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Hello and welcome to Trowel & Mike!

This is an archaeology podcast on news, issues and themes in archaeology, history and the world of art crime.
We aim to post a podcast on a number of different topics surrounding these fields each fortnight!

So be sure to like this page and tune in for our first episode in the coming weeks.

All the best,

Josh, Matt (and Mike) 😁
14 Episodes
Hey folks, We're finally getting back on track with the release of our latest episode:"Context Thing"Strange name but once we decided on the thumbnail for Hotline Bling, it got stuck in our heads and we chose the closest, and incidentally, most relevant title for this episode.Context is one of, if not the most important aspects of archaeology - but what exactly is "context" and how is it defined in an archaeological setting?Join us as we explore this important topic that has been touched upon in previous episodes and will feature very prominently in our next few episodes too!Happy listening and we hope you learn something new!Cheers!Josh, Matt (& Mike)
Hey everyone!Having committed to one episode a month, we've only just managed to scrape in with a day to spare!Here is our latest episode: "Romancing the Stone Age"As February is the month of Valentine's, we thought it appropriate to focus on the more romantic side of history and archaeology.Have a listen to our latest episode to hear all about famous couples in history, archaeology (and in the ground) as well as a little bit about Saint Valentine himself...Also, big shoutout to J.J. Chittleborough who has written us a couple of theme songs! If you're a fan of the blues, be sure to check him out over on Spotify!As always, big thank you to our followers as well. Your support means a great deal to Matthew and I and keeps our passion for archaeology burning brightly!Happy listening!PS: Apologies for some of the audio quality. Due to being in isolation, I have had to record via phone call! - Josh
Hey folks!If you listened to part one of Disciplinary Action, be sure to check out part two! In this episode we examine a case study that involved many sub-disciplines and specializations of archaeology to recreate the story of an individual who died almost five thousand years ago…We also discuss some of the new and emerging subfields of archaeology and question the future of the discipline…Tune in and learn something new!Josh & Matt (& Mike)
We're back!It's been a long time but Matt and I are back and eager to bring you more archaeology and adventure!Last time we caught up we were talking with our friend Aidan about looking at archaeology from a different perspective. That episode led to this idea, an examination of the many sub-disciplines and specialisations that encompass this incredibly broad field!So sit back, enjoy and we hope you learn something! It's good to be back!Josh & Matt
We're (finally) back! After a long period of distancing, Josh, Matt and Mike have returned, along with a friend who once knew very little about archaeology!Tune in to hear the boys chat about their favourite topic in this discussion on finding the archaeology of oneself.Thanks to all our families, friends and fans for their support and encouraging us to keep talking about all things archaeology! Tune in for more podcasts coming soon!Happy listening!Josh, Matt (& Mike)
Hey folks! We're finally back with part 2 of the Archaeology of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Sorry it has taken so long for us to get it edited and uploaded! Much has been going on with myself moving house soon and Matt over in the States! This second part examines the myth of El Dorado among other themes presented in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. We take a glimpse at historical and archaeological endeavours in relation to the discoveries of protaganist Nathan Drake. Enjoy and stay tuned for our next podcast: How to Wreckscavate! Also keep an eye out for our first comic of the year and a Youtube teaser coming soon... Thanks for tuning in!
Hey folks! We're back but this time we brought another friend with us... Introducing Bella Shaw! A Masters in archaeology and art, Bella is an outstanding young lady in the discipline and has a wealth of experience having travelled near and far in her studies! Please enjoy our attempt to interview this rising star! Cheers and happy listening (and happy new year!) Josh, Matt, Bella (& Mike)
After a long hiatus, we're back with episode 5: The Archaeology of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune! Due to the original length of the podcast, we have decided to split it into two parts. In this episode we've given a summary of the first Uncharted game: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and introduced the seedy world of treasure hunters and thieves. Stay tuned for part two in which we'll explore the history, myth and reality of Sir Francis Drake and the legend of El Dorado... Happy listening! - Josh, Matt (& Mike)
Hey folks! We've been pretty crazy over the last few weeks so things have been a bit slow on the podcast front... Fear not, we've done another "shortcast" as I continue to prepare for the fifth episode! In this shortcast Matt and I discuss some of our inspirations as we answer a few questions about why we studied archaeology... On a side note, I've got a little spare time coming up and plan to get ahead with the podcast so that we can stick to the fortnightly release as originally intended! All the best and happy listening, Josh, Matt (& Mike)
Trowel & Mike Episode 4 is live! We've postponed our Uncharted podcast to bring to you all our first interview podcast with Egyptologist turned police officer - Adam Fazzolari! Adam has taught classes, taken part in digs and completed a Masters in Egyptology and ancient history! If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a like and feel free to contact us at anytime! Adam is also happy to reply to any comments and queries! Thanks for listening!!! Josh, Matt, Adam (& Mike)
Trowel & Mike Episode 3 is live! Today we're discussing the Seven Ancient Wonders and looking at ways in which we define a site by its significance. We hope you enjoy this episode and please, as always, feel free to leave us any questions or comments you may have! Cheers! Josh, Matt (& Mike)
Going solo this week with a "short-cast" on an infamous antiquities smuggler of the 1990's... Tune in to learn about the cunning Jonathan Tokeley-Parry and his fall from grace. Tune in next week for our third episode on the Seven Ancient Wonders! Cheers!
Welcome to Trowel & Mike Episode 2 - Fortune & Glory! In this episode we touch upon the idea of the archaeologist as portrayed by popular culture and the media. This topic is MASSIVE so we have just scraped the surface in this episode but, if you all enjoy it and want to hear more about it, feel free to get in touch! Thanks everyone for your support and happy listening! - Josh and Matt (and Mike)
Episode 1 of Trowel & Mike is live! We're here to explore the bare basics of archaeology and share our thoughts with you! Please feel free to leave us any questions, comments and constructive criticism - this is the first time we've done something like this so any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Enjoy! Josh, Matt (& Mike)
Comments (4)

Molly Stanley

Hey guys, this podcast is a great idea! Just a few weeks ago I was sitting on the bus thinking about how great it would be to be able to catch up on my archaeolgy news via podcast. Love the book recommendations too, great addition.

Feb 16th

Maddie Eyre

Great first episode guys! I’d definitely be keen to hear about your personal experiences within the field- dig site volunteering, your personal research interests and your career stories.

Aug 22nd

Tobias Australia

Love the passion about your chosen field lads, would love to hear some stuff on the wonders of the world! Keep up the good work!

Aug 7th
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