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We've all had the experience where we're listening to someone telling us how something is and we think.. 'Hang on. That's not how I see it!' We all experience life through a different lens, with different realities. Yet oftentimes we tend to apply that lens as a blanket across the entire situation, as if to say, emphatically... 'This is how it is!' It's almost as if we don't even consider for one second that there could possibly be an alternate reality for someone else. The reality is, that is how it is...for YOU. It may not be how it is for ME.  #realitycheck #perspective #empathy
You should put just as much thought and effort into how your business looks when it's closed, as when it's open. We've all walked past a shop window after they've closed and seen the outdoor furniture and signs all stacked at the front of the shop, just inside the door. Of course, that makes sense operationally, but it's not a great impression for the person looking in your window after hours. Potential customers may still making buying decisions, even though your business might be closed. If the look in and see a less than inviting shop, closed or not, they may well decide not to bother coming back again tomorrow, when you're open. #shopfront #afterhours #firstimpressions
The global recovery from the COVID-19 crisis will be unevenly distributed. Just as each country went into this crisis at different times, stages and levels of intensity, so it will be as we come out. And in THAT lies a massive opportunity. You can look and see and learn from what happens in those countries that come out of the crisis early. Look at what products and services are in demand. Then, see how you can leverage that knowledge to get first-mover advantage in your country, as your recovery begins. If you're lucky enough to be in one of the countries leading the way out of the recovery...even better. You can know export your knowledge and experience to those countries who aren't quite there yet. This is a MASSIVE opportunity. Indeed, it may well be where the next big companies emerge from. Go For It! #postcovid19business #businessopportunities #covid19recovery
Day 2 of our conversation about opportunities. A great way to find new opportunities is through niche communities - a relatively small group of people united around a common theme or interest or activity. A niche community can be built around just about anything. Even better, a niche community can have multiple levels or layers to the niche. eg: Young Mums becomes Young Single Mums in Rural Areas. The more layers to the niche, the tighter that community probably is. So here's how to find the opportunities... 1. Get involved in niche communities that are of interest to you. 2. Find out what their pain points are. (Just listen. They'll be talking about them) 3. Create or craft product or service solutions to address those pain points. Now, you not only have a product or service that has a a definite market, but you also have a market which will support you, as you're part of their community. NB: This is NOT about trolling communities to try to sell them stuff! It's about joining communities that fit your interests and then helping find solutions to shared problems. #opportunities #communities #nichemarket
Wherever there is uneven distribution, there is an opportunity. Chances are, in an unevenly distributed marketplace, there will a portion of that market that feels marginalised, underserved. That is your opportunity. To even up the distribution. And even though it might seem like a small opportunity, relative to the bigger market, it might just be big enough for you to eke out a business for you. #marketopportunities #businessopportunity #businessstrategy  
Most would say that the whole point of wishing for something is to dream a little. To hope for something that is out of reach. Unattainable even. But consider this slightly contrarian view. The problem with that, according to Seth Godin, is that wishing consumes a lot of energy. And if you're spending all that energy on something over wish you have no control, the end result is usually frustration at not getting what you wished for. Far better, says Godin, to wish for something over which you do have some control. Something that you at least have some chance of impacting the result. That way, the wishing can take on a motivational element whereby you maybe try that little bit harder to get there. Thanks Seth. #motivation #wishing #hopes
Lots of business are thinking about Scenario Planning these days. Essentially what this is, is considering possible alternate futures so that you can put in place systems, plans, processes and strategies to best adapt, should one of these future scenarios play out. This interesting article suggests that using novels or fictional stories in the process might actually be a big help to businesses. The reason is that whenever we're considering our business, our industry, our colleagues, there will always be some in-built bias. But if we're looking at it all through the lens of a made up story, it's much easier for us to have an open mind. Woody Wade, as an expert in Scenario Planning, what do you think about this idea? PS: That's Bill for the article! #scenarioplanning #strategicplanning #thefuture
