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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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"This is a matter of trust – spa and wellness operators must be scrupulous when making claims about the benefits of all treatments and wellness experiences." - Liz Terry, CEO Leisure Media. This comment was in reference to an article in Spa Business about leading UK Spa Operator, Champneys, facing 19 charges essentially relating to false Wellness claims. It's a timely warning as so many Hotels and Spas seek to jump on board the Wellness Wagon. Exaggerated (or even false) claims may not have been such a big deal when we were selling pampering and relaxation. However, if Hotel Spas want to go down the Wellness Road, we'd better make damn sure we curb our enthusiasm a little when it comes to such claims. Here's the full article from Spa Business... #wellness #hotelspa #spabusiness
Striving for Excellence or Perfection or Best is great...but it obviously comes at a price. You will no doubt need to sacrifice a lot to reach those lofty heights of achievement. But here's the thing...Excellent, Perfect, Best are essentially subjective constructs. So, even after all the striving, hard work and sacrifice, there's always a chance that even when YOU think you've got there, others will not. You need to ask yourself, is all the sacrifice worth it? Will it all be worthwhile if you do get there? And will you really ever get there if indeed that magical level you want to reach is, in fact, subjective? #perfection #excellence #sacrifice 
Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not. Robert Kennedy said that.  So too did George Bernard Shaw, essentially. But unless you're a Kennedy or a Noble Laureate, it might not be the most practical approach to take. If you can't give a better answer to the question of Why...then maybe you shouldn't be doing what you're doing. Otherwise, it's all about 'Spray & Pray'. #why #whynot #justification #reasons
Engelbert Humperdinck taught me the Power of Context! When I was 9 or 10 years old, our teacher played the Quando Quando Quando song in class and asked us what 'quando' meant. I had no idea. None of us did. But when I thought about that word in the CONTEXT of all the other words in the song, it seemed obvious. 'Quando' means 'When'. And right there is a great example of exactly why context is so powerful. From a very early age we are actively using context to help us understand things that otherwise seem complicated. Context matters. It always has. And probably always will. #context #perspective #learning
Almost 8% of the downloads of this show in recent weeks has occurred on the watchOS. In 2019 Apple shipped 31 million units of the Apple Watch. The entire Swiss watch industry only shipped around 21 million units. The Apple Watch is becoming a serious platform. Whilst you may not need to change the format of your content for the watchOS, I do think it's worth being aware of how much of your content is being consumed on the Apple Watch. If nothing else, it might help inform the behaviour of your audience while they're listening. #applewatch #smartwatch #watchOS
Global Warming is bad. Climate Change is bad. I get it. BUT... Eliminating all Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Fuels immediately just isn't realistic. That's the essence of the message delivered by Forbes Asia Editor-At-Large, Rich Karlgaard, in an article titled The War On Prosperity in the February 2020 issue of the magazine. 90% of our current electricity needs are supplied by these conventional fuels and even to reduce that to 50% will take 20 years, according to the article. So, by all means, let's strive for a more environmentally friendly source of fuels. But let's temper the debate around how quickly they can realistically replace Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Fuels. They are, in many ways, the devil we least for a while. #fossilfuels #climatechange #globalwarming #alternativeenergy
Our perspective of most things can vary considerably depending on whether we are taking a Long Term or a Short Term view. When it comes to Hotel Spas specifically, we have guests who are usually only in the hotel for a few days. Their perspective is very much Short Haul. They're not interested in long term benefits. Instead, they want short term results. If you're providing treatments and services that offer long term benefits at the expense of short term results, you might just be missing the mark. #shortterm #longterm #perspective.
