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Two Blokes Talking Tech

Author: Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech

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Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech love technology - every week they'll talk about the latest news, moves, reviews and information about anything technology!
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Stephen and Trevor are in the USA as guests of Apple for the September Apple Event at Steve Jobs Theatre, the day after the event the blokes are invited inside Apple Park for a one off recording in the Apple Podcast Studio to talk all things Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, 7th Generation iPad, Apple Watch Series 5 and of course the all new 2019 iPhones, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Trev and Steve have gone hands on with the year's most anticipated and controversial device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. There's a bit of controversy swirling around about 8K which the blokes discuss, Lenovo have a bunch of smart new products and they're really thinking smart here - Sony have a brand new Walkman that's a tribute to the classic from 40 years ago, TCL showcase their brand new Smartphone, Ecovacs have a new robot vacuum, that can remember multi story homes and Trev wonders if Stephen would consider the Electric Porsche Taycan.
#402 - Tap and Go it

#402 - Tap and Go it


The blokes give their verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - it's one hell of a phone. The all new $599 Bose 700 headphones, raising the bar and putting Bose ahead of the game, Trev tries the teeny tiny PALM smartphone and it's got legs but at a price. Steve drives the Tesla Model 3 in the USA, there's an all new soundbar from JBL which turns a dumb TV smart and Samsung's THE WALL TV hits Australia
Could we have more streaming? Not content with Netflix, Stan and Hayu among others, Disney+ is launching soon so the blokes discuss just who might subscribe - plus there's Apple TV+ coming too! Tell us what you think! There's a new player in the mobile space, vivo enters the Aussie market and it's a crowded space. 5G worries explained, Trev tests a few devices to see just what is causing potential harm to us humans. Dyson have a new personal purifier - Stephen takes a look, Google launches a comprehensive online museum of Aussie sport, and some tips for parents when it comes to kids gamings. All that plus the reviews this week!
We take a trip down memory lane as we celebrate 400 shows here at Two Blokes Talking Tech - a huge milestone for us after more than 8 years. Plus we talk about all the news of the week, including avoiding SCAMS and the latest scams going round, Samsung's big score from DXOMark for the camera on the Note 10+, ESports takes a blow in Australia with GFinity shutting down, Stephen takes us on a tour of STAR WARS GALAXY'S EDGE at Disneyland in LA and our minute reviews.
The boys are LIVE in New York just hours after Samsung Unpacked with all the news. Two new Note phones for the first time, plus a range of really great features to take Note devices to a new level. There's also questions about what this means for Apple - and other new devices from Samsung including a new laptop coming to Australia. New fitness smartwatches and a solid partnership with Microsoft - lots to discuss!
The blokes are about to head to New York with Samsung, so what are we expecting, what's new - what will the Note 10 look like - will there be two? And the Galaxy Fold is back and coming too!The TIO have turned their focus to the shoddy tactics being used by some telcos to trick people into switching over, Stephen explains. While Trev looks at why it's so hard for people to find the Ashes and asks why people are watching in SD!! Could the next iPhone support Apple Pencil? That's what Stephen reckons, plus LEGO goes Augmented Reality with the new Hidden Side sets hitting the market, and the Tesla Model 3 gets a 5 star ANCAP rating for safety.
Foxtel is announcing a big change today, and the two blokes have the scoop - it's all about Netflix and how Foxtel users can stay Foxtel users while also getting what they need outside of the platform. NBN announces it's reached 10 million Aussie homes, so how many are connected and what issues are there still? Kanstar reckons 13% of Aussies have a Smart Speaker and the stats will surprise you in the details. Gaming is good, don't let anyone tell you otherwise - the ages will surprise as will the educational value. Xbox goes all Digital but Trev isn't convinced, Stephen visits WETA digital in New Zealand for a look at movie magic, plus our minute reviews.
It's World Emoji day - do you know why we celebrate that on July 17?? Tune in! There's new emojis for 2019 and while some are serious some are downright silly. Plus Zaap the new payment card for kids with a wearable payment band has launched, there's a few good leaks out pointing to change with the Samsung Note 10 and an interesting looking 2019 iPhone range. DJI is taking the lead on drone safety with new features and ideas, Fetch TV adds channels for the Free to Air catch up services and Huawei gets the OK in the UK - why not here? And the minute reviews..
#395 - Refurbished Phones

#395 - Refurbished Phones


Boost Mobile are getting into the game of selling refurbished smartphones and the deals are exceptional. Sony's latest fully wireless in-ear headphones are in the blokes ears and the initial results are promising. Hisense has gotten into the Soundbar game, LG's new smartphone has a palm reading feature and a stunning deal for the first 1000 buyers, Huawei are thinking after sales service for their growing customer base, Apple has gotten rid of the Macbook with an upgraded Macbook Air and Macbook Pro lineup - plus the minute reviews.
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