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EMMY award winning crime beat reporter Matt Johnson dusts off his reporter notebooks for this exciting podcast and gives you a first hand perspective on cold cases, homicides, mysteries & murders he has covered, followed and still haunt him today. Follow on social and
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NEW SHOCKING DETAILS: Daughter of the 'San Francisco Witch Killer' Jenn Carson, speaks out about her father and stepmother's murder spree across California.James Clifford Carson (aka Michael Bear Carson) and Susan Barnes Carson (aka Suzan Bear Carson) are convicted of three murders between 1981 and 1983 in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Carson's are referred to as the 'Witch Killers' after Suzan claimed to hear voices that instructed her to hunt and kill witches.Michael's daughter Jenn Carson believes there are more victim's out there and is speaking out to help shed light on the case and help others.In March 1981, 23-year-old Keryn Barnes, an aspiring actress was found dead inside her apartment. She was stabbed 13 times and her skull crushed before being wrapped in a blanket and thrown into the basement. The Carson's later confessed to the murder saying that they believed Keryn was a witch.In May 1982, Michael shot and killed Clark Stephens, a co-worker at a pot farm in Humboldt County. The couple burned and buried his body and burned the grave site. They told police they believed that Stephens was a devil. His skull was later recovered by a dog and sparked the Murder Mountain legend.In January 1983, 30-year-old Jon Charles Hellyer was stabbed by Suzan and shot and killed by Michael in broad daylight at a fruit stand in Sonoma County. Afterward Carson stole Hellyers truck and led police on a high speed chase.Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos and video)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Anita Walters, mother of  Christine Walters who mysteriously disappeared after being found naked on a stranger's doorstep.Christine Walters is described as a nature lover, animal lover and yogi. She was a junior in college studying Botany and wanted to help rebuild  ecosystems.Then in the Summer of 2008, Christine decided to visit friends living in Portland Oregon. From there she met new friends, self proclaimed spiritual environmental activists living off the grid. Christine followed her new friends to Arcata California, a small old logging town just outside Eureka CA. It is unclear what happened to her while she was there. Some say she was working at a marijuana grow farm and was owed money, others say she had taken part in a so-called 'tea ceremony' and ingested hallucinogens which led to a bad trip.On November 12, 2008, then 23-year-old college junior Christine Lindsey Walters was found naked, confused, frightened and bleeding, covered in scratches. She was on a stranger's doorstep and claiming someone was after her.Police took her to the hospital. The next day Christine called her mother in Wisconsin who faxed over a copy of her identification so that she could board an airplane home.After picking up her I.D. she was never seen again.Christine Walters would now be 35. At the time of her disappearance she was described as 5'2", 100-115 pounds, caucasian with strawberry blonde hair. Her ears and nose are pierced and she has a black butterfly tattoo on her hip and a green and purple iris flower tattoo on the back of her neck.If you have any information in the case please call the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office at 707-445-7251Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos and video)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: Group: the show (
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Janis Moore McCall, mother of Stacy McCall who was one of the three women who went missing in Springfield MO in 1992 without a trace.Sherill Levitt (47), Suzanne (Suzie) Streeter (19), Stacy McCall (18) were reported missing on June 7th 1992.On June 6th 1992 Stacy and Suzie graduated from Kickapoo High School. That night the teens went to a few graduation parties and planned to sleep at a friends house and go to a water park the next morning.The teens changed their plans last minute and decided to stay at Suzie's house that night.The next morning when the teens did not show for the water park friends went to Suzie and Sherrill's house where they found all three women's cars in the driveway, the porch light was broken, the front door was unlocked, the women's belongings including their purses were inside, money, all the beds were made, no clothing taken and Suzie's dog was upset.There have been several theories as to how the women went missing over the years. If you have any information in the case please contact the FBI or Springfield Police at 417-864-1810.There is a cash reward of $42,000.00 leading to information and arrest in this case.Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos and video)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
On January 26, 2011 Ellen Rae Greengerg was found dead in her Philadelphia apartment with multiple stab wounds.She suffered from 20 stab wounds, including ten to her back & neck, there were bruises all over her body an her dead body was positioned upright against the cabinets, (which is against any findings that the family says could lead to suicide.) Ellen's parents, Josh and Sandee Greenberg have partnered with criminal investigator Thomas Brennan Jr. to get the case investigated and reclassified as homicide or cause of death unknown.Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos and video)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
