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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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Yep. This is it. The last episode of Trent365! And the message I want to leave you with, as I depart is... Just Start! So often we talk ourselves out of starting something because we worry that it won't be any good, or that nobody will like it, or that you won't be able to keep it up. It doesn't matter. Just Start. If it sucks, make it better. If that's too hard, then stop.  It's ok to stop too. Whether you stick with it for a day, a week, or OVER 1,500 will learn from it. You will learn about the process. And you will learn about yourself. The one thing we are not getting any more of is time. And one of the most toxic emotions you can have is regret. You don't want to wake up one day and realise that you've run out of time and you regret not trying. So...Just Start. Thanks for the ride! #juststart #farewell #gratitude
WOW! 1,500 Episodes. That's a lot. This whole show started with the idea to publish one piece of content every day...for one year. That's it. And here we are now...1,500 consecutive days later. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has tuned in over the years to listen, or watch or read any of these episodes. As I say at the end of every episode, 'I do thank you for your time...' And I genuinely do. Thanks. the big announcement I promised... Tomorrow's episode...Episode 1,501... Will be the LAST episode of the show! Yep. I've decided to hang up the mic. Why?  Well, the answer is the same as it was for why I started the show in the first reason. I just feel like it's run its course. That's all. So why not just end today...on 1,500? Two reasons... 1. I wanted to end on a real show, consistent with the theme of the show. Which has always been about a daily thought, idea, insight. I didn't want to just finish on an anniversary type show. 2. When people ask me in the future, 'How many episodes of that show did you do?', I can now honestly answer them... 'OVER 1,500 episodes!' :-) So, I do thank you for your time. And I will be again (one last time) tomorrow... #celebration #milestone #contentcreator  
"I don't care who is doing better than me. I am doing better than I was last year. It's me Vs me." Michael B Jordan (actor) Great perspective. Of course, it's probably an attitude that won't help you much if you're trying to climb the corporate ladder. Because there, it is very much about You vs The Other Girl. But if you can get to a place where you're genuinely satisfied with being a bit better than you were yesterday, last week, last year, then you're going to be happy. And after all, isn't that what it's really all about? #happiness #selfimprovement #selfawareness
We are constantly being pressured to... ACT NOW! BUY NOW! DON'T MISS OUT! Whether we're buying something online or just making a decision of any sort, the sense of urgency is often overwhelming. So, next time you feel the pressure...Stop. Take a Breath. And ask yourself... What's the Last Responsible Moment at which I really need to make a decision? Because if you can actually wait a little longer, in that time, you may be able to get some more data, some better information or even come up with a better plan. FOMO is real. Don't let it get you! #decisionmaking #FOMO #pressure
Focussed Missions are great.  That's how we get stuff done. They're not always the most insightful journeys....but... They're not designed to be. However, when you choose a meandering path, you have time explore, engage, unravel, etc. And it is precisely in those meanderings, that powerful insights can be found. The key to success in life is to ensure that you have a nice balance of Focussed Missions and Insightful Meanderings. #insights #focus #meandering
Those who don't really spend much time in the Crypto / Web3 / NFT space, often take the view that it's all just one big scam. It's a dangerous place. Full of scammers. And with NFTs appearing to go on a bit of a bull run right now, we are again seeing a number of big scams being run on the community. But let's get real for a second. NFT projects themselves aren't bad. The people using them to run scams are bad. Sure, it's often easier to run a big scam in this space, for various reasons. Ultimately, however, always remember... NFTs don't scam people. People scam people. NB: As always...Do Your Own Research #NFTs #crypto #web3
In a world where there is so much focus on political correctness and being aware of everyone's sensitivities, sometimes we can lose sight of the need for a critical review. If you are not just a little embarrassed about some of the work you have put out there... If you are not just a little ashamed of the way you handled some of your personal interactions... then maybe you're just not being critical enough. Don't beat yourself up too much. Don't over-judge yourself. But don't give yourself a free pass either. #selfawareness #selfcriticism #judgement
I think that statement is super relevant and highly applicable to most of us today, perhaps more than any other time in the past. The sort of questions employers really need answered today are, What are you capable of? What can you do? Can you show me examples of your work? Where you have been before matters much less than what you can do today. And for those of us with access to technology such as the internet, laptops, smart phones, etc, we can build, create, network our way to whatever future our skills and hard work will take us. Of course, it's worth mentioning that there are still many countries around the world where this kind of access does not exist.  For them, it is much harder. But for the rest of the world, more than ever, it's about where you're at. #goals #ambitions #potential
Well known tech investor Chris Dixon has a great explanation of Web3 in the context of Web1 and Web2. web 1 = read web 2 = read & write web 3 = read & write & own To expand a bit... Web 1 was the early days of the internet. It was really just a place to go and read information online. Web 2 saw the arrival of social media platforms - blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc. And with that, we were now able to write and post our own content. Now, in Web 3, thanks to blockchain technologies and NFTs, we have digital ownership. Exciting Times. Enjoy! #web3 #NFTs #technology
A great quote from @steph_feels over on Twitter... "Stop taking responsibility for things people do to you. Start taking responsibility for what you do to you ; that is where your power is." We spend so much time worrying about what other people think about us, say about us, what they do to us. We can't control that.  We can influence it. Absolutely. But we can't control it. So there's not much point worrying about it. Instead, focus on the things that you do to you. A nice sentiment to end the year on...and maybe a good resolution to take with you into 2022. Happy New Year! #selfawareness #control #perspective    
