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One of the greatest to ever wield the four strings is on Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show, Alexisonfire’s bass monster Chris Steele is here to talk punk. Listen in as he and Damian sit down and have their first in depth conversation after nearly 20 years of knowing each other. From the influence of Iggy Pop, to the struggles that come from growing up in a touring band, to walking away from music only to return with a profoundly different sense of self: this is not to be missed!  Also, don’t miss Alexisonfire’s fantastic new album: “Otherness”, in stores and streaming  now! And don’t miss Alexisonfire’s upcoming tour! More info at: Also, grab a shirt for this podcast over at Also touched on: The brilliance of Iggy Pop’s brevity The kid from the baseball team on the bus  Misfits in a parking lot Better career planning than Blockbuster Playing with sober for the first time on the last tour An industry trying to get you fucked up Living in chunks of time Walking away from music The travelling around the world for 2 years Falling in love with street food in Sri Lanka The grind of touring and addiction Returning to a band as a new person The importance of friendship in a band AND SO MUCH MORE!
Episode 417: This is why we do this thing! Ben Gibbard is here and ready for a Turned Out A Punk party! Listen in as he and Damian discuss: punk heroes as religious icons, indie rock plus sincerity equaling emo and what was the Northwest's proto-punk? From going to Undertow shows, to high school with MxPx, to the Mono Men ruling and so much more: don't miss this one! Also, don't miss the new Death Cab For Cutie video for "Here To Forever", off their upcoming "Asphalt Memories" LP! More info at Also, grab a shirt for the podcast here at Also touched on:  A tape with Bad Brains and the Descendants  A Devo lovin’, military man, hippy dad AC/DC: the greatest rock band ever The Mono Men Moving to Bremerton Bad Religion 80-85 as The Velvet Underground And Nico MxPx and the religious punk divide Undertow RULE Liking Fugazi but loving Minor Threat Ian: never made a mistake Looking for someone to give us rules Vulnerability in anger The Sonics as the area proto-punk Post Nasal Drip The Britpop/ American indie influenced Pinwheel AND TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS!!!!
Episode 416: Greg Heston is here! Today on the show Damian sits down with the legendary Circle Jerks guitarist to talk punk! Listen in as the two talk about the open & accepting early days of LA punk,  the not so accepting times of early hardcore & so much more!  Also, don't forget to see the Circle Jerks on tour & grab the reissues of their classic LP’s on Trust Records! For more info, check out Also, head over to & grab a shirt for this show! Also Touched On: Leon Russel or Redbone and the Clash KROQ and punk Going to see Dickies and The Middle Class A couple joined at the nose “Is this guys going to give me shit”: Meeting Jeff in photo class  Forming Redd Kross The Masque Greg Greg The invasion from behind the Orange Curtain The Back To The Known Calling Cards and Overthrow Magazine & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Episode 415: Turned Out A Punk’s gots the hits! Today on the show Damian is joined by the coolest sibling in punk: The McDonald Brothers! Steven returns to the show, after his first godly appearance on the show 8 years ago, and this time brings his older brother Jeff along for the fun. Listen in as the three discuss Redd Kross’ journey from reluctant Black Flag teen proteges to becoming one of the World’s greatest rock and roll bands! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED Also, don’t forget to grab the fantastic reissue of Redd Kross’ godly “Neurotica” LP, out now on Merge! Also, check out the repost of Steven McDonald’s show defining first appearance on TOAP! (the episode before this one in the feed)! Also, grab a shirt for this podcast from Also touched on:  Intimidated by Jeff Ramones show up to save Rock’N’Roll Beach Boys Jan And Dean: true psych The Dogs The Bay City Rollers: proto-punk Was John Doe in Zolar X “What’s a Feeder?” Crystal meth under a 7” label Jeff doing the Black Flag/Bangles show  placidyls  Death Rock rising The difference between Paisley Underground and Punk Manson Marketing to Rodney on the ROQ John Waters “Like Jesus getting out of a spaceship”: Seeing Joan Jett hanging out at the Whiskey Cops vs. Punks Perry Ferrel: Charles Mason meets Whatever Happened To Baby Jane AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
Welcome to "From The Vaults"; each episode features a classic Turned Out A Punk interview. Today on the show, it's the great Steven McDonald and one of the all-time greatest episodes of this podcast.  Also, don't forget to check out the reissue of Steven and Redd Kross' classic: "Neurotica", out on Merge Records! Also, catch Steven on tour with the Melvins the summer and fall! Check you local listings for dates. Also, pick up a shirt for this podcast at
Episode 415: No one ducks Turned Out A Punk forever! Today on the show, after 7 years of chasing, Wavves' Nathan Williams sits down with Damian. Listen in as the two old friends discuss Nathan's journey. From unknowingly going to Kid Dynamite shows with Lil Ugly Mane, to lectures from Stereolab, to the Pitchfork Sweepstakes, to dealing with the Hipster Runoff era and tons more!! This is not to be missed! Also, don't miss Wavves on the "King Of The Beach" 12th Anniversary tour! Get tickets at! Also, get a shirt for this podcast at! Also touched on: Video games as music discovery devices Why wasn’t Fucked Up on Wavves’ GTA V punk station? The redemption of pop-punk Woodsist  KidDynamite15 The Ugly Mane connection Parents finding out about Guttermouth  MxPx and a wholesome tourbus afterparty The religious punk escape hatch Metalcore and more Spacebags and sewer shows  being a trve phreak punk The local gods: Run For Your Life, Dratz and Danny Tanner (band) Poway being a different world Blink 182 at the Casbah Sticker packs Playing a mandolin in Portland The Pitchfork Sweepstakes  King Khan and the Shrines Stephen Pope RULES And so much more goodness!!!!
Welcome to: From The Vaults! Each episode features an early Turned Out A Punk interview. Starting off with the first two people invited on the show: the Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara and Richard Perry! Listen in to hear the story of how two Southern Ontario Hardcore kids wound up in one of music's most important groups. Also, don't forget to check out Arcade Fire's "We", in store everywhere now! Also, check out the new, Richard Perry produced, Sadies album "Colder Streams", in stores July 22! Also touched on:  The pre-Arcade Fire bands - The metal band that was the Rosetta Stone of Toronto indie rock - Going to shows at ‘Who's Emma’ - The Importance of Godspeed You Black Emperor - The "What Would Ian (MacKaye) Do?" guilt. - Food Not Bombs - The lost genius of Okara - Chris Colohan is the greatest dude ever - Shotmaker - Sharing the pit at an Assuck show on the front lawn of a frat house with hardcore legend Tony Erba in the 90's - Brokencyde
Bartees Strange

