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Is he really the King??!?!? Who knows Housewives better than the guy who knows how the secret sauce is made?Behind every good Housewife is a… Producer! The TWOTS are not letting Carlos King off the hook without getting some major BTS.  (he produced RHONJ and RHOA) Teddi confronts Carlos because he recently threw some shade right at her!  OHHHHH....AWKWARD Carlos is dishing about Teddi's firing, a craft services shocker, his favorite housewife, and his views on The Ladies of the View! See for privacy information.
Neck and Neck

Neck and Neck


Talk about breathing down someone's neck… Teddi's talking about her neck deep situation. Tamra gets very emotional about her relationship with another Real Housewife.  (And we're feeling for her....)   If this isn't enough, we're recapping BH and it's getting HOT.  Teddi's talking about all her former castmates and puting a rumor to rest about Dorit's home invasion. Plus, come on Frank...get your own house!  What's goin' on?! Wow...our tea cup runneth over! See for privacy information.
She has a heart of Gold-schneider! RHONJ fan favorite, Jackie Goldschneider has realized it’s time to sit down with the TWOTs. She’s prepping us for the rest of the finale by telling us if she thinks Melissa should have been a bridesmaid, how last season almost destroyed her family and insight on the tension between Teresa and the rest of the cast. Plus the Twots asked her… did she get the Vicki?!! See for privacy information.
Tamra's going on Girls Trip and the trailer is HERE.  Tamra reveals what Eddie is NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT, Vicki heads to the hospital and we find out who was overserved. Plus, Atlanta premieres...New Jersey Reunion is on...and the drama is delicious. See for privacy information.
Crystal clear!  Tam and Crystal went full twinsies in the same dress and it bonded them for life. Teddi and Crystal have been friends for years, but that makes things real awkward when Teddi confronts her about being “different” on TV than IRL. We learn who is bringing the drama this season. And of course, Kiss Marry Kill BH edition. See for privacy information.
Thirsty TWOTs in NAPA

Thirsty TWOTs in NAPA


The Twots are tipsy again. Tamra has lost her mind after being mistaken for… another housewife!!!  Even while away the recaps will stay. Jersey and OC… here we go.  The OC Reunion has ended and the TOWTs make their guesses on who will be invited back next season. Do you agree?! See for privacy information.
Teddi and her besties Rinna, Kyle and Erika are sipping champagne and we stuck microphones in their faces. The BH gals are spilling shocking amounts of tea aka Champagne. They are dishing so much dirt we had to get the bleep button out! And we play kiss, marry, kill with each others husband’s AND Ex’s! See for privacy information.
Snoozy Reunion

Snoozy Reunion


OC wasn’t a trainwreck… it wasn’t a hot mess… there was no drama… it was dull!! The Two T’s don’t sugarcoat… Teddi and Tamra are doing fashion reviews — best and worst dressed at the reunion. Their worst dressed pick could cost them their jobs… Also… We CAN’T with Teresa. Why is she a grumpa-saurus?? See for privacy information.
We “Stan”bury this new housewife!! This former Lady of London is back at it on Real Housewives of Dubai. She’s spilling tea and giving us the inside scoop on the new Housewife franchise and she does not disappoint. Plus, how did she meet her hunky husband?? And will they have kids?? Could this approach work for you?! She tells all… See for privacy information.
Watch What Happens W T F

Watch What Happens W T F


Why isn’t Heather following her fellow Housewives??? What’s up with that! Why does Garcelle feel she is closer to Kathy than her own sister Kyle?? Hmmmm…. The TWOTS address these oddities and telling all about a very strange Watch What Happens Live episode! Are you team Teresa or Marge?  Pick a side as the tea is being spilled everywhere. Plus, Teddi unfollowed a fired housewife this week… and tells us the juicy reason why! See for privacy information.
Dolores yourself a favor… Catan-ia how quickly you need to listen to this episode. Dolores spills on the absurd reason why she was excluded form Teresa’s engagement party. Then, she admits she still overwhelmed by what happened at the RHONJ reunion… She has not recovered from it! At a very low moment for Teddi, Dolores reached out and was unbelievably kind. Teddi for the first time shares the details behind that conversation. See for privacy information.
Housewives on Mt. Rushmore

