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Mysteries don’t only relate to true crime. There are plenty within hospitals too and we know where to find them here at Western Health. Stories about solving patient mysteries; how undetected illnesses impact lives; or treating patients caught up in crimes. Stories about the intriguing pasts of the hospitals themselves. Different kinds of mysteries - but all just as intriguing. From inside the major hospitals we run, in an extraordinarily diverse region of one million people in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
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Trailer - True Western

Trailer - True Western


Coming soon: True Western, a podcast from Western Health, where we share stories about solving patient mysteries, how undetected illnesses impact lives, and treating patients caught up in crimes. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! Visit ( for episode notes and acknowledgements.
When the COVID-19 pandemic started to ramp up in early 2020, there was a call to arms in a sense, as staff started to prepare from intensive care and beyond. Associate Professor Forbes McGain, intensive care specialist at Western Health quickly realised that there were some gaps in how they might be able to treat patients with COVID-19. The goal was to find a way to make the air as safe as possible for the hospital staff who were caring for COVID patients. This episode delves into how Western health doctors and engineering expert, Professor Jason Monty and his colleagues from the University of Melbourne came up with a solution to the fear and risk facing hospital workers. This is the story of the work of a team of experts and it features the Southern Ocean, a pram, a costume designer, 11 days of genius and hard work, and an intensive care nurse with 33 years’ experience who becomes a suspected COVID patient and ends up playing a key role. Go to the website ( for show notes and further information and to see images of the people behind this episode. Please rate and review the series - it helps us reach more listeners.
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