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EMMY award winning crime beat reporter Matt Johnson dusts off his reporter notebooks for this exciting podcast and gives you a first hand perspective on cold cases, homicides, mysteries & murders he has covered, followed and still haunt him today. Follow on social and
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On Friday December 13, 1985 newlyweds Gary and Stephanie Gillette were celebrating Christmas as a new family. Gary had three daughters from a previous marriage and Stephanie loved them like her own.The new, blended family had gotten a Christmas tree and were decorating the house on the 4800 block of Corpus Christi Texas. That weekend, Gary who was a successful business owner in the oil industry attend some holiday parties with his young wife, while his ex-wife watched the children at her home.On December 14, 1985 Gary and Stephanie were brutally murdered with a hatchet in their home. The same hatchet used to trim the Christmas tree.The bodies were discovered by police the next day.An autopsy showed the killer(s) returned to the home and stabbed the bodies to make sure they were dead. Police say there were no signs of forced entry and have collected several items into evidence including fingerprints, possible DNA, the knife and the hatchet.In June, 1986 a Deputy Constable who knew the couple was arrested on two counts murder. But, the following year the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.The victim's daughter met with him as an adult. She talks about the case, missing her father and her message to her father and step-mother's killer.If you have any information in the case, please call the Corpus Christi Police at (361) 886-2600.JUSTICE 4 GILLETTE FACEBOOK PAGE: (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna and Lauren Meanza were roommates living in a small house near downtown Napa when a killer broke in and attacked two of the women.On October 31st 2004, the friends were celebrating Halloween, drinking wine, watching scary movies and passing out candy to neighborhood children... unaware that a man they knew, was stalking them, armed with a knife and waiting for them to go to bed.That Halloween night, the killer entered through a window and brutally stabbed two of the women while the third roommate ran out of the house and called police.Almost a year later the killer would be identified by DNA and confess to the crime.Who the killer is... and what he did after the murders.... shocked everyone.PODCAST WEBSITE: (case photos, clips) MEDIA: the show (
In July 2006, 19-year-old Joseph Miranda was working for a local landscape company outside Baltimore Maryland.He went to work early, kissed his mom goodbye and drove off in his jeep. His mom Adrienne never saw him alive again.Witnesses say Joseph was asking a co-worker to use a 7,000 pound Bobcat Tractor to move trees when the driver of the bobcat ran him over.His mother, Adrienne Miranda tells 'True Crime DEADLINE' in a NEW interview that the evidence points to foul play. She believes a co-worker pushed her son in front of the moving machine. She hired a forensic expert and obtained case documents.There has been no arrests made in the case. Miranda is on a mission to have her son's case re-opened. It was originally ruled an accident, now a homicide.'The Scent of my Son' - Adrienne Miranda's website: (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
On June 2, 2017 a mail carrier discovered Jessica Johnson dead and tied to a mailbox in Horn Lake Mississippi.The DeSoto County Coroner determined her cause of death as Asphyxiation due to Hanging.In a NEW INTERVIEW with Jessica's parents, Linda and David Johnson, say she was not suicidal and believe Jessica was murdered.They hired a forensic expert who points to how the shoe laces were tied around her head, how far the mailbox was from where her shoes were located and how short the mailbox is.NOW they are doing what they can to keep the case in the public eye and get answers.Anyone with information is encouraged to call DeSoto County Sheriff’s at (662) 469-8500WEBSITE (Case Photos) http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
American Hero, Alek Skarlatos opens up in a rare interview about stopping a terror attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.In 2015, Alek was on leave after being deployed to Afghanistan with the Oregon Army National Guard.He was on the train with lifelong friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler.About three hours into the trip, a shirtless man armed with a AK Assault style riffle, nine magazines, 270 rounds of ammunition and a box cutting knife charged out of the bathroom and was ready to kill everyone in sight.That's when Alek, Spencer and Anthony sprang into action and stopped him.In this episode, Alek talks about the events before and during the foiled terror attack. He also talks about meeting two U.S. presidents and being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, and what his plans are for the future.PODCAST WEBSITE: (case photos, clips) MEDIA: the show (
