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Lack of funds forces UN to close Yemen aid programmesUN chief expresses concern at ‘new wave of human suffering’ in last Syrian rebel-held citySomalia security remains a concern, head of UN Mission warns Security Council
‘Heroism and resilience’ of Somali people in face of ongoing attacks
For this special edition of our Lid Is On podcast, Daniel Dickinson travelled to the north-east of Cameroon to meet two survivors of terrorism who are trying to rebuild their lives following the unspeakable acts committed against them and their families.
Aden escalation ‘clear sign’ that Yemen conflict must end, UN envoyDeadly airstrikes displace thousands of civilians in Libya oasis town: OCHAVenezuela: UNICEF seeks $70 million to aid 900,000 children
The work of female humanitarians is hugely important and often comes at significant personal cost.That’s according to Melissa Fleming, currently the communications chief for refugee agency UNHCR, but soon to take up her new post as head of Global Communications at the UN, who’s been speaking to UN News’s Daniel Johnson at a special World Humanitarian Day event in Geneva.First, though, we’ll hear from Adiba Qasim, who was also at the event; she survived an ISIL massacre in Iraq in 2014 that claimed the lives of 70 family members. Despite this trauma, she refuses to see herself as a victim and is now a human rights advocate.
Afghanistan bloodshed mars 100 years of independenceWorld Humanitarian Day honours life-saving contribution of women aid workersUN renews call to Yemen’s warring parties to down weapons
Displaced by DRC violence, survivors’ testimonies highlight brutality of armed militiaTwo years after exodus, Myanmar’s ‘desperate’ Rohingya youth need education, skills: UNICEFUN human rights office appeals to Zimbabwe to engage with protesters and ‘stop cracking down’
Youssouf Mbodou Mbami is the chief of the Canton of Bol and presides over a large swathe of Lake Chad, an area where many young people have been recruited or forced to join terrorist groups, such as Boko Haram.
Children’s lives’ in Mediterranean Sea must take priority over politics, says UNICEF UN steps up efforts against Dengue fever in Yemen WHO welcomes Switzerland’s decision to end tobacco deal at Dubai Expo
Afghanistan: grave concern at reports 11 civilians killed by pro-Government forcesUN panel urges Paraguay to probe poisonings, contamination from agrochemical spraysDisarmament discussions must make urgent progress, says UN’s new top diplomat in Geneva
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Sigler Jorge

is it something to celebrate the "use of wasted salmon"??? our ocean ecosystems are extremely exploited we need a moratorium not another company profiting from overfishing

Aug 19th

Felix Bart

Sigler Jorge Totally agree!!

Aug 20th


we need more farmers create food, more food rescues in the communities saving food waste from food businesses who doesn't sell the packaged or vegetables the can reach out to food rescuers and local food pantries to donate what don't sell? more charities can reach out to help local food pantries too to donate possible thousands of pounds of food from local and etc food donors businesses/ etc please? thank you

Jul 20th

Gurpreet Pannu

oh my goodneuobpnns up

Jun 12th


Gurpreet Pannu Hello

Jul 17th
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