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The Tyler James podcast brought to you by covers the greatest sport in the world basketball. But wait... there's more. Listen to the podcast for everything NBA as well as movies, music, entertainment and more. Best of all there will be frequent giveaways to our subscribers so leave that 5 star review and subscribe today. Follow on social @TylerJamesNBA!
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We are back! The Tyler James NBA podcast kicks off with something a little different. Tyler James (@TylerJamesNBA) joins The team Ry (@Rycannabiz) and Tim (@TimmyGunz) to cover the craziest NBA offseason in history. They break down the Kawhi decision, NBA draft, free agent grades and talk about what's next for the NBA. Stay tuned for future episodes of the Tyler James NBA podcast that will have exclusive guest appearances! Please be sure to subscribe and leave a 5 star review to be eligible FOR ALL FUTURE CONTESTS/GIVEAWAYS! Need tickets? Use promo code "TJNBA" at for a full $20 off your next purchase.
Episode #31 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by and! Use promo "CelticsSocial" at SeatGeek for a full $20 off your next order! In this episode we have a lot to catch up on as the Celtics ended their winning streak and are now on a small losing streak. That could all change tonight though agains the Bucks and the Greek Freak! We also talk NBA trade rumors, just how good Zion Williamson is and much more on this jam-packed exciting Celtics and Chill episode! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes AND LEAVE a 5 STAR REVIEW to be eligible for our next giveaway coming up very soon!
Episode #30 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by and! Use promo "CelticsSocial" at SeatGeek for a full $20 off your next order! In this episode we break down the shocking news of Kyrie Irving announcing he plans to stay in Boston, the Marcus Smart vs JR Smith fight and if the NBA should really ban his tattoos. Last but not least we review a shakey Celtics preseason and preview the regular season starting with the rival 76ers! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes AND LEAVE a 5 STAR REVIEW to be eligible for our next giveaway coming up very soon!
Just like that the Celtics are back and so is the Celtics and Chill podcast brought to you by! In episode 29 we talk Media Day, preview the season, discuss some possible trade rumors and much more! Be sure to use promo code "CelticsSocial" at for a full $20 off your next order.
The Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by has returned for episode 28 with a special guest! "The Father of the Podcast" joins us to talk 80's basketball vs today, the Celtics offseason and what to expect this year from Boston. All that and much more on this special episode! Don't forget to use promo code "CelticsSocial" at for a full $20 off your next order on any tickets!
Episode #27 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by and our sponsor Use promo code “CelticsSocial” for a full $20 off your purchase now! We dive into the Isaiah Thomas new contact, how he deserved more and the craziness with social media in the NBA. Is Kevin Durant sensitive for “clapping back” at his haters or in the right? Does he have to win elsewhere besides Golden State to be “fulfilled”? How worried do we need to be about Kyrie Irving running to the Knicks? Would it be a mistake to leave a well-run Boston organization to leave for a potential mess of New York? Do the Celtics need to be proactive and trade for his buddy Jimmy Butler? How bummed should we be that Robert Williams hasn’t played in this summer league and are these setbacks something to worry about? Since Williams isn’t play we talked Celtics and other NBA Summer League standouts. Marcus Smart is still not signed, but is he being disrespected? The Celtics are obviously in a position of power but are they playing it right? In the end how much will Smart get and will it be with Boston next season or a team like the Kings? We pose the crazy question does winning a championship 100% keep Kyrie in Boston or could it actually lead to him leaving? Are Celtics fans forgetting just how good this team is going to be with the return of Gordon Hayward and player progression? We switch gears to end the episode and talk about “The Big 3” league and all the former Celtics as well as other past NBA stars. Last but not least is Lavar Ball’s JBA here to stay or just an excuse to get his own sons more play?
