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Damian Abraham has been many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ and food network host, one of the minds behind TV's "The Wrestlers", parent of 3... and undeniably, a punk music obsessive.

Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from various walks of life to find out how their world was influenced and changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK!
471 Episodes
The whole house has been excited for this one! This week on the show Damian is joined by his family's favourite: The Lunachicks' THEO KOGAN! Listen in as the two talk growing up punk in New York City! From silent tours with Dinosaur Jr, to finding out you may be a Warzone Woman, to falling in love on a Troma movie set: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!& DON’T MISS the FANTASTIC new Lunachicks' book Fallopian Rhapsody, out now on Hachette!Also Touched On:Changing Lauren and Damian's livesWhat is Pigfuck music?Growing up in the Bad AppleMusical Youth at the RitzThe Dead Boys ReunionLux Interior beating a kid up with a mic standWendy O’Williams and ManowarNYHC showsWatching the fights at CBGBs“Are we Warzone Women now?”Working with Don FuryDrea and Theo’s favourite side effect of the violenceGary Oldman gets beaten down  Ragging SlabFreak with Howie PyroNot hearing Dino Jr. until touring with themFrightwig: like when Jim ate the hash brownies on TaxiTodd Phillips directs a Black Light Rainbow video?!Falling in love on a Troma movie set & SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
THE BUNNYMAN COMETH! Today on the show Damian is joined by THE LEGEND, WILL SERGEANT!!! Listen in as the two discuss the journey from proto to post punk & everything in between. From Status Quo being the English Ramones, to the Pink Fairies being too stoned to play, to the Liverpool punk scene being criminally overlooked, to the influence of Metal Urbain: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't forget to pre-order your copy of Will's new book "Bunnyman" out July 15th on Little Brown!Also Touched On:Sex Pistols played Liverpool first!Hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time at a Dr. Feelgood gigThey tore down the Cavern: “Where did that band the Beatles used to playThe Liverpool Scene: True undergroundThe CurbiesLeaving a Pink Fairies show because they were too stonedTwinkLiverpool Stadiumhearing the Ramones way before hearing about punkSharing music, building scenes“Shut up about Tull and get into ‘em!”Tubular Bells was a hippy record“Virgin’s just cashing in on this punk thing.”Forming Echo And Bunnymen“A dedication to idleness”Metal Urbain EnoSuicide: Gods in Liverpool“Hey, Manchester!”“We all loved the Fall”A Certain RatioGoing to Belgium  & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Ffa Coffi Pawb! The great GRUFF RHYS is here!!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the Super Furry Animal to discuss: his fantastic new book, the incredible history of Welsh Punk & going to Punk University through tour van lectures. From the cultural significance of Llygod Ffyrnig, to accidentally winding up on a punk comp, to the minority language European punk network: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don’t miss Gruff’s amazing new book “Resist Phoney Encores” on Antenne Books and his fantastic new solo record "Seeking New Gods" on Rough Trade!!!Also Touched On:A brother and sister getting into punk Mannequins spray painted to look like pukeRock’N’Roll as American imperialist propagandaParents loving ReggaeAnglo/American Corporations and creation of a Global pop-cultureThe effect of CrassLlygod FfyrnigThe history of Welsh Language Musical and political education coming from punkAnhrefnWorkers Playtime RecordsMachlud: a soft rock band on a seminal Welsh Punk compRecording at Dave Anderson from Hawkwind’s studioPop PositiveFfa Coffi PawbGetting into Psych to wind up old punk rockersGeo-politicsBecoming a pop star accidentallyBjork comes to WalesTrying to give Alan McGee a tape“Doing For The Kids” FestLearning how to make salad dressing from French Ska band: Le Have NotsSeeing Fucking Up in TexasButthole SurfersEuropean Squat tours& SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
