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Author: Trent Munday

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.
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One of the biggest barriers to long-term change are short-term goals. Employees are concerned with hitting their KPIs, earning their bonus, etc. To do that, those short-term goals must be met. So it follows that if you can create a space where short-term results can be put on hold in favour of long-term goals, you're much likely to secure long-term success. So says Aaron Dignan in his great book on Organisational Change. Here's the book Brave New Work - #organizationalchange #safespace #change
I'm a big fan of Learning by Doing. That generally means there's going to be a bit of Trial & Error. And that's ok...MOST of the time. But you need to carefully consider the consequences of failing If, in failing, you significantly inconvenience your customers and they lose confidence in your service, then maybe the benefits of Learning by Doing aren't worth the risk. As experienced personally by me today with a visit to the hospital. #customerconfidence #learnbydoing #consequence
Due the sudden downturn in sales, many businesses today are holding excess inventory. One of the best ways to encourage customers to buy your inventory at a time like this is to offer them a payment plan. Remember, just as your business faces considerable uncertainty, so too do your customers. Enabling them to at least partially defer their payment for a few months might be just the comfort level they need to make a purchase. If you offer a Payment Plan for your product or service, give yourself a shout out in the comments below! #paymentplans #paymentplatform #customerfirst
Many have lost their jobs, and potentially their careers, due to this current COVID-19 crisis. In that, there are some valuable learnings for those plotting out a career path. Critically, I believe it may be time to redefine what a Career Path actually means. Once up on a time, a Career was usually within the same company, for life. More recently, a Career has meant maybe a few different companies over the duration, but generally within the same field or industry. In the future, I believe the most stable Career choice will be multiple jobs, in multiple companies, in multiple industries, over time. Flexibility and Adaptability will be critical. #careerjourney #careerchanges #careerchoices
How would our grandparents have dealt with a crisis like this? Especially when it comes to business. Back then, nobody started a business with the intention to sell it in 3-5 years. Today, we seem to be much more impatient for success. And that impatience can lead us to make decisions which leave us vulnerable when market conditions change. Like right now. Has impatience left your business vulnerable? #patience #longtermsuccess #businessdecisions
Over the past few months I've received more Customer Love than usual from brands and businesses whose products and services I have used at some time in the past. Brands that have never previously been great at customer engagement or showing they care...all of a sudden do care. Or do they? Are they really trying to help ME out by sending me some discount vouchers to buy their thing? Or are they really just trying to drive their own revenues? If you haven't as much as sent me an email before to wish me a Happy Birthday and now, all of a sudden, you're offering me discount vouchers to celebrate my birthday month, that kinda reeks of self-serving motives. If this sounds like your company, it's not great. BUT, as long as you keep doing it from here on in, you're forgiven. Customer Love must be enduring, not fickle. #CustomerLove #customerengagement #customercare 
Many brands have trouble clearly expressing exactly what it is they want to be. How can you really define something like Culture? But most people do know what they don't like. What they don't want to be. So, identify your Cultural Enemy and you might just find some clarity on exactly what you want the culture of your brand to be. At the very least, you should be able to avoid the behaviours that would risk turning you into your Cultural Enemy. So, who is your Cultural Enemy? #culture #culturalawareness #companyculture
Singapore Airlines Flights to Nowhere are exactly that. You depart from Changi Airport, fly around in the sky for a few hours, then land right back where you started. Seems like a pretty silly thing to do.  But if they can at least break even in terms of costs, maybe it's worthwhile. At least then they can... 1. Keep some staff employed 2. Keep the planes in motion 3. Allow passengers to continue their relationship with the brand. #airlines #marketing #branding
If you ask people if they want to have control, most will probably say Yes! But the reality is not everyone does want control. At least not all the time. We each have a different perspective on control at various stages. Control is often about Choice and Choice is often connected with Trust. How does customer control manifest in your business? Maybe it's in menu option? Maybe in choice of service provider? Also, consider how your messaging could differ depending on whether you're talking to customers with a high control mindset vs a low control mindset. #control #mindset #customer
