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Turn Up For Watt? - Houston Texans Podcast

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Turn Up For Watt - Talking all things Houston Texans Football & Around The NFL from the Great British Isles
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Talking another eventful week with Brandon Scott From Radio 610 & B-Block Podcast. JJ joins D-Hop in Scottsdale.  Watson trade situation remains unchanged. Cuts to the roster as the new era takes shape but the shadow continues to loom over Kirby.
Looking Back of the trio that never was. Cal's character on show. Fuller to be Tagged? Trade Scenario's still out of Whack.
Express Solo Edition as the adverse weather causes the power outage in Houston to continue.Recapping last week where long time Club President resigns, an Easterby disciple hired and the not so shocking release of the greatest player in franchise history.Another week where again the Texans lost much as a football team.
Express Edition to wrap up some story lines with the Texans cleaning house in the front office on the eve of the Super Bowl.The big questions still loom but the Texans continue to chip away at their credibility.A comedy genius, outing Si sources, questionable coaching staff and how long will it take to fix? 
Joined by Stephanie Stradley to round up a crazy January as the Texans alienate quarterbacks & hire people.A series of decisions that have built new heights of fan anger at a time when the team were planning to welcome a new dawn.Easterby, Watson, Cal, Caserio & a little bit of 
Talking with James from Texans Unfiltered. A historic day in Houston - will it ever be the same again. A coaching hire overshadowed by Watsons Trade Request.Who's pulling the strings on the Watson Story?Is this a good hire & respectable coaching staff?Can Caserio halt this teams collision course with football irrelevancy? 
Another Express edition, as the Texans head coaching hire drags on, news about a disgruntled quarterback hovers.Asking - Why did they not keep McCowan conversation in-house? Why has Caserio's search been so Narrow? Is the Leslie Frasier announcement nearing? Why not Beinemey, what happened to the "Leader of Men"? 
The Texans are now the lone HC position left to fill. Questioning Caserio's interviewee's timeslines, did they miss out on candidate after the move away from the Korn Ferry Search?Does the the Watson no-trade clause give real leverage?Frazier or Bieniemy seem to be the final two as some of the media storm dies.
Express Edition on Week 2 of the Post GM Hiring Media Storm. Talking about yet another week of controversy, Deshaun's disillusionment with Team Ownership.Can this Franchise be saved from themselves? Or is the damage and organisational failings of it's owner too much to hedge your careers success on?
Khan Cal Fix It? Part 1

Khan Cal Fix It? Part 1


Talking with Brandon Scott on an incredible week off the field where the hiring of a new GM wasn’t the biggest story coming out of Kirby Drive.
Talking with Brandon Scott on an incredible week off the field where the hiring of a new GM wasn’t the biggest story coming out of Kirby 
Emergency Edition - reaction to the early surprise or not so shocking hiring of Nick Caserio as the 4th GM of the Texans.Some initial thoughts and questions that the hire raises. 
Joined By Cody Stoots talking the final installment of season to forget. A fitting end to a script that appeared to be on repeat each week for the Texans.Looking at Deshaun's post-Game Comments, HC & GM Candidates as the news of the interviewee's are starting to 
When a star QB isn't enough.Joined By Ruben G From the 713 Houston Sports @713HSPTalking a dismal defence, The JJ Watt Outburst, Revising that Tunsil Trade, running the ball and putting up points with with no-names on the line.It was just like 2018 - if only we could go back to stop Bill and Jack.Looking at Head Coach and GM candidates. Only one more game to go before we can turn the
Lightning Strikes twice as the Texans blow a chance to tie the game late in Indy. Fumbles cost this team dearly once more, dropping to 4-10. Talking another defeat in Indy, HC’s, GM’s and the future changes required for this franchise. Joined by Mark Lane of Texans Wire/USA Today.
Joined by Anthony Wood of SI - talking the performance to forget in Chicago whilst we take a broader look of what’s left on this team to work with in 2021. 
Friday Afternoon Addition to discuss THAT Sports Illustrated article - that shines a national spot light, exposing the disingenuous rise to power of Jack Easterby. The article confirming the fears of many who want him gone, now. Can Cal let his religious connection with a man, who’s failed this franchise and its players at every turn, be allowed to continue? Can, as the respondents in the article wanted - from him not to be blinded any longer by this imposter. With him still in the building, we are suppressing our future and the career of Deshaun.
Joined by Jordan @Texans_Thoughts talking the latest crushing divisional defeat, as they somehow manage to throw away the game at the death.The issues of yesterday are still meddling with this team now and will be for sometime, in terms of personnel.Deshaun balls out with Keke and Chad as his receivers, showing how elite he has become. The search firm and a newly appointed committee to aid in the head coach & GM search.
Express Edition on the PED issues that rocked the Texans this week, after it felt like they'd turned the corner.Will Fuller & Bradly Roby will serve 6 games suspension for anabolic traces. Can we truly blame the players if TWO were caught.Kenny Still isn't coming back and ways to reinvent the offence without its most important piece. 
Trick Plays On Turkey Day

Trick Plays On Turkey Day


Joined by Coty Davis From the Locked On Texans Podcast.Talking the convincing win in Detroit, the Watson to Fuller showcase on thanksgiving. The second win, in as many week, but have the Texans fully turned the corner?A sure test of their improvement awaits with the visit of TY Hilton and the Colts, this Sunday.
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