Episode #26 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by and our sponsor! Use promo code "CelticsSocial" for a full $20 off your next order! We bring you a jam-packed episode covering everything NBA free agency. LeBron James to LA, Boogie Cousins to the already stacked Warriors and our full free agency grades. Also we discuss how real this Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler teaming up thing is and if the Celtics should be worried. Or should they make a move now to grab Butler but at what cost? It's that time of year for NBA trade rumors! All this and much more including some Celtics summer league talk right now on the Celtics and Chill Podcast!
Episode #25 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by Also presented by our sponsor where you can use the promo code “CelticsSocial” for a full $20 off your order! 2:00 We talk NBA draft and Robert “Bob” Williams. Should we be concerned about him sleeping in? Or did the Celtics just get one of the biggest steals of the draft? 10:00 You can’t talk NBA or Free Agency without mentioning LeBron James and the #LeBronWatch. We dive in head first regarding his destination and latest rumors. 17:30 We make our panel choose LeBron James or Michael Jordan and there are some interesting answers. Is the Mt. Rushmore debate better than the GOAT debate? 29:00 Back to a little NBA draft talk we give our biggest surprises from draft night. 34:00 We play the game Stay or Go with Celtics free agents predicting whether we think they will stay in Boston or go and leave the team. 48:00 We talk and little Kawhi Leonard with all the breaking news and if Boston really is a potential destination just because of the Celtics assets. 51:00 We end the show with NBA rewards reactions and going forward for NBA free agency and the Boston Celtics.
Welcome to our special Celtics and Chill Podcast NBA Mock Draft 2.0 edition featuring representatives from each team picking for their squad. I put together a group of some of the best and most influential NBA websites online and had them choose for each of their team's draft pick! Below is everyone who participated so be sure to check them out don't forget to use promo code "CelticsSocial" at for a full $20 off your purchase! For this full mock draft with exclusive video of each draft pick in their new team's uniform SUBSCRIBE HERE: Participating NBA Mock Draft Websites: 1. Suns - 2. Kings - 3. Hawks - 4. Grizzlies - 5. Mavs - 6. Magic - 7. Bulls - 8. Cavs - 9. Knicks - & 10. Sixers - & 11. Hornets - 12. Clippers - 13. Clippers - 14. Nuggets - Bonus #26 Celtics pick made at the end by us at! Enjoy!
Episode #23 of our Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by is a special NBA Mock Draft Edition! We analyze picks 1-10 and even predict a Celtics trade up scenario in the draft! For the full video mock draft that includes an exclusive look of each pick in their new team’s uniform head on over to Don’t forget we are now sponsored by and you can get a full $20 off your next ticket purchase by using the exclusive promo code “CelticsSocial”!
Welcome to Episode #22 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by and our presenting sponsor Use promo code “CelticsSocial” at or on the app for a full $20 off your order! We welcome Adam Kaufman WBZ NewsRadio morning sports anchor and host of the Celtics Beat podcast as our guest! 4:00 Our guest Adam Kaufman gets into what made him a Celtics fan and what brought him to covering the team for a living. He also explains how unpredictable Danny Ainge has been as a GM and maybe it’s not a bad thing. 13:00 What will it take to get Marcus Smart resigned in Boston? Adam believes it may not be as hard as most Celtics fans think. 17:00 With Stephen A. Smith’s recent comments we get into the LeBron James to Boston talk that everyone is chatting about. As unlikely as it is can you imagine the combined 3 basketball minds of Brad Stevens, Danny Ainge and LeBron? 36:00 We ask Adam where he stands on Danny Ainge getting back into this draft and specifically the targeted interested in Mo Bamba. He gives us his sources on the matter. 41:30 Is Terry Rozier inevitably the target if the Celtics make a move on draft day or is his contract to valuable to Boston to let go this year. If he isn’t traded we throw a name out for the Celtics to draft with their late 1st. 48:00 On his podcast Mike Gorman made the statement it’s not “a given” Kyrie Irving resigns with Boston. We discuss in-depth of the possibility of him not being here in the near future. 53:00 Adam gives his final finals predictions between Cavaliers and the Warriors. He gives a strong answer on how it will end followed by the rest of the crew’s predictions. We apologize for the slight technical difficulties with the audio of this episode. Something we will definitely fix for next time!
