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Two Blokes Talking Tech

Author: Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech

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Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech love technology - every week they'll talk about the latest news, moves, reviews and information about anything technology!
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NSW is going digital with drivers licences, the blokes discuss the process and the whole system and consider the fully digital wallet. Panasonic have a concept for a Transparent TV! Yep, when it's off, it's not there! Uber taking to the skies, after Trev's trip the blokes discuss, plus a new independent solar panel program in Sydney's west. Netflix's big numbers and Google's AR mapping plus the minute reviews
There's lots of news to cover from Apple's annual developers conference so the blokes are Live with a full wrap of things including all the changes to iOS, the split for iPad getting it's own operating system, changes to Mac OS including the somewhat controversial changes to iTunes and the many new additions to Apple Watch through Watch OS 6 - all thanks to Netgear and Uniden
#390 - The Blues Brothers

#390 - The Blues Brothers


This week thanks to Netgear and Uniden, Stephen and Trevor talk through the tech news of the week, including the launch of 5G looking at a few of the new devices available at Telstra. They wear and test the Bose Frames - sunglasses with built in speakers. Lenovo's Smart Clock is a winner with the blokes, There's a new iPod Touch out, Intel has a vision for the laptop of the future, Stephen has advice to keep your eyes on track plus the Minute reviews
Huawei faces a bleak future if they can't use US companies to help make their phones - or do they? And does this US trade ban impact current Huawei device owners - the blokes discuss in detail. Plus the 5G switch on, Telstra going Live with HTC 5G hub in the home and on the go, Samsung's phone also launching next week. Apple Pay gets a triple boost with banks and concert tickets hitting the Apple Wallet, Samsung's innovative approach to desk space, Minecraft at your local park and Stephen's Minute reviews.
#388 - Apple Everywhere!

#388 - Apple Everywhere!


This week talking Tech, the blokes look at the news that Apple is on more devices, with Apple TV on Samsung TVs and Apple Music on Amazon Alexa speakers - a big week! WhatsApp has a drama with a massive security breach, GoPro under attack with a stunning new camera from DJI the Osmo Action the blokes take a look. Telstra's new rewards program, Folding laptops, Optus 5G and the minute reviews
Google's annual I/O developer conference keynote is over and there are new phones, new names for Google products and updates to android - all in the name of Privacy. Plus, Dyson's car patents - a potentially strange looking car is coming, but it will be amazing for sure. eSports are big, bigger than Trevor expected, Samsung's new Galaxy A devices, Facebook's VR and the dating app for Over 50's. Plus, our Minute reviews.
The internet is abuzz with word of a problem in the latest Game of Thrones, the show is too dark! Not the themes, the actual video - DARK.. Stephen Explains. Plus the latest on the Samsung Fold dramas. Apple iPhone rumours for 2019, Amazon and Google make friends, Apple's stance on Privacy and the minute reviews...
Some dramas for Samsung today as the Galaxy Folds nears it's on sale date there's reports of broken screens and accidental damage to multiple - Stephen and Trevor discuss just what Samsung can do and what steps must happen next. Hisense's 2019 TV range gets pricing, Hey Google - I'm lazy, get me a pizza - that's a thing now, Notre Dame and how technology can help the rebuild, Stephen gets a chance to Talk Star Wars plus he's found a hot price on the top end iPhone - plus two big reviews..
Stephen is back from Paris and it's an Electric debate he's walked into, The blokes discuss the future of electric cars and some of the myths that have circulated in the last week or so. Plus, the Huawei P30 Pro - stunning camera, amazing phone - plus, the size of the App economy in Australia, Samsung's new Opal Card tap and go strategy, Telstra's loyalty program and the minute reviews which go a whole lot longer than a minute.
Stephen and Trevor have travelled to separate parts of the world to ensure you have all the news from two of the biggest tech names - Apple and Huawei. Apple's ShowTime event got lots of attention, but what do the blokes make of Apple News+, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+? A complete analysis on this show. Plus, Stephen's in Paris for the Huawei P30 launch - amazing camera - is that all it offers and can it take on Samsung
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