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Video games: They’re serious business! Except when they’re not serious at all. Each week on Triple Click, video game experts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier journey into the fascinating world of games. They’ll explore hot topics in video game news and culture, answer burning listener questions, debate the pros and cons of the biggest new games, and replay old classics together.
34 Episodes
Skol! Kirk, Maddy, and Jason are all playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and they have oh so many thoughts. The gang dive into what they like (the story! the mysteries!) and don't like (the bugs!) about Ubisoft's new Viking game. (Spoilers: It's way too long.)One More Thing:Kirk: Just King ThingsMaddy: The Queen’s GambitJason: The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart TurtonSlate interview with Gary Kasparov about his work on Queen’s Gambit: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: Triple Click:
Last week it was all things Xbox, and now it's time for PlayStation 5! Jason has been using the fifth PlayStation for a few weeks now, and he's impressed. The load times are fast and the controller is slick. But is it worth getting or should you just wait??? Plus: Spider-Man Miles Morales and the wonderful Bugsnax (talkin about Bugsnax)!One More Thing:Kirk: Watch Dogs Legion Maddy: Destiny 2: Some Thoughts (on why i’m not playing it currently)Jason: Assassin's Creed ValhallaShow Notes:Triple Click Discord! Triple Click:
We've got the new Xboxes! Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive into the pros and cons of both consoles and discuss the upcoming new generation of video games. Are framerate and resolution enough to make the upgrade? Should you get an adult Xbox, a baby Xbox, or neither? Triple Click answers all your questions!One More Thing:Kirk: Watch Dogs LegionMaddy: Animal Crossing HalloweenJason: The AmericansSupport Triple Click:
It's Halloween, so the Triple Click gang brings on old pal Patricia Hernandez to talk about creepypasta and haunted video games, from Lavender Town to Sad Satan. Is it true that every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized for your horror? Let's find out!One More ThingKirk: The Walking Dead: Saints and SinnersMaddy: RTX 3070 GPUJason: Borat 2LinksSupport Triple Click: Jason's book: Hernandez on haunted Super Mario 64: Lavender Town: Sad Satan: All on QAnon: Bart:’s RTX 3070 review:
Triple Play: Hades

Triple Play: Hades


Jason, Kirk, and Maddy dive into Hades, one of the best games of the year so far. They talk about their favorite strategies, honor the Greek gods, and try to pinpoint what makes the latest game from Supergiant Games so special.One More Thing:Kirk: Oculus Quest 2Maddy: Destiny 2 (lmao)Jason: Jackbox Party Pack 7Show Notes:Support Triple Click: guide for playing PC VR games wirelessly with Oculus Quest:
Jason, Kirk, and Maddy open up the mailbag and answer some of YOUR great questions. How do we Maximize our Fun when playing video games? Is it possible to be a successful journalist while staying totally anonymous? And does Xbox Game Pass cause more anxiety than it cures? One more thing:Kirk: FacebookMaddy: Animal Crossing Halloween updateJason: Dan Brown's OriginShow Notes:Support Triple Click: Hill cutting tech giants from her life: 
Is building a PC really that difficult? Or is it actually SUPER FUN? Maddy, Jason, and Kirk talk about each of their experiences buying PC parts and putting them together like beautiful, brilliant LEGO sets. Jason talks about why his gaming PC wouldn't turn on, Maddy reminisces on carrying her massive PC case to LAN parties, and Kirk espouses the virtues of thermal paste.One More Thing:Kirk: Star Wars SquadronsMaddy: Horizon Zero DawnJason: Baldur’s Gate 3Show Notes:Support Triple Click:’s PC Building Adventure:'s PC Building Adventure part two:’s “The 10 Worst Things About Building a Gaming PC” The 10 Best: end of Kirk’s 2018 CPU cooling obsession: PC build for $1,000, from Reddit: Gordon’s horror story about his liquid cooling apparatus leaking into his PC:’s Hardware: TomsHardware.comPC Part Picker:
Dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun... it's time to talk Zelda! This week, on a new segment called Triple Click Classics, Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive into the Super Nintendo masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and talk about what makes it so great, from the design to the polish to the music. But why are you always rescuing the damn princess???ONE MORE THINGKirk: HadesMaddy: Destiny 2 (it’s baaack) (it never left)Jason: Final Fantasy XIVSupport Triple Click: Featured: “The Painful Way” by Darren Korb from the Hades OST“Overture” by Koji Kondo & Mahito Yokota from the Super Mario Galaxy OST
Well hey, if we had known Bethesda was on the market for only $7.5 billion, we would have made a bid! Maddy, Jason, and Kirk talk about Microsoft's major acquisition, plus the big PS5 news last week (Final Fantasy XVI!!!) and the reality that video games are going to cost $70 very soon. Plus, the brilliant, beautiful Hades and other One More Things.One More ThingKirk: Super Mario GalaxyMaddy: Pen15 season twoJason: HadesLinksSupport Triple Click: Featured: “The Painful Way” by Darren Korb from the Hades OST“Overture” by Koji Kondo & Mahito Yokota from the Super Mario Galaxy OST
Maddy, Jason, and Kirk bring on special guest Ben Hanson (co-founder of MinnMax) to open up the listener mailbag and answer some BURNING QUESTIONS. What games does the crew wish they were better at? What are some timeless mechanics? And what are the most memorable button prompts in gaming?ONE MORE THINGKirk: SpiritfarerMaddy: Horizon Zero Dawn Jason: Super Mario 3D All-StarsLINKSSupport Triple Click: Is John Frum: 
It's time for another Triple Play! This week, the gang jumps into Marvel's Avengers, a new video game about superheroes who play Destiny. Is this game any good? Is it going through an identity crisis? And just what is up with Kamala Khan? Plus: Samus's Soapbox!ONE MORE THINGKirk: The weirdness of GPUsMaddy: Destiny 2 (really)Jason: The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart TurtonLINKSSupport Triple Click: Click Twitch channel:
Summer News Roundup