Bartees Strange


Episode 413: Don't worry about going to Toronto more often because right here is where you need to be! Today on the show, the amazing BARTEES STRANGE sits down with Damian to talk about punk! Listen in as the two discuss the search for a place to belong & be yourself. From basement shows as religious rites, to the dangers of joining a random skatepark band, to the uniqueness of DC as a musical centre & so much more!!!! This is not to be missed! Also, don't miss Bartees' fantastic new "Farm To Table" LP, OUT NOW on 4AD! Also, catch Bartees on tour! Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at Also Touched On: Only want to hear Anarchy In The UK The DISNEY Sex Pistols show Norma Jean Tooth And Nail: Christian kids’ way out Brad from Home Depot’s band Hating sports but being good at them the Punk/Football divide Toronto  New York band issues Making a band for a goal versus as a passion Different approaches No guitar stores in DC & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS!!!!!
Episode 412: This is why we do this thing! Today on the show Damian is joined by Orchid’s Jayson Green to talk about punk! Listening in as the two friends catch up & dig deep on the journey from CTHC to the dawn of “Meet Me In The Bathroom” New York. From Team Stagedive, to the rise of Hatebreed, to begrudgingly originating a subgenera, to Vice's New York takeover & so much more! This is not to be missed! Also, check out for Jayson’s 24 Hour Video Podcast, music and more!!! Also, grab a shirt for the podcast at Also Touched On: Reluctance to claim your innovations  Glam metal from the cousin in the attic  Finding “YOU CANNOT LISTEN TO THIS!” Geoff Garlock Getting into Rev through Quicksand Minor Threat: “This is too much”  Being really into Shakespeare  Jesus Christ Superska The Pist  Brutally Familiar stuck in the Ska scene CT Hammer Dancing: fact or fiction? Stealing “Vulgar Display” Metal vs. Hardcore Jamey Hatebreed booking all the shows Two By Four The muscle men in Tyrant Troopers shirts New Haven: Yale and a mudertown Switchstance ruled Cornerstone (the band) Pat Break Making yourself like the CroMags The Youth Of Today Euro Tour Path Of Resistance  Follow Through Tenfold shift from Earth Crisis to Youth Crew Jesse Standhard’s “Team Green” mixtape Reenactmentcore  All I Ask: Deadguy and Coalesce Meeting Will Killingsworth  Amendment Records Clean Plate Records Acme and Morser Violent Bullshit Mark McCoy’s influence At The Gates and In Flames Signing to Ebullition Records “We should do every type of record and then break up” Los Crudos The REAL origins of the “Meet Me In The Bathroom” scene The Strokes are The Stranglers  Giving Steve Aoki his first DJ gig Touring with TV On The Radio Having one of the lowest scores ever on Pitchfork AND TONS OF OTHER FUN!!!
Colleen Green