On January 15, 1978, Kathy Kleiner was asleep in her room at Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University in Tallahassee FL., when serial killer Ted Bundy broke in and attacked.Bundy killed Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy and then charged into Kathy's room and started attacking Kathy and her roommate Karen Chandler.Bundy was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. He was executed in 1989.Both Kathy and Karen survived the attack.In this episode Kathy talks about the moments leading up to the attack, what happened  during, after and her struggle with P.T.S.D.New information from the murders, how she was able to face Bundy in court and why she believes there are more victims.WEBSITE: case ideas - sign up for email list) SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
New details in the Brockton Serial Killer case after a possible arrest linking a man accused of abducting and killing a mom to two horrific murders.Between 2013 and 2014 a man has been attacking, raping and killing women in the small New England town of Brockton Massachusetts.On December 28, 2014 the remains of 20-year-old Ashley Mylett and 50-year-old Linda Schufeldt were discovered in a wooded area near a VFW post.Mylett's body had been dismembered and thrown on top of Schufeld's bones.With suspect DNA collected from Mylett's remains, forensic scientists discovered that three violent rapes in the same area were connected to the murders.The Plymouth County District Attorney's office then enlisted the help of Parabon NanoLabs to build a phenotyping sketch.In March of 2019, A young mom by the name of Jassy Correia was abducted and killed after a night of celebrating her birthday.When the case was featured on the local news a friend of Ashley Mylett made a shocking discovery that might solve the mystery... who is the Brockton Serial Killer."Anyone with information is asked to call police: (508) 894-2584WEBSITE - SUBMIT CASE IDEAS: THE PODCAST: CRIME FEST: the show (
On June 27, 1995 Jodi Huisentruit was abducted from the parking lot at her apartment complex in Mason City Iowa.The 27-year-old local news anchor was running late for her shift at KIMT-TV.That morning, assistant producer Amy Kuns called Jodi who had overslept and spoke with her on the phone. Jodi lived only a mile away from the TV station and said she would be there in a few minutes.She never was seen or heard from again. This episode focuses on the time-line of her disappearance with NEW DETAILS from Steve Ridge, a citizen detective who recently spoke with Tony Jackson and John Vansice.Both men have been investigated by police but have not officially been named suspects.Anyone with information in the case contact:MASON CITY POLICE 641- 421-3636IOWA DIVISION OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION515-725-6010WEBSITE MEDIA JODI WEBSITE (print Missing Persons poster) the show (
In the 1970's Houston's coastal communities were victim to the 'Houston Mass Murders', the deadliest case of serial mass killings in the United States at the time.The killer was local business man Dean Corll, nicknamed 'the candy man' because his family owned and operated several candy companies in the area.Police say he and his two accomplices killed more than 29 young teenage boys in the 1970's, but investigators tell True Crime DEADLINE host Matt Johnson that they suspect there were at least ten more murders we may never know about.Today a team of experts are working to identify the last known victim ML-73-3356, who is sometimes referred to as 'the swimsuit boy' because of the distinctive Catalina brand swim shorts he was wearing when he was murdered.In this episode Matt speaks with forensic anthropologist Dr. Sharon M. Derrick, D-ABFA, Ph.D. who helped identify six of Corll's victims during her tenure at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. Anyone with any information in a possible identity of victim ML-73-3356, please call the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences at 713-796-6858 - or the National Center for Missing and exploited children at 1-800-843-5678.WEBSITE & CASE PHOTOS: MEDIA LINKS: the show (
Two women in Starkville Mississippi are killed after a man knocks on their door on Labor Day.On September 3, 1990 friends Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler were wrapping up Labor Day weekend at Kathryn's home, they had just finished dinner and getting ready to watch a baseball game on TV when a stranger started knocking on the door.When Betty answered the door she was stabbed and her throat was slashed. The killer then attacked and fatally injured Kathryn who was in a wheelchair.For three decades the case went unsolved.Now an arrest has been made in the case thanks to detectives who would not give up, family who started a podcast and new DNA technology.This episode includes a NEW INTERVIEW with Jason B. Jones the step-grandson of Betty Jones.Jason B. walks us through the case and what it was like to relive the horror while covering the case as the host of his serial podcast 'Knock Knock'. WEBSITE: MEDIA: KNOCK PODCAST: DOT ORG - PETITION the show (
