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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.

Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.
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Today on the show, Damian is joined by a legit triple threat: Propagandhi bassist, I Spy vocalist & visual artist TODD KOWALSKI!!! Listen in as they talk finding metal/punk/hardcore in Regina, Unlawful Assembly is Saskatchewan's greatest band, The Besnard Lakes' connection & so much more!  Not to be missed!!!!  Also Touched On: Loving Metal Accused  Possessed a friend from the ally with Razor and Celtic Frost records Trying to comprehend Slayer Insight: Regina’s answer to SNFU Unlawful Assembly: The best unrecorded Regina bend ever The greatness of Beyond Possession  The Chris Todd Kenton Warriors: first band Imaginary metal bands Government Issue playing to 15 people Doing the best stage dive of your life for No Means No Needing to hear what death metal sounded like The Killer Dwarfs playing at the bar at the mall Records On Wheels GG Allin in Flipside: “I’m going to be banned from life if I’m caught with this!” Drummer of Ditchpig The Besnard Lakes/ Propagandhi connection Going to a Fugazi and hoping for Minor Threat Loving Youth Of Today Seeing Tankhog on the best possible day Bonehog did not age well Death Sentence dancers Seeing Sloan on the very first tour Seeing the Small interviewing Propagandhi There is always a market for dark punk The influence of the Melvins, Helmet and Coffin Break The effect of hearing Ebullition records stuff & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Start doing back flips! Today on the show Damian sits down with the hilarious SHAPEL LACEY (AKA The only person in comedy with a DS-13 tattoo)!!! Listen in as the two discuss: how finding punk gave a voice to an anger inside, the various strengths of different Black Flag singers, why hardcore is the most integral of all the punk mutations, the power of the mosh, Oasis: the anti-Nirvana & so much more!  NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: "Wanna join a Ska punk band?" The power of a logo  the various strengths of the various Black Flag singers Henry Rollins: the greatest front person  No one can touch Keith On Nervous Breakdown Hearing "Mississippi Queen" for the first time Never loving 80’s metal From Queens Of The Stone Age to GBH The blues in Grunge Loving Oasis  The chilling effect of Kurt Cobain’s death Loving GBH from crust to hipsters Most people don’t have what it takes to be in a band like Black Flag Deranged Records DS-13 ETA & SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Yes, that’s right!! On this episode Damian sits down & chats with, Emmy Award winning star/ co-creator/ director/ writer of HBO’s Barry, BILL HADER!!! Thanks to their mutual friend, Jon “King of Beats/Comedy” Wurster, these two anxious nerds are brought together for the longest episode of TOAP ever! Listen in as they discuss: panic attacks while making SNL, Barry as an autobiography, Bad Brains being the best ever, why can’t people just like instrumental Zappa & SO MUCH MORE! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Touched On: Mutual love The Wheelman Can you make the guns sound like they do in Heat? Dad hated Dylan and loved Zappa An uncle flipping out about Minor Threat’s cover of “Stepping Stone” "Something Brains and something Kennedys?" Monster Movies and punk: a deadly combination The Misfits are targeted marketing at work watching movies like TV Getting wasted in front of Rush Trying to school Geddy Lee on Mike Watt Proudly punishing Spielberg Cults and music The Bad Brains “Your Uncle John’s a Devo” “Fartface”: Bill, Will Forte and Josh Brolin go down swinging on SNL Not always enjoying it  Directing Barry: “I can do this” Horror movies Evil Dead is punk rock creative process SCTV and Kids in The Hall Iron Chef... America & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
On this episode, Damian sits down with one of the greatest songwriters EVER: SHAYNE CARTER!!! Shayne is a bonafide New Zealand music icon that has released some of Damian's favourite records in his various bands. Listen in as the two discuss how punk inspired Shayne & his compatriots in the Dunedin music scene to create some of the best music ever recorded.  NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss ANY of Shayne's genius! Check out his amazing autobiography "Dead People I Have Known", as well as the music of: Straitjacket Fits, Doublehappys, Shayne Carter+Peter Jefferies, Bored Games, Dimmer, The Weeds etc. (As well as all the other NZ goodness: The Bats, The Chills, The Clean, The Enemy, King Loser,  Look Blue Go Purple, Sneaky Feelings, The Stones Toy Love, The Verlaines, Wax Chattels, etc. It will make your life better.)!!!!!! Also Touched On: Toy Love and the Enemy The Sex Pistols were good even on the reunion... shockingly The Stooges, Al Green and Leonard Cohen: perfect til the end  Like in wrestling: doing more with less “That’s the guitar sound from ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’!" Chris Knox: true punk Martin from the Chills setting up chairs outside of gigs the power of distance  The guy and the record store setting you straight after calling Jimi Hendrix a hippie There is no golden egg to chase in Dunedin 1 in 10 000 people are signed to a US label “Very white, very violent” Dunedin in the late 70s Car Boys VS. Punks: being willing to die for your art “Scarfie bashing” Doublehappys: a form of social revenge & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