Summer News Roundup


It's time for some news! Maddy, Jason, and Kirk talk about the summer in gaming news, from the next-gen console war (and the glaring lack of prices) to replacement E3 plans from companies like Warner Bros., Nintendo, and Microsoft. Plus: Ubisoft keeps stepping on rakes.ONE MORE THINGKirk: Dark Jason: Retro games kickMaddy: Destiny 2 Leviathan raidSupport Triple Click:
One More Thing:Kirk: Luigi’s Mansion 3Maddy: Destiny 2 (...again)Jason: DarkSupport Triple Click:
One More Thing:Kirk: Fall Guys (mediatonic, on PC and PS4, free PS+)Maddy: Zoo Jason: The Epic/Apple/Google warSupport Triple Click:'s complaint against Apple: CLICK PICKS, VOL 1Disco ElysiumReturn of the Obra DinnHollow Knight Outer WildsDestiny 2BloodborneBreath of the WildDivinity Original Sin IIHitman 2AC Odyssey
One More Thing:Jason: Blizzard staff take collective actionMaddy: Destiny 2 Kirk: Doom PatrolSupport Triple Click:’s old article ranking video game bows: Caldwell-Gervais on Horizon Zero Dawn: article on Blizzard organization: Atlantic article about Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run: at DC:
One more thing:Kirk: Death StrandingMaddy: Marvel’s Avengers betaJason: BillionsSupport Triple Click: Drive Info:
One More Thing:Jason: Ghost of TsushimaKirk: CarrionMaddy: The Nintendo GigaleakSupport Triple Click: Drive Info: Console War Is Over [Christopher Dring,] Xbox Game Pass works for developers [Matthew Handrahan,] big Nintendo leak [Patrick Klepek, Vice]: 
One More ThingKirk - Ubisoft woes [Jason's article on Bloomberg]Maddy - Halo: The Master Chief CollectionJason - The Last of Us Part IISupport Triple Click: Drive Info: Click on Twitch this Friday! Zacny on the problems with The Last of Us Part II's ending:
Support Triple Click: on Max Fun Drive 2020 tiers, rewards, schedule, and more: Featured: Multiple tracks from Final Fantasy VII (1997) composed by Nobuo Uematsu, as well as the following Uematsu compositions re-arranged for Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020): "Prelude" arranged by Yoshitaka Suzuki, "Airbuster" arranged by Tadayoshi Makino, "Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII - Sector 7 Undercity" arranged by Shotaro Shima, and "Aerith's Theme - Home Again" arranged by Shotaro Shima.Kirk’s music podcast Strong Songs: https://strongsongspodcast.comGame-deal watchdog Wario64 on Twitter: 
The official Braid walkthrough: Plunkett’s Desperados III review on Kotaku: Gilliam on spoiling TLOU2 for himself: Bouie on Hamilton as a historical narrative & ideological project:’s Strong Songs on “Satisfied”:
Comments (12)

Wade Miller

the fact that they didn't know the sound from the guards was their movement kills me! I'm certain it's them in such a rush to get you when youre sighted that it's like a comical flintstones style foot scramble noise

Oct 1st

Joseph Steinberg

"The last time we had a big console launch was 2013" *Nintendo Switch sheds a tear*

Sep 3rd

Christian Rivera

madden curse.....What a bore!

Aug 27th

Becky Manry

having a baby crying in the background is highly unprofessional and a bit of a deal breaker for me sorry

Jul 31st

Devan Alexander Milligan

I politely disagree with several of their opinions on the game but, their take on race is laughably bad.

Jul 8th

Bieuwe Geertsema

To skip spoilers about Last of Us 2 skip to around 32:00.

Jun 25th

masoud niyazmand

welcome back.

May 21st

masoud niyazmand

great to hear from you again.

May 21st

Sean Eppler

highly recommend

May 7th

Максим Сергеев

Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно

May 3rd


Finally! There's a podcast that I actually enjoy listening to! For some reason it's tough for me to stay focused and interested in listening to podcasts. This podcast is amazing! I'll have to listen to your older podcast as well! Keep it up!

Apr 24th

JustSteve 0615

This sounds like it is going to be a great podcast! I can't wait for the first episode 😁

Apr 16th
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