DiscoverTwitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros
Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros
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Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar - The Best Twitter Tips from the Pros

Author: Madalyn Sklar

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Twitter marketing expert Madalyn Sklar shares her insights on Twitter best practices in her #TwitterSmarter podcast. Listen as Madalyn interviews top-ranked social media and marketing rock stars who share their best Twitter tips, tools and resources that’ll inspire you to crush your Twitter marketing. These expert tips will teach you how to “work smarter not harder” on Twitter and get noticed right now.
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“A good way to start growing your brand and finding your people on Twitter is to combine your general passion and your general interest and try to find a specific niche within.” – Nick Martin Nick Martin is Hootsuite‘s social engagement specialist. He oversees Hootsuite’s online community engagements and coaches all new hires on how to maximize the company’s social media presence. Podcast show notes available at
“Focus on the audience. Who are you talking to? Why are you talking to them? Are you trying to make them reply? Look at those things to see what you want to be known for.” – Janet Machuka Janet Machuka is a digital marketing manager at Sparks Corporates and the founder of #AfricaTweetChat, which runs every Wednesday at 9pm East Africa Time. That’s 1pm Eastern. She’s also a content creator and strategist, influencer, and digital marketing trainer. Podcast show notes available at
”Engaging with insights makes you more followable and it helps you build better relationships, whether that's your audience or strategic partners.” – Todd Giannattasio Todd Giannattasio is a veteran marketing expert who has been featured by Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffington Post for his proven systems to grow brands, generate leads, and increase sales in our constantly evolving, digital world. Podcast show notes available at
In this bonus episode, you’ll hear me talk about new Twitter features. Some are available now, others are coming in 2020 and a few are being tested for possible use in the future. Podcast show notes are available at
“Personalizing any type of greeting – whether it just be acknowledgement of someone's tweet – goes so far.” – Alan Hennessy Alan Hennessy is a digital and content marketing consultant and CEO of Kompass Media. He is also a social media trainer, keynote speaker and podcaster (Social Media Talks podcast) with over 15 years of experience in digital and social media marketing. Podcast show notes are available at
“Play nicely because social media is a bit like a tattoo. Once you’ve actually done it, it’s there forever.” – Tim Hughes Tim Hughes is a global Social Selling pioneer, speaker, CEO, and co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates, and the author of two books: Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers and Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing. Podcast show notes available at
“Listen, learn and read (about Twitter marketing), but do you. Don’t think ‘Oh, I need to do video, or I’ve got to host a Twitter chat’ – unless, of course, you want to do that.” – John Carver John Carver a marketing and account management services consultant who helps brands get seen, known and connected with their audience and prospective clients. John’s Communications background in print and publishing led to a long-standing, freelance career in direct marketing and general advertising. In addition to his work as a marketing consultant, John is also considered to be a top influencer within the cannabis industry. Podcast show notes available at
“I would much rather have 500 really amazing fans than 5,000 or 50,000 disengaged fans.” – Crystal King Crystal King is a Social Media Professor for HubSpot Academy and has led global social media and community programs for some really big companies. And she’s taught classes in writing, creativity and social media at some of the largest universities and colleges in the US. I had the pleasure of working with Crystal this year on Hubspot Academy’s new course called How to Build an Advanced Twitter Strategy. Check it out at Podcast show notes available at
“When you live-tweet, people see your name. You are actually giving yourself free publicity for your business, and you never know where it leads.” May King Tsang is a professional Live Tweeter and has been helping conferences, festivals and workshops to trend with their respective hashtags for nearly 10 years. Podcast show notes available at
“Twitter search is so powerful. If you just spend a bit of time figuring out the advanced stuff and how it works, you can find gold.” Warwick Brown is the founder of Account Manager Tips, where he helps organizations grow client revenue and retention by empowering account management teams with the tools and mindset to succeed. Podcast show notes available at
“Twitter is about being real, authentic, and making the most amazing connections with other people.” – Sarah Clay Sarah Clay is an award winning Social Media Expert and runs her own Social Media Consultancy firm. She manages social media accounts for the hospitality industry and also gives private workshops to entrepreneurs, teaching them how to run their own social media. Clients have included Barbie, Fisher-Price, Bob The Builder, The Turk’s Head Twickenham, The Admiralty Pub in Trafalgar Square, and Just Strong. Podcast show notes available at
My guest Dan Willis is an international digital marketer with over fifteen years of experience on three continents in multiple languages. The advice he shares comes from real, practical experience consulting with major brands like FOX TV, Toyota, and H&M (France, the U.K., Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S.). "Video simplifies everything. Instead of my having to be a great wordsmith, I can just get it all out there with a quick 30-, 40-second video, no restrictions." - Dan Willis Podcast show notes available at
Christine Gritmon helps small, local businesses be less intimidated by social media so that they can take better advantage of the incredible community-generating opportunities these platforms offer – all with an eye towards strategy, efficiency, and, most of all, personality! Christine loves public speaking, group workshops and training sessions, as well as working one-on-one to help over-stressed small business owners realize that they CAN do it! In this episode, Christine talks about amazing, cool ways to communicate and build an engaging Twitter community: fun stuff, like participating in Twitter chats, using GIFs, and live-tweeting at conferences. Podcast show notes available at
In this episode, I share my 5 top Twitter marketing tools for Twitter automation and analytics. These tools will help you grow your Twitter community and create awesome tweets that boost your ROI. Podcast show notes available at
Debra Eckerling is host of the #GoalChat Twitter Chat, Sundays at 10pm ET. She is also a goal coach, project catalyst, and founder of The D*E*B Method. Debra works with individuals and businesses helping them set goals and manage their projects. She’s the author of “Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals” (due out in January 2020). In this episode, Debra Eckerling and I talk about all things Twitter chats. You know that is one of my favorite topics! She shares really helpful advice on how to participate in Twitter chats. And she’ll tell you how to find chats and what you should be doing DURING chats. And in case you’d like to host your own, Debra shared a strategy that will help prepare you. Podcast show notes with links and info is available at
In this episode, I give you six laser-focused tips to boost your Twitter productivity and get you awesome results. I talk about choosing daily, weekly and monthly Twitter tasks, picking optimal posting times, automating some of your tweets and more. Podcast show notes available at
Rachel Moffett is the creator of Define Your Hustle and a mindset and manifestation coach for women in business. She helps them step into their next level selves and create success in their online businesses. You may also know Rachel as the person behind the Express Writers Twitter account. She’s super active on the #TwitterSmarter chat as well as other social media and marketing chats. Plus she hosts their #ContentWritingChat. Podcast show notes available at
In this episode, I teach you how to become a Twitter chat pro. I’ll tell you how to connect, learn, and share your expertise on Twitter chats so people can get to know, like and trust you. Podcast show notes available at
Tamara Tanney is a digital marketer and founder of Marketing Millennial, an agency specializing in social media, content creation, and creative strategy. Over the years, she has made it her mantra to constantly keep learning. She is one of the regulars on my weekly #TwitterSmarter chat, and she’s always sharing helpful insights. In this episode, Tamara discusses vanity metrics and shares tactics on how to increase daily engagement. She also talks about these metrics in relation to viral content, organic growth, and community building. Podcast show notes available at
In this episode, I describe the top new features and refreshed look of Twitter’s new desktop redesign – the first big design change in seven years. These highlights will help you rock Twitter like a pro! Podcast show notes available at
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