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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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Self Awareness Check! I am not a dancer. I am not a singer. And I'm not a great cook either. But that's ok.  I don't need to be all those long as I am aware that I am not. That doesn't mean I can't dabble in them. Of course I can. Indeed, if you're a small business owner, you have no choice. You have to be a Jack of All Trades. But it's important to also understand at what point you need to seek help. There's no point kidding yourself that you can do that thing well, or even well enough, when the truth is, you can't. You have to know what you are not. #selfawareness #realitycheck #knowyourself
Just about every business I know claims to be super-focussed on their customer. Yes those companies also spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy on looking at what their competition is doing. But surely, if you truly understand your customer and are genuinely delivering for them, why would they even look at your competitors? I see this a lot in all companies, but especially in new companies. So, if you're starting a new venture, by all means, take a look at what your potential competitors are doing. But just a glance. Then, just focus all your energy on who you're doing it FOR. #customerfocused #customerfirst #competitiveedge
I've been thinking a lot about my own purchasing behaviours. Specifically, how that behaviour has been impacted by COVID-19 with the various restrictions imposed on us all this year. And I've come to the realisation that the key to success for your product or service lies somewhere in the between these 3 Elements. Offer Efficiency for your customers.  Make it Convenient for them to buy your thing. Become a Habit for your customer. And it's that las one...Habit...that I reckon is the big one. If you can become a Habit for me, I am willing to sacrifice a little Convenience and Efficiency just to get to your thing. #customervalue #habit #convenience #efficiency
3 YEARS!Every day for 3 Years in a row.That's how long I've been doing this show.Thanks to all who have watched, listened and contributed over the journey.Special thanks to Sayeed for helping out with my website, the daily thumbnails, etc.Thanks to Kapwing for supporting the show with their awesome Subtitle Tool.And of course extra special thank to my wife for putting up with 3 years of G'DAY and SEE YA! the Give Away I promised...5 x 1 hour slots with me for an Intelligent Conversation.Anything YOU want to talk about...even Politics and Religion (if you really must?!?!)Here's the link to book an Intelligent Conversation - #anniversary #dailypost
We often focus on identifying a gap or a need in the market and then crafting a solution to satisfy that need. That can work pretty well for products, but not necessarily for services. especially when the 'services' are being delivered by you as an individual. As a result of this current crisis, many people have lost their jobs and now find themselves with only their individual skills, talents and experience to rely on for an income. So rather than trying to force your square peg of skills and experience in that round hole of a specific market need, try this... 1. identify the specific skills & experience that you have 2. seek out companies, brands, businesses, markets who have a need for your specific skillset That way, you don't limit yourself to a specific market. Remember, your skills could be useful to a much broader market than you realise. Here's a link to the book I got this idea from - Though Leaders Practice - #skillset #thoughtleadership #marketneed  
A race to the bottom is what happens when we try to be all things to all people. It also happens when you continue to discount and drop your prices to gain market share, rather then try to differentiate on the merits of your product or service itself. The problem with the race to the bottom is that you just might win! And if you win, you might have to stay there. Because now you own that dangerous place in the consumer's mind of being the cheaper choice, the discount option. So...#1 be aware of when you are in a race to the bottom & #2 be prepared to pull out of that race before you win...or you might be down there forever. PS: Thanks to Seth Godin again for the inspiration. #differentiator #marketing #positioning
Freedom is a noble thing. But it is not without its consequences. For with Freedom, comes Freedom of Choice and with that freedom comes inequality. Some will use their freedom of choice to benefit others, while some will use it purely for selfish reasons and even to harm others financially, emotionally, physically, socially - all of the above. So, by all means strive for your freedoms, but understand that they will not be unencumbered. #freedomofchoice #consequences #equality    
Even a conversation about something as inane as the weather can be rewarding and enlightening if you're having it with an intelligent person. At times of uncertainty like right now I find that many people actually become more open and honest to having intelligent conversations. I guess it's because we're less worried about our own vulnerabilities when we now that everyone else is vulnerable too. So go and seek out intelligent conversations - about any random topic you can imagine. You'll thank me for it. PS: Tuesday, 1st December marks the 3rd Anniversary of the Trent365! So Tune in then and I'll have a little giveaway to try to do my bit to help stimulate intelligent conversation. #conversation #alwayslearning #expandyourmind
I've found that one of the biggest stumbling blocks stopping ordinary people from telling their story is that they don't really even know what their story is. Not yet knowing how their story ends or even how they want it end is another big factor. But it's more than that. We're all a work in progress...and so is our story. The true magic or your story will only really unfold as you start to tell it. Just like you, your story is constantly developing. So stop waiting to have the storyline all mapped out.  Just start telling your story. PS: Thanks to Beau Miles for the inspiration. Check out Beau's AWESOME YouTube channel here to get a taste of what great storytelling is all about... #storytelling #journey #yourstory
Every hotel is focussing on making their property COVID-Safe right now. That's the absolute minimum requirement.  It certainly doesn't give you any meaningful USP. However, if a hotel can succeed in offering real Wellness throughout the property, that can indeed become a USP. A number of companies over recent years have tried their version of a Wellness hotel room. Most haven't really done a great job. SPOILER ALERT - I happen to know of one company planning to launch a new Wellness hotel room concept in just a few weeks. I've seen it. It looks really promising. As soon as they launch, I'll be sure to let you know. #wellness #hotels #USP
