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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive.

Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK.
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Get ready to hear some melody drawn out of the noise because today on the show, Damian sits down with producer extraordinaire BUTCH VIG!!! Listen in as the two discuss: the greatness of Mecht Mensch's Zombie, Kurt trying to Sabbath-up the Nevermind mix nearly making Spooner miss a show, trying to capture the Laughing Hyenas & how meeting Garbage impacted a young Damian! That's just the tip of the iceberg!  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Garbage being super cool to Damian and his friend in the 90’s WORT the inspiration of punk mom being a music teacher that loving Led Zeppelin and the Beatles  Merlin's  The Eclipse rehearsal tapes The University of Madison Spooner the Nerves Mentored by Gary from The Shoes Self-taught by punk Raspberries and Tom Petty covers  “Here’s a song by the Beatles” Playing with Spooner during the mixing of “Nevermind” pulling hooks out of noise The godly Appliances Playing in a Polka band Starting Boat Records   Touring with Steve Earl Flying home to work on Killdozer Feedtime Cosmic Psychos Swamp Thing The Fluid should have been stars! Genetic by Sonic Youth RULES! & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
How could Damian have known that when, actor, DJ & Inglourious Basterd, Omar Doom came on show that they were going to wind up talking GG Allin & Breakdown? Listen in as the two discuss: opening for Biohazard & Killing Time, rolling with the Murder Junkies, being rechristened by Tarantino & lots of other goodness! This is why we do this thing!   Also Touched On: Having a lot of half pipes in your backyard Seeing the Ramones in a bar in PA  Driving in cars listing to the Dead Kennedys Repo Man Seeing G’N’R open for Aerosmith Metallica  The other Ordeal playing drums No one in school length Misfits cover band The Wear-A-Ramones-Shirt Gang Following the Ramones around like the Dead The Cro-Mags  Violence at shows Biohazard Moving to NY Down with the Murder Junkies' Gang The Bosstone of GG shit Joe Coleman at a party & So Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
The Juggalo/ Punk Connection is real! As we continue our journey into early 90's New York punk, today on the show Damian sits down with his friend, the connector of the hardcore, wrestling & Juggalo worlds: KEVIN GILL!!! Listen in as the two discuss: learning that NY hardcore was about respect & courtesy early on, doing wrestling commentary with Lars from Rancid, getting into Insane Clown Posse's insular world & holy moly, so much more!!! Also Touched On: A long time in the works The punk wrestling connection Jackson Heights Trying to get Jimmy Gestapo to watch ECW Discipline  Beer in the air conditioner Going to see Sick Of It All hearing Gorilla Biscuits and a world opening up Public Enemy and Murphy’s Law No Redeeming Social Values talking in quotes Sheer Terror with Paul Barer in a thong Being scared of Agnostic Front at first Famous riot videos Striving for Togetherness   Madball Bond Street The Insane Clown Posse Connection A wrestling promotion with Lars Frederiksen  JCW & Tons Of Other Stuff!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
It's 90's New York Week on the show with, not one but, THREE episodes! Starting it all off with the reunion of Turned Out A Punk contributor & NJ punk legend Dave "It Up" Ackerman & returning guest, Simon "Doom" O'Connor! Join Damian as these two friends reunite & relive the heady days of early 90's New York street punk. This is one of the the funniest episodes ever!  DO NOT MISS IT!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
As we continue with the celebration of the band The 1865, Damian gets to sit down with one of his heroes! Writer, director, producer, editor, musician & all around cultural force, Sacha Jenkins is on the show! Listen in as they talk everything from watching Bugout Society waste White Castle burgers, to dealing with Nazis while roadieing for Burn, to having to explain to Eminem that the joke wasn't on him & everything in between! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: The importance of Ego Trip to this podcast The influence of the New Breed Comp booklet Meeting Chaka Going to school with one of NY Hoods playing Leeway in tackle football Meeting Johnny Waste in class Quincy punk Lismore Lounge with Absolution, Pressure Release and Bugout Society the drug of the pit The class distinction in NYHC Meeting Lord Ezec in gym class on the road with Burn Dealing with Nazis The shift in the NY scene Cane River Sons and daughters of artists Identity and punk starting a zine PHASE 2 and IGT Soho Zat   Henry Chalfant’s apartment as a graffiti hub Meeting Daryl Jennifer White Mandingos Ego Trip as Black Flag ’81 to ’83 casting the White Rapper Show & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