On this episode Damian is joined by one of his favourite voices in music, STEVE VON TILL from the godly NEUROSIS! Listen in as they talk: Transgressor, hearing GISM for the first time, "Word As Law" not being a band favourite, gigs with Green Day & so much more!  NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Steve Von Till's AMAZING new solo album: 'No Wilderness Deep Enough'. ALSO, check out his new book of poetry & lyrics: "Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics", both are out now on Neurot Records!! Also Touched On: THE MRR COMPS An influence on everyone Born in 69 Hearing Los Angelas by X for the first time Discharge changes everything San Jose Kill ‘Em All: “You need this” The Peace comp The MRR comps What the hell is going on in Japan?!?: the first time you hear GISM international hardcore Transgressor  the mix bag early Gilman St. shows Playing with Green Day, NoFX and the Offspring Tribes Of Resistance wanting to do all the things Kamala hooking up the numbers for the first Neurosis tour the Alchemy scene RKL’s psychedelic light show Clown Ally  “Punk rock, and we can’t even drink outside?!? That’s bullshit!” “Six hours of the Misfits” Coil, Throbbing Gristle, etc College Radio: It’s not all REM Holiday dinner at Chris Dodge’s with Buzz and Dale Burning Witch: True Doom & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Grab your 20 sided dice! Today on the show we are joined by, the bard with a 31 charisma, actor/director/producer/writer/DM: JOE MANGANIELLO!!! Join Joe & Damian on his journey from a Rollins worshipping, DnD obsessed, metalhead kid, to a Rollins worshipping, DnD obsessed, metalhead adult... Who is also Deathstroke & Alcide the Werewolf.  NOT TO BE MISSED & ALSO, don't miss Joe's "Shoplifters Of The World" out wherever you see new movies March 26! Also Touched On: Damian’s whole family is excited for this one! Metallica turning people on to the Misfits and Discharge The power of the cover Get In the Van: “Have you ever read this?” Being obsessed and getting to meet Henry Rollins “Crossover stars” Shepard Fairly setting you straight  Parents hate D’n’D Trying to keep Role Playing games punk It’s a war-game The dream of working in the industry… the gaming industry Ian MacKaye’s birthday fucking up the booking plans for a live reading of Major League What’s the purpose of us anymore? Being the roadie for Goldfinger Nerds of the world unite Metal going high fashion is teenage validation  Vince Vaughn, Big Show, and Tom Against The Machine: the ultimate DnD party Going to see Social Distortion and losing your camera with Macho Man photos DnD Alignments & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Mouse is in the house!!! One of the original documentarians of Souther California Hardcore is here: ALISON “MOUSE” BRAUN! Join Damian as he sits down with the legendary photographic contributor to MRR, Flipside, We Got The Power & more! From why she didn’t shoot Black Flag, to introducing El Duce to her dad, to why it took her years to finally get a usable shot of the Bad Brains, to moving to Seattle just before the explosion & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don’t miss Alison’s AMAZING NEW BOOK available at!!!!!!!!!! Also Touched On: Having to judge a book by it’s cover Record stores the loss of cover art Kiss and Cheap Trick Shady has the tickets! The Go-Go’s and the X and the Whisky  Submitting to Flipside The Keith Morris versus Jello Biafra stage vibe Black Flag’s asshole roadie Police against punks under Daryl Gates Working for Mystic Records Doug Moody Shooting Battalion Of Saints “Your dad’s over there talking to El Duce” Seattle: the boring calm before the storm Never getting to shoot Nirvana B’last being the best band to shoot Not shooting Minor Threat  Trying to get a still shot of the Bad Brains Stains Submitting punk photo for high school assignment  & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
On this episode Damian sits down with the outspoken vocalist of Sleaford Mods, JASON WILLIAMSON! Listen in as the two discuss: the Sex Pistols still being able to shock, Public Enemy, class, music & MORE! ALSO, check out “Spare Ribs” out now on Rough Trade. Also Touched On: A step brother as an entryway  The Sex Pistols: still able to offend  Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim as a first show The class divide in music Rap in England British Rap The non-influence of John Cooper Clark and Mark E. Smith The Old Blue Last & MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