NEW INTERVIEW with Kelsie German, sister of Libby German.On February 13, 2017 13 year old Abigail Williams and 14 year old Liberty Rose German were dropped off at the trailhead of 'High Bridge' near Hoosier Heartland Highway in Delphi Indiana to hang out.The teens were never seen by family or friends alive again. Both friends wanted to join the FBI academy and solve crimes together. This passion for true crime may have been the reason why Libby secretly recorded the man police believe killed the young girls.(Link to case pictures, video and sketch on my website On February 14, 2017 the bodies of Libby and Abby were found. Police believe the suspect knows the area well and might be hiding in plain sight in the small town.Libby's sister Kelsie is studying psychology and criminal behavior in college. She has made it her mission to solve her sisters murder and help others.Anyone with information in the case is encouraged to call the TIP LINE: (844) 459-5786Indiana State Police: (800) 382-7537 EMAIL:e-Mail: There is a $200,000.00 cash reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos and video)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
College student Katie Sepich was a loving sister, friend and daughter when she was attacked, raped and murdered Labor Day weekend in 2003.On August 31, 2003, New Mexico State University College student Katie was walking home after going to a party near campus. She had gotten into a big fight with her long-distance boyfriend.While walking home, the suspect Gabriel Avila [who was on drugs] almost hit Katie with his car, then followed her home where he attacked her and strangled her.The next day Katie's roommate called police to report her missing. Katie's body was found partially burned at the Las Cruces Landfill.Despite  DNA evidence in the case, it would be three years before Katie's killer would be arrested and charged for murder.He would have been caught three months after her death had his DNA been run.Since her death, Katie's mother and father have made it their mission to help others and pass 'Katie's Law' in all 50 states to prevent violent criminals from killing innocent people.To learn more about Katie's Law & DNA Saves: WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
Well known Elvis tribute artist Dana Mackay and his beauty queen girlfriend Mary Huffman were murdered inside their Las Vegas mansion.Dana headlined at the Dunes casino before moving to the Imperial Palace where he was the first Elvis to star in 'Legends in Concert'. He was a father and looking to leave the spotlight and start a landscaping business, supplying high dollar palm trees to the city of Las Vegas. Mary was a mother and former Mrs. Nevada.On October 30, 1993, Las Vegas Metro Police were asked to do a welfare check on Mackay after family and friends had not heard from the couple in days. When police arrived to the mansion named 'mini Graceland', the door was open, groceries were all over the floor and Dana and Mary were dead in a pool of blood.Police say the two were murdered, shot at close range multiple times.At first, Metro police thought the couple may have walked in on a 'burglary in process', however friends say nothing was taken from the home. Dana's best friend Danny Koker (of Pawn Stars, Counting Cars) says Dana always carried a file with him. The file was stolen the day of the murder. It's unclear what was inside.At the time of the murders, Dana had been in the middle of a legal dispute with his former landscaping business partner.No suspects have been arrested, no persons of interest have ever been named in the case.If you have any information you are urged to call Las Vegas Metro Homicide Cold Case Detail at 702-828-COLD.Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
NEW INTERVIEW: Golden State Killer survivor Kris Pedretti opens up about the crime, why she was unable to talk about it for years and what she plans to say in court during sentencing.From 1973 to 1986 fired police officer Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. terrorized California. DeAngelo committed at least 13 murders, 50 rapes and 120 burglaries.Most commonly referred to as the 'Golden State Killer', DeAngelo was also named the Visalia Ransacker, the East Area Rapist, the East Side Rapist, the Diamond Knot Killer, the Night Stalker and the Original Night Stalker.Meanwhile DeAngelo hid in plane sight as a family man with a wife and three children. He worked as a police officer and mechanic.Also similar as Dennis Rader the BTK Serial Killer, DeAngelo was arrested after detectives discovered a familial DNA match to DNA in evidence.On April 24, 2018 Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. was arrested. He pled guilty to the known murders and rapes in July 2020. In August he will hear victim impact statements from some of the survivors.In this episode, survivor Kris Pedretti talks about being raped in her home just days before Christmas in 1976.Today, Pedretti runs a rape survivors group on Facebook to help other victims of violent crime:Facebook Group: Sexual Assault Survivors, it's time to tell your story. WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