The 1865 are one of the best bands going & this week on the show we celebrate their awesomeness with, not one, but two guests from the band! First, the incomparable lead singer, HONEYCHILD COLEMAN joins Damian to talk punk. Listen in as the two discuss going from seeing anti-Sex Pistols ads in the Bible Belt, to helping start the Sistagrrl Riott Collective, to forming The 1865 & writing the amazing "Don't Tread On We!".  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On:  Reading the paper and discovering punk loving Surf and Classic rock Getting Blondie records from the bookmobile growing up around showbands Prince Green On Red at the Peppermint Lounge Seeing RuPaul’s punk band Basquiat: the DJ The difference between NY and every other scene Pre-celebrity culture Sonic Youth, Dadaism and inspiration Moving to the Bay Performing in the subway as a job Sista Grrrl Riots Roir Records and Tapes Re-meeting Sacha in the Subway forming The 1865 Chuck Treece & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
VOID WEEK CONTINUES!  On this episode Damian is joined by guitar god: BUBBA DUPREE! Listen in as the two discuss Bubba's journey into punk & hardcore. From developing the sound that changed hardcore to his criminally underrated 90's band Earth 18, this one is nuts! Also Touched On:  The Sex Pistols in Esquire Magazine  Buying “Never Mind the Bollocks” on 8-Track at K-Mart Being young in San Francisco  Seeing the Jackson 5 at the Cow Palace  Brian James is the greatest punk guitarist Looking for something trippier than Discharge Joining Void Where does Bubba’s guitar sound come from? Ian McKaye in the studio the story behind the unreleased “Potion For Bad Dreams”  liking Rites Of Spring forming a band Johnny Reese from the Obsessed  Earth 18 with Graham from Negative Approach the Void logo transcends the band Kim and Ben from Soundgarden are Void fans & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
This week on the the show, we're going to live by our rules! IT’S VOID WEEK ON TURNED OUT A PUNK & we're celebrating one of DCHC's greatest bands with two awesome episodes! First join Damian as he sits down with Void bassist Chris Stover as they talk: Ian & Henry regulating the Clash pit, how VOID came to be, DCHC vs. a bunch of Rednecks, getting grounded from going to see Fear on SNL & tons of other goodness!  NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On: DCHC starting the pit at the Clash show Skateboarder Magazine and Action Now The Bollocks Seeing the Teen Idles and everything changing getting tapes from Bert from the Untouchables Going to see Devo Law And Order The Unheard Music Festival Wino and the Obsessed how Void came together “KILL THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” Void’s second show  Almost missing Fear on SNL because of a grounding Getting caught eating catering by Eddie Murphy and Garrett Morris Belushi hangin out with Ian McKaye: what the hell did they talk about? & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Here we are now going to the punk side! This week on the show Damian sits down with the legend & one time live collaborator, MOBY to talk punk! Listen in as the two discuss: the legitimate fear at a FEAR show, Rick Rubin borrowing his amp, punk & stardom not mixing along loads more! Not to be missed & don’t miss Moby’s brand new, All Visible Objects record out on Mute Records now!  Also Touched On: Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video Sid Vicious’ My Way being conceived to Coltrane… maybe liking Led Zeppelin out of a need to fit in only Watching SNL at Brian Holstein’s house buying records at Johnny’s seeing Yes at MSG Seeing Fear at the Mud Club The birth of the Connecticut hardcore scene Moby on a moped  Rick Rubin needs to borrow and amp The Rob Zombie Connection Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law as the last show AWOL The little Ian MacKaye on your shoulder regrets & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Again, this is why we do this thing! On this episode Damian is joined by one of his heroes: JON GINOLI of the LEGENDARY Pansy Division! Listen in as they not only discuss Pansy Division, but also Jon's AMAZING other band, The Outnumbered, his first wave punk zine and the risky business of putting on a Replacements show. Like always,  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!   