NoFX week continues & FAT MIKE is back! 5 years after his first legendary appearance on the show, Mike returns to: berate Damian's tastes in music, drink WATER & talk punk. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! And don't miss Single Album in stores February 26! Also Touched On: Back together again Mike loves the Melvins a penny scraping against concrete Rattus Agnostic Front  MRR BDSM and being elite Punk means I’m better than you The unreleased Johnny Ramone chapter of “Please Kill Me” Damian has terrible taste in punk  Mike not getting why people love the Big Boys and the Minutemen Why do people hate me? Fat’s best year “No one says Punk in Drublic is our best record anymore.” Bands that went to majors & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
IT'S NoFX WEEK ON TURNED OUT A PUNK! In celebration of the newly announced "Single Album", here is the first of two episodes!!! Kicking it off with a bang, Damian sits down to talk with the LEGEND ERIK SANDIN! An interview almost a quarter century in the making as Damian interviews Erik for the first time since 1996! Listen is as they discuss: NoFX making him a worse drummer, worshiping at the RKL alter, punk gangs, the "Mystic Records Puppy Mill" & so much more! Not to be missed & don't miss "Single Album" out on Fat Wreck Chords February 26! Also Touched On: The nicest band member Buttrock: here comes punk Caustic Cause: 30 year old shredders  Don Bolles America’s Hardcore Drew Bernstien  Lip service Scared Straight  The LA Straight Edge Scene Playing with 7 Seconds Becoming a worse drummer after joining NoFX “Raymond” and the art for Liberal Animation RKL thought the years Mystic studios: A puppy mill for teenage punk bands & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
There's no boredom around here! On this episode, Damian is joined the LEGEND: STEVE DIGGLE from the godly Buzzcocks! Listen in as the two discuss the birth of punk in the UK, Krautrock, Gorilla Biscuits, touring with Nirvana & tons of other goodness! From "A conscientious objector to work" to punk icon: NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also, grab that ESSENTIAL Buzzcocks singles boxset out now on Domino Records! Also Touched On:  Influencing everybody Sick of Yes The Pistols and the Ramones Forming two days before the Clash The R and B influence of Pub rock The slowness of everything in 70’s music the Kraut rock influence  Thrift store punks Malcolm McLaren’s mistake completes the Buzzcocks Promises was a political song pre-Buzzcocks’ Buzzcocks demos The Buzzcocks’ practice space becomes Joy Division’s   Jamming for the first album in a rehab centre Autonomy: An English person trying to sound like a German person singing English “The riff of Manchester” “I love those weird little bits you do in those songs!” - Joey Ramone “We aren’t entertainers!” Getting paid not to play a biker bar the 100 club the Screen on the Green the kids in Slaughter and the Dogs Morrissey cribbing notes Hearing the Gorilla Biscuits’ cover for the first time Flag Of Convenience Meeting with Seymour Stein and saying you wanna sound like the Stooges  reforming the band Touring with Nirvana AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
REJOICE! In a rare Part 2, FAT TONY makes his mighty return to the show! Tony made one of Damian's favourite records of last year & it has been a while since they last spoke. Listen in as they catch up & talk: the process of writing his fantastic "Exotica" album, working with Bun B, Tony's favourite TOAP episodes & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss "Exotica" out now on Carpark Records! Also Touched On: Liking ALL types of punk  discovering music independently: free from anyones else’s baggage Like Pop Punk and Hardcore and Houston Rap and Bay Area Rap at least you could turn off the message board getting back into music during quarantine  Research, details and collaboration: a new approach  The Gamble of making music The honesty of writing as a character Writing a record to be consumed as an album working with Bun B reaching back YouTube comments as music history Loving punk but never wanting to make it because it isn’t your true sound Thing the Ergs to a Houston rap party Getting into Ska Punk History Favorite TOAP moments  & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
You demanded it, we got it! On this episode, Damian sits down with one of the most iconic front people to ever pick up a microphone: the B-52s' FRED SCHNEIDER!!! Listen in as the two discuss: accidentally inventing a new approach to music, the Cramps getting it, what the Sex Pistols were like live & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also Touched On: The Velvets, The Stooges and The Ramones mom never bringing the 7th kid to a show Records at the A and P Going to Athens West Coast Surf > East Coast Surf Not wanting to be a dance band but loving to dance the Fans Ort’s Oldies Going to the first US Sex Pistols show in Atlanta house party shows Jamming in an unheated room at a mortuary Meeting Lux and Ivy from Cramps at Max’s CB’s was a dump “If you can do we can too!” meeting Pylon Suicide The modestly of Athens Steve Albini is a lovely person Don Pyle rules! Biker wars & SO MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
