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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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Are you having trouble monitoring and managing the performance of you people in the new era of Work From Home? Many have. Look a bit deeper. There's a real good chance that this is nothing to do with being remote. The real issue may well be that you just don't have great mechanisms in place for monitoring and managing performance at all. Regardless of where the people are. Many companies have found out they simply have more people than they really need, even before you factor in any slow down in business. Many have found they have compensation and reward systems that grant individual incentives based on team KPI's, for example. The way we work is outdated. It was true before COVID-19. It's more true now. You need to check out Brave New Work - Talk to Aaron Dignan or Sam Spurlin over at The Ready - It'll help. #performancemanagement #remoteworking #organisationalchange
A random observation... There are two types of game - Those That End & Those That Do Not. Endless games like CandyCrush & BubbleShoot seem much harder to put down. They seem inherently more addictive. Puzzle-type games, like Sudoku or Angry Birds, have an end. In fact, they usually have multiple ends or stages. That makes them much easier to put down, walk away from and come back to later. Wellness and Wellbeing is an endless game. It has no end. So, if you're searching for a way to add gamification elements to your Wellness product or service, you should probably focus on the types of games that don't end. They'll probably end up being more addictive too. And if you're pushing Wellness, that can't be a bad thing, right? #gamification #wellness #personalitytypes
If you're selling a solution to a problem - which, let's face of it, most of us are in some way - you're selling the wrong thing. People don't buy Solutions. The buy the Fix. Within reason, they often don't even don't even care how you arrived at the Fix. They just care that it fixes their problem. It might seem like a subtle distinction, and maybe it is. But when it comes to packaging and marketing your thing, it matters.  
There's more to IKEA than meets the eye. They've found a way to create a product that appeals simultaneously to different markets. And I'm not talking about the geographical markets. That bit is relatively easy. The one product is equally appealing to Do-It-Yourself market AND the Do-It-For-Me market. And I swear they've made the build of their products just a little bit more complicated than it has to be. Again, to make it just that little bit more appealing to these very distinct user markets. Genius I reckon! #ikea #marketing #productdesign
Face Masks have become part of our daily dress code. The folks at Reebok's European Innovation Lab, the Creation Centre, seem to think this might be the way it is for some time yet. They've started to play around with some design concepts for Fitness Face Masks. Most exciting is The Symbiosis Mask which would filter out dangerous particulate and purify the air being breathed in. This is exciting news for the many millions of people around the world that live with terrible air quality. Here's the article... Thanks to Julie Bach for the story! #airpollution #airpurification #innovation
Consider this, rather than seeking change, what will really should be doing is finding a way to navigate that change. Why? Well, because by the time we seek change, it's already happening. By continuing to seek change, we are able to give ourselves an excuse for not acting...because we're still waiting for the change to happen. However, if we accept that the change is actually already in play, then there are no more excuses. It's kinda empowering in a way. #change #changeyourmindset #noexcuses
With all these new rules around social distancing, retail stores are limiting the number of shoppers inside the shop at any one time. But of course retail footprints have been designed for a time when many people can move freely around the space. That brings a massive disconnect between the current spaces and their current usage. How can we re-imagine the retail experience for the New Normal? What if we adapted the Sushi Train concept and applied it to retail stores? Maybe the products could be the 'sushi' or maybe even the shoppers could be the 'sushi' in this scenario. Sound crazy? Maybe it is.  Then again, we are living in crazy times. #retailexperience #retaildesign #retailinnovation
Ray Dalio is the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Capital. Perhaps more importantly though, he is the author of Principles for Success. There are many great insights in the book. This particular one, around problem solving, really resonated with me. Seeking a solution to a problem is really just a short term fix. To really make the changes you need to make, you need to identify the root cause of the problems you encounter. Here's the video presentation of Ray's book. Highly recommend that you take the 28 minutes and 46 seconds and watch this... #principles #achieveyourgoals #achievesuccess
As many businesses around the world are starting to re-open, or at least plan for that, COVID-19 guidelines are the first priority. But it would be wise to re-think your entire work flow now too. There may well be parts of your guest flow, your service flow, that aren't necessary to the overall experience or result. If that's the case, maybe you should be removing it from the flow? Much of our business processes will be more burdensome in a this New Normal. So if you have unnecessary steps in place, chances are they too will become more burdensome to your customers or your staff. #rethink #workflow #businessprocesses
I've said it before. I'll say it again. People buy your story!  That's what they resonate with. That's what hooks them. That's what keeps them loyal. Now, more than ever, it matters. As I see businesses opening up again, they're still missing it. Unless you are selling a totally unique product or service, which most of us are not, your story is the only thing that truly differentiates you. Just be careful not to include too much Doom & Gloom. A little is fine, if that's your reality, but not too much. We've had enough of that. #storytelling #brandstory #authenticity