Controversial Tibetan Buddhist, Chogyam Trungpa, once said... "It's easier to put on a pair of shoes than to wrap the earth in leather" It's a quote that does, I feel, have a few different levels to it. But to me, the simple essence of the statement is the same as the one I shared with you in Ep. 1138 of this show - The World Is As You Find It , which is quote from the movie Vice. And the reason I think it's worth exploring is that we always seem to talking about changing the world. Making big impacts.  It feels like we almost have an obligation to do so. But maybe we don't have to. Sometimes, maybe we're just better off putting on a pair of shoes instead of trying to wrap the world in leather. #quotes #perspective #realitycheck  
Anyone who has ever made a sales pitch, had a business meeting or had a job interview knows this feeling... You put all the time and effort into planning for what you DO want to say, only to end up saying something you wish you hadn't. And it's often those things we say that we shouldn't have said that end up costing us the deal, or the sale or the job. It's not the things that we forgot to mention. For example, if you're applying for a job with a vegan skin care company, you probably don't want to mention that you like to take your kids fishing and hunting in your spare time. So, next time, think first about the things that you definitely do NOT want to say, then worry about what you do. #interviewtips #thinkdifferently #chooseyourwords
Depending on your perspective, eSports is either a bunch of kids sitting around playing video games OR a legitimate sport. But regardless of your perspective, you can't deny that this is a real business. Most estimates value the eSports industry at around USD $1 billion today and expect that to almost double by the end of 2022. Whether you call the participants in eSports 'athletes' or 'gamers', they have their own unique set of Wellness needs. And here's the big opportunity...much of what and how we talk about Wellness is just not geared to these people. So, if you can craft or create your Wellness products and services in such a way that they relate to and resonate with the eSports community, you have a very real opportunity to own that niche. You could become THE eSports Wellness person/business/brand. #esports #gaming #wellness
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. That means each token has a unique value. Unlike, say, a $1 bill, which is a kind of Fungible Token. That is to say, that each $1 bill has the same value. And why NFT's matter is that they can be attached to digital assets (like a photo, an audio file, a video, a GIF, even a meme) and assigned a value. By attaching the NFT to your digital content you are also essentially creating attribution. Establishing that you are the creator and owner of that content. As NFT's life on the blockchain, they are forever part of the digital ledger. What all this means for the creators of digital content, it now makes it much easier for them to not only establish ownership, but also then on-sell or lease that content to others. Here's a great article on NFT's to help you understand a bit more - And here's the website I mentioned in the episode - Finally, Ian Utile's Twitter - #NFTs #blockchain #contentcreators
Whether you're recruiting or looking for a job, you need to be thinking about the priorities for the position in terms of Knowledge, Skills or Experience. Ideally, as an employer, I want to see that you've applied your Knowledge to develop some Skills that you can then show me in action, via your Experience. To me, Knowledge is the often the least important. If you don't know it...Google it. Or YouTube it. And when it comes to Experience, what we as employers often get wrong is that we insist on Experience within a specific field or industry. But sometimes, we miss out on considering the perfect candidate, just because their Experience is in what we consider a non-related field. So, for me... #1 Skills #2 Experience #3 Knowledge What's your opinion? #jobapplication #recruitment #jobcandidate
This is a message that I feel is especially relevant for those in my age demographic. If you're young, you know you need to put in the effort to transform yourself into a supervisor or manager. You don't have the score on the board yet. So of course you need to put in the work. However, if you're in your mid-40' to mid-50's and have achieved some level of success, it's easy to just assume that you've done all the work that is required. Now all you need to do is wait your turn. When my boss leaves, I'll get her job. When a new position opens up, of course it'll be mine. Because I've already got the score on the board. Indeed, I would suggest that it's this very realisation, that transformation requires effort, that leads to the classic Mid Life Crisis. We realise we're not where we want to be. To get somewhere else we've got to make the effort. So we throw it all away and start again. #transformation #change #effort