With Wonder Women 1984's Cro-Mags shirt & the Slash Mag referencing cover of the Playboi Carti's Red, Punk references have popped up in chart toping mainstream culture & people are pissed! Damian has called upon Nick Woj & Chris O'toole to help him deal with the Crisis On Punk Planet. check out Woj''s latest mixtapes at:
This week on the show Damian is joined by filmmaker & former Sold Out fanzine publisher, OTTO BUJ!!! Otto has just made a fantastic documentary about the formative days of Detroit hardcore & is here to talk all about the history of punk in Rock City. Listen in as the two talk: being too late for the glory days, the dividing line between hardcore & punk, why punk in Detroit was different & so much more! Not to be missed & DON’T MISS Otto’s new film: “Dope, Hookers and Pavement: The Real and Imagined History of Detroit Hardcore”! Available here NOW: Also Touched On: A Detroit punk nerd-out Finding hardcore from your older brothers The 84-85 jumping off point out growing the box: Laughing Hyenas, Husker Du and Fugazi Punk versus Hardcore The genius of Brannon 10 months that changed hardcore Ian MacKay is not a huge Tremor Records collector The Flesh Columns  The Spys and the Dry Heaves  The Windsor Connection Band grow out their hair and start to solo Being too late for the hardcore you were looking for Samhain Youth of Today, Henry Rollins, Boom And The Legion Of Doom and a dead dear skull Depression Records and the true weirdos of Detroit  & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
THE EPIC FINALLY OF EPISODE 300!!!!! For the epic conclusion: J Mascis returns to talk GG and Degrassi, Footnotes host Chris O'Toole joins Damian for some reminiscing, all while D'N'D laugh at each other. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR THIS MILESTONE!
EPISODE 300 CONTINUES!!!  On this one: Fred Armisen returns to the show to compare and contrast 80's NYHC, 90's Chicago DIY and Dischord's DC. While Danko, Nick and Damian discuss and lament their various beefs in music over the years. Brought to you by Vans
WE DID IT!!!! Episode 300 is here and, oh boy, it's an epic THREE PARTER! Listen in as Damian is joined by his long suffering wife Lauren and a few other returning friends for this marathon of a celebration. First up: Mother 13's Corey Harris tries to bum rush the show and then D'N'D  (Danko, Nick and Damian) finally formalize their trio. DON'T MISS PARTS 2 AND 3!
Who says part two’s never happen?!?! Join Damian as he sits down with the returning CONOR OBERST for a much requested part two! ...Or one & half? Listen in as the two discuss, the good, bad, ugly of emo, trying to navigate success, PUNK & so much other goodness. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!  Also, don't miss the FANTASTIC new Bright Eye's album "Down In The Weeds, Where the World Once Was" out now on Dead Oceans! Also Touched On: Back for the whole punishment spotlight the connection to the Athens' scene Sunbrain Commander Venus meets the music biz  Mousetrap Dischord and Merge Rilo Kiley Digital Sex Grass Records Dropping out of College fo music… reluctantly Tiger’s Jaw Wicca Phase Why most emo sucks Ben Lee and Ben Kweller The Cap 'N' Jazz  & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Turned Out A Punk is dead... with excitement! On this episode, Damian is joined by the LEGEND SAM MCPHEETERS! Listen in as the two talk Sam's AWESOME new book, MUTATIONS, Born Against's record buying habits, kinda caring about bad reputations, Clevo, Power Violence, the Albany New Wave vocal style, Ginsberg opening for Underdog being Utopia & so much more! This & Sam's AMAZING new book, MUTATIONS are NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: in your image  Watching Fear play SNL Postcard punks A presentation on the Dead Kennedys Laurie Anderson and her "Tapeheads" violin By ’84, Hardcore is everywhere Combined Effort Albany Style The Verge are awesome Capitol the band as the inspiration for antagonization  Not liking being around drunk people The unnamed style of New Wave with over exaggerated vocals Most know fo being a victim of violent crime than being a singer in a New Wave band There is no Koro in Albany Trying to see the Beastie Boys and Murphy’s Law at Irvine Plaza No fights in Albany: Going to Chucky Cheese after shows Booking Nomeansno with Breakdown Temper tantrums in Hardcore Underdog playing Alan Ginsberg: The 6 months of NY unity Inspiration on “The Fear Of Smell” comp. Making ABC No Rio no welcoming to people that sought to destroy it by its nature Life’s Blood remaking you in their image Boycotting the first Life’s Blood show Why would you go to someone else’s band practice?!? Livin’ it up Rollins’ style in Room 666 at the 30th St. YMCA Born Against on Rev? Reading Wizard Of Oz, Leaf-blowers and other artistic failures “We are called Bad Attitude”: lying to your parents about your band “If 20 year old self came in the room right now I’d be a dead man” Integrity and Ringworm Power Violence  & OTHER GOODNESS!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
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Clifford York

