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Author: Julie Lanford

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Cancer Services, Inc is a local non-profit in Winston-Salem, NC offering comprehensive cancer support services. Our mission is to enhance health, life, and survivorship and that’s exactly what this podcast is designed to do!

Whether you’re someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is a loved one of someone who has faced a cancer diagnosis, a healthcare provider or someone who wants to decrease risk and be knowledgeable about resources, then you’ve come to the right place!

This podcast will connect you to our local experts and resources.
17 Episodes
It's Great When You're Grateful!   We are launching a special 5 week program designed to guide you into a habit of gratitude in order to enhance your well-being during and after cancer treatment.  This program is open to patients/survivors as well as caregivers. The program begins on March 1st! All participants will receive an email once a week (on Mondays, starting March 1st) with a link to the podcast interview regarding the week’s topic. We will also have a “Gratitude Action Step” each week, and participants will keep a gratitude journal. This program is designed for you to do “on your own”, or with a virtual group meeting once a week, on Thursday evenings at 7pm. Let us know if you have any questions! To register go to: During week 1 Dr. Torelli shares about the following: What is gratitude? How can gratitude help during or after cancer treatment? What are the most important things to do when it comes to a lifestyle of gratitude? Example of how someone can reframe their perspective using gratitude.   WEEK 1 ACTION STEP: Start your gratitude journal! Prompts for this week. Use one, or more, each day! 1.     Write down one good thing that happened to you today. 2.     What are five personality traits that you are most thankful for? 3.     What about your upbringing are you most grateful for? 4.     Name 5 things you are doing well currently. 5.     What family members are you most grateful for? Write about what makes them special.
We are here today with Dr. Stacy Wentworth, medical director of cancer survivorship at Wake Forest Baptist Health to talk about the COVID-19 Vaccine. We cover the following questions: - What do cancer patients and survivors need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine? - What's the best way to get scheduled for one? - Are there any individuals who should NOT get one asap? - It's confusing that we still have to wear masks and distance after a vaccine. Why? - Should cancer patients and survivors feel good about traveling after being vaccinated? - No one likes to wear a mask, but Dr. Wentworth shares her favorite! Helpful links for finding vaccine appointments: - Be sure you are signed up for your healthcare providers electronic medical record - Follow your local health department website and social media pages - -
In this interview, Julie talks with Dr. Bhuiyan about the latest study for cancer survivors out of the Mindful Health Lab at Arizona State University. Dr. Bhuiyan also shares information on other wellness studies available to cancer survivors, as well as general tips about sleeping well.  Find information about the study, if you're eligible and register for notification of other studies at Information on Dr. Bhuiyan and the Mindful Health Lab: Information on the lead investigator:   For information on Cancer Services' latest programs visit Calendar: Registration links:  
Julie and Lindy talk about our upcoming cancer survivorship programs and events that you don't want to miss! * NOTE that in this episode, Julie says her cooking class is on Wednesday, Jan 20th, however we have rescheduled that class for 11am on 1/27. REGISTER HERE.  Important links:
This is the recording from the the second day of Survivors Week 2020.  Felicia Dobson, a Patient Advocate at Cancer Services hosts the session on behalf of Cancer Services, Novant Health Derrick L Davis Cancer Center, and Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Center. Find information on the week, including videos from the sessions here: This session is on Survivorship and Integrative Medicine and we have a very talented panel.  Each panelist spends about 10 minutes to talk to you about their area of expertise and how to maximize wellness, decrease stress and be your best self.  After the presentations, the panelists answer questions. The first panelist is Dr. Judith Hopkins. Dr. Hopkins is a Medical Oncologist with the Novant Health Cancer Institute and works out of the Kernersville location.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond and graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School.  She has been practicing medicine in Winston since 1980.  Her clinical interests include Breast Cancer Prevention, genetics, treatment and survivorship, as well as GI Malignancies and CLL.  Her hobbies include reading historical fiction, skiing and hiking. She also enjoys spending time with her family on their 110-acre farm in South Carolina. Our second panelist is Dr. Russ Greenfield. Dr. Russ is the Medical Director of Novant’s new Integrative Medicine department.  Integrative Medicine is where the best of conventional medicine and complementary therapies are used together to maximize a person’s healing capacity.  He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, and in 1999 was one of the first four physicians to graduate from the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil. (pronounced “While”) Our third panelist, Kim DeRhodes, works very closely with Dr. Russ in the Integrative Medicine Department of Novant Health.  Kim is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she received her BS in Pharmacy.  She has over 35 years experience as a pharmacist.  She frequently gives lectures on integrative and natural medicine and has taught classes at Queens College, UNCC, and Carolinas College of Healthcare Sciences.  She is a contributor to Dr. Andrew Weil’s latest book, Mind Over Meds.  She sees patients by appointment for medication therapy management and counsels them on the proper use of vitamins, herbs, and other natural medicines.  