Episode #21 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by! Now sponsored by Seat Geek! Download the app or go online and use promo code “CelticsSocial” for a full $20 off your purchase! 3:00 A Celtics playoff review/rundown and a look back to game 6 and game 7 of the Cleveland series. 11:00 Are we being a little too hard on Terry Rozier for not showing up in most of the series besides maybe game 6? Why were the Celtics allowing the switch of Rozier on LeBron James so much in game 7? 17:00 After it’s all said and done can we really be disappointed with this Boston Celtics team and effort during the season and playoffs? Considering playing with house money and how far they went with the injuries it’s almost unbelievable. 20:00 Looking ahead to the Celtics future. As we predicted exactly Danny Ainge may just find a way to get into this 2018 NBA Draft and sure enough the rumor drops. Mo Bamba is supposedly the target and we give our thoughts. 32:45 We give our quick rundown NBA mock drafts picks 1-5 with a few surprises in there. 43:45 If you’re Danny Ainge what is the most you are willing to give up to get into this draft? And if he doesn’t move up should Grayson Allen be on his radar? We heavily debate. 50:15 Crazy rumor talk! Old friend Antoine Walker was on ESPN and had a wild take on where LeBron James should go next season to “even the playing field”. Here’s a hint… it rhymes with Broston. 59:30 We make our NBA Finals predictions Warriors vs Cavs. Does LeBron James have enough in him to make this an actual series or does Golden State dominate? 1:03 We end the show giving our Celtics MVP of the season and give credit where credit is due.
Episode #20 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by is here and its a milestone episode! We have our first guest ever of the podcast Dan Greenberg @StoolGreenie Celtics/NBA writer for Barstool Sports. 1:00 Dan Greenberg tells us how he became “Greenie” and his passion, or obsession, for the Boston Celtics franchise. 3:15 How revealing Ray Allen was during his pizza review on Barstool and what Dan thought of that. Also when are the Boston fans going to be ready to embrace #20? 7:30 Dan talks about being a Sun Devil and his quick history/moment with James Harden. 12:30 We make @StoolGreenie explain his passion/love/obsession with “The Dancing Bear” Guerschon Yabusele. 15:00 Who does Dan see as the best comparison from past NBA stars to the future duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown? His answer is very optimistic and will intrigue Celtics nation. 19:00 We get into the great Celtics debate of what to do with Marcus Smart vs Terry Rozier and who they should focus on keeping if they must choose. 24:45 Is Terry Rozier a product of what we call “The Brad Stevens Effect” or can every Celtic credit at least a measurement of success to the coaching of Brad? 27:00 What about Isaiah Thomas? How much did Stevens have an effect on IT and where does Dan see him landing this offseason. Spoiler alert he feeds into the possibility of an IT4 return to Boston something our host has been pushing for a while! 30:00 Even though Danny Ainge is probably the most ruthless GM in the NBA, if not all of sports, would he ever consider actually trading Gordon Hayward this offseason? 31:45 We ask how @StoolGreenie is feeling going into games 6 and 7 for the Celtics against King James and the Cavaliers. 33:30 Who would we rather see IF we make the NBA finals? The Golden State Warriors or the up and coming Houston Rockets? 38:00 Karl Anthony Towns to Boston? A reliable NBA source thinks KAT is unhappy in Minnesota and the Celtics could make the most sense for a destination. 46:00 As tough as it is to predict we give our games 6 and possible game 7 thoughts as the Celtics look to send the King packing.
