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We talk to Dr Tom Jackson about his article in Archives of Disease in Childhood looking at the use of Dexmedetomidine as a sedative agent fro children undergoing MRI scans in a district general hospital. Is it better the NICE recommended medications? Article can be found here:
There are so many infant milks and formulae available that it can be confusing to healthcare professionals, let alone parents. Where did they come from, what do they contain and what about specialist prescription-only formulae. Host Dr Ashley Reece takes a deep dive into all these issues with our special guest Bahee Van de Bor - dietician and spokesperson of the British Dietetic Association. You can explore more about Bahee's work at
We are all busy professionals with lots to do in a very limited amount of time, so why should we be concerned about climate change? That's nothing to do with paediatricians surely? Dr Katie Knight explains why its everything to do with paediatricians and the number one public health emergency for our patients not just tomorrow but today.
We are joined by Dr Lucie Etheridge and Julia Avery to discuss their recent article in the October 2021 edition of 'Archives of Disease in Childhood' looking at whether magnesium supplementation is helpful in adolescents with migraine.
We are really proud to introduce another episode from our Advanced Practitioner team, this time from the ANNPs. Rhian Smith, Becky Joyce and Dr Vicky Payne discuss the past, present and future of Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners in the UK.
In this week's pod we chat to Dr Katie McKinnon about the value of limiting screen time in children with concussion. Dr McKinnon is the lead author of an article in this July's edition of ADC that looked at whether the advice we often give about limiting screen time in concussion has any basis in evidence.
In this week's episode we talk to Jessica Talbot and Lucy Brown who are both specialist registrars in paediatric dentistry. What should you do about an avulsed tooth, is tooth decay as big a problem in the UK as we think it is, and how can dentistry help in child protection? I also learn why you should never rinse after brushing...
All paediatricians are lovely cuddly people, right? Well sadly the data suggests rudeness, incivility and unprofessional behaviour remain prevalent in the health workplace. In this episode Dr Ashley Reece, Consultant Paediatrician from West Hertfordshire Hospital, talks to Dr Anna Baverstock, Consultant Paediatrician from Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset, about when rudeness can occur in our working lives and what can be done to address it.
In the third in our series of ACP podcast specials, Emma Hudson, Chris White and Laura Lee, Advanced Practitioners in Derby, Nottingham and Norfolk and Norwich Children's Emergency Departments discuss their roles and the unique set of skills that ACPs bring to the ED.
Prescribing for children and young people can be one fo the most challenging aspects for healthcare professionals new to paediatrics. In this episode Ashey Reece, Consultant paediatrician at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, and Sumiah Al-Azeib, Lead Pharmacist for Women and Children's services at Medway Hospital Kent, take a deep dive into medicines for children and their top prescribing tips. They also explore the concept of 'druggles'...
Back in January we were delighted to chat with Dr Camilla Kingdon, the RCPCH President Elect to discuss her vision for the future of the College and plans for when she becomes President in May
Safety netting is a crucial component of care within the Emergency Department but often there is very little teaching on how to do it well. In this week's episode Chris White, an Advanced Clinical Practitioner from Nottingham talks to Dr Edward Snelson, a PEM Consultant from Sheffield, about why that might be the case and how we can all improve our safety-netting skills.
We are getting a bit meta this week as we take a look at podcasts themselves. Nice to listen to, but are they of any educational value? Two new voices discuss this as we introduce Dr Adriel Chen - a Foundation Doctor with an interest in Paediatrics, and Dr Ashley Reece - Consultant Paediatrician, medical educator and RCPCH Officer for Assessment.
In the UK, the coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on many aspects of health inequalities. None more so than the issue of food poverty and its effects on child health. In this episode we talk to Dr Ian Sinha, Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at Alder Hay Hospital, about what we mean by food poverty and what paediatricians can do about it.
In the second of our special ACP podcasts, Liz Jemmett, a Paediatric ACP from Salford, and guests talk us through the pathway to becoming an Advanced Practitioner. Essential listening for anyone thinking about the role, as well as some top tips for the old hands!
In our first podcast of 2021, Drs Damian Roland and Ally Monroe discuss New Variant COVID-19. What does this mean and what are the implications for paediatrics?
In our final podcast of 2020 we cover a topic much loved by never quite completely understood by many of us, Kawasaki Disease. We talk to Professor Robert Tulloh, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist from Bristol who brilliantly and simply explains everything you could want to know about this condition and the man after whom it is named.
We are delighted to host this very timely guest podcast as Drs Damian Roland and Ally Monroe discuss the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines.
Kids. They're always finding novel ways of injuring themselves, so what did they get up to during the first UK lockdown? We spoke to paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Mr Pranai Buddhdev about what he and his team found out and subsequently published. Link to study here:
In episode 28 we spoke to Dr Tom Waterfield about the forthcoming Petechiae in Children study - well in this episode we are delighted to welcome Tom back to talk about the results, recently published in The Lancet. Which clinical practice guideline performs the best at detecting a child with meningococcal disease in the febrile child presenting with a non-bleaching rash. Link to the study here:
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