Watch the interview on video: Contact Julie with questions or ideas: Check out the latest virtual wellness programs at Cancer Services: Sign up to be on Cancer Services' email list. Dr. Wentworth discusses the following with us today: 1. What are the most important things that cancer patients and survivors need to know right now? 2. For someone who is newly diagnosed, or who is currently in the middle of their treatment plan and has to physically go to the treatment center and doctor appointments, what do they need to be doing before, during and after treatments. 3. For people who have completed treatment recently (in the last year), what precautions do they need to take? Are there any certain types of cancer who are at higher risk of complications if they contract COVID-19? 4. For survivors who have completed treatment 2+ years ago, is their risk higher than the average public for their age? 5. Looking farther into the future, what would be some prudent ways for cancer survivors to consider re-entering public life when social distancing measures are lifted?
Is takeout food safe? The short answer is YES, it's perfectly safe. And it's helping to keep our restaurants in business! With a few common-sense precautions like washing your hands before you eat, and making sure you store the food safely, it's a great way to find variety in your meal plan. Check out NC State's information regarding takeout food and COVID-19.  Check out these apps for your phone that help you order and pay for takeout or deliver! Swipeby is an app (developed by a Wake Forest grad!) where you can find local restaurants, order, pay with credit and the restaurant has a dedicated parking spot that you park in for curbside pickup. Convenient!   Find SWIPEBY Here! Door Dash, Uber Eats and Grub Hub are all apps that allow you to order from restaurants, pay and have it delivered to your door! Check them out and see which one has your favorite restaurant.  SIGN UP For the Move More. Stress Less program! - Page for staying active at home – Help us plan for what programs would best meet your needs by completing our quick and easy survey HERE!  Video content with NWAHEC About Eating Healthy While Staying Home - Watch the Video Here 5 tips shared in the video: 1.     Lower the bar on healthy eating expectations. We all have heightened stress and feel like things are out of control. Comfort foods can be helpful in creating a sense of normalcy. 2.     Be mindful about hunger cues and emotions. What you eat is less important. 3.     Keep to a routine. Including meal and snack times. 4.     Have a fruit bowl out in your kitchen. 5.     There’s nothing wrong with coffee! Featured recipe: Med South Caviar Gardening Ideas! A wonderful resource that each county has is the NC Cooperative Extension! Find your county's webpage by putting the county name at the beginning of this web address: YOUR COUNTY For example, Forsyth county website is and Davie county is (do not use www with these!). They each provide advice, soil testing, insect identification and holding information sessions online. Call to find out what your county is offering! To contact Cooperative Extension Forsyth County staff, call 336-703-2850. To contact Davie Cooperative Extension, call 336-753-6100.   Cornell's Vegetable MD Online  This page can help problem-solve when your vegetables aren't growing as expected. Sprouting Seeds at Home! Info from the NC State Cooperative Extension Article Here   Learn Something New! Forsyth County library has an online library card application! Once you have a library card, you can access the digital library and read e-books for FREE!  CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE LIBRARY CARD Learn how to make Easter egg ornaments out of flour and salt. Decorate and share with your neighbors as a fun Easter surprise!  Be social while working on your vocabulary by playing Words with Friends! You can connect and compete with friends via your smartphone! To find all the links and ideas from previous emails, check out our "Learn Something New" page here! -
It's been a week with our new reality and I think most of us are tired of the new words we are using all the time...things like "social distance" and "coronavirus" and "homeschool." At Cancer Services, we are working to maintain our services as much as possible and offering many things online.  Let us know if you have questions or suggestions on how we can assist you during this time. We are open to ideas!! In the next few weeks, we will be setting up online classes, like Cancer Transitions, from home!     As a reminder: Please call us before you come by the office so we can determine if you need to come or not. We want to keep all our clients safe, and our staff as well. We are happy to talk with you during normal business hours at 336-760-9983. UPDATE ON OFFICE HOURS: We will be open M-Th 9am - 4pm and Friday 9am - 2pm.   Be sure you connect with us via the Cancer Services Facebook page and our YouTube channel!     Sign up for our email list HERE.   We had to cancel our annual auction, Wrapped Up In Ribbons, which raises 25% of our budget. If you are able, consider helping us make our goal despite the cancellation. FIND OUT MORE HERE!     