DiscoverTwitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros
Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros
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Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros

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What if you could learn helpful Twitter tips, tricks & resources that will help you get noticed right now? As a top ranked Social Media Power Influencer, I have a simple goal of teaching people how to “work smarter not harder” on Twitter. Each week I interview amazing movers and shakers in the world of social media and online marketing like Pat Flynn, Mari Smith, Kim Garst, Mark Schaefer, Michael Stelzner, Peg Fitzpatrick and leaders at HootSuite, InfusionSoft, ManageFlitter, Mention and so many more. I’m asking them one simple question: “What are your best Twitter tips?” In this podcast you’ll get the best Twitter information & resources that you can use right now. Join me on this journey where you'll learn what the pros are doing so you can become Twitter Smarter.
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In this episode, I give you six laser-focused tips to boost your Twitter productivity and get you awesome results. I talk about choosing daily, weekly and monthly Twitter tasks, picking optimal posting times, automating some of your tweets and more. Podcast show notes available at
Rachel Moffett is the creator of Define Your Hustle and a mindset and manifestation coach for women in business. She helps them step into their next level selves and create success in their online businesses. You may also know Rachel as the person behind the Express Writers Twitter account. She’s super active on the #TwitterSmarter chat as well as other social media and marketing chats. Plus she hosts their #ContentWritingChat. Podcast show notes available at
In this episode, I teach you how to become a Twitter chat pro. I’ll tell you how to connect, learn, and share your expertise on Twitter chats so people can get to know, like and trust you. Podcast show notes available at
Tamara Tanney is a digital marketer and founder of Marketing Millennial, an agency specializing in social media, content creation, and creative strategy. Over the years, she has made it her mantra to constantly keep learning. She is one of the regulars on my weekly #TwitterSmarter chat, and she’s always sharing helpful insights. In this episode, Tamara discusses vanity metrics and shares tactics on how to increase daily engagement. She also talks about these metrics in relation to viral content, organic growth, and community building. Podcast show notes available at
In this episode, I describe the top new features and refreshed look of Twitter’s new desktop redesign – the first big design change in seven years. These highlights will help you rock Twitter like a pro! Podcast show notes available at
Kristin Smedley is an award-winning nonprofit leader, TEDx speaker, and author. She never planned any of that. But then two of her three children were diagnosed with a rare disease that causes blindness, and she had to learn how to use tools to help them. Kristin’s two blind sons are now thriving as gifted high school and college students. She is the founder of the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation, the only patient organization in the world for her sons’ blindness, CRB1 LCA/RP. Her book, “Thriving Blind: Stories of Success Without Sight” is available in all formats, including electronic Braille and large print. Kristin speaks internationally on the topic of “Setting Extraordinary Expectations” for your personal journey, and she’s also a co-host of the 4 Chicks Chatting Podcast. In this podcast, Kristin shares her inspiring personal journey and the simple steps she took that elevated her Twitter presence. That success has helped her advocate for her two blind sons and launched her role as an advocate for the blind and visually impaired community. Podcast show notes available at
Each week I'll be sharing a solo episode that's filled with super helpful, strategic Twitter tips aimed to help you rock your Twitter. If you’re ready to start getting noticed on Twitter, these 8 tips are for you! This advice will have you seeing audience growth and more engagement, which is exactly what we all want in the social media world. Podcast show notes are available at
My guest Dhariana Lozano is a social media consultant with almost a decade of experience helping B2B and B2C brands use social media to expand their reach online. She’s also the co-founder of a New York boutique marketing agency called Supremacy Marketing. Podcast show notes available at
My guest Nika Stewart is a social media trailblazer, national speaker, and CEO of Nika has built a reputation for turning entrepreneurs and thought leaders into social media superstars. She does this by helping clients leverage the awesome power of social media to spread their messages and maximize brand awareness. With that goal in mind, her company has been building social communities and amplifying the visibility of celebrities and those who should be. Podcast show notes available at
Tim Fargo is the CEO of Social Jukebox, an amazing and powerful Twitter automation tool that I love and use every day for marketing my brand on Twitter. It’s a paid scheduling tool that allows you to load a “jukebox” full of content so you can schedule tweets to go out and then sit back and let it do the job for you. I’ve known Tim for many years and even had him on this podcast a few years back (episode 28). Tim is my first guest to come back on for a second time. He’s a bestselling author, a keynote speaker, an angel investor and an entrepreneur. Podcast show notes available at
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