I saw that great quote on @thechrisdo Instagram account recently. (I've since realised it was first attributed to Peter Drucker) But I don't like it. To me, if you take it literally, it suggests that first you create the business, then you create the customer or the demand. Building a product or service and then trying to convince people that they need it, is hard work. A much better approach would be that a business exists to service a customer. Not to create one. Just my 2 cents. PS: zero disrespect intended to Chris Do, who I reckon is a brilliant brand guy! #customerdemand #customerservice #businessstrategy
In simple terms, your Strategy is the overall plan of what you're trying to achieve... Your Tactics are the specific action steps that you take to achieve that plan. Tactics are what is visible. Strategy often is not. When we see a competitor doing something clever, we might want to copy them. But remember, what we're seeing is just the Tactics.  Without following the same overall Strategy as them, we probably will not get the same result. Of course, that doesn't mean that we still can't get a good result from simply copying the Tactics. If the Tactics are sound, then we can absolutely still benefit from copying them. But if you really want to replicate their success, you need to understand their Strategy too. #strategy #tactics #competition
The power an impact of a good story is beyond question. We make our buying decision based on the story around that purchase - either the story being told by the brand...or the story we tell ourselves about it. Sure, we also look to the utility, functionality, price and a number of other factors. But really, that's just a way to help us justify the decision we have already made. As I'm heading down the rabbit hole of Web3 and NFTs, I'm realising this is even more true in this space. Fascinating stuff. #storytelling #marketing #NFTs
Hotels like to say that they create a 'home away from home' and that's why their guests chose to stay there. But most of us don't actually want a hotel to feel like home. We want it to be better than home.  We want it to be something special. They key to success, is giving us something that is familiar, so that it is comforting for us, but not the same. In a hotel setting that familiarity might come in the form of our favourite snacks in the minibar or favourite soaps & shampoo in the bathroom. And the same formula, in my mind, applies no matter what business you are in. Give them something familiar...but not the same. #familiar #differentiation #marketing
It's very easy to be critical of someone else for living in their own bubble. 'They don't really understand my point of view, because they're living in their own bubble.' But the reality is, we are all living in our own bubbles. We take the same route to we have no idea of the challenges faced by commuters on the other roads. We live in our own bubble. We shop at the same we have no idea what great deals or cool products might be on offer at the other store. Again, our own little bubble. And this is just part of human nature. I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that. But the next time you're planning to cast judgement on someone else for living in their own bubble... Just do too. #perspective #empathy #understanding
What makes Christmas special to you? Is it spending time with family? Or maybe taking a moment to reflect on a spiritual or religious significance? Maybe it's the joy of giving and receiving gifts? Or just the peace and quiet of no bloody work emails! Here's an idea...make a list of all the things that make Christmas special to you and then pick a day during the rest of the year when you're going to focus on just that one thing. Think of it like a practice run for Christmas. After all, it'd be a shame to enjoy some of that Christmas spirit throughout the rest of the year too, right? HO HO HO! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can still do the same for whatever occasion you do celebrate. #celebration #reflection #joyoflife
Andy Grove, the long time CEO of Intel, once said, 'Only the paranoid survive.' You need to be constantly looking over your shoulder otherwise someone will sneak up behind you and take your business. But Hiten Shah put a slightly different twist on this when he said recently, 'Only the paranoid thrive'. I think that's a better perspective. Because if you just deliver a really good product or service, you probably will survive. Just doing what you do and doing it really well, should be enough to survive. But if you really want to thrive...that's where a little paranoia can come in handy. #famousquotes #surviveandthrive competitiveedge
A little Self Confidence is a good thing. A little too much and it can become a bit of a problem. The same applies to Self Doubt. A little Self Doubt is healthy. It's constructive. But too much Self Doubt can be crippling. If the goal to get to a state of Self Awareness (which it should be) you need to find the right balance of both. NB: Thanks to Tim Urban for the perspective #selfawareness #selfconfidence #selfdoubt
These days we seem to be obsessed with instant response times from the businesses we interact with. If we don't get an instant response, we assume they don't care enough about us, and we take our business elsewhere. Which begs the question... Does the market determine what is the right response time or does the business? The reality is that the market does NOT dictate response times. However, the market does influence expectations when it comes to response times. If your competitors are responding in a few minutes and you're not...then you're already behind the eight ball. can give them a reason for why they should wait. One idea would be to setup an auto-responder or your emails or a bot on your website so that every message is replied to instantly. But in that instant reply, tell them why it will take a bit longer to respond in more detail. 'We want to be thoughtful and considered in all that we do. Give us a few hours to come back to you in more detail.' Something like that. #autoresponders #instantgratification #thoughtful 
All the Cool Kids today want to be an entrepreneur. Why slog it out, working for the man, doing something you don't enjoy, when you can be your own boss...and make lots of money? Right?!? The reality for many, of course, is that they can make more money sticking with their corporate job than pursuing their passion project. Will they be happy? Probably not. So, Gary Vaynerchuck's question to you is this... Would you rather make $200,000 a year doing a job that you hate OR... Make $65,000 a year as an entrepreneur, doing something you love? That's the real promise of entrepreneurship. #entrepreneur #happiness #perspective