MOVE MORE. STRESS LESS. Virtual Activity Program: -   Dates: April 1 – May 27 Requirements: Track the time spent doing dedicated physical activity and email to Lindy (, our Survivorship Coordinator, each week. PRIZES: Of course, the best prize of all is feeling good & less stressed! To help motivate you, we will have prizes for participation and grand prize drawings at 4 weeks and 8 weeks. Grand prizes will be delivered by mail, but due to the cost of postage, participation prizes must be picked up. SIGN UP HERE:      Coronavirus quick links: How to Navigate Cancer in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic from Cure Magazine Cancer Services has information regarding coronavirus on our website here: and in Spanish here: Local public radio, WFDD, has a coronavirus page with updates. Para versión en Español, haga click aquí.   Find science-based coronavirus websites here:  CDC – NCDHHS – Forsyth County Department of Public Health - NC coronavirus call center (in English and Spanish) – 866-462-3821 Forsyth County Department of Public Health coronavirus call line - 336-582-0800 Relaxation Tools: CBT-I Coach, a free app made by the VA for veterans, which has a series of really excellent meditation and relaxation tools. Insight Timer App and website to assist with anxiety, stress, and relaxation. NUTRITION IDEAS:  Check out this podcast interviewing Novant Health Integrative Medicine Doctor, Russ Greenfield regarding the fact that supplements are not proven to boost your immune system.     Med Tuna Salad Recipe:    OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEARNING: The Hidden Worlds of National Parks - an interactive documentary. It's really cool!!  On Friday, March 13, Old Salem Museums & Gardens launched a new online platform, OLD SALEM EXPLORATORIUM, created to serve those school students who have had to cancel their field trip to the Old Salem Historic District due to Coronavirus measures. The series of 5- to 10-minute experiences will bring the students in direct visual (but not physical!) contact with our master craftsman and educators. Check out their Old Salem YouTube channel here! Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free. Missing The NCAA Tourneys? Try March Mammal Madness Mammals, alliteration, survival-of-the-fittest. These brackets have it all. Kids and teens books streaming for free from audible!   EXERCISE AT HOME: Virginia is one of our volunteers who teaches a dance class for our Spanish speaking clients on Monday nights. She recorded a video for us to dance with her from home! Check it out and get your exercise! Follow along, or make up your own moves. That's the great thing about dancing at home!! Join Angela Gallagher from North Joy Yoga as she teaches her yoga for cancer classes virtually on Wednesdays at 9am and 5pm. If you would like to join these classes, please email Angela at This elementary PE teacher from Chattanooga, Coach Wood, is doing a PE video EVERY DAY during the school closings and they are super fun for kids of all ages (yes, that includes kids over 60 years old!!). (PE with Coach Wood) A great way to get your wiggles out each day for about 20 minutes. Check it out. YMCA NWNC is posting workouts every day on their Facebook page. Find your local branch's page here: You don't have to be a YMCA member to take advantage of this!  Also, the national YMCA offers free online workouts right now! No membership is needed to access the classes. Find them at  
Wellness Programs at Cancer Services TRANSFORMED! Our country has shifted in less than one week. It was just over one week ago that Julie was getting prepared for her Cook to Thrive! Class. It was a great success with recipes enjoyed and handwashing jokes made. Little did we know it will always be known as "the last class before coronavirus canceled everything." Since then, Cancer Services has been working hard figuring out how to transform our educational programs, survivorship programs and client services.    Listen to this episode as Julie shares updates about our programs and services, science-based information on how to deal with the current public health crisis, and fun ideas on how to stay healthy and well while at home and social distancing.  Here are the links she mentions in the episode! Sign up for our email list HERE:  Cancer Services coronavirus info page: and in Spanish at CDC – NCDHHS – NC Coronavirus call center (in English and Spanish) – 866-462-3821 Julie has been giving virtual education for over 12 years now, and you can spend a lot of time catching up on nutrition recommendations via her website, or podcast, the Cancer Dietitian Podcast. Here's an article she suggests as you think about making sure you have some shelf-stable food in your pantry: Stock Up, Stay Calm and Carry On.  Here are some ideas that we have found fun and thought could help you stretch your mind while you're at home.  Cincinnati Zoo doing Virtual Tours called "Home Safari" EVERY DAY at 3pm! Check out their facebook event page here! Also, if you miss the live version, the recording will be on their YouTube Channel here! The hippo tour from Monday was very fun and informative! Tour some dairy farms HERE We love this guy!! LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems! Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.  Viewers can see each weekday’s new video at 1:00 p.m. ET. You can do this via Facebook event page here. You can also watch the recorded videos on the YouTube Channel here. Visit to watch all of Mo's videos, find activity sheets to print out & follow along, and more! Join Angela Gallagher, from North Joy Yoga as she teaches her yoga for cancer classes virtually on Wednesdays at 9am and 5pm. If you would like to join these classes, please email Angela at Kindle Unlimited is offering a 30 day free trial for e-books.
