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Two Writers Slinging Yang

Author: Jeff Pearlman

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Jeff Pearlman's weekly in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation with a writer on writing. Available here and on iTunes
173 Episodes
On making the jump from The New York Times to; on whether we are kinder to friendlier sources; on Herm Edwards and Wayne Chrebet and covering the old New York Jets; on the awfulness of the locker room.
On the gloriously rich days of 1990s magazine journalism; on finding a deep understanding of Whitney Houston; of her meh opinion of "The Chronic" and her love of the written word.
On traveling 102 years back in time to construct a remarkable piece of sports journalism; on entering a clubhouse and seeking out the best sources; on covering Don Shula and the early-1980s Miami Dolphins; on sitting alongside a drunk Billy Martin and a potted plant.
On the nightmare of the noose/Bubba Wallace coverage; on nonstop Twitter hate; on how a kid who knew nothing about racing became a NASCAR authority; on bullying via Tony Stewart.
On becoming the youngest Sports Illustrated staff writer in magazine history; on negotiating for time with Ken Griffey, Jr.; on avoiding a fight with Phil Mickelson; on $400-per-night hotel rooms.
On how aging impacts a writer; on his comprehensive chronicling of KISS; on why being the Ethicist wasn't all he hoped; on sitting down for chats with Taylor Swift and Kobe Bryant.
On how one writes funny material; on staring down a half-empty room and having to perform; on the 100,649th person to scream, "Hey, Bob Sugar!"
On the 800 layers of rejection that he fought through to land a book deal; on traveling America to track down a random fleet of faded Major Leaguers; on living the dream of collaborating with the Iron Sheik—and uncovering a nightmare.
On the highs and lows of that first book; on whether a novel based on the author's life is actually fiction; on pandemic book PR and the signings that aren't.
On having your book come out during a global pandemic; on an NBA franchise going out of its way not to help you; on the invaluable contributions of Jason Richardson's agent.
All sorts of questions about writing, reporting, researching. I turn to social media and take everything you've got.
On the joys of a first Spring Training; on whether to dig into a player's alleged PED usage; on the advantages of youth when covering a young team.
On the uphill battle that was challenging Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination; on how he turned from praising the 45th president to loathing him; on putting that anger into words; on why Bernie Sanders can win.
On his comeback from the depths of journalism hell; on the toxic mix of anxiety, depression, alcohol and social media; on still loving the NHL after decades of covering it.
On the joy of chronicling the journey of a high school girls basketball team; on watching Muhammad Ali's sad fade; on confronting Bobby Knight and living for words.
On covering Super Bowl LIV and talking about it from a bus at 2 am; on what one looks for alongside 6,000 other credentialed media at the big game; on memories of Steve McNair and Eddie George glory.
On learning of—then covering—the death of Kobe Bryant.
On spending $60 on an Uber to cover a high school sporting event; on entering journalism as so many veterans are leaving; on a moment when race played no role in a buddy-buddy profile.
On her 1977 lawsuit that resulted in women reporters being allowed to enter Major League clubhouses; on why male media members were so reluctant to change; on an openminded Billy Martin and a resistant Bowie Kuhn.
On conveying much in a very small space; in bringing life to characters who existed only in your head; in watching "Justice League" with myriad cringes and being blown off by Reggie Bush.
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Fred Kass

always entertaining and informative

Feb 8th
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