Fugitive Kelly Vern Mark Swoboda stalked and kidnapped a 23-year-old woman working at a tanning salon. He hit her over the head with a gun, dragged her into her van and duct tapped her wrists and ankles.The victim was able to get free after jumping from the moving van. The kidnapping suspect is also the suspect in several area bank robberies.Swoboda has a long criminal past including arrests for DUI and bank robbery. HIs Mother said he suffered from depression and had mental issues. Portland Police tell Matt Johnson that more victims could be out there. Swoboda was shot and killed in a shootout with police in March of 2014. On his body, police found a note listing women he stalked, listing how beautiful they were, if they were alone, and where he first watched them.Anyone with information please call 503-823-3333.FOLLOW US ON THE WEB: US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
Jody LeCornu was a student at Towson University in Baltimore Maryland when she was murdered in cold blood on March 2, 1996. Today her identical twin sister Jenny Carrieri is ramping up the investigation to find her sisters killer.On that Saturday morning, the 23-year-old had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend over drinking and going to a local bar without him. Jody went to work that day, then went back to the 'Mt. Washington Tavern', her favorite hang out and stayed there till the bar closed. An employee asked Jody to take a employee home because it was snowing. Jody drove him home, then bought a six pack, and started drinking in a parking lot where her killer approached her car, shot and killed her. Then he followed her across the street where she crashed, he put her car in park and then stole something from her car, in front of several people watching.Jody's family is offering a $100,000 cash reward for information leading to the killers arrest.The suspect in 1996 was described as an African-American man, between 5'10" to 6'2", 200-220 pounds, 20-30 years old, stocky build, driving a white BMW.Anyone with information please call Baltimore County Police Department or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.WEBSITE (case photos and blog) (Latest on case and true crime) the show (
A husband kills his wife on a cruise ship after drinking heavily and blames it on the scorpion inside the tequila bottle.55 year old Robert McGill was celebrating his birthday with his wife of five years Shirley, and some friends on the Carnival Elation cruise to Mexico from San Diego.Friends said that Robert McGill loved Shirley with "All his heart". He and Shirley were high school sweethearts who has reconnected and gotten married before their 30th Claremont High School reunion.On July 14, 2009 McGill was drinking heavily in Cabo San Lucas. He reportedly drank half a bottle of tequila and a six pack of beer. After he boarded the ship passengers heard screaming coming from his stateroom.We would later learn that McGill had beaten his wife and strangled her. As she lay dying on the bathroom floor he showered, cleaned up and went to the upper deck to smoke a cigar and drink a bucket of beer.McGill was arrested and later convicted for the murder of his wife, sentenced to life in prison.Years later, a boyfriend would be arrested for murdering his girlfriend during her birthday celebration cruise on the same ship. One month after that, a man would be arrested for rape of a woman on the same cruise ship.WEBSITE: (case photos , news clips + pictures) MEDIA: the show (
Two San Diego teens Amber Dubois and Chelsea King are killed by a convicted sex offender who slipped through the cracks.Now 10 years later, I sit down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Amber's mother Carrie McGonigle.This is a case I covered from the missing persons command post, to the crime scene tape and ultimately the courtroom for the double murder trial. Carrie shares new details in the case, how she found out Gardner was her daughters killer and what she said to him when she got him alone for 30 minutes in jail.On Friday the 13th, in February 2009, 14-year-old Amber Dubois vanished while walking to Escondido High School. She had Valentine’s Day cards in her pocket and $200 to purchase a lamb for her 4H program.More than a year after the case went cold 17-year-old Chelsea King disappeared while jogging on February 25th, 2010. Chelsea was a Senior and track star at Poway High School.After Garner was arrested he pled guilty to rape and murder and led authorities to Amber's remains located on PALA Tribal land.John Albert Gardner III is serving two life terms in prison for the rape and murder of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois.WEBSITE: (case photos , news clips + pictures of the prayer shrine at Ambers' mothers home) MEDIA:'S LIGHT FOUNDATION: the show (