CHRIS GETHARD is back! Five plus years after Chris' first incredible appearance on the show (Episode 51: one of the best of all-time), he returns to prove that sequels can top the originals. From Chris' Bouncing Souls Curse, to the influence of "Another State of Mind" on his latest comedy road movie, to having to do really "sad" crowd work to no one at Lollapalooza: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss Chris' HILARIOUS new "Half My Life" Comedy Special/ Road Movie out on June 1st (& the album dropping on June 4th)!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Who hasn't heard a song written by today's guest!?! Join Damian as he sits down with the great DANNY ELFMAN to discuss punk, politics & wanting desperately to blast Buddy Hackett in the face with CO2! From riots in Paris theatres, to walking around Western Africa learning to play Highlife, to "dropping everything to form a ska band": THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! ALSO,  don't miss Danny's monster new "Big Mess" dbl lp out June 11th on ANTI!Also Touched On: X, Fear, Wall Of Voodoo: everything fits inLe Grande Magic Circusbecoming the musical director of a group of street performers Setting people of fire and putting them out with a rocket ship“GRAB YOUR VIOLEN!!!”: riots in ParisThe unprecedented time we live inWhat the hell has happened?!? Manson and Trump “Shut up and sing!”Writing for yourself again"Chamber Punk"The Mystic Knights of Oingo BoingoLiving life like it was the 1930'sWho is this new New Wave artist David Bowie?The "lost" Oingo Boingo 10"Going on the Gong Show& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
If we can walk together, why can't we podcast together?! Today on the show Damian is joined by his hero, from 7 Seconds: the legend KEVIN SECONDS!!! Listen in as the two discuss the formative days of American Hardcore & building a scene from the ground up. From cold calling Iggy Pop's dad for an interview to Lou Barlow's thoughts on "Committed For Life" to the literal Ian MacKaye on his shoulder: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!! & don't miss the absolutely essential reissue of 7 Seconds' "The Crew" on Trust Records Company, PRE-ORDER IT NOW!Also Touched On:A TV expose on punkFind the X-Ray Spex 7”Having a cool momNot wanting to smoke pot but wanting to hear rock recordsThe Dolls, KISS and Alice Cooper: The make-up inspiration?Kevin and Steve calling Iggy Pop’s dadInterviewing the Chip from Dils, Pat Bag and Joey Shithead on the phoneStarting The Reno Sex Pistols Fan Club to get them played on mainstream radioPutting flyers up looking for punksMeeting the 20 other Reno punks in line to see the Ramones opening for Eddie MoneyThe early punk fan clubsForeigner Jefferson Starship Basteel: Kevin’s “progressive metal” pre-punk band Chuck Ruff: Reno Legend Young Canadians and DOA at house showSearching for Bellevue: Reno’s first punk bandThe Outcast Hour on KSANConvincing the biker bar to book 7 Seconds and making the newsThe Zeros rule!Punk party at the A-Frame in Tahoe Watching MTV all night long hoping to see “Live Wire”Urban AssaultThe YobsThe WrecsDOA, Black Flag and DOA paving the wayBooking Aggression in an apartmentThe PlugzNegative TrendThe OffsNew Youth: One of the original punk collectivesSneaking into “Up In Smoke” 7 times to see the Dils partThe Saturday Night Pogo compilationThe Misfits, Poison Idea, 7 Seconds show that didn’t happen“We got to play after fucking Poison Idea?!”The FeederzJFA’s Mad GardensThe Viva Las Vegas Lou Barlow and Committed For LifeSoul Force Revolution’s influence on NYHC& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
FACTS: Sum 41 is the biggest selling Canadian Punk band ever & the guitarist, DAVE BAKSH is one of nicest people on earth! Join Damian as he sits down with Dave for an (in too) deep dive into Southern Ontario 90's punk lore & beyond. From firefighter fighting death metal bands to scene consuming high school band beefs to dieting tips from Iggy Pop: this is an all-time episode that is NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss Sum 41's "Order In Decline" on Hopeless Records in stores now!Also Touched On:Years in the makingNot By ChoiceStrung Out: melody and thrash make sense Metal being washed in 90sThe Cross-back-overBreaking Mark from Len’s toiletBrenden and Broken Social SceneThe Spazz store in Toronto Small-town TorontoDad playing Kung-Fu Fighter every morningMom loves the VenturesEmbodiment: FIGHT EVERYBODYPacking up a show in the middle of brawl“The Heep! Baksh, you gotta get out of here.”Metal as a punk Gateway Much MusicBeing scared of Zeppelin at firstOshawa’s Figure Four stomping Nazi assAl from Trigger Happy being awesomeSimon Head tour manager Mark Belke from SNFU shows up to be guitar techMetal WorksThe MC Shan/ Snow/ Treble Charger ConnectThe REAL In To Deep origin story Rap lessons in the studioThe DMX cameoSurviving Death 3x“WE GOTTA BREAK DEREK OUT OF JAIL!”: A Paris Street Fight  “If I drink red wine, I get a little bit silly”: working with Iggy Pop & SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