Organising a simple Meet Up at your local Starbucks or Cafe is a great way to establish your authority within your industry OR within the circle you want to be a part of. It's another simple example of you Hosting the Party and controlling the narrative, as we've spoken about in the previous two episodes of this show. It can be just a few people. The size of the group isn't so important. What matters is that each of them are people you want in your circle. By you being the Host, you become a person of influence and authority in that group even if you're not the most knowledgeable.  Think of the last industry conference you attended. The organiser of that conference personally knew all the speakers who were leaders in the industry. It's the same concept, just on a smaller scale. #meetup #conference #influence 
In a follow up to Ep. #803, today we look at another great way to raise your profile... Start a Blog or even a Vlog. It's just another way that you can control the narrative. Invite the people whose attention you're trying to grab to write a Feature Article for your Blog. Send them a list of 10 Questions that they can answer and this will become your interview with them. And if you're not comfortable a Video Blog. It's the same basic concept. Actually, these days many of you might even be more comfortable creating little Video Blogs because it's what Social Media has taught us to do. #blog #videblog #blogging #influence  
If you want to control the narrative...Host the Party. It's a concept first introduced to me by Gary Vaynerchuck and it makes perfect sense. Be the person who controls the space where your target market wants to hang out and you will get their attention. One great way to do that is to host a podcast and invite the people whose attention you want to be a guest on your show. Before too long, you will find yourself not only moving in the right circle but actually having real influence in that circle. #influence #attention #podcast
It's time to review your systems and processes.  They may well work great for you, your people and your organisation...but what about your guests / customers? Way to often we miss the boat when it comes to instilling a Customer-First culture in our organisations. I can assure you, if you always default to Customer-First, you can't go wrong. #customerfirst #customerfocus #commpanyculture  
Freedom is something many of us take for granted and most would assume it's just something that all law-abiding human beings should be entitled to. Privacy is kinda the same. But the reality is, in a modern world, to be free to move around usually means you will need to take some form of your digital identity with you. Your credit card or digital wallet. Your mobile phone. Your social media accounts. And that means, you're actually giving up some degree of Privacy for the Freedom to move around and do the things you want to do. So don't be fooled by all those passionately declaring Privacy is the most important issue of our time.  Don't believe me, just take away their Freedom for a few days. #freedom #privacy #digitalidentity
To celebrate Ep. #800 of the Trent365 Show...a little perspective. Sometimes the grass actually IS greener on the other side. BUT...beware... It could just be Fake Grass! In a world where our lives play out on social media, it's now easier that ever to get trapped into Keeping Up With The Joneses. #keepingitreal #perspective #selfworth #values
Speaking at an industry event can be a great opportunity to raise your profile and also to gain valuable exposure for your brand. But should you be willing to do it for free? That's the question Simon Shepherdson asked a couple of days ago on the back of my post about J. Lo & Shakira playing at the Super Bowl for free - just for the exposure. In most cases, I would say Yes, even if you don't get paid for it, taking the stage at an industry event is generally a good thing to do. Not always, but usually. #conferencespeaker #publicspeaker #industryexpert #publicspeaking
Do you know how to use those Colour Wheels properly to help you with choosing your colour schemes? I didn't. But now I do. Thanks to the folks over at The Futur. Here's a link to their awesome Instagram post which explained it all in terms so simple even I could understand.  #colorschemes #colours #design
The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the world. 100+ million people see it every year. So how much do you think Jennifer Lopez & Shakira got paid to play at the Half Time Show this year? The answer will AMAZE you... ZERO! Yep. They are just so happy to have theta much exposure, they're happy to do it for free. The Lesson - if you have the audience, you can make your own rules. #superbowl #jenniferlopez #shakira #jlo
Bloomberg is arguably the most well known brand in business media. A few years ago they launched a social-first, Twitter-first new brand which they called Tic Toc. Everything was going fine, until a crazy little social network all about dancing and lip synching to music started to become mainstream. What's the connection? Well that singing and dancing app was called TikTok.  Different spelling, but the same pronunciation. And the TikTok product resonated so much with its market that it just grew and grew. Ultimately, Bloomberg gave up, and renamed its news service to Quick Take. The battle was ultimately won by a product that was so successful in its segment, that it was able to create strong awareness in markets that were polar opposites - like a business news service. In this case, I believe, Product was able to beat Brand. #product #brand #tiktok #tictoc #bloomberg  
Many of us these days are very good at blaming everyone and everything else for the problem. It much easier to do that that to own up and accept that maybe it was me who did something wrong. I heard a great analogy on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast recently when he interview Co-Founder of SoulCycle. They used marriage statistics to prove the point. 50% of all 1st marriages end in divorce.  70% of all 2nd marriages end in divorce. 90% of all 3rd marriages end in divorce. So therefore, it must be YOU that is the problem...not them. #responsibility #accountability #ownership #blame
Byte is a reincarnation of Vine, that 6 second looping video app that was acquired by Twitter and then slowly died. Why should you care? Well, Vine very quickly developed a strong following. There's a good chance Byte will too. And as it only just launched last week, it's still very VERY early. So, if you get on Byte NOW and have a play around, who knows, you just might end up grabbing some early attention. Give it a try and let me know what you think. #byte #videoapp #videocontent #attention 
Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) does not have to be static. It CAN and probably SHOULD change and adapt, based on what's happening in your market at any given time. A few years ago, I wrote about how promoting the fact that your Spa is clean and hygienic is probably a wasted effort Why? Because basic hygiene is pretty much table stakes in the Spa business. Customer will just expect and assume that you are. Hygiene in Spas will not be a USP...UNLESS THERE'S SO BIG INFECTIOUS DISEASE OUTBREAK! And what is happening now? A big outbreak. So, if you're in Spas, Hotels, Airlines, etc start thinking about making hygiene your least for while. Here's that article I wrote... #hotels #spas #USP #branding #coronavirus 
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