10-12 years ago, it seems like every company was tooting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) horn. Today, CSR is a term we hardly even hear anymore. That's because they values and principles of CSR have become so woven into the fabric of our organisations, that we don't really need a label for them anymore. I don't want to hear that you have a CSR Programme. I want to hear what your company is doing to support the education of young people in your community, for example. And this is where I believe we will be with Wellness in the next 10-12 years. Right now, Wellness is something just about every company is talking about. Either internally for their people or externally for their customers and clients. But in 10 years time, they will be specifically talking about what they're doing to help their employees eat better, sleep better and generally lead more well lives. We'll no longer need a label for it. What do you think? #wellness #corporatesocialresponsibility #organisations
Why is it that we can find a million reasons why we should change, but then it only takes one reason for us not to? I guess it's human nature. Change, for many of us, means uncertainty and risk. And by nature, most of us don't like risk. Even when all the data, all the intelligence, all the research tells us we are wrong, it takes just one small sliver of data that suggest we might actually be right to convince ourselves that we're on the right path. Maybe it's time for you to be a little more critical of the data you chose to accept. #change #humannature #excuses
As an organisation, you can have all the best intentions in the world, but if the incentives you have in place for your people are not closely aligned with those intentions, you're probably going to fall short at some stage. If the manager is incentivised on bottom line performance, they'll likely choose the cheaper supplier, not the one with better environmental credentials. If you want your organisation to be environmentally responsible, you now have a disconnect. #incentives #intentions #companygoals
Any time you get rejected for anything, take it on face value. Accept it. Learn from it. Redirect your efforts. You may need to redirect the type of roles or opportunities you're looking for. Or you may simply need to redirect the way in which you are crafting and delivering the message. Either way, the simple fact that you were rejected probably means that you need to change something. For a Rejection is simply a Redirection. PS: Thanks to Alena for sharing that little gem on LinkedIn recently! #rejection #redirection #perspective
Fictionalised History is when we sprinkle a little bit of fiction and take a little creative license with the facts around a particular historic event or person. It's something we see a lot today with these Netflix series based on people or events from history - like The Crown, which tells the story of the British royal family. But the most recent series of The Crown has drawn some detractors who have called out a number of factual inaccuracies. However, as Russell Brand points out, what really matters is the 'Truthiness' of the story, not so much the precise facts. The challenge with reality is that it is nuanced. Sometimes the pure facts alone are not enough to convey the reality of that time or place in history. For your story to resonate with the audience you sometimes need to sprinkle on a little fiction in order to make that story relevant and engaging to the modern audience. In world dominated by seemingly constant discussions about Fake News, I just think 'Truthiness' is an interesting perspective to consider. #truth #historyfacts #storytelling 
I've spoken with several people who have either lost their jobs, or had to close their businesses or to take significant pay cuts as a result of this COVID-19 Crisis. The vast majority of them are telling me, after an initial adjustment period, they're happier now than they were before. And it's not just the older demographic either. Yet when I tell this to others, they say, 'Well, yeah, but they're just saying that. They're not really happy. They'd much rather have their old job and old life back.' But I'm telling you, for most of these people, that's just not the case. They've found that it costs them a lot less to be happy than what they'd always thought. Now, that's probably not much comfort for those in their mid-late 30's with a big mortgage, car loans and a few kids. For you, the pain is no doubt very real, and scary. But for those either side of that demographic who are on the brink of losing jobs and business and are terrified about their future...I hope you might find some solace in this message. #happiness #lifeaftercovid19 #newbeginnings  
Wait & See sometimes seems like the safest strategy. But often, it's not. Case in point, when I arrived at the entrance to the park for my morning walk, only to find the gate was closed. Many were standing around adopting a Wait & See approach, assuming the gate would eventually open. (spoiler alert - it didn't!) Not me. I immediately headed off in a different direction. And as it turned out, Wait & See would have been the wrong decision. In this case, and in many other situations, the more impatient approach paid off. PS: I discussed a similar concept way back in Ep. 95 - Impatience Is A Virtue. Here's the link - #patience #waiting #takeactionnow
In Ep. #1082 I suggested that people will choose Superior Product over Superior Service. My old mate Julia countered with an example of guests choosing the hotel with Superior Service to one with a Superior Product but without the great service. And certainly that can be the case. But only if the elements of the product that are better, are not fundamental to the purchasing decision. For example, if Hotel A has a better lobby area and pool area, I might opt for Hotel B - which has the better service. But if Hotel A has a better bathroom and better quality mattress, I'm unlikely to choose Hotel B, regardless of how good the service is. Why? Because the bathroom and the bed are fundamental to my purchasing decision when it comes to selecting a hotel. What do you think? #hotels #servicequality #fundamentals
We talk a lot about the importance of great customer service, a no doubt it makes a big difference. But ultimately, people will choose the Superior Product over the Superior Service. We are also much more forgiving of service failures, whereas with product failures, not so much. If two products are near identical then yes, superior service makes a big difference. Having said that, it is ultimately the customer who decides what constitutes 'near identical'. What prompted these thoughts? Pizza. Yes, pizza. Check it out... #superiorquality #superiorservice #customerservice
The airline industry has been decimated by the COVID-19 crisis. There is an urgent need to re-think the traditional airline business model. Mark Ross-Smith suggested some time ago that Government-owned airlines could become marketing arms for their respective countries. And that looks like what Garuda Indonesia is doing.  The national carrier has announced they are merging with 8 other state-owned tourism companies. Interesting idea. Interesting times. #airlineindustry #businessmodels #marketing
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