15 years ago in Germany, Have Heart & F*cked Up played a show - that night would prove to be significant for both of the bands' front people. On today's episode, they've reunited as Fiddlehead & Have Heart's PAT FLYNN sits down to chat with Damian about the 'core! From Warped Tour '99 & not being "it", to studying the calculus of Crass, to trying to re-create Better Than A Thousand, to the Follow Through / Sonic Youth & Terminator 2 / Integrity Connections PLUS so much more! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss Fiddlehead's "Between The Richness" out this Friday!!! Also Touched On:One night is Germany…Finding a CCs Skate magFinding Minor ThreatThe NIN/ Clevo connectionFilter and T1000Word And Music New Bedford: a world of its ownGoing to Warped Tour ’99 to take in the cultureA DIY HC shows changes everythingBlink 182: the dividing lineGrey AreaAll Chrome: Local HeroesA HC Fest vs. A Punk Festival TourThe Epi/Fat crossroadsCrass bands as punk algebra NoFX as a gatewayThe terror of older siblings’ musical tastesThe walls between genresAmerican Nightmare killing off The Youth Crew Revival Looking for Better Than A 1000The Follow Through/ Sonic Youth connectionBooking showsWhere is Big Ed?Victim 21 and A Poor ExcuseFinding your own replacement for a bandFinding about Intent To Injure from your father’s students’ yearbookThe importance of Atari… to usThe last song on 97A lp RULESThe CT Hardcore through line & SO MUCH MORE!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Punk researcher Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Bob Mould, The Best Show) joins Damian to discuss the abundance of punk connections with this year's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees! Follow @jonwurster on IG for all your #RockNRollWeirdness needs.
How many artists live their art more than STEVE-O? Today on the show, Damian sits down to chat with the Jackass star & one of the most influential performance artists ever. Listen in as they discuss punk, whether or not documentaries are bullshit, being responsible for Darby Allin, Umaga beating him unconscious, trying to walk away from fame & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Steve-O's banned new "Gnarly" special available at!Also Touched On:Getting into metal at Woolworth’sLiving life trying to party like you are in Motley CrueSlayerSkateboarding becoming your identity Getting into the MisfitsSNFUloving the Dayglo Abortions 7 Seconds and Youth Brigade Franz: The gateway to straight edgeGetting into Gorilla Biscuits and immediately buzzing your head and X’ing upFinding a new identity… as a potheadSeeing the Start Today tourVerbal AssaultGoing to the Safari Club to see Gut Instinct OutburstKilling Time Side By SideBeing scared of Youth Of TodayBolt ThrowerNeeding to get Logical Nonsense for you iPodThe fakeness of documentary Word SaladDRI and the passage of timeBlowing a fireball in the seats at a KISS concertGetting to the video camera through skateboardingThe inception of JackassThe influencesThe similarity between wrestling and jam bandsThe Umaga Incident The Jackass ripoffsDarby AllinThe Cro-Mags as the soundtrack to failing out of the University Of MiamiTelling Cannibal Corpse that they need make the vocals clearerGetting old offends peopleBam: the interview is over& SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
NICOLE PANTER DAILEY has lived one hell of a life so far! From managing the Germs, to starting an early LA punk label, to helping create The Pee Wee Herman Show & that's just the start! Join Damian as he sits down with Nicole for one of the most compelling episodes ever of this show to date. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!Also Touched On:The importance of QueenFascinated by GlamThe Dogs“Radio Free Hollywood”: the first punk showThe South Bay taking over by force“The Adams Family” of weird kidsBackdoor Man zine The creepy scene at Rodney’sActing out trauma through punkBeing a true weirdoFirst day of teaching: “What’s Darby Crash like?”Adventure TimeMidsommarDonnie Rose and sexual abuse in the LA punk sceneThe new hippies helping Old Man SpahnThe Manson EffectThe Avengers“Not Real Punk”: Dealing with VOMBob Biggs El DuceRenouncing punk in 1980Slash RecordsThe story behind the Germs’ LP, logo, album and (GI)The Weirdos were the bestRIP Lorna DoomPsychedelics and therapy The ResidentsPee Wee: The luckiest man in showbizThe Rap/punk connection& SO MUCH MORE!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
