follow the Trailer Junkies PodcastTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
Nomad Interview Replay

Nomad Interview Replay


Jim and Ted are still on hiatus.  Enjoy one of the Trailer Junkies best interviews.  Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
Jim’s racing the Leadville Trail 100 mtb this week so the Trailer Junkies are, again, on hiatus. Enjoy this replay of the JM Kenny interview. This is one you won’t want to miss.
It's episode 82 and this week Jim & Ted cover a number of trailers before heading into their second hiatus for the year.  The guys discuss Zombieland: Double Tap, Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, and JoJo Rabbit.  There's a theme this week, but because of Jim & Ted's high ABV beers they forgot to highlight the theme.  It will need to be an update when they return for episode 83.Good luck to Jim at the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race, and congratulations to Ted and Anne for 17 years of marriage.Follow the Trailer Junkies atTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 81 and Jim & Ted are back at the mic.  Jim recaps his Tahoe Trail 100k mountain bike race, and shares at hoppy Gu with Ted.  It was a unique experience.  The guys talk about a number of things they've been watching and finish the episode with Star Trek: Picard, Top Gun: Maverick, and Cats.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
James Edgington Interview

James Edgington Interview


Jim & Ted continue their hiatus this week and will return next week with a fresh episode.  In the meantime, enjoy the replay of their interview with trailer editor, James Edgington of Mark Woollen & Associates.Follow the trailer Junkies PodcastTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast 
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