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Travel and hospitality industry professionals get weekly insights from leaders across the business with "TIYB" on their playlists. The series features interviews with thought leaders and innovators changing the face and setting the pace of travel, with a focus on fascinating new technologies and groundbreaking new strategies.
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A Reverse Pitch - heads of leading corporate innovation programs at travel brands share their companies' approaches to making partnership work between a startup and an enterprise company. 
The hospitality industry is diverse, fragmented and involves a lot of stakeholders. At Voyage HQ's Travel Disruption Summit in NY, Javier Egipciaco (the Managing Director of the innovative boutique hotel brand Arla) and Kelsey Recht, the CEO of VenueBook (a platform driving dynamic bookings of event spaces), debated on the importance of hospitality brands working together to deliver a better experience for the customer. 
The genesis of online booking for activities has turned tourism into the Wild West for online travel brands. In this recap from VoyagerHQ's 2019 Travel Disruption Summit, CEOs of some of the industry's most influential brands, including Foursquare and Lonely Planet, discuss changes in booking experiences and what they mean for the traveler.PANEL: Jeff Glueck (CEO of Foursquare), Luis Cabrera (CEO of Lonely Planet), and Shane Mayer (Head of Partnerships, GetYourGuide)
Telling location-centered stories around the world, including articles, videos, photography, illustration and animation, with an in-house creative and editorial teams work with a global network of freelance creators -- Alex Shebar, Director of Experiences for Culture Trip, joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio.In this episode:It’s Bess’ last show! She’s going to get her Masters from Stanford.Alex talks about how travelers are looking for different experiences. It’s not just the Louvre, it’s the stuff the locals know about, and the way to access that information is through content.What sets Culture Trip apart from the countless other travel blogs that have been around even longer? The secret is in the amazing community of content creators all over the world that they’ve been able to put together.The travel responsibility trend. People are being very conscious about the kind of traveling they’re doing, who are the people, what’s the culture you’re becoming a part of when you visit?Alex’s snack - pickles from the pickle guys! He went there with his fiancé on a local experience tour, and loved it.A little bit about Alex - from Boston, went to journalism school, but quickly found out he hated being one after working the night shift and showing up to crime scenes alone in the middle of the night. He was in Cincinnati, and started organizing public screenings of the top 100 films of all time, which blew up, Yelp contacted him to be a community manager, then worked for Bumble before landing at Culture Trip.Turning content into experience. Culture Trip has the users, they can create partnerships all over the world. Getting users excited about content they want to be a part of, and then giving them the opportunity to book it.Alex wants Culture Trip to be a household name, and would love to work with the Met or MOMA or the London Zoo, as well as weirder smaller tours.What does Alex miss most from Boston? Believe it or not it’s the sort of touristy places: Legal Seafood, Neptune House.Bess shares a final thought - she’s really optimistic about the travel industry. There are so many great companies starting out and she feels theres even more opportunity out there to go big and off the wall.
How can you scale cool? True personalization in travel. Leiti Hsu, Cofounder of Journy (an AI-enabled, expert-curated modern travel planning service that personalizes your trip planning, including bookings and reservations), show host, and food connector, joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio.Journy uses humans, who do their jobs better with tech?Leiti and Susan (her cofounder) are the Yin and the Yang. They met dancing on speakers in Shanghai, while both traveling, and they become travel buddies.Traditional travel agencies still have humans doing things a computer can do better. Journy uses technology so that their humans can spend 80% of their time doing things only humans can do - planning amazing trips.Journy is for all! You can be on a budget or go for an ultimate luxury experience. Either way, Journy knows their customer extremely well.Learn about QQ! A texture that Taiwanese and other asian cultures love. Think boba in bubble tea - like al dente but squishier.Leiti saw the end of media as we knew it as Gourmet Magazine folded, and now surprisingly Journy has become a big of a media company.An unexpected brand Journy has worked with is 23 and Me. They gave away 23 DNA kits and planned the trips for those people back to their ancestors’ countries.Leiti’s home away from home travel-wise is San Sebastain. It’s the Taiwan of Europe! It’s like paradise with really good food.After Leiti’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 non-smoking lung cancer, she created her dream restaurant pop-up. A hole in the wall Taiwanese beef noodle soup spot, called Tsu Soup.