NEW Information, New family statement and New response from Carole Baskin in the disappearance of Don Lewis. This is the same missing persons case at the center of the NETFLIX true crime documentary 'Tiger King'.On August 18, 1997 Millionaire Jack 'Don' Lewis who went missing after leaving his house in Tampa Florida.The documentary has sparked new interest in the cold case and a group of armchair detectives have also started looking into the case. The group is called the 'Don Lewis Cold Case Files' run by the Don Lewis family spokesman Jack Smith AKA 'Ripper'.Don Lewis was married to Carole at the time of his disappearance. Baskin claims he was acting irrational, was hoarding cars and trash on the property, that he would rummage through dumpsters and showed odd behavior that pointed to early signs of Alzheimer's disease. Don's attorney and his family say that is not true. His family and friends believe that Don was scared of Carole and filed a restraining order in the days leading to his disappearance. They say that he was planning on filing for divorce and moving to Costa Rica. Five years after he went missing Jack 'Don' Lewis was declared legally dead and Carole inherited $5 Million in cash and assets including the 'Wildlife on Easy Street', renamed 'Big Cat Rescue' that she still owns and operates with now husband Howard Baskin.This episode explores the disappearance with new interviews and new information in the case.Anyone with information is asked to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office at 1-813-247-8200.Podcast WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: Smith/ RipperJack Media Lewis Cold Case Files FACEBOOK GROUP: the show (
A bizarre case and a series of deaths surrounding Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. The so-called 'Doomsday Couple' are currently in jail facing several felony charges.In August 2020, they are due to appear in court for separate preliminary hearings where we expect to hear more details about the deaths of Vallow's children "JJ" and Tylee.In September 2019, 7-year-old Joshua "JJ" Vallow and his 17-year-old sister Tylee Ryan disappeared.On June 10, authorities said they uncovered human remains at Chad Daybell's home in rural Idaho.Friends and family say Lori became obsessed with Chad Daybell's teachings about the end of the world after meeting him at a church conference in 2018. Daybell claims he can communicate with God after a near death experience and believes humans can be measured by the light they have in their body. A poor reading and the person is a demon or a zombie. Lori believed she was a reincarnated God sent to the planet to help prepare for the second coming.In July 2019 Lori's brother, Alex Cox, shot and killed her estranged husband Charles Vallow . Cox claimed self defense after Vallow allegedly came at him with a baseball bat. Cox died of a blood clot in his lung in December of 2019.At the time, Chad was married to Tammy Daybell, a 49-year-old school librarian who helped him run his small publishing company. Tammy Daybell died in October, two weeks later Lori and Chad married and moved to Hawaii.CATHY RUSSON, Executive Trial Producer, Law & Crime Network & CRIME Network POWELL, AZ Family Reporter FAMILY WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comPodcast SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
Kerri Rawson, the daughter of the BTK Serial Killer opens up about her father Dennis Rader. What family life was like before he was arrested, how she learned he was the BTK Serial Killer and her relationship with him now.Rawson is the author of the "tell all" book titled: "A Serial Killers Daughter, my story of faith, love and overcoming". Rawson describes herself as a crime victim and says she lives with P-T-S-D and depression.It was her DNA that led to his arrest using the same method of forensic genealogy that detectives used in the Golden State Killer case.Like the Golden State Killer, Rader terrorized the community for decades. He killed at least ten people including innocent children between January 15, 1974 - January 19, 1991. Rader tortured his victims and taunted police going by the moniker B-T-K, an acronym he gave himself which stood for BIND, TORTURE, KILL.His modus operandi (M.O.) was stalking, bandage and suffocation, he would dress in women's clothing and a female face mask and pleasure himself pretending to be his victims. His cover was the persona of a family man, city employee and church president. He is currently serving life in prison at El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas.WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: Rawson the show (
My friend and colleague John Huck from FOX 5 Las Vegas and I discuss witnessing the execution of a condemned death row inmate.Lawrence Colwell Jr. was convicted of robbing and killing 76-year-old Frank Rosenstock, a New York resident visiting Las Vegas.Rosenstock was lured to his hotel room at the Tropicana Hotel by Colwell's girlfriend Merillee Paul who was posing as a prostitute. Once in his room he was robbed and strangled to death with a belt.Colwell told the court that he had planned to kill someone for weeks. He wanted to know what it felt like and said it was as easy as driving a car.On March 26, 2004 Lawrence Colwell Jr. was executed by way of lethal injection at Nevada State Prison in Carson City Nevada. He was the first inmate to be executed after a moratorium on executions. Colwell was dead within 20 minutes of the injection. John Huck and I both covered the days leading up to the execution and the night it happened.WEBSITE (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (



True Crime DEADLINE returns for Season II with host Matt Johnson. Matt is an EMMY award winning journalist who dusts off his reporter notebooks to bring you his first hand account of covering notorious crimes and lesser known cases over his career.This season kicks off with several exclusive interviews connected to the Golden State Killer, the BTK Serial Killer and the so-called Tiger King.New cases and new episodes every MONDAY for this limited Season II.Please subscribe, rate the podcast and write a review.Podcast website: the show (
On Friday December 13, 1985 newlyweds Gary and Stephanie Gillette were celebrating Christmas as a new family. Gary had three daughters from a previous marriage and Stephanie loved them like her own.The new, blended family had gotten a Christmas tree and were decorating the house on the 4800 block of Corpus Christi Texas. That weekend, Gary who was a successful business owner in the oil industry attend some holiday parties with his young wife, while his ex-wife watched the children at her home.On December 14, 1985 Gary and Stephanie were brutally murdered with a hatchet in their home. The same hatchet used to trim the Christmas tree.The bodies were discovered by police the next day.An autopsy showed the killer(s) returned to the home and stabbed the bodies to make sure they were dead. Police say there were no signs of forced entry and have collected several items into evidence including fingerprints, possible DNA, the knife and the hatchet.In June, 1986 a Deputy Constable who knew the couple was arrested on two counts murder. But, the following year the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.The victim's daughter met with him as an adult. She talks about the case, missing her father and her message to her father and step-mother's killer.If you have any information in the case, please call the Corpus Christi Police at (361) 886-2600.JUSTICE 4 GILLETTE FACEBOOK PAGE: (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna and Lauren Meanza were roommates living in a small house near downtown Napa when a killer broke in and attacked two of the women.On October 31st 2004, the friends were celebrating Halloween, drinking wine, watching scary movies and passing out candy to neighborhood children... unaware that a man they knew, was stalking them, armed with a knife and waiting for them to go to bed.That Halloween night, the killer entered through a window and brutally stabbed two of the women while the third roommate ran out of the house and called police.Almost a year later the killer would be identified by DNA and confess to the crime.Who the killer is... and what he did after the murders.... shocked everyone.PODCAST WEBSITE: (case photos, clips) MEDIA: the show (
In July 2006, 19-year-old Joseph Miranda was working for a local landscape company outside Baltimore Maryland.He went to work early, kissed his mom goodbye and drove off in his jeep. His mom Adrienne never saw him alive again.Witnesses say Joseph was asking a co-worker to use a 7,000 pound Bobcat Tractor to move trees when the driver of the bobcat ran him over.His mother, Adrienne Miranda tells 'True Crime DEADLINE' in a NEW interview that the evidence points to foul play. She believes a co-worker pushed her son in front of the moving machine. She hired a forensic expert and obtained case documents.There has been no arrests made in the case. Miranda is on a mission to have her son's case re-opened. It was originally ruled an accident, now a homicide.'The Scent of my Son' - Adrienne Miranda's website: (Case Photos)http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
On June 2, 2017 a mail carrier discovered Jessica Johnson dead and tied to a mailbox in Horn Lake Mississippi.The DeSoto County Coroner determined her cause of death as Asphyxiation due to Hanging.In a NEW INTERVIEW with Jessica's parents, Linda and David Johnson, say she was not suicidal and believe Jessica was murdered.They hired a forensic expert who points to how the shoe laces were tied around her head, how far the mailbox was from where her shoes were located and how short the mailbox is.NOW they are doing what they can to keep the case in the public eye and get answers.Anyone with information is encouraged to call DeSoto County Sheriff’s at (662) 469-8500WEBSITE (Case Photos) http://www.truecrimedeadline.comSOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