Colleen Green


Episode 411: Get ready for a real cool time! Today on the show, COLLEEN GREEN stops by to talk all things punk. Listen in as she & Damian discuss: poetic & not so poetic ways of hearing about punk, Sublime changing everything, being DIY until she dies & tons more! This is not to be missed! Also, don't miss Colleen's latest fantastic record: "Cool"! Out now on Hardly Art Records! Also, don't miss Colleen on tour in the UK right NOW! More info and dates HERE                                                                                                                   Also, grab a shirt for the podcast at Also Touched On: Green Day as first exposure Learning the lyrics to be cool Waxing poetic  Loving Sublime Veruca Salt holding up better than Bush  Rosie Rocks Daddy’s Music Junkie Knowing that you were going tp be a singer your whole life If I knew then what I know now… Having to do everything yourself “I’M DIY TIL I DIE” Explosion rules! Jeff the Brotherhood rules! AND SO MUCH OTHER GGODNESS!
Episode 410: Grab your boots, charge your hair and get ready for a good time; SCOTT VOGEL is making his return to Turned Out A Punk! Listen in as the Buffalo Hardcore God sits down with Damian again to discuss music & why he thinks punk is junk. From making Tony Victory pay the cover to see Snapcase, to a debate about whether or not Group Sex is a hardcore record, to Hatebreed changing everything, to stagediving to protest Fugazi: this is not to be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, don't miss Terror's album "Pain To Power", OUT NOW on Pure Noise Records, & don't miss Terror on tour in Europe NOW! Also grab a shirt for the podcast here:
Episode 409: While there's no question that someone getting hit in their genitals with a paddle is great entertainment, is it also art? Today on the show Jackass' Jason "Wee Man" Acuña sits down with Damian to discuss: punk, skateboarding and art. From watching stabbings from the top of a skateboard ramp, to skateboarding becoming a sport, to the stunt he wouldn't do, to manifesting Keith Morris: don't miss this one!  Also, don't miss Jackass 4.5 on Netflix! Also, pick up a t-shirt for the podcast here: Also touched on: Jackass as performance art The different types of punk The South Bay Circle Jerks Stabbings at shows The Big Brother Magazine Era Skater culture around for more than just skaters The advent of the skateboarding parks Keith Morris Wrestling Sami Zayne AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
Al Barile from SSD and Gage