How to talk about cancer can be very touchy. If you’re the person facing a diagnosis, you want to communicate the right information without giving too much information. You want to be honest, but also not scare your loved ones. For caregivers and friends, sometimes you don’t know what to say. You have your own emotions about it but don’t want to make your loved to have to worry about how you’re handling it. At Cancer Services, we know this is an issue. We work with people facing cancer to provide tips and talking points and also offer the community some ideas on how to support someone through cancer. In this episode, Julie talks with Lindy Milligan, Cancer Services' Survivorship Coordinator and a 10-year cancer survivor who was diagnosed in her 40s when she had 4 children ranging from 3rd grade to a freshman in college.  We hope you find this conversation one that helps you feel equipped to have helpful conversations regarding cancer, cancer treatment and how to best support someone who is going through a diagnosis. For people diagnosed with cancer, see our article: When You are Diagnosed: Communicating with Friends and Family. For caregivers, see our ‘How to Support Someone Through Cancer: What to Say, What Not to Say’ article.
On this episode of the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast we’re talking about the emotional effects of cancer with Dr. Richard McQuellon, Director of Psychosocial Oncology at Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Center's Cancer Patient Support Program. We’ll discuss practical coping mechanisms, when to seek professional help for depression, and the power of community. We’re also speaking with Julie Pope, a GI Oncology Nurse Navigator at Novant Health Cancer Center about their local cancer support group for cancer survivors, patients and caregivers. Then we’ll hear from ten-year colon cancer survivor Rod Hunter about his experience and how he has navigated his emotions from diagnosis to recovery. What we discuss: Coping with disease and management, relationships and how you think and feel The importance of understanding how you work and what gives you hope Finding a support community Practical coping mechanisms When to seek professional help to deal with depression The power of both speaking about how you feel and listening to others Different types of creative therapy options The greatest need for caregivers Links mentioned: ACS Coping Checklist for Patients Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Survivorship Clinic Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Services, Inc. Cancer Dietitian Colon Cancer Coalition Get Your Rear in Gear 2020 Race Race Facebook Event Page
On this episode of the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast we’re talking about survivorship with Kristin Houston, PA and Dr. Stacy Wentworth of Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Survivorship Clinic in Winston-Salem, NC. They walk us through recommendations regarding follow up medical treatment, treating common side effects, and the mental challenges that come with transitioning into post-treatment life. We’ll also chat with Malek Rais, an eight-year colon cancer survivor, about his experience and how becoming a patient advocate at Cancer Services aided in his recovery. What we discuss: The current recommendations for colon cancer survivors regarding follow up appointments, colonoscopies and other types of medical management The most important things you can focus on outside of medical management after completing active treatment Determining small goals to help you transition to post-treatment life Maximizing quality of life for survivors who remain on active treatment Being open with your health care provider about any symptoms you’re experiencing, even if they appear minor or unrelated Treating common side effects of cancer treatment Establishing a survivorship support team If you’re interested in participating in the clinical trials mentioned in this episode, please contact Meg Omara at 336-716-9055. Links mentioned: Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Survivorship Clinic Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Services, Inc. Cancer Dietitian Colon Cancer Coalition Get Your Rear in Gear 2020 Race Race Facebook Event Page
On this episode of the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast we’re discussing diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer with Joyce Fenstermaker, a GI Oncology Nurse Navigator at Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Center, about the colon cancer screening and treatment process and coping with the anxiety that comes with a diagnosis. We also chat with cancer survivor and Board-Certified Medical Oncologist at Novant Health Oncology Specialists, Dr. Eugene Paschold about his personal cancer experience as well as his advice for patients from a doctor and patient perspective. What we discuss: How the process works When it’s time to make treatment decisions Why you should be asking for a second opinion How to cope with the anxiety of a diagnosis and treatment Where to go for help How caregivers, friends and family can help someone facing a diagnosis of colon cancer Links mentioned: NCCN Guidelines for Colon Cancer Patients Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center Novant Health Oncology Specialists Cancer Services, Inc. Cancer Dietitian Colon Cancer Coalition Get Your Rear in Gear 2020 Race Race Facebook Event Page