What's beef?! Well, today on the show it's what we start off by squashing! Join Damian and Grammy award winner Nate Ruess as they put past disses aside to celebrate a mutual respect and love of punk. Listen in for talk of: fifteen, fun. having no fun on top, fake IDs, ecstasy & pop-punk, nearly being on "Watch The Thrown" and so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!Also touched on: Squashing the beefFinding ska punkcatching a “Rude Boy” shirtCheshire CatNerf HerderWhen you best friend books the main punk venueTalking over the sceneThe Fake ID Empire comes crashing downThe Nile Message BoardEveryone in Tucson wanted to be the LocustUnruhThe importance of Indie popAlmost siding to Field By RamenThe Format Working with Steve McDonaldGetting to the top and it suckingQuitting all the bullshit musicPlaying the Grammy’s being the worst Writing a song and being told it is a hit“We Are Young” supposed to be on Watch The ThroneWorking with Brian Wilson AND TONS MORE FUN!!!!Brought to you by VANS     
"(INSERT YOUR FAVE 'KIDS IN THE HALL' QUOTE)!" because today on the show the LEGEND BRUCE MCCULLOCH is here! That's right, the shame based, Kid In The Hall comes by for a chat & oh boy, is it awesome! Listen in as Damian sits in awe as Bruce regals him with stories of: finding the Nerves single, fighting redneck cowboys, faking work injuries to hide knife wounds from punk shows & so much f'n more! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!Also Touched On:Free from the CBC's restraints Searching for punk before punkHawkwindFinding Milk N CookiesSometimes it’s Queen and sometimes it is a Marc Almond Bob Dylan and Patti Smith’s libraries The Kids In The Hall impact“The Shadowy Men made us cool”Lorne Micheals Sex PistolsThe ModernettesThe UsersThe Nerves The Dils being the favourite The DamnedNot liking Ian DuryPicking your favourite songs to be the soundtrackWant to go Toronto for the musicVancouver Punk vs. EVERYBODYDon Pyle sending a ticket for the Damned showGetting, not one but, two black eyes at the Edge in Toronto Never being part of the beautiful part of punkThe Parachute Club was taking overThe Modern Minds were a perfect bandThe Golden Calgarians… the second waveThe Hot NastiesRolling through Edmonton with The Rock N Roll Bitches and Callum Keith Rennie999Buick McCainGetting knifed at a Husker Du showCowboys beating up the punksDOA and SNFU had scary showsComing to TorontoViletonesPere UbuShorty PetersenNever watching SNLSecond City: Corny piano music and shitty white lighting“Everyone that likes Cat Power likes Kids In The Hall”80s: No cool comedy“Fuck you, I’m not an entertainer.”RIP GordJunior Brown, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Tragically Hip RiverdaleWithrow ParkThe “50 Years in Entertainment” specialShame Based Man& SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
This week on the show, Damian goes face to face with the face of Face To Face: TREVER KEITH! Listen in as the two discuss going from being a late bloomer into punk to fronting one of SoCal punk's most iconic bands. Not to be missed & also don't miss the new Face To Face album "No Way Out But Through" dropping later this year on Fat Wreck ChordsAlso Touched On:Not getting punk at firstHearing Bad Religion and it clicking at 20The Descendants and the best bandNot digging the Germs and the Dead KennedysThe roots of punk and metal being the sameBlack Dove: The band that eats glass!!!The house foundation show sceneVictoria ManorThe other Zero Tolerance Face To Face formsVoodoo Glow SkullsGuttermouthViolence at showsa riot at PigfestRhythm Collision Meeting the GrimIll ReputeSigning to Fat and touring with NoFXGoing to Europe with LagwagonWorking Geza XMajor label headachesThe start of Vagrant Records & SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
JULIEN BAKER IS BACK! That's right, Julien returns to the show & we'll be damned if it’s not one of the best episodes ever! Listen in as the two discuss: Nirvana by algorithm, Punk/ Religious guilt, smashing guitars, the loneliness of playing solo & so much more!!! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!Also, don't miss Julien Baker's AWESOME "Little Oblivions" out NOW Matador!Also Touched On: The concession to pop cultureThe audacity of a phone callThe writer/performer distinction Playing with a band again for the first timeThe co-operative nature of performanceHow thrilling will it be to be at a show again?!?The intensity of the spotlightHayley from ParamoreChumbawamba career movesZach Against The Machine “I’m sus of everything”: being weary of promotionThe freedom success allowsMitigating the punk rock guiltWhat would have happens if the meeting with Sean 6131 did't happen?Punk as religion: reduxComputers as DJsPheobe and Lucy as inspiration  Religion, punk and dogmasQuestioning straight edge and finding Sobriety& SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Well, we didn’t miss your birthday this year! Today on the show, Damian is joined by Lifetime’s legendary singer, ARI KATZ!! Damian is beside himself with joy as he talks with one of his favourite vocalists. Listen in as the two discuss: eating Taco Bell Hot Sauce for sustenance on tour, realizing people are trying to sing like you, having to walk away from music & so much more! This is NOT TO BE MISSED!Also Touched On:  Hearing the Dead Kennedy on a non-punk mixtape“Do you have any punk records?”Buying Group SexHusker Du for a first showMeeting AJ on the edge of the pitJoining EnufChristmas (the band)“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!”: hearing Youth Of Today for the first timeGoing to CBGBs for the first timelearning how to play drumsThe violence at showsGetting haircuts with Walter and CivPeople doing interesting things with mosh parts and fast partsJawbreaker at ABC No RioLoving the FastbacksEating Taco Bell hot sauce on a two month and half tour with Up FrontTouring with Unit Pride and Insted during the summer of Youth Crewgetting kicked out of Up Front and CourageRunning into Rob Fish with a flyer from Dan Yemin in his pocketTrying to sound like Mark RyanHearing people doing their own version of your vocalWhen pop-punk kids took noticeJoining Resurrection Not being built for itSigning to New AgeFlowers over baseball batsThe influence of Superchunk“No, no, no. Don’t say that.”: The AFI Riot& TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Few legends loom larger in punk than that of Detroit's COLD AS LIFE. Today on the show, Cold As Life's guitarist turned vocalist, JEFF GUNNELLS sits down with Damian to talk about the reality behind the infamy. From open warfare with the bouncers at Blondies, to checking Insane Clown Posse's egos at their first show and so much more; this is NOT TO BE MISSED. Pick up a copy of the Cold As Life's CLASSIC "Born To Land Hard", the record that redefined what is was to be "hardcore", out on the great A389 Recordings now!.Also Touched On:Finding DischargeGoing to record storesDay-glo Abortions, Ugly But Proud, Gore, Necros at the Greystone’sShifting from punk to a harder soundOiDIY out of necessityDeath all aroundHaving to hide outDocumenting a city in decline Writing realityDrugs and corruptionSBLCGetting in where you fit in: Making connections with other scenes“We were a little wolf pack”: Blondies and war with the bouncersAttracting the right Meeting Agnostic Front Carrying on without RawnTaking over vocalsLiving by the sword and the tragedy of dying by itRest in Peace: Tim Mycek Jr., Jake Loch and Johnny MyersFeisty Cadavers: RIP Steve CrassThe lost Las Vegas sessions for the 2nd lpH8INCXTyrantX: Real dealICP’s first show opening for Cold As Life… it didn’t go wellEarthmover and +/- RecordsGoing to EuropeDetroit Heresy The greatness of Pittbull& SO MUCH MORE!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Detroit week continues on TOAP! Today on the show, the great DAVE BUICK of The Go & Italy Records comes to talk about the Garage side of the Rock City! Listen in as Dave & Damian discuss: collecting Touch & Go Records, the precursors to the White Stripes explosions, releasing one of the most valuable 7"s ever & so much more! Don't miss it!!! Also Touched On: The greatness of 80’s pop musicSide two of the tape with U2 on the side oneDead Kennedys telling kids to steal mailDorks UnitedOn ramp periods of musicFinding the cool people working at the record storeVolbeatsThe lost period of Detroit rock and roll awareness trying to tape song of the radioIggy opening for the Pretenderslearning about Touch and Go from a friends sister“We have a show Wednesday”: learning to play bass and Joining the Go in the same dayThe GoriesAdultWolf Eyesmaking a home Ugly But Proud pocket teeStarting Italy RecordsPutting out The Dirtys record out of a sense of civic prideThe story of one of the most valuable 7”s of all time& SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESSBROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 