Episode #19 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by! 1:00 The craziness of LeBron James joining the Boston Celtics and the people talking about it. We break down if there is any chance in hell “The King” lands in Beantown. Also, does he care at all about his legacy? 9:00 We get into a heated debate about the Celtics lineup next year and if they can beat the Warriors and other teams. One member thinks Gordon Hayward should be traded due to lineup issues and things get interesting. 17:15 Ultimately we decide if we want LeBron in Boston and scenarios that would work of him coming here or going elsewhere. 21:00 We get into games 1 and 2 for the Celtics taking a 2-0 series lead. Was game 2 one of the Cavaliers best efforts in this series or do they have more in them? Did LeBron have his best shooting game and will any other Cavs step up? 26:00 Is there a chance King James lies down and the Celtics sweep or win in 5 games? Could Boston be the team to push him out of Cleveland again just like in 2010? Spin zone will the Cavs go after Kawhi Leonard or DeMarcus Cousins to make James stay? 32:00 We go “Around the NBA” and talk about a game 2 domination of the Rockets over the Warriors. Also which of these two teams should the Celtics root for as potential NBA finals opponents if we make it? 37:00 Game 3 predictions for Celtics and Cavaliers. Can Boston win on the road where they’ve struggled all playoffs?
Episode #18 - The banner 18 episode of the Celtics and Chill podcast brought to you by is here and it’s at an appropriate time because Boston is heading to another East finals! 1:30 Questioning a few last minute decisions of game 5 but in the end we always trust in Brad. However, are we lucky Marcus Smart’s free throws didn’t hurt us? 6:30 The play of the 76ers and Ben Simmons. Did Jaylen Brown have a chip on his shoulder from always being picked behind Simmons? Did the Australian save himself by having a decent game 5 or is he to blame for Philly losing? 8:00 Comparing the Paul Pierce/Antoine Walker young duo and the current Jayson Tatum/Jaylen Brown duo. 9:30 The Brad Steven “Coach of the Year’ fiasco. How the hell he didn’t get voted by his peers and why he is well-deserving of the award. 16:30 Around the NBA talking about one of the most anticipated NBA series since preseason Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets. Will the Warriors dominate or are the Rockets hungry enough to make this a series? 22:45 It’s time to preview another matchup with King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Does LeBron have to go beast mode to beat the Celtics? What are Boston’s chances? All that and much more! 27:25 As tough as this series is to predict we do our best. How can you bet against Boston? How can you bet against the way LeBron James is playing right now? We break it down. 33:30 In the ultimate WHAT IF scenario if the Celtics somehow do the impossible and make it to the NBA finals is there any chance at all Mr. Gordon Hayward could return to go for that banner? 39:00 We get a little nasty and it’s long overdue. We call out one of the biggest Celtics hack websites on the internet and how they’ve stolen from Celtics Nation, the players, writers, etc time and time again. We give them a big FU and challenge them to come on the show sometime. 52:00 After talking about the clowns at CD we get back into what matters most the Celtics vs Cavaliers start of the series. We make our game 1 predictions to end the show.
Episode #17 (17 Banners) of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by with your host Tyler James, Danny Dragin and Costia Thomas is here. 3:30 We debate is this 3-0 Celtics lead more of Brad Stevens coaching and these Boston players stepping up or Philly simply being young in their first ever big playoff series. 6:45 Do the Sixers problems all lead back to coach Brett Brown or do the players share more of the blame? Will he ever be a “playoff coach” or be fired soon? 12:00 Should Markelle Fultz be getting some play? Or is it too little too late. Why are the Sixers treating him like a little puppy dog? Also is it fair we compare Fultz to sensational rookie Jayson Tatum? 14:20 Does Danny Ainge kind of look like the old Luke Skywalker? And if so does he continue to pull Jedi mind tricks? 20:45 Danny Ainge said between Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart he wants to keep both. The debate is does he mean it and is it realistic. The answer gets us a little heated. 23:45 Even though Terry Rozier is a restricted free agent how scared should we be of some other team offering him a big contact the Celtics can’t match? Is there ANY chance most of the Rozier success is “The Brad Effect” or is it strictly talent for Scary Terry? 27:00 Regardless Scary Terry has been close to LeBron James level in these playoffs which is mind blowing! How does Terry Legend compare to the other point guards in the playoffs like Chris Paul for example? Better or worse? 30:00 Let’s be real this series is over but heat check… all roads lead to King James and the Cavaliers. Is this Celtics team that you should never count out capable of dethroning the King or will all roads end in Cleveland? 33:45 It’s been a Celtics team effort but don’t forget the amazing performance by the ROOKIE Jayson Tatum! We talk about that and of course trade rumors of “What If” Anthony Davis for Tatum. 37:00 We have do discuss the crazy fans that are actually talking about trading Kyrie Irving for Kawhi Leonard because of Rozier’s play. It’s not realistic at all, right? 40:00 Getting back to the Cavaliers… plain and simple do the Celtics have a chance? We give our thoughts and predictions. 44:00 Gucci Mane vs Meek Mill debate… who you got? Also who the hell is the best Boston rapper of all time to represent us? 50:25 Maybe our most heated debate of the show was about a superhero move THE AVENGERS! We discuss which Celtics players are which Marvel Avengers and things get a little crazy. Look for the Celtics x Avengers t-shirt soon at 1:02:55 We end the show with Game 4 predictions and where the Celtics will go from here!
