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Two Moms Day Drinking

Author: Stacey Gross

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Are you tired of the Mommy Wars? Why not spend an hour each week stepping back from the carnage as it unfolds on social media to take a deep dive into the story of one of the soldiers instead? Being a mom is hard as hell. Each week, host Stacey Gross gets together with another mom (or a dad, or a grandma, or someone who's chosen not to have kids at all) to talk about how they relate to the enormous concept that is parenting. Whether you have kids or not, tune in every Saturday for a fresh dose of humor, humility, and unvarnished truth about the fact that mommin' ain't easy.
73 Episodes
My uncle wants to know if I can dig an artifact out of the family archives. So I have to talk about it.Obviously. Support the show (
I've recently revised my policy of not paying my kids to do chores, and I need to talk about it. Support the show (
(Nearly) Empty Nesters

(Nearly) Empty Nesters


Three of Gina Merritt's four children have moved out of her house, and it hit her hard at first. Then, with the help of some good advice and a talking to by her husband, Gina came down off the ledge and is starting to embrace the reward of watching all her hard mommin' work come to fruition. And she has some advice for other moms struggling to let their babies fly the coop. Support the show (
Michael Hsu discusses the importance of healing your own childhood trauma and the power of being vulnerable to release fears and anxieties. Michael is the author of two books, and you can find out more about them, as well as his podcast and practice, by visiting the show (
My blog debut for The Watershed Journal. All about me and my ridiculous writing life. Check out The Watershed at the show (
Some girls want a romantic Valentine's Day getaway to Paris or New York. I'm over here like Gobbler's Knob, y'all. Support the show (
I have Mr. Crowley suck in my head. So of course you're all going to hear all about it. You're welcome. Support the show (
Just the best and most-requested Disney animal characters. Maximus and PascalHei HeiMushu & CrikeSebastian, Scuttle, Flounder, Flotsom, & JetsomWall-E and his CockroachMeeko & FlitZazu, Timon, & PumbaThumper and FlowerJacques & GusSupport the show (
Joe Biden is the Grandpap we all need in our lives right now. On our mom's side. Bernie Sanders and his glorious mittens are the Grandpap on our dad's less formal but still benevolent and loving side. Support the show (
I've been on hold for 16 minutes and 33 seconds, and I simply must tell you all about it. Support the show (
A Cold Day in Lander

A Cold Day in Lander


I ran out of propane this weekend because I suck at being a grownup.And it got me thinking...Support the show (
Journalist Dads

Journalist Dads


Andy Close wants kids someday.Brian Hagberg already has some. All three of us were reporters at the same newspaper once.Now Andy and Brian are co-owners of Your Daily Local, a news outlet of their own. Read columns and news stories written by Brian, Andy, and me at yourdailylocal.comSupport the show (
I put my own ring on it. Here's why. Support the show (
I had a wonderful column completed in a reasonable amount of time.Then, the toilet got clogged. Support the show (
A collaboration with Your Daily Local, check out my first audio column all about how we came to be the family who adopted an elf on the shelf. Support the show (
Gina and I talk Christmas, and do some armchair analysis of traditions like Elf on the Shelf and the concept of Santa Claus. Is Christmas just a celebration of Big Brother and toxic guilt tripping? We think not. Find out why. Also, our mutual Twitter friend Ashley's dad is the most legit Santa Claus I've ever seen in my life. One of my favorite things is to include listeners in our lunacy, and Ashley was so generous to share this shot of her dad that I've used as episode artwork this week. Have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas filled with love, sanity, gratitude, and reflection. We've a new year on our doorstep and, honestly, it can not be that hard to improve upon the year we've already trudged through if we just keep our chins as up as we can. And trust me, it is not like me to offer that advice, but for about the past month I have been undergoing a somewhat jarring change of personality. Could be me maturing. Could be the onset of a stroke, for all I know. But all I do know is that I have felt this amniotic weighted blanket of general peace settling over me and I can't explain why or how, but I also don't want it to go away. Maybe I'm actually freezing to death. They say freezing to death comes with the same subjective experience, more or less. Either way, let's kick this holiday's ass and then square up to 2021 like the badass muthas we are.  K? K. Support the show (
Twenty Years In

Twenty Years In


Bill and Mary McFarland were married 20 years before they had their son, Ian. Does a 20 year marriage under a couple's belt make the experience of parenting a child easier or harder? Bill and Mary have strong opinions. Support the show (
Gina and I discuss Alice in Wonderland, and she recounts the tale of her lunchmeat Thanksgiving that will go down in infamy. Here’s the video I was referencing. the show (
Destiny Greenawalt

Destiny Greenawalt


Destiny and I talk being kind to one another after her formal episode, Episode 4, on Working Moms. Support the show (
Gina and I discuss the movies Peter Pan and The Sword and the Stone. Fair warning, I was tired, overworked, and all over the place. Which makes this funny but ultimately light on substantive conversation from my end. It's fine.It's all gonna be fine. Support the show (
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