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True Crime Historian remembers the famous and forgotten scandals, scoundrels, and scourges of the past through newspaper accounts in the golden age of yellow journalism.
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The Wyoming Valley American Tragedy
Pregnant Church Worker Found Dead In Harvey’s LakeIf the tropes in Episode 275 sound a bit like Episode 96, “The Body In Big Moose Lake,” the familiarity was not lost on the people of the day, either. The 1906 murder of Grace Brown in Big Moose Lake inspired novelist Theodore Dreiser to write “An American Tragedy,” which became an instant classic when it was published in 1925. The story you are about to hear struck such a familiar chord that the press made many comparisons and headlines described the murder of Freda McKechnie and the trial of Bobby Edwards in the same terms. Theodore Dreiser was called upon by the New York Post to cover the trial, and he makes a brief appearance in our story when he receives an admonition from the bench.***Culled from the historic pages of the Wilkes-Barre Record, Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Wilkes-Barre Evening News and other newspapers of the era.***A creation Of Pulpular MediaSupport your favorite podcaster at Just a dollar a month reserves your bunk at the safe house and access to exclusive content and whatever personal services you require.ZipRecruiter. The smartest way to hire.***Opening theme by Nico Vitesse.Some music and sound effects licensed from theme by Dave Sams and Rachel Schott, engineered by David Hisch at Third Street Music.Media management by Sean R. JonesProduction assistance by Emily Simer BraunRichard O Jones, Executive Producer
Premium Episode Preview: Valentine's Day Decapitation
The Meat Cutter’s MadnessA Safe House SpecialThe main source document for Episode 273 comes from my personal files, something I dug out after doing last week’s regular episode about the professor that decapitated his wife and spent the rest of his life in a hospital for the criminally insane.Although I was an arts/entertainment writer for most of my journalism career, I actually started on the hard news side as an editor and bureau chief, supervising three reporters in the Cincinnati suburb of Fairfield, Ohio. In 1990, one of my reporters covered a murder that took place on Valentine’s Day, when a man decapitated his wife in a psychotic rage. That summer, the reporter came back from a hearing with a copy of the psychiatrist’s report filed with the court, and it was so dramatic and bizarre that I made a copy and stashed it away without any plan, just a writer’s need to have it, little realizing that I would someday be True Crime Historian. So after the last show, I remembered this case and I rooted around my storage unit, broke open a filing cabinet that I’d lost the key to, and found the file.So this story is only about 28 years old, the freshest episode yet!Unlike the deranged professor of Episode 272, however, this mad decapitator did not spend the rest of his life locked up. He’s out there somewhere today, declared sane and walking free. The fact that this happened on Valentine’s Day is even richer when reminded that the holiday actually commemorates a beheading: hear the doctor’s report and learn what drove the meat cutter to such a gruesome task, please visit This episode will be available to patrons at all levels.
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Alta Sheridan

This was a wonderful story. Thanks for saving it from oblivion

Sep 8th

Jessica Ressler

I LOVE this podcast BUT listening to that impression of a Norwegian accent was painful!

Aug 24th

Jaymes Moynihan

I keep thinking om listening to Nicolas Cage lol

Aug 22nd

Casey Lee

Intro audio is messed up

Jun 19th

Kelly Ann

love the series 💚

Jun 6th
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