Azim Barodawala, CEO of Volantio (technology that helps airlines maximize unit revenues and decrease costs through greater capacity utilization, while providing customers with better predictability and control over their travel journey) joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio.
What could the hotel industry learn by several putting leaders in hotel tech in one room?Recently, VoyagerHQ hosted executives from ALICE, Uplift and Travel Tripper — in partnership with the robust Cornell Hotel Society community—in front of a live audience for a useful and relevant discussion with many takeaways for everyone in the hotel industry— from independent boutiques to major chains—on how innovation plays a crucial role in the  path forward to improve guest experience and stay competitive.The Speakers:Alissa Hendel: SVP Strategic Partnerships & Brands @ ALICEAlissa joined ALICE in January as SVP Strategic Partnerships & Brands. Since graduating from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration she spent the past 12 years at Sabre Hospitality Solutions where she served in various leadership roles, including VP Strategic Sales for North America and VP Business Development for Enterprise Accounts. Alissa currently sits on the Dean’s Council of Young Alumni for the Hotel School and also serves as a Regional Vice President for the Cornell Hotel Society.Tom Botts: Chief Commercial Officer @ UpliftTom joined Uplift from Miraval Group, where he served as SVP and CMO, ultimately successfully selling the brand and resorts to Hyatt Hotels. Prior to Uplift, Tom held executive positions across the airline, hotel, and online intermediary industries, including at Denihan Hospitality, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Tom was also the co-founder and managing partner of Hudson Crossing, LLC. Tom sits on the board of directors or advisory boards of several companies, including Adara Media, Duetto Research, Hudson Crossing, and Rocketmiles (acquired by Priceline). He holds a BS in Logistics and Marketing from the University of Missouri.Steffan Berelowitz: VP of Digital Platforms @ Travel TripperSteffan is the VP of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper and Pegasus Solutions where he oversees the website and digital marketing services for hotel customers. A pioneer in all things web and mobile, Steffan has spent more than 20 years in online services and technology. He was formerly founder of, a website platform acquired by Travel Tripper in 2015. Prior to, Steffan founded Bit Group, one of Boston's top 10 digital web agencies, implementing more than 350 web sites for 150 companies including Cisco, Dell, EMC, two divisions of GE, as well as other prominent B2C organizations.Moderated by: James Nannos: James is an experienced hospitality tech leader with a track record in securing strategic partnerships, motivating high sales output, and streamlining internal operations for maximum efficiency and profitability. James is also a (retired) Captain, Troop Commander, and OEF-Kuwait Veteran in the PA Army National Guard, where most recently he commanded a 96-person Cavalry Troop. James currently sits / volunteers on the Cornell Hotel Society Alumni Board. Sponsors:Cornell Hotel Society: Founded in 1925, CHS NYC is the oldest, largest, and most active regional alumni chapter of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. The Chapter's primary goal is to provide a forum of educational and networking opportunities for its members to achieve both their career and personal goals. The Chapter organizes roughly a dozen engaging, high-profile events a year for alumni and students and has raised over $100,000 for scholarships and endowments that are routed exclusively back to the School of Hotel Administration.Voyager HQ: Voyager HQ is the startup club for the global travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, bringing together entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and investors to create the future of travel experiences. With over 1,500 startup members around the world, Voyager HQ provides the community with connections, events, and coworking space curated for the travel industry.
The millennial generation is traveling more than ever before, looking for community, location, and curation. Selina has designed unique hotel co-living, co-working spaces around these needs. Digital nomads are embracing this new traveling lifestyle in droves. Selina is thinking about topics like loyalty and technology for the next generation of hospitality. Rachele Caserza, Director of Global Strategy for Selina, joins Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio.