In this mini-episode called a Case Break host Matt Johnson talks to forensic genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick.Colleen is a former NASA contractor with a PhD in Physics. She is a rocket scientist, a one-time JEOPARDY contestant and the founder of two non-profits who work to identify individuals through DNA.The "DNA Doe Project" the works to identify John and Jane Does while "IdentiFinders International" works to identify murdered persons and suspect killers.Colleen and co-founder of the DNA Doe Project, Margaret Press were gracious enough to share with me how they identify victims and became the subject of an EMMY winning report I did in Los Angeles.Since our interview GEDmatch (the public wiki page for genealogists and police) has since changed privacy policy and require users to "OPT IN" to allow law enforcement to review uploaded DNA. Without that ability suspect killers like Joseph James DeAngelo would not be caught and cases would stay COLD.More info and Pictures: Doe Project: the show (
Kathy Augustine was a mom and a rising star in Nevada State politics.She was elected to State Assembly, State Senate and became the first woman to be elected as State Controller.In 2002, her 17 year marriage to her third husband Charles Augustine was rocky. Kathy's political career was taking a toll on their marriage and the couple was separated.Kathy was looking to get a divorce and was purchasing a house in Reno Nevada, closer to the state capital, her husband Charles was living in their large Las Vegas home.In 2003, Charles suffered a stroke and was rushed to nearby Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas.While Charles was receiving care, Kathy sparked a friendship with one of her husbands critical care nurses Chaz Higgs.Three weeks after meeting Chaz, Kathy's husband had died and Kathy inherited the homes, and was the beneficiary of a $1 Million life insurance policy.After her husbands funeral, Kathy and Chaz went to Hawaii and got married. In 2004 as Kathy was being considered a finalist for the office of U.S. Treasurer by the George W. Bush administration, she became under investigation for campaign ethics violations in Nevada.This led to Kathy's removal from consideration and her impeachment in Nevada.As Kathy was launching a come-back election campaign for role as State Treasurer, she died suddenly, under suspicious circumstances.An F.B.I. toxicology report would lead to a murder investigation.Who killed Kathy Augustine?FOLLOW THE PODCAST:WEBSITE:(Case Photos & podcast behind the scenes + newsletter (coming soon)) MEDIA:(social media) the show (
Jeanette Maria Corpuz was 28 when she went missing from Reno Nevada in the winter of 2003.After large amounts of blood and evidence was recovered at her home, police called her disappearance a homicide.Jeanette Corpuz is described as 5'6", 160 pounds, Hispanic/White with Brown hair and Blue eyes.She was a newlywed with three children from a previous marriage. She was living with her new husband Lyle Montgomery and her 3-year-old son Jacob Corpuz when she disappeared.The couple met while working at a Super Kmart store where he was the pharmacy  manager and she was a check-out clerk.In October of 2002 Jeanette reported her then boyfriend, was abusive and threatened to kill her in the couples shared apartment.Her son would later tell police his stepfather (Lyle) pointed a gun at his mother and fired the weapon into the master-bedroom nightstand.In December 2002, Jeanette and Lyle married at a Reno Chapel despite their problems and 14 year age difference.On January 13, 2003, Jeanette met with a realtor at her home and told her she and her son, was moving to Redding California and she was getting a divorce.Later that week she called her ex-husband (who had custody of their two other children). But he was not alarmed by anything she said.She was last seen by someone at a neighborhood grocery store and never seen again.On January 25th, Jeanette's son Jacob is found abandoned in the toy department of a Shopko store in the Salt Lake City area, about 520 miles away.A man was spotted on security camera walking in with the boy and leaving without him.Lyle Montgomery would later be identified and charged for child abuse.When police went to question Lyle they discovered he had overdosed on sleeping pills and alcohol. He was taken to a hospital. At that time police found several guns and ammunition near Lyle on the floor.Police obtained a search warrant for the home and discovered blood throughout the home. In the master bedroom blood had pooled and soaked through the carpet and padding through to the wooden flooring beneath. The bed, dresser and other items of furniture were missing.Police searched Lyles home and a storage unit but did not locate Jeanette's body.At a bail hearing police detectives testified they believed that Lyle killed his wife and dumped her body.Still, his bail was reduced from $2.5 Million to $150,000 and he released, assigned to house arrest. He moved in with his friend who was an armed security guard.On April 8th, shortly after release, Lyle Montgomery shot and killed himself with his roommates gun. Jeanette's body was never found.Her children live with their biological father in California.Anyone with information is asked call Reno Police at 775-334-2155JEANETTE CORPUZ CASE PHOTOS AND INFO: MEDIA: MYSTERY PODCAST: the show (