Back in Ep. 912 ( I suggested that you can't sell anything to anyone. The decision to buy is theirs. All you can hope to do, is to help them buy. Along a similar vein, Gary Vaynerchuck says you shouldn't bother trying to sell the unsellable. There's no point wasting your time trying to convince someone to buy your thing. Much better you direct your efforts to those that are ready, willing and able to buy from you. #buyingandselling #sellingskills #salesadvice
Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason that the grass is greener on the other because they're just taking better care of it? Maybe they're just working harder at it than you are? So, rather than just gazing enviously at their beautiful grass..maybe you need to work a bit harder? NB: Here's a link to Ep. 800 where I warned that the grass over there might just be 'Fake Grass'... #workharder #dothework #grassisgreener
We hear a lot about Work-Life Balance. Especially at the moment with so many people working from home, having to balance Work and Life in the same place. But who's to say what the right balance between Work and Life is for you? Only YOU! You might prefer to work all the time because you love your job. Or, you might be a 9-5 kinda person who wants to switch off and go home and life your life. Either is fine. In fact, any combination of Work and Life is also fine. It's entirely up to you and not for others to determine. Work-Life Balance is completely personal construct. #worklifebalance #perspective #balance
Everyone's talking about Bitcoin...again. I do NOT pretend to know where Bitcoin is heading. I don't think anyone can really sure for certain. But I do know that at times like this it's easy to get carried away with the hype and make rash decisions. that are the 3 Key Questions to should ask yourself before you invest... #1 - How much are you willing to lose if it all goes to zero? #2 - What is the most bullish forecast on Bitcoin? #3 - If that most bullish forecast comes true, given the amount you are willing to lose, would the return be significant to you? If it is, you should absolutely roll the dice.  If it's not, maybe you'd be better off just watching from the sidelines. #bitcoin #investingstrategy #besmart
COVID-19 has seen many companies implement fairly flexible Work From Home policies. Some have even implemented Work From Anywhere. So if you're now working from home (or anywhere), what's to stop you having two jobs? Or even more? Traditionally, many companies have had an expectation that, certainly their senior employees, would devote all of their business time, effort and energy to the job. This job. This one job. Employers don't want you focussed on another job at the same time. But if you're working from home, how will they know? Should they even care? Can they even enforce such an expectation? This shift, should it continue, will raise lots of interesting questions for the Employer / Employee dynamic. #workfromhome #workfromanywhere #changingtimes
Some have suggested that, just like the Roaring 1920's followed the 1918 pandemic, so too the 2020's will be Roaring. There will be so much pent-up demand as a result of all the restrictions and lockdowns we've been living through, that once the vaccines help us get this virus under control, we will splurge. Will live large. It will be a boom period of consumerism. Will that really happen? I don't know. Nobody does. But looking at history, there are certainly a number of similarities between then and now. So the question is, do you really want to risk missing out? My suggestion, start thinking now about how your business might be different if indeed the Boom does come? Will your product range look different? Will your distribution look different? How quickly will you be able to scale up? I'm certainly not suggesting you make these moves now. But asking the questions now and reviewing your systems and process to make sure you are ready, just in case the Boom does come...just seems like a smart thing to do. #postCOVID19 #roaring20s #strategicplanning
You need to be different to stand out and get notice. Right? Well, kind of. But if you're a personal trainer, for example. How can you make yourself different? It's tough. There are a gazillion personal trainers out there. Surely by now every possible variation on personal training has already been taken. As Oscar Wilde told us, 'Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken' It doesn't matter if there's someone else out there doing the same as you.  As long as you do it authentically to who you are, then you will be different. Whatever your product or service, don't try to force yourself to be different from the competition. If you do, it will probably come off and insincere. Instead, focus on simply being authentic. #authentic #bedifferent #differentiation
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