Housewives on Mt. Rushmore


Fired Housewives are on Fire....right?!?!?! Using Bethenny Frankel's Housewives Mt. Rushmore as inspo...the TWOTS name who they think deserves a spot on Mt. Rushmore. As they dig in to this weeks RHOC, Tamra thinks it's just mean girls vs sad you agree?!?!? And, Housewives breaking news... we're breaking down the just released trailer for RHOBH!! See for privacy information.
Braunwyn Windham is filling in for Teddi while she is out for spring break and the tea is steaming hot. We’re talking name changes, significant others, the truth behind her relationship with Noella, and Tamra and Braunwyn’s bond.  Braunwyn is such an epic guest host, we made her an honorary Twot! (Oh, and we’re recapping NJ & OC too!) See for privacy information.
I want Kandi!! RHOA fan favorite, Kandi Burruss is joining the Twots. Kandi explains why being in the Big Brother house was way harder than Housewives.  Kandi had concerns that this season of Atlanta would feel lack luster without two of the OG housewives but she was pleasantly surprised. Find out why! See for privacy information.
Luann gives an honest and vulnerable explanation of her less than desirable appearance on stage the other night. Plus, there is obviously major breaking news in the RHONY world… Luann explains what’s happening and whether or not she’ll be involved. Luann tells the ladies were she stands with Bethenny and Dorinda. See for privacy information.
The Twots are Talking

The Twots are Talking


Tamra is setting the record straight about her relationship with Shannon. Speaking of the OC… Teddi and Tamra are digging deep and they are totally coming around on one of the women… and are actually starting to like her!!  On to New Jersey… why was Teresa in such a bad mood?!? Plus the Twots tell all about the iHeartRadio Music Awards and all their celeb spotings! See for privacy information.
The TWOTS can't focus on what Nicole Martin has to say because they are blinded by the bling this Miami Housewife is rockin'!  He put a ring on it, lucky for us, so Nicole is dishing on her engagement and upcoming wedding. She reveals WHO made the wedding guest list and who isn’t helping plan her wedding.  Nicole is giving our Thirsty Twots all the RHOM gossip, juice, and dirt they need! See for privacy information.
Margaret Josephs is in the hot seat ready to dish. Teddi confronts her about a not so sweet tweet. Will Marg be invited to Teresa’s wedding?      Margaret must choose between Jen and Teresa… who would she pick for a Girls Trip? And what happened to those pigtails? The Twots are getting all the NJ tea. See for privacy information.
Its Getting Hot in Here

Its Getting Hot in Here


While the TWOTS are discussing OC things get so heated that Tamra had to get Kelly Dodd on to get her opinion. Kyle insisted that Teddi go to the doctor this week and likely it saved Teddi’s life. Could it save yours? Is Evan Goldschneider (RHONJ - Jackie’s Husband) the male version of Teddi??!! You decide!  See for privacy information.
This is Salty!!

This is Salty!!

2022-03-1445:591 before we get to the SLC Reunion… here's some TEAAAAAAAAAA. Teddi bumped in to a REAL HOUSEWIFE at Catch this weekend… and that Housewife had a real bone to pick with Teddi!!  And it was ON!   Back to the Reunion… dramatic or snoozefest?!?!?!  And, the question we all need to know… Will Tamra return to RHOC?!??! See for privacy information.
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Jamie Szucs

are the audio of this episode is so rough. it's so loud and quiet and loud and quiet and loud and quiet and it was just really disappointing because there's so much I wanted to hear and especially when I wanted to hear it I could barely hear it

Apr 26th
Reply (1)

Sophie Porter

i love thos podcast, the only bad point is unfortunately Teddi's in it.

Apr 11th

قدرت ذهن و اسرار نگفته شده

it was great and disgusting

Mar 8th

Deb Comonitski

I 100% luv this pod cast! you 2 are great together n luv your guests and your takes on things...please keep going.

Feb 2nd

Rhonda Dupuis

I have enjoyed every minute. You two are amazing together!!

Jan 13th

Shannon Spears

people just suck. I don't have a clue where all this hate comes from. I think you're great.

Sep 18th

Cole Keel

Love ittttt👏❤️

Sep 24th
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