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We encourage parents who are expecting twins as well as experienced moms and dads of multiples. Together, we explore the unique challenges new parents face when raising two or more children of the same age. Join us as we embrace the joys of parenting when you’ve got double the duty.

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome comes without warning and has no known causes. So, how does SIDS specifically impact twins? Why are twins typically considered to be at greater risk? You'll hear firsthand from a mother who lost one of her twins to SIDS, and a SIDS awareness advocate shares what parents do to minimize potential risk factors and keep their babies safe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You've heard the phrase "eating for two". So if you're pregnant with twins, should you be "eating for three"? What exactly does your body need nutritionally to help with the growth and development of your babies? What are the daily caloric requirements? Plus, we'll demystify common foods that are often considered "taboo" during pregnancy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As a parent, managing sibling rivalry can be tough, especially with twins. Conflict begins as your twin children compete for dominance, parental attention, and independence- each vying for their place in the spotlight. How does twin sibling rivalry differ from rivalry shared between singletons? And what is the parent's role in diffusing conflict? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
At times you may need to breastfeed your babies away from home. The thought may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but we've enlisted some twin moms to share their tips on how to make it work. What are their "safe places" away from home? What gear is typically needed? And what do you do when both babies are hungry at the same time? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You’ve heard all the standard comments about twins: “Are they twins? Are they identical? Are they natural? Who was born first?” And you’ve come up with answers to those questions. But what about your kids? How do they respond? Have you talked to your twins about how to address these questions from complete strangers? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cribs, Co-sleepers, Bassinets, and Bunkbeds. With twins, there’s a lot of equipment and transitions ahead. Should you put newborns together? Keep them in your room or put in the nursery? And when they’re older, when should you separate them? Do they need their own rooms? Our twin parents are here to talk about sleeping arrangements for twins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Keeping track of one baby is tough enough. But if you're trying to watch two or more babies, you may want to seriously consider getting a second pair of eyes and ears- also known as a baby monitor. Should you go for an audio or video monitor, or perhaps both? What should you know about reception and security? And what can you expect to pay? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
No matter how hard you try, sometimes your twins just want to be naked. These little escape artists will strip down to nothing (including no diapers) at a moment's notice. Sometime they don't even care if they're out in public. So, how do you keep their clothes on? Duct tape? Glue? Or maybe wait it out? Our twin parents share what's worked best for them! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Prenatal Care with Twins

Prenatal Care with Twins


Prenatal care when you're pregnant with twins is different than care you'd receive with a singleton. So, what exactly can you expect to happen during the next nine months? Are all twin moms referred to perinatologists for their care? What should you expect to happen during a typical appointment? How will your care change between the first, second and third trimesters? And who ultimately delivers the babies? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
No one understands twins better than another twin parent. Messaging back and forth online can be helpful, but there's nothing that replaces connecting with people face to face through twin groups and meet-ups. What are the different types of groups available to twin parents? What kind of support and services do they offer? And how can you find one in your area, or perhaps start a new one? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You've just learned you're pregnant with twins! Odds are, you're in complete shock. You may be asking questions like, how did this happen? How common are twins? Are they identical or fraternal? And could it happen to me again? Today we're learning all about "twinning", the process of conceiving twins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Carrying more than one baby creates a higher demand on an expecting mother’s body during pregnancy. This often includes tapping into her iron supply which can result in iron-poor blood for mama and babies. If you’re pregnant with twins, should you be concerned? What can you do to prevent this condition? Can it be treated effectively? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The first month in your newborn twins life is full of excitement. And creating a routine may help you and your family adjust better. How much are newborn twins expected to sleep? How can you better coordinate your feeding schedule so they babies are getting the nutrition they need? How many diaper changes can you expect each day? Plus, where to turn if you need a little extra help. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You're getting ready to send your twins to kindergarten, but are they really ready? How do you know? What if one child is ready and the other isn't, do you still send them both? Do you put them in the same class? Learn how various twin types may react to this new social environment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Most newborn twins don't need to spend time in the NICU, but it's always helpful for expecting parents to be prepared- just in case. Today we're launching a new series focused on all things related to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. If this is your first trip to the NICU, what can you expect? Who are the different care providers and what are their roles? What are the typical visiting hours for the family? And what do all those crazy beeps mean coming from the equipment in the room? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Having trouble finding the perfect baby names for your twins? That's because there's double the pressure to get it right! What's trending right now with baby names? And what should you consider when making this big decision?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Traveling with Twins

Traveling with Twins


You want to travel, but is it really possible when you have young twins? How do you know when your twins are ready? How do handle eating and sleeping arrangements which may not follow your typical schedule? Our twin moms share what's worked (and what's not worked) for them when taking a road trip or flying the friendly skies.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Pink and Blue. That’s what we usually think of for girls and boys. But what if you have one of each? Do you have to decorate your twins' room in pink and blue? What other options are there? And how can you update their room as they become preschool and school-age kids? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The social and emotional development of twins is a bit different when compared to singletons. Their innate ability to communicate with one another may appear more advanced, but what happens when you look at each twin individually? As a parent, how do you encourage proper development for each child? And what type of advantages and disadvantages do twins commonly have socially and emotionally when compared to singletons? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
So, your twins are ready for baby food. Should you buy pre-packaged baby food or make your own? What are the benefits of making your own baby food? What is the process for making and preparing your own food? And how can you help your babies adopt new flavors and textures? Today our parent panelists share what worked for them and their family. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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