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Author: Dr Ian Lewins

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Home of the 'Two Paeds In a Pod' Podcast from the Department of Paediatrics at the Royal Derby Hospital. Created by Sarah Simons, Geoff Burnhill and Ian Lewins this medical education podcast is aimed at health care professionals new to paediatrics or those who occasionally care for children as part of a wider healthcare role.

This podcast is for medical education purposes only and should not replace advice you have received from a medical practitioner.
68 Episodes
We are getting a bit meta this week as we take a look at podcasts themselves. Nice to listen to, but are they of any educational value? Two new voices discuss this as we introduce Dr Adriel Chen - a Foundation Doctor with an interest in Paediatrics, and Dr Ashley Reece - Consultant Paediatrician, medical educator and RCPCH Officer for Assessment.
In the UK, the coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on many aspects of health inequalities. None more so than the issue of food poverty and its effects on child health. In this episode we talk to Dr Ian Sinha, Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at Alder Hay Hospital, about what we mean by food poverty and what paediatricians can do about it.
In the second of our special ACP podcasts, Liz Jemmett, a Paediatric ACP from Salford, and guests talk us through the pathway to becoming an Advanced Practitioner. Essential listening for anyone thinking about the role, as well as some top tips for the old hands!
In our first podcast of 2021, Drs Damian Roland and Ally Monroe discuss New Variant COVID-19. What does this mean and what are the implications for paediatrics?
In our final podcast of 2020 we cover a topic much loved by never quite completely understood by many of us, Kawasaki Disease. We talk to Professor Robert Tulloh, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist from Bristol who brilliantly and simply explains everything you could want to know about this condition and the man after whom it is named.
We are delighted to host this very timely guest podcast as Drs Damian Roland and Ally Monroe discuss the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines.
Kids. They're always finding novel ways of injuring themselves, so what did they get up to during the first UK lockdown? We spoke to paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Mr Pranai Buddhdev about what he and his team found out and subsequently published. Link to study here:
In episode 28 we spoke to Dr Tom Waterfield about the forthcoming Petechiae in Children study - well in this episode we are delighted to welcome Tom back to talk about the results, recently published in The Lancet. Which clinical practice guideline performs the best at detecting a child with meningococcal disease in the febrile child presenting with a non-bleaching rash. Link to the study here:
Monday marks the start of Advanced Practice Week here in the UK. To celebrate we are delighted to release a first podcast by our new ACP team as Rhian Smith, Katie Barnes and Laura Lee discuss what it means to be an Advanced Practitioner and how the role has evolved.
Originally recorded for Dont Forget The Bubbles, Damian Roland, Ally Munro and Ian Lewins - The Three Muskapeers - have a chat about the current literature around COVID and other current issues in paediatrics.
Accepting the odd sandwich form a drug rep is fine, right? Well maybe not as we talk to Dr Chris van Tulleken (yes he of the brilliant Operation Ouch!) about the influence of the pharmaceutical industry in paediatrics. This podcast was originally recorded and broadcast in September 2019 for Dont Forget the Bubbles
A bit of a different episode this week. Something I have been asked several times is "How did you go about creating and publishing your podcast?" so in this episode I try and explain. What kit you will need, how to go about recording and some top tips to learn from my mistakes.
We all want a positive outcome for any child attending our ED but recognise that doesn't always happen. But how often to adverse events happen, how serious are they and what can we do to prevent them? In this podcast we talk to Dr Amy Plint from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Otario in Canada who has recently published a study looking at exactly these questions in the BMJ Quality and Safety Journal. The article is open access and can be found here: This podcast was originally recorded by 2 Paeds for Don't Forget the Bubbles.
Lots of kids have minor head injuries. Lots of kids vomit. Lots of kids vomit after head injury but do they really need a CT brain? Dr Helen Newsome, Clinical Fellow in PEM in Sheffield, wondered the same question and so tried to find the answer. She published her findings in the Archives of Disease in Childhood in December 2019 and we chat to her about this paper. Link to the article here:
In this very special episode of the podcast, we are delighted to welcome GP, columnist and broadcaster Dr Ellie Cannon on to chat about working as a GP during the COVID-19 pandemic, why she been an advocate for wearing face coverings, and her involvement in ongoing coronavirus vaccine studies.
We talk to Dr Jon Adamson, Consultant in PEM in Birmingham, about his recent paper "The Fifteen Minute Consultation: The Limping Child" published in the June 2020 Edition of ADC Education and Practice. What should we look for in the atraumatic limping child? When should we investigate and what do we really not want to miss?
We return after lockdown as we speak to Dr Simon Clark - the Vice President for Policy at the RCPCH - to discuss the College's response to the question that has arisen during the pandemic; "Where have all the sick kids gone?!?"
In this special podcast edition we talk to Paediatric Infectious Diseases clinical research fellow Dr Alasdair Munro about what we know so far about COVID-19 and children. This talk is based on the blog Alasdair wrote along with Dr Alison Boast for 'Don't Forget The Bubbles' which can be found here:
In our 50th episode we return to discussing some original research published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood as we speak to lead author Dr Robert Scott-Jupp. Does having resident paediatric consultants reduce the number and 'quality' of acute admissions? And is it financially worth it? The original paper can be found here:
In this episode we talk to Dr Rachel Smith, a Paediatric Registrar based in the East Midlands about hypoglycaemia outside of the neonatal period. What is it, why does it matter and how do we investigate it? This episode is aimed at those starting in paediatrics and especially paramedics and pre-hospital crews.
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