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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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Mental Wellness is a big deal. Especially for me.We've been conditioned to basically suffer in silence. But Mick Simmons decided that was just dumb!So he started... YEASTY BOYS!As Mick describes the phenomenon...Yeasty Boys is a group of blokes that go out once a month for a chat and a meal to make sure that our mates are okay. It’s not magic but it creates a safe place for men to talk to men. We are based in the Mornington Peninsula and are very inclusive. Check us out on insta or Facebook. No one should be without a mate to talk to. #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mensmentalhealth #supportgroup
Tim Ferriss is a smart bloke.If you haven't heard of Tim, here's a link to his website where you'll find links to all his blogs, podcasts, books, etc. a recent episode of his podcast, he made the comment... We're all investors.His point was, if we're not investing our money...we're investing our time, or our effort or our hearts.I reckon it's a good way to look at life.It kinda helps ensure that you focus your resources, whatever they are, on the things that will make the most impact for whatever way you want that to happen for you. #investinginpeople #investinyou #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth
A few days ago in Ep. #649, I spoke about the Future of CBD in China.Here's a link to that episode... general consensus is, it will be some time before China goes mainstream with CBD.But maybe not so in Thailand.The country has recently legalised cannabis for medicinal & research purposes.And now one of the ruling coalition parties has drafted a law that would allow people to grown up to 6 cannabis plants in their own home.#CBD #THC #cannabis #legalization
A luxury watch is a status symbol. So too is a luxury car.But what happens in a future of Ubers and Apple Watches?Car ownership will likely become the exception rather than the rule.Smart Watches may well replace the Rolex & the TAG.What will be the Status Symbols of Tomorrow?#luxurygoods #statussymbols #future #trends
The Barber Pole is the universal symbol for the Barber Shop.It's been that way since the Middle Ages.The red stripe represents bloodletting. The white stripe represents the bandages. The blue stripe represents the blood-filled vein. The downward spinning spiral represents the aortic blood flow.Anywhere in the world when you see that Barber Pole, regardless of any other signage, you know it's Barber Shop.Why can't we have a Spa Pole?A pole that universally represents the Spa.It'd be a great marketing tool, wouldn't it!#spa #barbershop #marketing #branding #symbols
Walking the streets of Shanghai this morning I got a glimpse of what an electric world will sound like.... And it’s bloody serene! Imagine the silence in a city where all transport is electric... 💭  #future #electricvehicles #serenity #futuretrends
Vision is the WHYStrategy is the WHATTactics are the HOWIf you really are the next Steve Jobs or the next Mark Zuckerberg...go ahead and focus on Vision and Strategy.But for most of us, we need to be focussed on the TACTICS. That’s the execution piece.And that’s where the game will be won or lost.#strategy #tactics #vision #businessstrategy
As of today, any cosmetic product being imported to China must undergo animal testing before it is approved for sale to humans.This of course is a major stumbling block for many International brands who have taken a strong Cruelty Free stance.There are some positive signs that the Government is open to alternatives.But for now at least, if your brand is against animal testing...China is not a market for you.#spachina #chinabeauty #animaltesting #cosmetic
The US-China Trade War is impacting the economy in China. In Spa & Wellness it’s having a significant impact on those looking to import & export.Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) represents a great opportunity if someone can just re-package and market it better to the world.and CBD, big new all over the a loooong way off hitting the Chinese market.#spachina #spa #wellness #trends #USChina
China’s Middle Class is growing. With that, they become more educated about what the world has to offer.As a result, they’re demanding more from their Spas. Results, evidence, efficacy is increasingly more important in this market.And as the population is ageing, they’re become more aware of living well. Spas have the opportunity to become their go-to resource for all things Wellnesss.I also see opportunities for Spas in the world of Aged Care in China.#wellness #china #spa #trends
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