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Joined by Brandon K Scott from Radio 610 to talk: - Rookie Mini Camp - Matt Bazirgan leaving the front office - The Influx of Veteran edge signings, post the draft - schedule reaction - toughest stretches, winnable games and a misplaced bye week.   Full Schedule Article:  
Joined by Matt Robinson from Battle Red Blog, as we review what the roles of the top picks, this coming season. Taking a further look at the yet to be announced UDFA class of free agents. And with the schedule announcement imminent we review the potential hurdles and & winnable games prior to the gods announcement. 
Episode 129 Out Now.   #Texans Draft Class Talk with @Texans_Thoughts   Live reaction to Lonnie trade & the end of Scottie-P!   Who are our surprise UDFA's?   Who will be the biggest star in this '22 #NFLDraft Class for the #Texans ?   Get Full Audio at:
3 days to go to the draft, as the Texans have the chance to turn the page into the post-Watson era.  This will likely be the biggest test of 2nd-year GM, Caserio's tenure. Nailing these picks to build back a roster, won't have much subjectivity surrounding it for long. This team has many needs & it's fans need leaders on the field again. Talking options at pick 3, 13, 37, 68 & 80. 
Joined by @ojhodgkinson to talk draft some more with 9 days to go until the draft kicks off, come April 28th. Positions of strength, what to do with the 3rd & 13th pick.  Running through from Pro Football Networks recent mock Drafts & some sleepers in the largest class of all time. 
Joined by @Wakefield90 talking draft on Easter Friday. Running through Full 10 Yards big board, mock drafts & potential fits for the Texans in upcoming draft F10Y Big Board Link: 
Reflecting on the Mercilus retirement, Cooks extension, some media availability comments by Lovie, Pep & Mills. Joined by Austin Gayle to run through some more draft talk, as we are only two weeks away. 
Joined by Shane P. Hallum from to talk all thing draft as the Texans are poised with two picks in the top 13. Names to watch at TE, RB, i-OL & WR. We run through Shane's latest 7-round mock and the outlook for this class & beyond. 
Joined by Brandon K Scott - talking the pressers from Watson from Cleveland and Caserio's reflections of the trade. Why he left & no regrets but the Browns face into a media frenzy as they justify the trade. Talking Caserio's sentiment and change on tone - where this whole thing now sits firmly on his shoulder, as the past is behind us. Reviewing the mock drafts & the countless ways the team could go at 3 & 13. But to get max value, they are reliant on elsewhere to help furnish their bare talent cupboard.   
Joined by Matt Weston from Battle Red blog as we throw out our script for this week as we process the Watson trade. But as Nick Caserio’s reign as GM creates more questions than answers. He now has no choice but to multiple find All-Pro types talents in the next three drafts. Or the irony of losing your quarterback for a limited return to a team that was previously considered football purgatory, will cripple Houston for years to come. 
After a long suffering slog - a grand jury has suddenly created a market for Deshaun Watson’s route out of Houston. In the midst of the legal tamper period of free agency, we focus on the a trade that will shape Houston pro-sports and the whole football in the coming days. Joined by Cody @FB_LoneStar to talk through the potential packages and negotiating positions of Caserio when dealing with Carolina, the Saints, Cleveland and newly emerged Atlanta.  What will the Texans be left with post the departure of a true franchise quarterback? An asset so rare but will the market react in turn? 
Joined by @Cody_Stoots from ESPN Houston 97.5 to talk the combine, the draft and free agent targets at CB, D-Line, Tail-Back & Receiver. The Texans finally are about to take some steps forward as the rebuild might finally be getting into gear but acquiring talent is Caserio's first order of business. 
Joined by John Crumpler of the Texans wire to kick off season 2022. Wrapping up our reflections of the Lovie hiring & process, notable new coaches, Watson legal realities having a working date for some clarity. An intriguing insight on the Texans power structure from the comments made by HOF GM, Bill Polian. We also pinpoint some of the bargain free agents in the 2nd & 3rd tier of free agency we think the Texans will be shopping in, come March 14th. Rounding off with some draft thoughts and shared love for Kyle Freaking Hamilton!! Don’t over think Thibs & get some talent on the 53.  
The surprise hire of Lovie Smith concludes another odd chapter in the recent history of Texans off-field moves. Did other factors beyond football impact the choice of their 5th head coach? How close was it to McCowan & what can Lovie bring? Change & churn is a constant with this team, who are struggling to make progress, as a pivotal off-season awaits Nick Caserio & this beleaguered fan base, who are starved of normality, never mind success.  Joined by Brandon K Scott form to talk the process, the hire, the future & the wider implication of the leagues legal wrangling that a Texans finalist is now embroiled in. 
The Texans are down to the final 4 candidates. McCowan (SIGH!), O'Connell, Gannon Or Flores. A pivotal decision awaits  Caserio to get it right at the 2nd time of asking. Joined by Harley Dugan from the LEAD Houston Sports to talk the search latest and working out the media rumblings as Caserio conducts his work quietly. 
Express Edition this week as the Texans head-coach search appears to have stalled. Kevin O'Connell appears to have stalled on his chance to interview but that may hopefully change as the narrow search process is in need of credible names. Jonathan Gannon appears to be only suitable name thus far, who's drawn interest from other teams.  As the progress seem to come crashing down with the McCowan bomb shell emerged. Surely the Houston won't hire a guy without a single day of coaching experience? 
Culley is fired, with an already chosen replacement? Lots to talk over in an emergency Head Coach Firing episode.  Joined by James from Texans Unfiltered.
As the Texans rounded off a disappointing season with a loss to Tennessee, Mills' 2nd half performance brought them close. Is Culley on the way out? Who will they turn to? And where do they need to improve the roster to help Mills and their competitiveness on a Sunday. Joined by Adam Wexler of Sports Talk 790.  
The Houston Texans go down in the 4th quarter 23-7 against the San Francisco 49ers. The Texans are left with a lot to consider but little continues to unfold each Sunday as all their biggest changes lay ahead this off-season. Joined by @JRLTU & @713HSP to talk week 16 & what lies ahead. 
A covid-ridden Houston Texans find the most unlikely victory against Justin Herbert & the L.A. Chargers. Is this Rookie class coming of age, are these coaches here to stay & where next? Joined by Mark Lane from the Texans Wire. 
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