Robert Fry is a serial killer who lived in Farmington New Mexico, a small town on the edge of the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners of the USA.Farmington is a old western town of 37,000 people. Everyone knows everyone else and when these murders went unsolved... the town was terrified.Fry was convicted of brutally murdering four people Betty Lee, Donald Tsosie, Matthew Trecker and Joseph Fleming. It would take years before Robert Fry would be connected to all the crimes. Some believe he is responsible for even more killings.Betty Lee was a mother of five and heading home from a girls night out when she was murdered.Donald Tsosie was on his was home from donating plasma and blood when he was killed.Matthew Trecker and Joseph Fleming were closing a local shop when they were murdered and nearly decapitated.The Assistant District Attorney told reporters Fry killed because he liked it. He had no motive for the killings. He thought it was fun.WEBSITE: (twitter)@Truecrimedeadline (facebook/ instagram) Support the show (
In 2019 David and Louise Turpin would be found guilty of torturing 12 of their 13 kids in what police and prosecutors referred to as a "House of Horrors". They were sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Police say the children were shackled, beat and strangled. The children unable to use the restroom, had no education and rarely went outside. The home was filled with trash and human feces.They were rescued after the couples 17 year old daughter escaped through a window with a disconnected cell phone and dialed 9-1-1.In an exclusive interview with True Crime Deadline host Matt Johnson, Louise Turpin's sister speaks out for the first time since sentencing. Elizabeth talks about the case, visiting her sister in jail and why she thinks witchcraft may have played a part in the abuse. From the crime scene tape to the courtroom, host Matt Johnson covered the case and will give you the behind the scenes details. Thank you for listening.Please subscribe, review and find us on social media.WEBSITE:  @CrimeDeadlinefacebook: @TrueCrimeDeadline Support the show (
The McStay family MurdersNew information in this bone chilling murder case of a family who went missing from their home in Fallbrook CA in 2010. Joseph and Summer McStay had just moved to their new home in Fallbrook with their two small boys Gianni (4) and Joseph Jr. (3).Summer is a realtor and Joseph owns a construction company building fountains and water features.On February 4, 2010 the families while SUV is caught on camera pulling from the driveway, but because of the angle of the camera you cannot see who is behind the wheel.Joseph's business partner Charles "Chase" Merritt called the McStay's family members after he could not get ahold of the family.On February 13, Joseph's brother Michael travels to San Diego and discovers the families dogs in the backyard and what appears to be a house left in a hurry. There were eggs on the counter, popcorn bowls on the couch and the stroller was still in the garage.Days later the family car is located at a shopping center near the San Ysidro border crossing. That's when the San Diego County Sheriff's Office releases a grainy video that appears to be a family crossing the border.In 2013 a off-road motor-cross rider discovered the shallow graves in Victorville CA. The McStay family was buried in carpet from the house and a sledge hammer believed to be used in the murders.Shortly after the families business partner Merritt is arrested for the murders.Evidence in trial shows Merritt's cell phone in the area of where the bodies were discovered.Prosecutors say money was a motive for the murders. Merritt owed the McStays roughly $42,000. Charles Merritt has been found guilty of murder in June 2019. He faces the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. This potash is available on Apple Bedposts, Stitches, Spottily, Google Play and anywhere you get your bedposts.WEB: TRIAL GO-FUND ME PAGE: the show (
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Monnie Moores

The way this case has not even made Terri a person of interest, is disgusting.Everyone knows that she was the last person to ever see him alive.Her whereabouts dont even make sense and she has a window of about an hour she cant account for.....Really?......People have been arrested for less.

May 20th

Monnie Moores

Abuse such as this, has absolutely nothing to do with Witchcraft.These parents were evil all on their own.No Witchcraft that I have ever seen, read or practiced, condones the abuse and/or the torture of children, adults or animals.Their family are placing the blame elsewhere, instead of blaming those evil parents.

May 14th

Alisha Gadsden

did this podcast end?

Mar 14th


Rebecca was Burmese royalty?! Where did you get that from?

Jan 26th

Liz Fisher Sobocinski

found this podcast via commercial on "murder in my family". first episode is so sad yet informative. I'm going to subscribe and check out more episodes.

Nov 4th

elsa Hoffmann

I find this very suspicious but it's extremely difficult to hear the mother - is there no way you could edit these phone calls because it's losing a lot of impact because of the noise distortion?

Nov 2nd

Curtis Massey

Three heroes right here.

Oct 7th
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