Hedging is something usually associated with a commodity. Like fuel. By hedging on fuel prices, an airline commits to buy X amount of fuel over a set period of time at a fixed price. The reason they do this is to protect them against fluctuations in the price over time. The key attribute here in the volatility of the price over time. With all that's changing in the way we do business in the New Normal, the same volatility we usually associate with things like oil and currencies, may start to come in to play with other supplies for your business. Face Masks, for example, maybe be part of every business for the foreseeable future. If there is a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases again, the price of face masks might spike too. Perhaps you could hedge face masks? For a Spa, if we believe there will be volatility in the price of our skin care products, due to issues with the global supply chain, maybe you could do the same. Hedge against your skin care products? Anywhere there is significant volatility in price over time, hedging is worth considering. #hedging #hedge #rethink
In a recent interview on The Raad Life, Nicolas Ronco discussed the topic of Escapism vs Essentialism with host, Raad Ghantous. The suggestion is that many spas are servicing Escapism wants vs Essentialism needs. To me, Escapism is about the Short Term, whilst Essentialism is about the Long Term. Both have their place. Indeed, many businesses offer elements of both. And I do think this could be a very interesting lens through which to view your business. Are you selling Escapism or Essentialism? Because the answer to that question will inform your messaging, your pricing, your offering and even the timing of each of these. Here's the link to the interview... #escape #essential #shortterm #longterm
We are moving into a world where, at least for a while, physical contact is bad. That's good news for Vending Machines. Some are saying hotels will remove minibars in guest rooms due to the need to santise each and every item before a new guest checks in. Mini Vending Machines in guest rooms could be an alternative. Or even full size vending machines on each guest floor. Think of the large, open fridges in supermarkets where customers are encouraged to help themselves to their preferred item. How many other customers have touched that milk carton before you selected it? Vending Machines again seem like an ideal alternative. Methinks we could be in for a bit of a boom in the Vending Machine business. #vendingmachine #contactless #postcovid19  
The 'New Normal' is on the mind of every business owner and manager right now. For many, that means Face Masks, Social Distancing, Sanitising. But what about the secondary financial impacts? Not just the costs of these new safety measures, but of increasing inventory costs. Supply Chains around the world have broken. The best way to ensure your business against disruptions in the supply chain is to maintain higher stocks of inventory. That comes at a cost, of course. But you may not have much choice. #inventorymanagement #supplychainrisk #businesssurvival  
In times of crisis like we're all experiencing right now, it's easy to feel like you have no control. We are all being severely influenced by factors beyond our control. But it's important to remember you can always control your Effort and your Intent. It's up to you how much Effort you put in. Chances are, the more you put in, the more you'll get out of it. Even though that might be less than you would have previously gotten for the same effort, it's better than the alternative. And no matter what decisions you make, there will be doubters, disagreers & haters. Guess what? They might be right too. But as long as your Intent was good & pure, that'll have to do. Your best Effort and your best Intent is sometimes all you can control. #intent #effort #control
Over the past few weeks I've had people from all over the world reaching out to discuss various issues. They're seeking for clarity in a world of confusion. The problem is they keep receiving Mixed Messages. Conflicting information. And that is the New Normal - Mixed Messages. You need to deal with it in your business. More importantly, you need to understand that your customers and clients are suffering from Mixed Messages too. Clarity of Communication at this time is critical - but that doesn't necessarily mean MORE communication. Over-Communicating at a time like this might only increase the confusion and anxiety. #crisiscommunication #messaging #clarity
Trust has always been an important factor in any client relationship. On the other side of this COVID-19 Crisis, it will be critical. Trust has taken a beating during this current crisis. We're not sure who or what we can trust anymore. In every action, in every communication you have in your business, make sure Trust is the driving influence. #consumerconfidence #trustbuilding #trust
There's been a bit of talk during these COVID-19 lockdowns about how long it takes to change a habit. Most of what I've read suggests that after about 2 months, you'll find your new habits forming. But how long would it take to change the culture? Take the handshake or the kiss on the cheek. Neither are welcome in a post COVID-19 world. In Thailand, the Wai gesture is used for greetings instead. No contact required. Could that become part of the culture of greetings the West after 6 months? Or maybe a year? Or would this level of cultural change be a generational thing? What about the Pub culture? If Pubs stay closed for a few more months OR the New Normal of social distancing changes the experience so much that it's just not appealing anymore, would the Pub culture that is so much a part of many countries, disappear? #culturalchange #postcovid19 #habitchange
This current COVID-19 Crisis is a unique Moment in Time. There will be much pain and suffering for many. But there will also be a lot of opportunity. There always is from these big Moments in Time. For those that are able to see them and are prepared to take a chance on them, the opportunities will be there. Chances are though, you will miss these opportunities. Don't believe me, just think about all the other unique Moments in Time that you have already missed... The Internet, Social Networks, Bitcoin...the list goes on. This is a Moment in Time. What are you going to do with it? #carpediem #moments #opportunityknocks
Most arguments in favour of online shopping have traditionally centred around convenience. There's been nothing really wrong with shopping the old fashioned way. It's just that online is a bit more convenient. That was Pre COVID-19. In a Post COVID-19 world, shopping offline SUCKS! Long queues & waits to get in the store. Masks. Hand Sanitisers. Gloves. It's just not fun. Shopping offline has now become a painful experience. So it's now just a question of how long and how much of that pain we can endure before the default of every shopper is to look online. #onlineretail #retailexperience #postcovid19
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