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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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Being different works - at least for a while.In the short term, it allows you to stand out. To be noticed. To get the market's attention.However, in the longer term, if your product or service is not of high quality, even being different will not save you.But in a situation where there is little to no social proof or validation, being different provides just that.So, where did I learn this little life lesson?At the Melbourne Noodle Market of course!Yes! Really! #differentiation #standingout #marketing
People don't really care about what you do...they care about what you can do for them.So the best Linkedin profile you can have is...I help [target audience] achieve [results] by [what you do].That is a compelling narrative according to James Tuckerman...and I think he has a pretty go argument.#linkedinprofile #valueproposition #value #personalbrand
Empathy is as important in business as it is in life.Ultimately, people care about themselves. So the more you are able to put yourself in their shoes and relate to the things that they feel are important, the deeper they will connect to you.The main thing blocking our ability to Empathise is our own Expectations.If you are able to walk into a new relationship / discussion with zero expectations of the outcome, you will then be free to genuinely empathise.It's not easy to do. But if you can, you will win.#expectations #empathy #relate
Gary Vaynerchuck has just released a deck that shows how you can create 64 pieces of one day!In this noisey social media world in which we all operate, content is the way to people's eyes, ears & minds.Quality content is great. But quality is a subjective concept.And regardless of the quality of your content, if you don't put enough of it out there, chances are it will get swallowed by the algorithms and lost in a swarm of stuff.So, even if you don't plan to create 64 pieces of content, this great guide will show you some tips & tricks that will surely help you create a but more than you are today.Here it is... #contentcreation #contentstrategy #contentmarketing
Asking WHY drives the conversation up, to a more strategic level. Asking HOW drives the conversation down, to an implementation level. So says Alan Weiss, author of The Million Dollar Consultant. That's a great way to think of it. Thanks to Noah Kagan for featuring Alan on a recent episode of his podcast. Here's a link to more of Alan's stuff... #why #ask #strategicthinking
I just learned a great lesson in marketing from this Tweet from Wimintra Raj of ... @Wimintra This is what every spa should offer. Do you know how uncomfortable it is for women to have her boobies press against the massage bed She was talking about a simple accessory to be used in massages to take the pressure off the breast. I am our customer. I do have massages. But I am not our ONLY customer. I am not a woman. This specific problem is not one that I have. And so there, in a simple Tweet, is a great lesson in marketing. If you are not your ONLY customer, you need to listen...A Lot! Here's the Mamma Gard website ... #marketing #customerfeedback #knowyourcustomer 
These days, we all seem to be focussed on being seen. Being Visible.But what does it matter is someone sees you, if you're not Memorable?James Tuckerman says the smart money is on being Memorable.And, of course, he's right.Don't sell products. Tell stories.Focus on being Memorable.#visible #memorable #standingout #breakingthrough
Influencer Marketing is all the rage.But finding the right influencer for your business and getting to them to help promote your product or service for a price which you can afford, is a tricky thing.Maybe instead of appealing to their wallet or showering them with free gifts, you should be focussing on appealing to their Vanity.We all have Influence. We all have Vanity.And those who see themselves as 'Influencers' probably have more Vanity than most.So play to it.#influencer #influencermarketing #vanity #ego #marketing
As adults seems to spend all our life searching for answers.But we've forgotten the easiest way to find them.Just look at what a 3 year old does when he wants to know something.But why mummy? Why mummy? Why?The answer usually lies down a rabbit hole of Why's.#why #answers #learning #asking
In today's world of Google Translate and the endless array of translation apps on the market, language can no longer be used as an excuse when it comes to communication.The problem today is just about the effort. Do you care enough to open that app, and learn just a few basic words in the language of your customer? Do you care enough to make their service experience just that little bit less stressful?And even if you don't care enough, don't do it for them. Do it for you.Just imagine the time that will save if you can communicate with your customers that little bit more effectively.Make the effort. It's a Win-Win.#communication #language #translation #effort
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