Al Barile from SSD and Gage


Episode 408: How much podcast can you take!?! Well, you better be ready for a whole lot more because AL BARILE from Society System Decontrol is on the show! Join Damian as he sits down with one of the architects of American Hardcore to discuss: where it came from and where it went. “Hating punk”, accidentally causing problems for Ian, who bootlegged "Kids Will Have Their Say", still believing in straight edge, cannabis reluctance & tons more. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, stay tuned for a HUGE SSD announcement later on this week! Also, pick up a shirt for this podcast at Also Touched On: John Taylor from Ontario, Canada: getting a fake ID  Seeing Mission Of Burma Least likely to rock Cliff Cunningham’s punk records  Bon Scott’s vocal delivery Hating La Peste and the Real Kids Magazine in Lynn, Mass A riot at the Rat Guitar is work Work is fun Being in a band is a team Still believing is straight edge Never talking straight edge with Ian Get them to 30 Missing the Youth Crew thing No wanting to be the next Pastiche  Cannabis Getting rejected by Elektra… without ever submitting a demo Gerard gets the SSD reissue going AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Episode 407: Let's drop some acid, burn some bridges & let our freak flag fly because Butthole Surfers' PAUL LEARY is here! Listen in as Damian talks to the Texas guitar god about being in one of punk's wildest bands & beyond. From a former friend smashing Sid Vicious' face, to the Butthole Surfers' obsession with Michael Stipe, to the dangers of shotguns on stage, to Billy Gibbons lunching with Culturcide: this is not to be missed!   Also, don't miss Paul's fantastically strange new solo record on Shimmy Disc: "Born Stupid", OUT NOW! Also, find out more information about the up coming Butthole Surfers' documentary at Also, pick up a shirt for the podcast here: Also Touched On: The first Sex Pistols show in Dallas Losing a friend over him smashing Sid in the face with a beer Marching Plague Stalking REM The original 9:30 Club SPK “We managed to piss some people off without even trying” Stickmen With Rayguns: the real deal Don't mess with Bobby Soxx Loving the Vandals Bands that don’t smoke pot: “Why are you even in music!?” “We were hungry and they had soup kitchens”: Going to SF Working with the Meat Puppets Sublime & SO MUCH MORE!
Following the debut on the end of TOAP Ep 403, the stand alone 2nd episode of "Washclothdave Ovalpants: A Spongebob Squarepants Review Show" is here! Join hosts: Dorian, Camden and Damian, as they dive into the undersea paradise known as Bikini Bottom and discuss the second episode of Spongebob.  
Episode 406: Let's go outside & burn our shirts! Today on the show Cursive's TIM KASHER is here! Listen in as Damian & Tim discuss a lifelong journey in punk. From Grass Records getting Creed-y, to the Dogma '95-esq TRC 112, to the rise of midwest emo: this is not to be missed! Also, don't miss Tim's fantastic new album: Middling Age, out now on 15 Passenger Records & Thirty Something Records in Europe!!! Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at Also Touched On: Digital Sex and midwest weirdness Grass Records The internalized Ian  Wind Up Records and being label mates with Creed Slowdown Virginia  Alan Meltzer: Indie rock label impresario turned professional poker player Brian Wilson… of the Beach Boys TRC-112 Rules Small Brown Bike Cranky Records Are labels still important? & SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Episode 405: KEVIN HEGGE is here! Join Damian as he sits down with his friend & the director of the incredible new documentary TRAMPS! to talk about: art, punk, style & growing up in Toronto. From the real history of New Romanticism, to the ups & downs of filming your heroes, to an evolved understanding of the Sex Pistols' cultural influence: this is not to be missed! Also, don't miss the Inside Out's Centrepiece Gala screening of TRAMPS! on May 31! In-person at the Tiff Lightbox in Toronto or on-line! More info HERE!!! Also, grab a shirt for the podcast at Also Touched On: "K2" Growing in NoFX country, Ontario An evolving understanding of the Sex Pistols A greater understanding of British Punk The first Pet Shop Boys show Meeting Bruce La Bruce  Getting to work at Rotate This Fashion vs. Style Never document your heroes!!! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!
Episode 404: Does it make you feel big & strong to flex your muscles in between song? Well, for this Turned Out A Punk: don’t sing along because BRIAN MCTERNAN is here!!! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his vocal heroes to talk about punk. From the Ambassador of New Zealand’s skinhead son, to the DCHC/ Dischord Divide, to life on Lost & Found Records plus so much more: don’t miss this one!!! Also, don’t miss Be Well’s band new “Hello Sun” EP, out now on Revelation Records & go check out Be Well on tour this summer! Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at Also Touched On: Showing Suburbia at a birthday party the DK’s “In God We Trust” sounds wrong at both speeds The Ambassador of New Zealand’s skinhead son Going to Uniform Choice, Soul Side, Immoral Discipline and the Flaming Lips for a first show “If you get hurt, mom’s never going to let us back again!” “Just sing”: joining Battery  Barrett Jones and Dave Grohl’s basement Quitting… the first time Ashes: tragedy and triumph Matt Squire: from Worlds Collide to One Direction The late 90’s DIY recording boom Recording Texas Is The Reason The Dischord Divide  Amanda MacKaye and Swiz as the bridge The best show ever: Fugazi, Verbal Assault and Soul Side Learning about your emotions from Rites Of Spring Gut Instinct Tim Owens bailing Operation Ivy  Lost And Found Records the Youth Crew Revival and mixed feelings & SO MUCH MORE!
Episode 403: Today on the show, PEACHES is here to teaches!!! That’s right, listen in as Damian sits down with the Canadian music icon to discuss: punk & the city of Toronto. From seeing Teenage Head at UCC, to the greatness of the New Music, to acting on stage with Steven Page: this is not to be missed! Also, don't miss Peaches on the Teaches Of Peaches 20th anniversary tour! Check for more information.  Also, stay tuned at the end of the episode for the debut of "The Washclothdave Ovalpants Podcast" Also, pick up a Turned Out A Punk shirt over at 
Who cares that your whole fucking life is a wreck? Today on the show, it’s the return of JOHN DOE! Listen in as Damian reunites with John to continue a decade long conversation about all things punk. From Baltimore being the reason, to the Doors as proto-punk, to Dallas Good being the greatest of all time: don’t miss this podcast! Also, don’t miss John’s fantastic new Fables in a Foreign Land LP!! Out May 20th on Fat Possum Also, pre-order the new Sadies record now! Also, grab a shirt for this podcast at Also Touched On: Aging out of Coachella  Baltimore is a tough town The death of the labels being a good thing The Doors Working with Ray Talking Turnstile Working on Roadside Prophets  The Indie Movie Era Making movies The Punks Do Good Roadhouse Dallas Good was the greatest The Sadies continues Changing approaches to songwriting and production AND SO MUCH MORE!
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Marc Watt