A fireside chat on innovation between representatives of two of the most forward thinking travel groups…Rashesh Jethi (SVP Engineering for Americas & Head of Innovation for Airlines for the world’s largest GDS, Amadeus) and Bess Chapman (Operating Principal for JetBlue Technology Ventures) discuss travel tech infrastructure, innovation, and possibilities at the Travel Disruption Summit presented by Voyager HQ, and sponsored by Amadeus and Fareportal.In this episode:What AI means for the travel industryHow everything has changed with hyper-cheap hyper-computingUsed to depend on massive investments for AI, and now it simply requires a lot of data and smart peopleHow machine learning sit on top of that, what it means when airlines and other travel business starts really knowing customersMachine learning is one discipline of AI, and it means you feed computer data, makes sense of data, make more personalized recommendations, much potential in marketingHow it is a challenge that many players are at different maturity in technology stacksMany are moving to open APIs to encourage growth and innovationPHOTO CREDIT: EVA CRUZ, CROUCHING TIGER LLCRegulation issues an inhibitor to innovation, but most regulation is to keep us safeBe respectful of regulation that’s thereGDPR an exampleWhat it means that not all travel providers can keep up with changes at the same paceAntiquated innovation all aroundThe biggest white space for disruption in airportsWhy airports will be the malls of the futureAirports can be an oasis of commerce and relaxationPrescreening and biometrics, making screening fast track, frictionlessIdentifying you as a traveler, then providing you a contextual experience and a reference to what is available around youAmadeus believes in tapping into the creative energy of anyone, supporting innovationOverhyped technology (personal opinion) is blockchainBags as a huge white space, RFID, and moreHow NDC change Amadeus’ current setup, and the next evolution in standard with a lot of interest from customersAR and VR in the travel space, ideal use-cases, and why they could just become another screen we get used toUsing VR to book trips and for in-flight entertainment, shopping, training – and what are the challenges?A lot of opportunity for companies to help other companies make moneyWhat is looked for by Amadeus venture fundPHOTO CREDIT: EVA CRUZ, CROUCHING TIGER LLC
Designing customer experience in travel...Liliana Petrova, Director of Customer experience at JetBlue Airways, Visionary, Strategist, Customer Experience Professional and Blogger, joins John Matson, Bess Chapman, and Pavan Bahl in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.In this episode:Liliana Petrova on designing for Experience is like a multi-phase cakeWhat is movement,Technology design, how to achieve movement as fast and seamless as possibleHow people will feel about the brand and interactionsWhy the experience designer needs to be a vision thinker and can’t design in incrementsFacial recognition, and why with some brands it is like having a same experience like prison or the subway, and determining that will never happen like that with JetBlue as an experienceDelight comes from the elements and when it works to one’s standardsDesigning experience is like being like a conductor of an orchestraInnovation is not building new things, but finding connections that didn’t exists before between existing thingsGetting a sophisticated program up in just four monthsWill airports be the player of the future they are today?The quest to eliminate waiting time with bags and taking away levels of frictionHow airports could transform from being simply a processing center, and therefore offer a chance to give you joyOther brands doing it right, and those doing it wrong — Milan train system can do betterEvery customer has their own version of an emotional reaction — but engineering things like efficiency can create emotional experiences, creating valueBeing driven by making the world a different place, making life easierLiking things that stretch when it is implausibleWhy the Hyperloop is excitingHow Petrova moved from financial analyst to designThe baseline of customer experience is process and strategy, making connections and seeing all channels of marketingAnd hard workHow enterprise brands can’t preserve everything with scaleInnovation is not the end goal, it’s a way to be relevant to the customerThe alignment in the interest of the future costumerCredit cards and miles/points/rewardsPetrova on being Bulgarian and a view at her work and the American ecosystem, and having perspectiveWhy Abraham Lincoln was amazingAn intuitive move and coming to America, having two “homes”, being a citizen of the
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