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Author: Trish Regan

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Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens. Get the INTEL to help you make the best investment choices with Trish.
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Coronavirus lockdowns are the "biggest violation of civil liberties since slavery" says Attorney General Barr. And, I say: we're STILL paying the economic price! Meanwhile, join me as I follow the money... new evidence that China is financially supportive of BLM Groups. Meanwhile, Latinos are poised to help deliver the Presidency for Donald Trump and...a Chinese Virologist Alleges that China Created Covid-19 in Weapons Lab. US Doctors are disputing her comments while social media tries to shut the commentary down - we'll dig in.  Get the Intel!  See for privacy information.
In today's podcast, I want to know, will someone please tell Joe Biden what "despacito" really means? He's trying hard to win the Hispanic vote, but, so cigar. Meanwhile, Anthony Scaramucci says Biden would be better for the economy...I set the record straight on that one. And, the check's in the mail (so to speak) as Congress gets ready to buy more votes. Find out how much you'll be getting. A new subprime bubble could be emerging thanks to the Fed's new policies...and, stay tuned for a personal story from me... about the importance of always believing in yourself and our country. Get the Intel!  See for privacy information.
Meanwhile, Kamala Harris slips up...refers to a "Harris" administration rather than a "Biden-Harris" administration! Iran is allegedly trying to assassinate the U.S. ambassador to South Africa, a 66-year-old mother, and handbag designer, just as the world watches peace deals between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain. Plus, the Fed kicks off their 2-day meeting today...Find out why the Fed really is...Dr. Evil! SUBSCRIBE, join me...and get the INTEL! See for privacy information.
Join me today as we talk about the tragedy in Compton, LA. I'm disgusted by what we've seen - this is NOT America. Yet, Ilhan Omar is still pushing her "Defund Police" agenda HOURS after the tragedy. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggests Americans not trust the President's optimism on Covid-19. I have concerns about this Oracle Tiktok deal and wish the IRS could do a better its job! The IRS handed out $1.6B to dead people through its PPP program. And... socialism USA: Here. We. Come. Why NYC can NEVER be a model for the country. Join me! Subscribe and GET THE INTEL!  See for privacy information.
Meanwhile, it seems a Biden staffer can't tell us whether or not his boss uses a teleprompter. Ilhan Omar is demanding the President resign (again) as she learns of Bob Woodward's new book. The NFL season kicks off with more politics and fans are furious... Finally, I share my thoughts on the anniversary of 9-11. Subscribe for truth.  See for privacy information.
Joe Biden leaves his basement to talk jobs...his plan would destroy the economy. Meanwhile, the media goes crazy for Woodward's new book, and activists try to use coronavirus to stop hunting season. Get the intel. See for privacy information.
Yet, he told us he wanted a national mask mandate and an executive order. Does he not remember what he said just a couple weeks ago? Meanwhile, a brand new poll indicates Latinos might deliver Florida for Trump...I'll explain why... and, all this as investors try to cut through election noise to find investing opportunities. Plus, President Trump has just been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize and some aren't too happy.  See for privacy information.
Meanwhile, the U.S. is increasingly seeing its status as the world's reserve currency under threat. Kamala Harris is suddenly anti-vaccine...and, Trish takes a deep dive look at the safest countries in the world with one of her favorites topping the list! Get the Intel.  See for privacy information.
The Dems are hatching a new kind of "Insurance Plan" that could break America. Wall Street firms scramble to secure business in American Airlines' employee calls out BLM swag at work and a California beach imposes a $500 fine for not wearing a mask this Labor Day weekend. Get the Intel.  See for privacy information.
Violent Rioters Terrorize Diners In Rochester. San Fran Mayor Diverts  Pelosi Hair Fiasco to "Dictator" Trump's Issue. Dems Set Stage for A New Kind Of Civil War. Diet Matters. Exercise Matters. Put your health FIRST. See for privacy information. the New York Gov threatens POTUS, and media complains about HUGE Jobs Number. Get the Intel! See for privacy information.
Does he think Americans are stupid? Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi pulls a Marie Antoinette...AOC makes a new push for socialism...and our debt-to-GDP level is about to spiral out of control! Politicians keep spending and America will pay the price. Get the Intel! See for privacy information.
Pelosi’s hair appointment showcases the leftist “do as I say, no as I do” mantra... AOC is about to OWN the Democrat party...and, why the CDC needs to stay out of the real estate business. Get the Intel.  See for privacy information.
Wall Street tells investors to prepare for a Trump win. Food Banks in Gavin Newsom's California, one of the wealthiest states in the nation, show left’s policy failures ...and new COVID-19 stats suggest Americans must take new responsibility for their health. See for privacy information.
Marxist, leftist extremists claim small business being “good” for the community is a “right wing myth” because ALL business is bad, they say. Nancy Pelosi discouraging Joe Biden from debating the President amid realization Biden can’t debate and, NYC proves to be an economic case study in bad tax policy. Apple and Tesla shares trade as their stock splits take effect today. Get the Intel! See for privacy information.
New Fed Reserve Policy to Cost Millennials, Gen Zers, US enters the Banana Republic Zone. Get the INTEL.  See for privacy information.
Why Fed is to Blame for Stagnant Middle Class...Trump readies his speech for the RNC and,...the Cold War with China Just Escalated.  See for privacy information.
The Main Stream Media Viciously Attacks Melania Trump...The Federal Reserve to Announce New Policy that Could Rob Americans of Their Savings...and Liberal Media Ignores Hillary Clinton Saying "Joe Biden Must Never Concede!" See for privacy information.
Hillary Clinton Says Biden Should NOT Concede Under ANY Circumstances! Are We Heading for A Constitutional Crisis? Plus, Trish reacts to the main stream media's phony headlines about the RNC. A China trade deal is in the works amid chatter that the US could lose status as world's reserve currency. Get the Intel! See for privacy information.
The Party of Trump's Convention to be Antithesis of Dems' Infomercial...China goes on offense, suing Trump Administration and, Kellyanne Conway Puts Family First. Get the Intel! See for privacy information.
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Regina Pontes

Hi Trish! So excited to see you back! Miss you on FBN. I'm an excited, subscribed listener. I'd love to also have you on my Will Within podcast!😃

Sep 11th
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