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Trigger Words w/ Ryan Cleckner

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Former special operations (1/75) sniper, bestselling author, firearm industry executive and attorney Ryan Cleckner discussing all things guns, law and politics. Ryan's engaging demeanor and straight talk on complex topics will have you instantly hooked on this great podcast!
27 Episodes
80% receivers / Learn from Ryan Cleckner – what are they, how can you legally make them, marketing requirements and how to be careful with what you’re doing. Complete show notes here!
If you want to know more about the new ATF guidance regarding AR-15 pistols, tune in. Ryan Cleckner provides in-depth explanations along with seasoned tips to help you stay compliant. Please check out my Instagram Just kicked off a new veteran-owned venture, this time with my wife, Musket & Hatchet!  If you want to help … Continue reading "Trigger Words 026 – New ATF AR-15 Pistol Guidelines"
Ryan delves into how we can deal with foreign persons and firearm possession, as well as foreign persons and information. Links included to the specific laws discussed. Complete show notes here!
Ryan discusses the latest online outrage, Benchmade destroying guns and contributing to anti-gun Democrat politicians. A few points are discussed about the issue including: Is destroying guns always bad? Was a felony committed by making a short barreled shotgun? Where are Benchmade’s campaign contributions going? Do we lose when we turn on ourselves as a … Continue reading "Trigger Words 24 – Is Benchmade Anti-Gun?"
Bump Stock Ban Summary “Bump-fire stocks” have effectively been banned for average gun-owners. The Trump administration has “re-defined” these devices as machine guns and is giving American citizens 90 days to turn them in or destroy them or they will be felons! Tune-in as Ryan explains: What bump-firing is What a bump-stock is What a … Continue reading "Trigger Words 023 – Bump Stock Ban Summary"
Do you know all about the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA)?   It was legislation started after the attempted assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, which attempted to reduce prohibition-era gang violence.  Tune in as Ryan breaks down all the definitions as they apply to this act! Silencers / Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS) / Short Barreled … Continue reading "Trigger Words 022 – NFA Definitions"
Do you know what the H.R. 7115 bill is proposing?  If not, tune in for an in-depth explanation of the proposed house bill which Ryan believes prohibits too much and is overbroad.  He provides you with a breakdown of the 3 major changes it proposes to current gun laws. Complete show notes here!!
HOW TO OWN A MACHINE GUN They’re actually legal for most Americans to own!  Listen in as Ryan explains all the details of how it’s legal, what is legal and all the steps to take in order to ensure you’re in compliance with the laws.  He also goes into detail for you on Title 26 … Continue reading "Trigger Words 020 – How to Own a Machinegun"
Ryan gives the all the insight you need when it comes to traveling with firearms and ammunition including flying and driving out-of-state. Complete show notes here!
Ryan gives you the breakdown on the latest gun controversy, 3-D printing with insight on ITAR and the Export Control Reform Initiative! Complete show notes here!
Helpful suggestions from Ryan on shipping firearms both in-state and across state lines including tips about the major carrier options. Complete show notes here!
Ryan doubles back and dives into a topic from last episode: how a court looks at consitutional law cases to include standards of reveiw for different types of cases and when a court has the authority to hear a case.
Ryan discusses the newly proposed Assault Weapons Ban and the lawsuit against Dick’s and Walmart for banning long-gun sales to those under 21 years old.
Ryan explores what NFA trusts are and whether you should use one.
Based on the recent news of an ammunition vendor being arrested and charged in connection with the Las Vegas shooting, Ryan discusses the federal laws on Armor Piercing Ammunition.
If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to apply all of this new firearms legal information from this podcast to the real world….this episode is for you! Franklin Armory broke the firearm-related internet last week with the announcement of their Reformation firearm. They claim that it isn’t a rifle, shotgun, nor NFA firearm. However, the … Continue reading "Trigger Words 012 – Franklin Armory Reformation"
Ryan talks about California’s brand new ammunition law which bans internet ammo sales and requires all ammunition transactions to occur “face-to-face.” It also requires most sellers of ammunition to obtain a special ammunition seller’s permit. Gun dealers (FFLs) in California are exempt from this. For more, see: Ryan also adds some information to the last episode … Continue reading "Trigger Words 011 – CA Ammo Law, Foreign Persons, Background Checks"
Ryan explores the federal definition of machine guns and how the ATF is seeking to include bump-fire stocks within the definition. Ryan’s newest project: Mayday Safety, a program for family, business, and church safety.
Export controls – everyone’s favorite topic. 🙂 Ryan covers the very basics of export controls, including the differences between State Dept. and Dept. of Commerce, and he explains how you might unwittingly be part of an illegal export without ever sending anything out of the country! He also explains some good news about an initiative … Continue reading "Trigger Words 009 – ITAR, State Dept."
You wanted Ryan to dive a little deeper into the Constitutional law weeds and you got it!  Ryan gives a tiny sample of a lecture that he normally gives his college students about how the Supreme Court made a creative power-grab. We hope that you enjoy this brief history lesson in American politics – we … Continue reading "Trigger Words 008 – Judicial Review, Marbury v. Madison"
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Jason Kessler

Please continue this podcast. I love listening to your delivery and method of explaining the law.

Feb 20th

Gage Clements

I freaking love this podcast

Jan 9th
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