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Author: Dr Ian Lewins

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Home of the 'Two Paeds In a Pod' Podcast from the Department of Paediatrics at the Royal Derby Hospital. Created by Sarah Simons, Geoff Burnhill and Ian Lewins this medical education podcast is aimed at health care professionals new to paediatrics or those who occasionally care for children as part of a wider healthcare role.

This podcast is for medical education purposes only and should not replace advice you have received from a medical practitioner.
54 Episodes
In this very special episode of the podcast, we are delighted to welcome GP, columnist and broadcaster Dr Ellie Cannon on to chat about working as a GP during the COVID-19 pandemic, why she been an advocate for wearing face coverings, and her involvement in ongoing coronavirus vaccine studies.
We talk to Dr Jon Adamson, Consultant in PEM in Birmingham, about his recent paper "The Fifteen Minute Consultation: The Limping Child" published in the June 2020 Edition of ADC Education and Practice. What should we look for in the atraumatic limping child? When should we investigate and what do we really not want to miss?
We return after lockdown as we speak to Dr Simon Clark - the Vice President for Policy at the RCPCH - to discuss the College's response to the question that has arisen during the pandemic; "Where have all the sick kids gone?!?"
In this special podcast edition we talk to Paediatric Infectious Diseases clinical research fellow Dr Alasdair Munro about what we know so far about COVID-19 and children. This talk is based on the blog Alasdair wrote along with Dr Alison Boast for 'Don't Forget The Bubbles' which can be found here:
In our 50th episode we return to discussing some original research published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood as we speak to lead author Dr Robert Scott-Jupp. Does having resident paediatric consultants reduce the number and 'quality' of acute admissions? And is it financially worth it? The original paper can be found here:
In this episode we talk to Dr Rachel Smith, a Paediatric Registrar based in the East Midlands about hypoglycaemia outside of the neonatal period. What is it, why does it matter and how do we investigate it? This episode is aimed at those starting in paediatrics and especially paramedics and pre-hospital crews.
In our first podcast produced in conjunction with the Archives of Disease in Childhood Education and Practice Edition, we talk to Dr Tom Waterfield about his co-authored paper on how to use the clinical signs of meningitis in children. The paper is the Editor's Choice article in the February 2020 edition of ADC Education and Practice and can be found here:
Predicting the future in healthcare is notoriously tricky but something that the RCPCH are attempting to do in their ambitious 'Paediatrics 2040' project. In this podcast we speak to two of the project board members, Dr Hannah Jacob - chair of the RCPCH Trainees committee - and Professor Russell Viner - President of the RCPCH - about what the project involves and how it will impact on RCPCH members.
Never heard of Balint Groups? No, us neither until we saw a Tweet about them from today's guest Dr Nick Schindler who explains what they are (and aren't) and how they can help you, your colleagues and your department to thrive.
In this week's episode we talk to Dr Shilpa Shah and Dr Aimee Henry, both paediatricians based in Northern Ireland, about vaccine hesitancy and a project they have developed called the 'Pro-Vac Movement' to promote positive discussions about childhood immunisations.
Thinking about applying for the RCPCH written exams? You cant afford to miss this week's podcast as we speak to Dr Will Carroll - Assistant Officer for the written exams and co-author of the 'Sunflower' book, and get his top tips for passing first time!
As Winter draws in we have a timely discussion with Dr Ian Wacogne, Consultant Paediatrician from Birmingham and editor of the Education and Practice edition of Archives of Disease in Childhood, about bronchiolitis. In particular we discuss the introduction of a care bundle aimed at ensuring all team members are undertaking, and more importantly NOT undertaking, the same interventions in a condition where often in the management 'less is more'.
We spoke to Dr David Evans the Vice President (Training and Assessment) at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health about how the forthcoming Shape of Training project will be implemented in the UK and how it will affect trainees and trainers. Essential listening fro anyone involved in paediatric training in the UK!
Recorded live at the Human Factors in Paediatrics 2019 Conference in Lancaster - join host Ian Lewins as he talks to a panel of Dr Hilary Jones, Dr Shrouk Messahel, Dr Ian Sinha and Dr Umal Ghori about human factors they see in their daily practice and how we can improve healthcare for children.
We return to clinical topics this week as we discuss with Dr Richard Bowker how to approach the child with atraumatic joint pain presenting to the Emergency Department. What should we look for in the history and examination, what tests should we do and how should we start management of these patients?
In this special podcast episode to mark the end of Baby Loss Awareness week in the UK, we talk to Bereavement Specialist Midwife, Angela Thompson, about her role and why Baby Loss Awareness Week is so important for many parents and families.
We return to the world of neonates this week as we talk to Neonatal Nurse Educators Shaun Edwards and Kellie Fraser on the why, when and how of using Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) in neonates.
I've always liked Bob Rogers' description of Facebook as "an educational cul-de-sac." So when horrific descriptions of what happens when you give a child with chickenpox a dose of ibuprofen emerged on the site they surely couldn't be true, could they? Let Dr Alasdair Munro guide you through fact and fiction and hopefully provide a little bit of evidence along the way.
Episode 36: MeFirst

Episode 36: MeFirst


We talk to Jessie McCulloch, Lead Practice Educator at the MeFirst project, about the challenges and the MeFirst approach to communicating with Children and Young People.
We had the pleasure of speaking with Mr Dan Perry, NIHR Clinical Scientist and Children's Orthopaedic Surgeon, about the Forearm Fracture Recovery in Children Evaluation (FORCE) study, and its importance as the first truly online trial.
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