Also Touched On: Wondering if the Ramones were supposed to be funny at first? Seeing an ad for the Pistols in Trouser Press Raw Power being too raw Getting into the British bands first Pere Ubu being a little weird Hearing Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith Starting a zine “Ugly bands are the next big thing!” meeting the Ramones at a burger joint Gizmos and Gulcher Writing to Bomp going to college for the radio station Booking the Replacements Not wanting to do another band unless it was a “gay band” having nothing to lose writing about stuff you had never heard in song before working with Donna Dresch  Tribe 8  Parkdale and the Mission Phone calls to Fat Bob from Hard Skin touring with Green Day signing to Lookout The Angus Soundtrack & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
This is what we live for! On this episode, Damian is joined by THE LEGEND LYDIA LUNCH to talk punk! Although Lydia doesn't identify or even really like punk, she certainly influenced a lot of it. Listen in to this NOT TO BE MISSED episode as Lydia talks about the difference between No Wave & Punk, working with Rowland S. Howard, collaborating with (the) Weirdos, Cinema Of Transgression & everything in between!   Did we mention it is not to be missed? Find  her podcast The Lydian Spin here: and find her on Facebook here: Also Touched On: No Wave, not punk clubs with “pillowrooms” the island of found souls Meeting Stiv Bators in ’73 Sonic Reducer Running away for the New York Dolls Rock Magazines the House of Guitars proto-punk Loving drugs and not going to sleep Goth when everybody was Glam dreaming of Rollerderby The rise of rap, punk and Trump being over Iggy and Bowie The Ramones being silly going to Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ first show Mink DeVille Union Carbine Suicide did not fit in Joe Coleman and the Steel Tips Mars was the first No Wave band having to go to Europe Playing with Generation X 13:13 Cinema Of Transgression and  No Wave: one movement & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY Vans!!!
The doctor is in! This episode The Bollweevil's Dr. Daryl Wilson stops by to chat with massive fan Damian. Listen in as the two discuss the greatness of 90's Chicago Punk,  the problem of being a lead singer looking for a new band, playing "normal" shows vs. punk shows & so much more!  Not to be missed!!!!  Also Touched On: Achtung Chicago Sitting in a carport hearing Lexicon Devil Moving to Chicago Watching punk versus playing in a punk band Naked Raygun inspiring you to play music  Being made angry by having to leave Michigan  going to St. Andrew’a Hall for shows the change in physical perspective that comes with age Don Giovani going to see Prince Boys On Skates: Bootleg Faction the massiveness of the Chicago DIY punk scene 88 Fingers Louie, Smokin’ Popes, Oblivion, Apocalypse Hoboken, Los Crudos, Vindictives, Screeching Weasel Naked Raygun, Effigies,  Articles Of Faith Scene Unity to Scene Break-up growing and having some regrets Slapstick, Tricky Dick the sounds of the factions Writing a letter to Naked Raygun and getting a first show opening for them the problem being a singer starting a new band Milo is the influence Bad Religion Darby Crash Lando’s 45 The Foundation All-Stars Rat Patrol  “Get off the stage man, we’re here to see the Bollweevils!" & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
The fun continues!!! This time Damian is joined by his friend & the other half of No Age, Dean Spunt! Listen in as they talk straight edge, building a scene versus joining a scene, the gods CHOPPING BLOCK & so much more!! Not to be missed!!! Also check out "Goons Be Gone on Drag City now, IT RIPS! Also Touched On: Following in Dean’s footsteps Getting, borrowing or stealing a Ramones tape DJ Quick NWA Dead Kennedys  A sketchy looking tape “The Adolf Cents?” Luther Van Dross and Markie Mark at 6 Flags The Natural Fudge Cafe Guns and Spent Idols The Smell as an extension of the JabberJaw No Hardcore at the Smell after a while joining a scene vs building a scene booking Amps For Christ and Bastard Noise… together.  The Dystopia Riot Shows at Dean and Randy’s house! The No Age Chopping Block 7” Infest Teen Creeps Riverdales over Screeching Weasel   & MORE!!!!!