pretty funny shit

Dec 1st

Jeremy Fortier

Great episode! Covers a lot of unexpected ground. 👌🏼

Aug 8th

Clifford York

i read in the book that fat mikes dad was a traveling shoe salesman and i assume that's where "so long and thanks for all the shoes" even though mike says something about douglas adams in this episode...prolly a lot easier than explaining a complex father son relationship

Jan 24th

Ire Neo

i love Keith! When are you going to guest Henry Rollins?

Nov 23rd

Peter MacRaild

How are they all his favourite?

Oct 21st

Terrence's login computer "Internet"

This is mad decent.

Oct 20th

Peter MacRaild

When did "sonic" become a noun, or is that just a Damien thing?

Jun 3rd

Peter MacRaild

Excellent interview! Loved him mentioning the Ebullition/HeartAttack scene. Very much remember that. The reaction of jock hardcore people in the states on their Snapcase tour was really interesting.

Oct 6th


love this

May 29th


wtf....."I haven't listen to the cramps since the 90s" and your on a punk rock podcast!?!? lol it takes all kinds I suppose. ugh

May 19th

Nick Hoffman

bro hymn defines the poseur song

Dec 27th

Rick Arden

Oi Oi Skinhead! Get your hair cut!

Dec 17th

Joshua K. Parker

chris #2! the biggest musical/influential bass player in my "career" Thanks "2" and thank you Anti-flag. cheers

Nov 7th

Chris Boud

Love that Kevin loved KillRadio, Raised on Whipped Cream is massively underrated!

Oct 9th

Chris Boud

I can't get the Jack Black episode to download, anyone any idea why?

Apr 16th
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