We're generally pretty good at telling ourselves the story that we need to hear. Some are better than others at communicating that story to other people. But the real power lies in being able to tell yourself the Reverse Story. The opposite version of your story. The other side. In doing that you should be able to... 1. better empathise with those who hold opposing views 2. be able to counter objections to your own position 3. maybe even decide that your original position is not the right one for you Go ahead. Try it. #empathy #alternatives #pointofview
You should value your customer's time as much as they do their own. How much time and effort to your customer put in to come to your business to buy your product or service? Too often, we think only of the monetary investment our customers make in our business. Maybe I had to take some time off work? Maybe I need to arrange a babysitter? Or I may have had to schedule a number of other little jobs for the day around a visit to your business. View your customer service through that lens and you might just find the level and quality of your service improves dramatically. #customerservice #time #customerfocus
It's comforting to assume there are others in the metaphorical boat with you. But whilst we all may be sailing on the same stormy Coronavirus Ocean right now, we are not all in the same boat. We each have different capacities to weather this Coronavirus Storm - financially, physically and emotionally. Also remember that as with any weather system, the intensity and ferociousness of this Coronavirus Storm can vary considerably from one location to another. #copingwithcovid #perspective #understanding
Nobody likes airline food. Right? Wrong! Apparently the folks in Bangkok are loving it right now. Thai Airways have opened a Pop-Up restaurant, complete with actual airline seats for the furniture and cabin crew for service staff. It's brilliant on so many levels. With this Pop-Up Thai Airways can... - sell their existing food inventory - generate some revenue - get some great PR - market test new food concepts and recipes - enhance their image as a fun, innovative airline Here's a link to the story... #airlinecatering #popups #covidinnovation
We have a tendency to turn only to the experts for advice. Those who have been there, done that, and achieved high levels of success. However, we can learn just as much from those who are still on the journey. The same realisation is important for those giving the advice, as much as for those receiving the advice. Just because you haven't yet reached your destination or achieved the level of success you think you should, you can still be a source of great inspiration and counsel for others. #advice #mentorship #wisdom
Sometimes we find ourselves in a position we don't want to be in, but there's not much we can do about. For any number of reasons, we might just have to accept that this is simply where we need to be right now. That can be a frustrating space. But, as my new buddy Juan Berrocal said the other day, when that happens, you just need to understand your moment. Suck it up. Pay your dues. Do the work. And when this moment has passed, you'll be good to go. #perspective #moment #yourtime
One Man's Logic Is Another Man's Insanity. Sometimes, no matter how good a job you do at trying to convince someone, they just don't get it. Sometimes they never will. So don't beat yourself up over your failure to convince the 'unconvincable'. #convincingpeople #differences #perspective
Industry Conferences have screeched to a halt due to travel restrictions and limits on how many people can gather in one place. In their place, virtual online events are all the rage. But there's another option. Do this... 1. Identify the topics you want to cover and the experts you want to learn from. 2. Find their content - books, videos, blogs, eBooks, etc. 3. Gather in a small group in your local area to discuss & debate. Much of the knowledge you're looking for will likely be available for free or at a relatively small cost - ie: the price of a book on Amazon. #industryevent #conferences #virtualconference
The COVID-19 Crisis is having an undeniably huge negative impact on businesses around the world. Many will simply not survive. But don't make the mistake of blaming all your business woes on COVID-19. If your business is going to survive it's important that you make an honest assessment of what was working and what was not working before COVID-19. The same applies to any crisis. If not, your business will always be vulnerable. #selfawareness #businesshealthcheck #postcovid19
Oftentimes we can fall into the trap of treating our B2B clients just a little differently from our end-customers. But we shouldn't. If we put the same amount of care, attention and effort in keeping our B2B clients, imagine what impact that could have on your overall business. If you care for your end-customer, you must take care of your B2B clients. #B2B #B2C #customercare
We all talk about the need to understand our customers.  One of the best ways to do that is with Focus Groups. Now is a great time to do more Focus Groups. But not the kind that just ask for a feedback on your product or service. A pure Focus Group is one that seeks to understand all of your customer’s needs, whether they relate directly to your product or not. Show then you care. Help them anyway you can. You’ll know then better. They’ll know you better. After all, isn’t that what a good relationship is all about? #focusgroups #knowyourcustomer #marketing
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