Get ready for the greatest Rock & Roll story never told! Today on the show, Damian is joined by LOREN MOLINARE from The Dogs! Famous amongst punk collectors for their obscure & awesome records, The Dogs’ career is far more interesting & storied than any of the more well known counter parts. Listen in as Damian discusses one of the most fascinating careers in music with the guy who lived it. From playing with the likes of the MC5, Kiss & Van Halen to drinking with Bon Scott to clowning Sid Vicious on stage to teaching the Ramones how to dress to inspiring Black Flag to play: THIS IS ONE NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Also Touched On:  The Dogs: born in ’69Mary walks into the basement and makes the band realHearing I Wanna Be Your Dog for the first time  Dick Wagner from the FrostOpening for the MC5 and getting to witness them live for the first timeThe effect of the The Who coming to Ann Arbor playing  Getting beaten and dragged to jail in from of 9000 people for refusing to play after Bob SegerGetting banned from the Mid-WestOpening from Ted Nugent at the first solo show After one thing but before another: Going to New York in ’73 finding the voiceRaw Power over Fun House and S/TFinally seeing The Stoogesinfluencing Black FlagThe MotelsThe Pop“Radio Free Hollywood”The Masques and the punksDrinking and playing with AC/DC at their first US gig“Let’s fuck him up!”: Sid Vicious looking like a fool on stageAustralia gets it“Thank god for bootleggers!”Killed By Death saved everythingOpening for KissPlaying with the Pre-Blondie StilettosGoing belly up in LondonSeeing the Ramones before the Ramones at shows& SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESSBROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS  
You're going to go-go Go-Go's crazy for this episode! Today on the show, Damian is joined by the Go-Go's legend KATHY VALENTINE! As if being from a Hall Of Fame nominated band wasn't enough, Kathy is also: a Chiswick recording artist, an almost member of England's Girlschool & the founder of Austin, TX's first punk band The Violators!? Listen in as they discuss all of that & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Kathy's FANTASTIC new book "All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'N' Roll Memoir"!!!Also Touched On:Being a rockerBorn too late for PsychNo proto-punk in Texas… except for ZZ TopGo-Go’s as a gateway for kidsThe power of the songs getting over lookedLearning from Charlotte and Belinda The punk influence on Can’t Stop The WorldNew Wave vs. PunkThe diversity of the LA soundThe Weirdos: LA’s DamnedThe effect of MansonHaving no time for Kim FowleyThe ViolatorsDr. FeelgoodGoing to England and seeing the Pub RockGoing to see the Sex Pistols in San AntonioThe NextProject TerrorThe NervesThe Capitol Records Swap-Meet The Plugz & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS!!!!!Brought To You By VANS
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i read in the book that fat mikes dad was a traveling shoe salesman and i assume that's where "so long and thanks for all the shoes" even though mike says something about douglas adams in this episode...prolly a lot easier than explaining a complex father son relationship

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i love Keith! When are you going to guest Henry Rollins?

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How are they all his favourite?

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This is mad decent.

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When did "sonic" become a noun, or is that just a Damien thing?

Jun 3rd

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Excellent interview! Loved him mentioning the Ebullition/HeartAttack scene. Very much remember that. The reaction of jock hardcore people in the states on their Snapcase tour was really interesting.

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love this

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wtf....."I haven't listen to the cramps since the 90s" and your on a punk rock podcast!?!? lol it takes all kinds I suppose. ugh

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bro hymn defines the poseur song

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Rick Arden

Oi Oi Skinhead! Get your hair cut!

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chris #2! the biggest musical/influential bass player in my "career" Thanks "2" and thank you Anti-flag. cheers

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Love that Kevin loved KillRadio, Raised on Whipped Cream is massively underrated!

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I can't get the Jack Black episode to download, anyone any idea why?

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