i read in the book that fat mikes dad was a traveling shoe salesman and i assume that's where "so long and thanks for all the shoes" even though mike says something about douglas adams in this episode...prolly a lot easier than explaining a complex father son relationship

Jan 24th

Ire Neo

i love Keith! When are you going to guest Henry Rollins?

Nov 23rd

Peter MacRaild

How are they all his favourite?

Oct 21st

Terrence's login computer "Internet"

This is mad decent.

Oct 20th

Peter MacRaild

When did "sonic" become a noun, or is that just a Damien thing?

Jun 3rd

Peter MacRaild

Excellent interview! Loved him mentioning the Ebullition/HeartAttack scene. Very much remember that. The reaction of jock hardcore people in the states on their Snapcase tour was really interesting.

Oct 6th


love this

May 29th


wtf....."I haven't listen to the cramps since the 90s" and your on a punk rock podcast!?!? lol it takes all kinds I suppose. ugh

May 19th

Nick Hoffman

bro hymn defines the poseur song

Dec 27th

Rick Arden

Oi Oi Skinhead! Get your hair cut!

Dec 17th

Joshua K. Parker

chris #2! the biggest musical/influential bass player in my "career" Thanks "2" and thank you Anti-flag. cheers

Nov 7th

Chris Boud

Love that Kevin loved KillRadio, Raised on Whipped Cream is massively underrated!

Oct 9th

Chris Boud

I can't get the Jack Black episode to download, anyone any idea why?

Apr 16th
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Jan 8th
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