In celebration of their fantastic new album "Goons Be Gone", it's a two part Turned Out A Punk/ No Age special! First, Damian sits down with his friend Randy Randall to find out how skateboarding & resisting mainstream punk led him to No Age. Come back tomorrow for Dean Spunt's side of the tale & in the meantime, check out No Age's Goons Be Gone on Drag City now!  NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Lamar pedestrian bridge the wildest show ever A difficult history with punk fuck the skull band shirt liking the noisy stuff Punk as Southern California Jock Rock Did the Count even have songs? Finding the Smell the older scarier scene Mika Miko Jim Smith's dedication having to surrender punk to the next generation & Much Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
This episode is so hot it shines! Again, one of the greatest front people of all time, MARK ARM stops by the show to talk punk! Listen in as Mark & Damian talk going from thinking Devo is a joke to Green River playing with Samhain to his lack of recollection of the Jerry A./Mick Harvey Beef & everything in between. Also Touched On: Pictures on my walls See the freaky people on TV on a Saturday night The Damned: “Like a faster, better KISS” non-radio rock Getting sucked into Rush the Sweet record is a rager! A joke Devo record gift stops being  funny and starts being amazing The Forming of Mr. Epp And The Calculations A west coast Deep Wound Bob 1 smacking you on the head for touching his guitar Gang or 4  999 Fartz, Husker Du and the Dead Kennedys Blaine goes to Motorhead and makes it back in time for thew set That Fastbacks, The Living and the Silly Killers jamming to Van Halen and punk First hearing about Iggy Pop and being grossed out The Telepaths   The Tupperwares & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
“I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up! I Can’t Keep Up!” This week, we bring you one of the most requested guests in TOAP history. BRIAN BAKER is on the show! Listen in as Damian has his mind blown with stories from the genesis of DC hardcore from a guy who lived it! After all these years, THIS ONE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.  Here’s to a little escape Also Touched On: Mutual respect Going to elementary school with Guy Picciotto & Micheal Hampton Moving to Detroit Moving home & everyone is punk! Everyone was into the Damned, Clash & the Viletones The importance of Skip - Yesterday & Today  Discharge & Crass Empire, Lime Spiders, Hoodoo Gurus & the Church inform a sonic change Either Teen Idles & The Cramps or The Extorts on top of a record store Pussy Galore elementary school connection “I could have been seeing Doc Watson play a deli two times a month but I was too busy putting bandanas on my boots, hangin’ outside of 7-11 drinking cokes” Going to see Stiff Little Fingers with fake IDs & pencil shavings rubbed on your face The BAD BRAINS The early Minor Threat shows not really understanding the name The Violence No more fights The difference between DCHC & NYHC Getting a Canadian SIN Card Choosing SNL over playing at the GI DOA at Woodlawn High School Forming a Meatmen Forming Doggy Rock: “just a shit show” Dag Nasty: The California years “The Great Minor Threat Escape” Forming Samhain “We don’t need this MacKaye character, let’s get Glen!” Missing out on Bad Religion until “Recipe For Hate” & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
GET READY for a hardcore scientist masterclass! On this episode, Damian is joined by returning buddy, Cold World’s Nick Woj! Listen in as the two discuss, theorize, debate & philosophize on a variety of punk related topics including: the differences between east & west coast power violence, why the punk connection was more present in UK rave, why Jason Mewes got sober, how Toronto has altered rap & hardcore, the revisionist history behind modern Deadheads & other pressing topics.  NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also Touched On:   Beastie Boys, Spazz and Cold World the massive coastal difference in Power Violence fans Independent Wrestling and DIY Hardcore Burial Ground DJng in the back of Home Base The Wrestling/ Posi-Numbers connection Acid House and Post-Punk connection the motivation for forming Herman’s Hermits and Fugazi are probably pretty similar Normies  the 90’s Hardline Scott Biben  Chef G UK Drill Is the Lincoln/ Hoover split on iTunes? Portraits of the Past   Rap/ Hardcore: Toronto changes everything The Blood For Blood effect on Boston Right Brigade Demo Magnus: Where are they now? Why Jason Mewes got clean? The tragic Bane/ Only Crime show Deadheads: the real story & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
