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Author: World of Wonder

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Welcome to UNHhhh, the podcast where they talk about whatever they want - cuz it's their podcast, and not yours!
102 Episodes
To celebrate it's 4th year on the interwebs, UNHhhh announces a new advice segment called #WOWHelpMe. Do you have a burning question for these two professional crossdressers? Tweet your query @WorldofWonder using the hashtag #WOWHelpMe for Trixie & Katya to answer in an upcoming episode.
For a show that rarely stays on topic, these moments from the last nine episodes didn't fit anywhere else. This episode of random clips will leave you feeling confused and a little horny.
Trixie & Katya are almost too gay to function. Find out what makes these two homosexuals so flaming. The world is not ready for all this gay.
Trixie & Katya have a passion for dolls, and yes, it’s as on-brand as you’d think.
Trixie & Katya have mastered the art of losing... because winning is so 2019. After being cast in two seasons of a reality TV competition series, Trixie & Katya have strong opinions about winning and losing. Join them as they finally ask the age old question: is Katya is gay enough to win a Tony?
Don't be shocked by the fact that these two queens are no stranger to the outdoors. But do be shocked by their bizarre knowledge of mother nature and the stories they have to share.
Trixie & Katya are thirty, flirty and talkin' dirty. Katya explains to Trixie the highs and lows of reaching the 30 year milestone. Because what you see? Isn't always the truth.
Somehow Trixie & Katya manage to make an episode about teeth NSFW. Two 'biological women' teach a class in the Defense Against the Dental Arts. Trixie shares details about her veneer makeover while being perplexed as to why Katya still has perfect teeth.
Sorry kids, the bowl cut is still a thing in 2020. Because it's their show, and not yours. Are Trixie & Katya as excited for 2020 as you are? Find out that and what they are looking forward to this year.
Remember how to laugh again, as Trixie and Katya tell stories about sitting on Santa's Lap. Watch as they razor off the hair of an Otter, while dipping their toes in some Holiday cheer. Christmas time? Happy Holidays? Yeah, we got all that.
While the gals sun themselves on an island in Greece or whatever, take a sneak peek at our new "nature" show: The Wild Flamingos of Sumatra!
It's the UNHhhh Season Finale! 💰📞💅🏼🍗💸EVERYTHING MUST GO!! GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!!!
Trixie and Katya take some much needed rest and relaxation.
Okay, yeah, the ladies definitely tell all in this one.
The gals take a deep dive into Katya's ass-trology and what it means to be a Taurus. Then, they read Trixie's birthchart, and it reads her back - for filth.
Trixie and Katya meet some cute, fluffy, horny friends!
Today's episode is a smorgasbord of random antics of their show - not yours.
It's the 100th episode of their show! And not yours!
Trixie and Katya have no shame in their game. Or lots of shame, depending on who you ask. Because it's their show and not yours.
This week, Trixie and Katya talk about gaming. You're welcome, nerds!
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so... this is just their YouTube series in podcast format? I got so excited about new content for a second there :( (love UNHhh, though!)

Aug 31st

Essence Green

“hi, i’m sidney prescott’s mom, katya”

Apr 25th

Essence Green

“hi, i’m sidney prescott’s mom, katya”

Apr 25th

Jessica Back

be gay, do crimes, listen to UNhhh

Apr 17th

Katy Parker

about friggin time so happy now 🤗

Apr 15th

Jesse Valdez

This is my favorite lol 😂

Apr 3rd



Mar 27th
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