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Trailer Junkies Podcast (TJP) is where Jim and Ted discuss movie and TV trailers, and the consumer-facing part of media marketing. They use Ted’s industry knowledge, Jim’s common sense, and their wit to break down movie marketing using trailers as their vehicle.
86 Episodes
James Edgington Interview

James Edgington Interview


Jim & Ted continue their hiatus this week and will return next week with a fresh episode.  In the meantime, enjoy the replay of their interview with trailer editor, James Edgington of Mark Woollen & Associates.Follow the trailer Junkies PodcastTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast 
Todd Holmes Interview

Todd Holmes Interview


While Jim & Ted are on hiatus, enjoy the interview from episode 65 when Jim & Ted spoke with Todd Holmes, a professor of entertainment media management. We’ll be back to our usual in two weeks.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 80 and this week Jim & Ted hang out with their wives, Clarissa & Anne in Ted's backyard next to a fire with air planes flying overhead.The gang discusses Charlies Angels, The Good Liar, and Midway.  They forgot to review Midway as their middle movie this week.  That is the midway after all.  Ted gets us an amazing 14 ABV beer that tastes like a cinnamon milkshake.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast 
It's Episode 79, and this week Jim & Ted talk a lot about what they are watching.  They discuss The Angry Birds Movie 2 & Stranger Things 3.  It's a slow week int he trailer world.  Thanks to Clarissa, we also learn how much Jim loves that Swedish super group, Abba. Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 78 and this week Jim & Ted talk about what they're watching, and Ted's YouTube lineup.  The guys also discuss Honeyland, Hulu's live sports streaming, and Doctor Sleep.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 77 and this week Jim & Ted talk about a lot of things to include five trailers... Ad Astra, Ford v Ferrari, The Kitchen, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and Luce.Jim's beer is much too high of an ABV, and it becomes apparent at the end of the discussion.Ted wants to send his kids to "Startup School", whatever that is.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast 
It's episode 76 and this week Jim & Ted interview Michael Ripoll who is better known by his monicker, Nomad.  Nomad is a film, movie, and television guitarist who has worked on a number projects through the years.  The guys then discuss the upcoming A24 film, In Fabric. Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 75 and this week Jim and Ted interview freelance trailer editor, Bec Jones.  She gives great insight into the independent side of film, cinema, and trailer editing.The crew then discusses the latest of the Terminator franchise; Terminator: Dark Fate.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 74 and this week Jim & Ted talk about their week, what they're watching, beers and, oh yeah, movie trailers.  The trailers this week are Mixed-ish, Always be my Maybe, The Farewell, and Angel has Fallen.Follow the Trailer JunkiesTwitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
It's episode 73 and this week Jim and Ted interview director/producer JM Kenny with all of his meandering stories of aircraft carriers and counterfeiting that you won't want to miss.  The three gents then discuss Spider Man: Far From Home.Follow the Trailer Junkies:Twitter @TJunkiesPodcastInstagram @trailerjunkiespodcast
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