"Somebody told me that you had a punk past". This week on the show Damian is joined by The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci for a deep dive into the early 90's Las Vegas punk scene. Join the two as they discuss going from NoFX shows in the desert to being in one of the biggest bands in the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! Also check out The Killers' "Imploding The Mirage" coming later in 2020. Also Touched On: Moving to Northern California from Vegas Parent’s friend Emily gives you a DK and a COC tape Seeing the Minutemen in skate videos Getting “Head on the Door” by the Cure Dad’s bitching van Going to see the Cadillac Tramps at the Huntrage Theatre  The Summer of Shows Vermin From Venus connection The Double Down Saloon… or Double Door? Sneaking into shows Meeting older kids at the heath food store John Castro and A Lesser Dog Seeing NoFX playing in the desert How did a desert show work? Fugazi: Vegas Style House of Blues changes the game Purple Dirt with Vegas’ Dave Navarro Meeting Elephant Stone and forming Attaboy Skip Fault Tennis Court shows When no one comes to the show, might as well play ska/punk? How the Killer came to be  & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
Get ready! This week on the show, Damian is joined by the god Katie Harkin! Listen in as the two discuss: the post industrial collectivism of Yorkshire punk, free hats from MF Doom, the damage done to a generation of rock dudes by the success of the Arctic Monkeys & so much more!  Don't miss it & don't miss Katie's new solo album Harkin!!!! Also Touched On: Growing up in Leeds A trip to Cyprus the influence of the Smashing Pumpkins Leeds over Reading! Feeling bad for MF Doom after his set and trying to offer him a kind word  Post Industrial Collectivism  the Arctic Monkeys change everything forming a band to get a 7” in Jumbo Records Getting thrown out of a band for suggesting not doing covers The Gossip blowing up in England The London music biz Wichita rules! “Would you want to be the next Lilly Allen?” Why is non-mainstream music more mainstream in the UK? Sleater Kinney Saturday Night Live & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
ARE YOU READY, cause we've got a KILLER one for you tonight! JAMI MORGAN of Code Orange is on the show! Listen in as Damian & Jami finally get a chance to catch up & talk everything from family ties to Dillinger Four to calling in the Heyman Hustle at the WWE. THIS EPISODE HAS EVERYTHING! Again, NOT TO BE MISSED! Also Touched On: Punk adjacent parents Dad went to school with Billingsgate  the secret family rap history booking the first Code Orange show at 14 Grade 7 pop punk WAS HUGE! Selling tickets for your own shows Never being shown the ropes of genre The Ska demo that isn’t ska playing with Menzingers ad a house party at 14 Becoming a bitter ass band… at 15 The Pittsburgh goes apart The first tour Anti-Flag Finding your scene Booking a Circle Takes the Square tour and then asking them to hang The four way split and where it went Converge Touring with Bane “You guys fuck with ska?” Scott Vogal: people’s champ The Wicca Phase Wrestling Connection The WWE Jamming for just Triple H Paul Heyman, bootleg samples and the making the theme for Bray Wyatt & Much, Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
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Peter MacRaild

When did "sonic" become a noun, or is that just a Damien thing?

Jun 3rd

Peter MacRaild

Excellent interview! Loved him mentioning the Ebullition/HeartAttack scene. Very much remember that. The reaction of jock hardcore people in the states on their Snapcase tour was really interesting.

Oct 6th


love this

May 29th


wtf....."I haven't listen to the cramps since the 90s" and your on a punk rock podcast!?!? lol it takes all kinds I suppose. ugh

May 19th

Nick Hoffman

bro hymn defines the poseur song

Dec 27th

Rick Arden

Oi Oi Skinhead! Get your hair cut!

Dec 17th

Joshua K. Parker

chris #2! the biggest musical/influential bass player in my "career" Thanks "2" and thank you Anti-flag. cheers

Nov 7th

Chris Boud

Love that Kevin loved KillRadio, Raised on Whipped Cream is massively underrated!

Oct 9th

Chris Boud

I can't get the Jack Black episode to download, anyone any idea why?

Apr 16th

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