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Our oceans are unexplored, misunderstood and under threat; that’s the message for World Oceans Day – on Monday 8 June – from the world’s fastest yachtswoman, Dona Bertarelli. In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, Ms. Bertarelli explains how she hopes to draw on her close bond with the high seas – and her new appointment as Special Adviser for the Blue Economy for the United Nations trade and development body, UNCTAD – to help protect marine life for the good of everyone on this planet.
Demonstrators in streets should protect themselves and others from COVID-19 May confirmed as warmest on record, CO2 levels hit new high despite COVID economic slowdown Taking oceans for granted must stop for all our sakes: world’s fastest yachtswoman
Philippines drug campaign directive seen as ‘permission to kill’: UN rights office Transformative actions urgently required to protect environment and human rights FAO Food Price Index falls to 17-month low
People on the move need protection during pandemic: Guterres Khartoum massacre victims, await justice in Sudan Bachelet alarmed by free speech clampdown in Asia
Western Niger attack forces 1,100 people to flee, warns refugee agency Western European COVID infections see steady decline: WHO Address ‘appalling impact’ of COVID-19 on minorities, UN rights chief urges
Prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases ‘severely disrupted’ UN Women launches ‘shadow pandemic’ public awareness campaign New Bangladeshi Goodwill Ambassador for World Food Programme
UN’s rights chief condemns ‘caste’ killing in Nepal UN human rights office welcomes online action to remove misinformation Nine in 10 smokers start before they are 18 years old, warns WHO
COVID-19: African nations urged to remain vigilant as lockdown easing begins UN migration agency IOM lauches $206 million Syria appeal Rohingya refugees ‘stranded at sea’, warns IOM
‘Lockdown generation’ of young workers will need extra help after COVID-19, urges UN labour chief COVID-19: temporary halt announced on use of key anti-viral hydroxychloroquine Rights experts appeal over abortion obstacles linked to COVID measures in US states
Yemen aid lifeline nears breaking point as UN food agency appeals for $870 million Governments must boost COVID-19 aid to vulnerable urban populations – UNHCR Indian heatwave highlights coronavirus risks to national health systems: WMO
Female Peacekeepers add an extra dynamic to teams in the field, breaking barriers that allow women civilians to describe what’s really going on inside their communities. That’s the view of Major Fiona Bruce, from the Australian Defence Force, who served in the UN’s Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in both Lebanon and Syria. In an interview ahead of UN Peacekeeping Day marked on 29 May, Major Bruce highlights the fact that people going through crisis and conflict still ‘view the UN in high regard’. Julia Dean from our UN Australia Country Team, spoke to her online, and began by asking about her old daily routine, serving in Lebanon.
COVID-19 transmission ‘already happening widely in Yemen’ Bangladesh storm Amphan affects 10 million people, spares refugee ‘megacamp’ As world’s forests continue to shrink, UN echoes call for sustainable conservation
UN humanitarians and partners are working hard to assist the people of Bangladesh and India suffering from the impact of Cyclone Amphan, which left dozens dead, causing widespread destruction. According to the UN Country Team in India, Cyclone Amphan, with more than 2.4 million people and 500,000 livestock evacuated to cyclone shelters., is now considered even more destructive than Cyclone Aila, which slammed the region in 2009. Due to flooding and the extensive damage caused, the risk of disease outbreaks is high, and further environmental risks remain, due to the large amounts of debris and waste. Ranjini Mukherjee, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist, from UN India, described the situation to UN News’s Anshu Sharma, and told her that efforts continue to be implemented in shelter homes to minimize risk of infection and prevent COVID-19 from spreading.
UN launches new campaign to counter ‘lies, fear and hate’ UN calls on European States to rescue stranded refugees, migrants Malaysia urged to ‘stop crackdown on migrants, journalists and civil society’
The teaching of traditional tattooing  underlines the important role indigenous people can play in the modern world; according to Hawaiian tattooist Keone Nues. He  spoke to Kevin Cassidy, the Director of the ILO’s office for the US, and began by explaining what it means to be Hawaiian.
Guterres: health of Africa ‘hangs in the balance’ from COVID, $200 billion stimulus needed urgently Child food insecurity set to rise by 20 per cent because of COVID Bees, the unsung heroes of sustainable development
Syria’s warring parties agree to resume talks in Geneva, says UN envoy Bachelet leads appeal for help for South Sudan survivors of sexual violence China urged to lift charges against Tibetan minority human rights defender
Somalia is a land facing problems on many fronts, from severe floods to desert locust swarms and terrorist attacks, but there’s an even darker threat, too: rising sexual violence amid the coronavirus crisis. After the horrific rape of a young girl last week in the capital Mogadishu, it’s something that the UN wants to help the Government put a stop to more than ever, as Anders Thomsen from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) tells UN News’s Daniel Johnson.
After the first Rohingya refugee had tested positive for the new coronavirus late last week, in an overcrowded refugee camp in Bangladesh, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) announced additional measures and appealed for funds to prevent further spread of the disease.  Sheltering around 860,000 mainly Muslim Rohingyas who’ve fled neighbouring Myanmar, the camps have a population density one and a half times higher than New York City, raising serious concerns about the potentially severe impact of the virus.  Communications Officer for UNHCR’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, Kasita Rochanakorn, described to UN News’s Anshu Sharma, what action the agency was taking. 
Set piece speeches need to be set aside by world leaders attending the World Health Assembly this week, in favour of “bold and daring” action to end the coronavirus pandemic, according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Goodwill Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Health. In an interview with UN News, James Chau, told Maoqi Li, what he expected from the truncated annual meeting of the WHO in Geneva.
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Roger Williams

This was an amazing installment of UN News. It was deeply informative. Dr. Margaret Harris was amazing. Thank you!

Mar 28th

muffen jr

I don't believe the correct version of the episode was uploaded. this one seems to be the uncut version without additional audio added.

Jan 16th
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Sigler Jorge

is it something to celebrate the "use of wasted salmon"??? our ocean ecosystems are extremely exploited we need a moratorium not another company profiting from overfishing

Aug 19th
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we need more farmers create food, more food rescues in the communities saving food waste from food businesses who doesn't sell the packaged or vegetables the can reach out to food rescuers and local food pantries to donate what don't sell? more charities can reach out to help local food pantries too to donate possible thousands of pounds of food from local and etc food donors businesses/ etc please? thank you

Jul 20th

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oh my goodneuobpnns up

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Very good podcast streaming and utterly informative

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