On this episode of the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast we’re talking with Thuy Vu, a Genetic Counselor at Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center in Winston-Salem, NC, about how genetics can affect your probability of developing colon cancer and preventative measures you can take to help stay cancer-free. We’ll also chat with Jill Hyson about her diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome and how it’s affected her life and family. What we discuss: When you should request to see a Genetic Counselor Who is considered a medically “close relative” When to worry about pre-cancerous polyps Collecting your family’s medical history The difference between genetics counseling and genetics testing How often you should have your genetics tested Three possible test results How online genetics tests differ from the genetic testing requested by your doctor Lynch Syndrome Mentally processing your diagnosis Links mentioned: Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Services, Inc. Cancer Dietitian Colon Cancer Coalition Get Your Rear in Gear 2020 Race Race Facebook Event Page
On this episode of the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast we’re talking about evidence-based guidelines regarding nutrition and physical activity when it comes to colon cancer. We’re going to uncover the truth about what science shows are the most important things to eat for colon cancer risk reduction and survivorship and talk with colon cancer patient Tommy Mitchell about his experience with people offering nutrition advice and how he has managed to stick to key recommendations. What we discuss: Defining what constitutes an “evidence-based” recommendation AICR colon cancer nutrition and activity guidelines The worst piece of nutrition advice Tommy has received (and some other not-so-great recommendations) Why you should be skeptical of diet documentaries and Facebook videos How to respond when people give you poor recommendations Finding a balance that makes healthy living an achievable goal Helpful tips for nutrition and physical activity when you’re not feeling well Links mentioned: American Institute for Cancer Research The National Cancer Institute American Cancer Society Cancer Services, Inc. Cancer Dietitian Colon Cancer Coalition Get Your Rear in Gear 2020 Race Race Facebook Event Page  
On our first episode of the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast, I’m talking with Scott Cornella, MD of Gastroenterology Associates of the Piedmont about colon cancer screening recommendations. Originally from western North Carolina, Dr. Cornella attended the University of North Carolina for his undergraduate education, where he graduated with honors with a degree in Biology. He stayed in Chapel Hill to obtain his medical degree at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Cornella completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia, where he had the distinction of serving as Chief Resident. He subsequently completed a fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Virginia. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Affiliations include the American College of Gastroenterology and the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. What we discuss: What inspired Dr. Cornella to study gastroenterology Why colonoscopies are recommended for colon cancer prevention How dangerous polyps are and how they affect future screenings The importance of bowel prep Pros and cons of alternative screening options Recommendations for minorities and other high-risk patients Who can perform a colonoscopy What to ask your colonoscopy doctor Colonoscopy prep tips I also speak with Senior Civic Engagement Specialist at United Health Centers Felica Bennett-Giles about her colonoscopy experience and why she’s become an advocate for early screenings for African Americans. Links mentioned: Cancer Services, Inc. Cancer Dietitian Gastroenterology Associates of the Piedmont United Health Centers Colon Cancer Coalition Get Your Rear in Gear 2020 Race Race Facebook Event Page
Welcome to the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast! I’m Julie Lanford, your host, and the wellness director for Cancer Services, Inc. If you’re not familiar with us, we are a local cancer support agency in Winston Salem, NC. We offer comprehensive cancer support services and our mission is to enhance health, life, and survivorship and that’s exactly what this podcast is designed to do! Whether you’re someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is a loved one of someone who has faced a cancer diagnosis, a healthcare provider or someone who wants to decrease risk and be knowledgeable about resources, then you’ve come to the right place! This podcast will connect you to our local experts and resources. We’ve got a lot of plans for who to talk to, what to talk about and how to get you the information and support that you need! We’ll talk about things like cancer survivorship, financial assistance resources, how to support someone through cancer, when to get screened, and how to keep humor and fun in your life despite a serious diagnosis. Our episodes will be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the topic. We’d love to hear from you regarding what you want to learn about and who we should talk to, so please send us an email to Or if you’re in the triad of NC, just give us a call or stop by our office! You can reach us at 336-760-99-83 or in real life on Maplewood Ave. in Winston-Salem. We can’t wait to have you join us as we start our newest program – the Triad Cancer Connection Podcast! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast feed and share with your friends. 
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