American Hero, Alek Skarlatos opens up in a rare interview about stopping a terror attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.In 2015, Alek was on leave after being deployed to Afghanistan with the Oregon Army National Guard.He was on the train with lifelong friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler.About three hours into the trip, a shirtless man armed with a AK Assault style riffle, nine magazines, 270 rounds of ammunition and a box cutting knife charged out of the bathroom and was ready to kill everyone in sight.That's when Alek, Spencer and Anthony sprang into action and stopped him.In this episode, Alek talks about the events before and during the foiled terror attack. He also talks about meeting two U.S. presidents and being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, and what his plans are for the future.PODCAST WEBSITE: (case photos, clips) MEDIA: the show (
On January 15, 1978, Kathy Kleiner was asleep in her room at Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University in Tallahassee FL., when serial killer Ted Bundy broke in and attacked.Bundy killed Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy and then charged into Kathy's room and started attacking Kathy and her roommate Karen Chandler.Bundy was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. He was executed in 1989.Both Kathy and Karen survived the attack.In this episode Kathy talks about the moments leading up to the attack, what happened  during, after and her struggle with P.T.S.D.New information from the murders, how she was able to face Bundy in court and why she believes there are more victims.WEBSITE: case ideas - sign up for email list) SOCIAL MEDIA: the show (
New details in the Brockton Serial Killer case after a possible arrest linking a man accused of abducting and killing a mom to two horrific murders.Between 2013 and 2014 a man has been attacking, raping and killing women in the small New England town of Brockton Massachusetts.On December 28, 2014 the remains of 20-year-old Ashley Mylett and 50-year-old Linda Schufeldt were discovered in a wooded area near a VFW post.Mylett's body had been dismembered and thrown on top of Schufeld's bones.With suspect DNA collected from Mylett's remains, forensic scientists discovered that three violent rapes in the same area were connected to the murders.The Plymouth County District Attorney's office then enlisted the help of Parabon NanoLabs to build a phenotyping sketch.In March of 2019, A young mom by the name of Jassy Correia was abducted and killed after a night of celebrating her birthday.When the case was featured on the local news a friend of Ashley Mylett made a shocking discovery that might solve the mystery... who is the Brockton Serial Killer."Anyone with information is asked to call police: (508) 894-2584WEBSITE - SUBMIT CASE IDEAS: THE PODCAST: CRIME FEST: the show (
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I am so confused.. I'm trying to follow what her dad is saying but it's really hard....🤔

Apr 11th

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poor girl I can't imagine the strength she has within her to deal with this.

Apr 8th


Im sorry, but when will parents understand that children age 13 & 14 are just THAT.........Children.That entails Parental Supervision. I never, ever " dropped " off my children alone in a public place and took 0ff, leaving them.

Dec 3rd


The way this case has not even made Terri a person of interest, is disgusting.Everyone knows that she was the last person to ever see him alive.Her whereabouts dont even make sense and she has a window of about an hour she cant account for.....Really?......People have been arrested for less.

May 20th


Abuse such as this, has absolutely nothing to do with Witchcraft.These parents were evil all on their own.No Witchcraft that I have ever seen, read or practiced, condones the abuse and/or the torture of children, adults or animals.Their family are placing the blame elsewhere, instead of blaming those evil parents.

May 14th

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did this podcast end?

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Rebecca was Burmese royalty?! Where did you get that from?

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found this podcast via commercial on "murder in my family". first episode is so sad yet informative. I'm going to subscribe and check out more episodes.

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I find this very suspicious but it's extremely difficult to hear the mother - is there no way you could edit these phone calls because it's losing a lot of impact because of the noise distortion?

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Three heroes right here.

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