Episode #16 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by! 1:00 The big 3 of Tyler James, Danny Dragin, and Costia Thomas break into this episode with their biggest Celtics surprises of the playoffs so far. 4:00 An early debate on Terry Rosier vs Marcus Smart and their value/what they should get paid. 12:30 With injuries being the key theme in the NBA playoffs how “depressing” is it to think that we may be a Kyrie Irving away from being in the finals THIS year. 16:30 Why are people worried about next year’s starting lineup and if Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum will sit and lose minutes? 18:30 Even though money is tight we go over the potential free agent’s for the Celtics and the top options for next season. 23:50 Making the final comparison of Terry Rosier and Marcus Smart and who should get paid more in the future. 25:40 The biggest surprises so far “Around the NBA” and the playoffs. Portland getting swept, Anthony Davis dominance and more. 28:30 Should we believe in “NBA Karma” or is it just a league of coincidence and injuries? 32:15 As hard as it is to pick right now we give our NBA finals predictions/best guesses! 36:50 Final predictions for game 6 and if this series is going to a game 7!
Episode #15 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by is here and it's our playoff preview! Tyler James, Danny Dragin and Costia Thomas dive into Celtics vs Bucks and all make their predictions. Spoiler alert they don't all pick Boston to win this series. They also discuss the Kawhi Leonard to Boston rumor that just won't die and which NBA player recently said he thinks the Klaw will end up with the Celtics. All that and more including a full look at the NBA playoff bracket and who will advance in a jam packed episode of Celtics and Chill!
Episode #14 of the Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by is here and there's a lot to talk about. Kyrie Irving's season is over and he could be out up to 5 months. We discuss what this means for the Celtics now, in the playoffs and in the future. Don't forget about the latest Kawhi Leonard Celtics trade rumor! But what if the price is at least young potential superstars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown? We get the fans involved in our Celtics Social segment while breaking down the potential of the Klaw in Boston. All that and more including what's next for this young Boston team and their chances of a playoff run and potential 1st round opponents on this episode of Celtics and Chill!
Episode #13 of Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by and we are a big 3 again! This time with newest member of the podcast Costia Thomas who will now be a part of the team going forward! We cover everything from Ray Allen and his recent Barstool video and whether his and Kevin Garnett’s numbers should be retired or not. Costia gives his in-depth breakdown of being up close for the Paul Pierce tribute ceremony and some old Celtics he saw. This team with all the injuries has been playing amazing and their last win was of course the game winner by youngster Jaylen Brown. How salty was Jae Crowder over the shot and the loss? Did all these injuries cost us Terry Rozier this offseason? What if it cost us Rozier and Marcus Smart? We break down the future of both especially Scary Terry and his value. All this and more including the big Raptors preview and a new segment Costia is bringing with him where we look at the “Good and the Bad” of past Celtics and where they are now!
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