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Transmissions From Colony One

Author: John W. Richter

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In 2057, the international space exploration conglomerate MECTI (Mars Exploration, Colonization and Terraformation Initiative) sends the first two manned missions to Mars, in an attempt to not only land the crew safely on the surface, but to have this small collection of humans establish the first permanent foothold on another planet.

Transmissions From Colony One tells the story of these first humans, who volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars, and constantly struggle with their decision to give up everything about their past lives for a harsh existence in the most unforgiving environment imaginable.
44 Episodes
Excerpt from MECTI's podcast "Mars Now," featuring a 2056 interview with Host Clifford Stillman and MECTI-1 Commander Sam Flynn, six weeks before MECTI-1's historic launch for Mars.   Cast: Bill Parmentier - Commander Sam Flynn Dustin Miles - Clifford Stillman John Richter - John   Check out Seasons 1-3 at, and everywhere podcasts are heard. Season 4 is coming soon, we promise!!
Mike Chapman of chats with Transmissions From Colony One's creator John Richter about all things TFCO! 
First Unheard Message

First Unheard Message


Audio teaser for upcoming 4th season of Transmissions From Colony One. - - - - - You can find the first three seasons of Transmissions From Colony One at or anywhere podcasts are heard. You can follow Transmissions From Colony One on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! If you like the show and want to contribute, TFCO has a Patreon! Visit and sign up today!    
Audio Teaser for Season 4 of Transmissions From Colony One
Teaser for the upcoming 4th season of Transmissions From Colony One.
Complete Season Three

Complete Season Three


Complete third season of Transmissions From Colony One.
Episode 310 - Martians

Episode 310 - Martians


In a pronounced fractured state, the humans of Colony One struggle to find a way to build a future on Mars.
Episode 309 - Alamo

Episode 309 - Alamo


The crew of Colony One faces off against Commander Tim Conrad, with a result that may deliver the fate of the human race.
The fierce rule of Commander Tim Conrad leads the crew to the point of no return.
Episode 307 - Anzû

Episode 307 - Anzû


While Connor, Paul and Elina head out on a salvage mission to the Wasp ruins, Commander Conrad attempts to regain his crew's trust and morale.
Episode 306 - Forsaken

Episode 306 - Forsaken


Coping with the loss of Orlando De Luca and Jennifer Simmons, the crew of MECTI moves ever closer to the brink of mutiny against the command of Tim Conrad.
Episode 305 - Tartarus

Episode 305 - Tartarus


The MECTI crew works to rescue Jennifer Simmons and Orlando De Luca, who are stranded on a cliff in Tartarus Montes, while Commander Tim Conrad re-establishes his authority in Colony One.
Animosity towards Commander Tim Conrad continues to build as his orders and leadership complicates matters more and more for survival on Mars.
Episode 303 - Colony

Episode 303 - Colony


Eight months later, Colony One is nearly built, yet tension continues to grow between the crew and the colony's leader, Commander Tim Conrad.
Crews from MECTI-1 and MECTI-2 unite under the command of Tim Conrad and set a plan in motion for the future.
Episode 301 - MECTI-2

Episode 301 - MECTI-2


As MECTI-1 begins its landing sequence on Mars, the crew of MECTI-2 makes final preparations for launch.
Comments (6)

Ernest Wheel

Season 1 - what a great show! An intriguing and well-written story, acted by very good voices. Recommended.

Mar 11th

Thomas simmons

great story. I've listened to 3 seasons now over 2 days. its gets alittle slow. I find myself yelling in my head for the characters to just make a decision, but the story and voice acting is good enough that it has me emotionally invested. I recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys sci-fi/post apocalyptic/space and planet exploration stories.

Jul 19th
Reply (2)

Michca Nagy

Woah. I stumbled upon this audio drama and I am so happy I did. Great, realistic story, relatable characters, great soundscapes and brilliant effects. I was hooked from the teaser and ended up binge listening the whole 1st season. Excellent drama!!!

Jul 10th

Daniel Rose

fantastic series! I can imagine this being a real scenario.

Jan 31st
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