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Jill and Dick are a married couple who love to drink beer and discuss true crime. Join them at the quiet end of the bar. Dick will bring along an excellent beer from the region where the crime occurred. He will give us a little beer lesson and review before Jill starts off their true crime discussion. The discussions are well-researched and in depth. Dick is a physician and often shares his medical expertise at Jill's urging.
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A Shooting in Alabama


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Laurie Landry

Regina Rhymes with V _ _ _ _a

Jan 8th

C Garner

.. .. . ?mmmm..

Dec 30th

Richard Vajdel

I always find it weird when people focus on the note. Handwriting analysis is a pseudoscience and so is linguistic analysis. It belongs to the same category as lie detectors and microscopic hair analysis in the late seventies and early eighties. Ada murders anybody? Also, the note being from the house isn't weird at all. Like you mentioned, the house was massive. Calling it a mansion does it disservice. Let's not forget that before the night of murder, there was a party going in the house. It could be easy to find few lonely minutes to write it. All the possible intruder needed to do was to take the paper and go to bathroom. I love you, but it would cool if you were less biased. Starting a podcast with admitting to what theory you subscribe to is very weird. Dismissing the intruder theory isn't rational. So a mom hitting her daughter and then strangling her to death is more plausible than an intruder? Burke hitting her sister and then mother covering for him by strangling her daughter is more plausible than an intruder? Sorry, but there's no evidence pointing at Burke or the parents. All people have is a handwritten note that is unreliable and erratic behaviour of a mother. Police messed it up and that's why this case will be unsolved forever.

Dec 25th

Wendy Mcgonigle

Richard Vajdel Agreed 100%, and the tasing...? as a 'cover up' for an accidental killing by a family member, this is ludicrous

Dec 29th


Straightforward delivery of the fact, no messing around - well researched and very well delivered. A pleasure to listen to JIll and Dick. Keep up the great work 💐

Nov 11th

K hearts

i LIVE for Jill cussing when she gets angry 😄 Jill and Dick are amazing, im so envious of the people who know them in real life. I have a sneaking suspicion If Jill was a close friend of mine my depression wouldn't exist haha

Nov 6th

Robin Garske

its because she's such a bad ass

Oct 23rd


Welcome to New Mexico!! I myself live here. I just discovered the podcast and am enjoying it so far! My favorite local brewery is Santa Fe Brewery.

Sep 12th
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