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Author: Kritika Khurana

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This podcast is about self-love, career and basically adulting 101.
14 Episodes
Hi guys! 🤗 Mr. Khurana AKA my DAD is finally in our Unkut series on your huge demand and requests. 👨🏻😁 Don’t miss out, his words of wisdom with a little fun with me!!  I hope we both help you guys in some way!  Once again , loads of love to my boho fam for all the support you have given me!! 💜 I hope you enjoy this episode and I’ll see in the next one😘😘
Hello everyone🤗 I am back with yet another episode of our UNKUT series! And in here, it’s gonna get a little emotional. I am reading out a letter to my 12 year old self. Lots to say , lots to share..... Find it out with me! And I hope you take something valuable from it too. Lots of love💜I'll see you in the next one😘
Hi guys! 🤗  So I am back with yet another episode of our series and it’s all about productivity.  It’s the one thing that we all, in this world, should make sure is running smoothly because in our whole life, we gain so many things through it.  I hope it helps you guys in some way!   Thank you so much for showering all your love!! I love you all too. 😇 And I'll see in the next one😘😘
Hello everyone🤗 I am back with another episode💖 And this time, I have kept it a little light!⭐️ We’ll be talking together about many things like law of attraction , motivation and much more! And I promise, I’ll come up with a proper podcast on law of attraction, but till then, enjoy this light and breezy episode! And I’ll see you in the next one! 😘
Hi Guys! 😊 So in this episode of our podcast, we will be discussing about how to deal with toxic friends and staying positive. I hope you guys enjoy the podcast. Thank you so much for all the support and love.🤩 Cheers.✨✨
Hi Guys. 🤩 I am back with another podcast where I share a lot of things about myself. About how I manifested things, my career and talked about law of attraction. Moreover I also talked about how to stop comparing and live your life on your own terms. I hope you guys enjoy this podcast and it comes as a little help to all of you.  Thank you so much for all your support. Lots of love.❤️
Hello everyone🤗 So I am back with not only the new podcast of Unkut Kritika but with a special guest this time. My special guest and I , sharing some life lessons and answering some of your questions with lots of fun.  Do check it out!  Hope you enjoy this podcast✨
Hey everyone.  I hope you all are doing well.  So in this episode, I'll be talking about self-love, things to take in matter while choosing career and how I chose mine. And how to deal with the fear of results.  I hope this helps you'll in some way. So please, do check it out.  Don't forget to subscribe.  Thank you for all your support, love you guys.!
Hi Guys!  Welcome back. I hope you all are in the pink of health.  In this episode, I am talking about the issues of procrastination, career, and how to deal if someone’s feeling unmotivated especially during this lockdown.  So stay tuned till the very end and I hope it helps you guys the most.  So much love to you all! ❤️
Hi guys, hope you’re doing well! Now most of you probably know this by now, that I turned 27 two days ago, and today in this video, I’m sharing some things that I’ve learned throughout life, i.e in the 27 years, some of the mantras that I stick to, some random facts about me, this video has it all! Some of them are so random, but some of them are DEEP! Yes, it escalates that quickly, haha! I also share things that I’ve learned from both good and bad experiences! So in this video, I’m summing up alllll the things that I’ve learned about life, relationships, people, and myself, in these 27 years! Do you relate to any one of those? Lemme know in the comments below and any video requests that you have for me! Biggggg virtual hugs!❤️💛
In this episode I'm talking about my mental breakdown and how I dealt with it. Hope it helps! sending love
Hi guys, welcome back! In the second episode of Unkut Kritika, we’ll be talking about performance pressure, some advice on choosing your career, and switching it if you aren’t happy, some inspiring stories about people who have followed their passion.. we also talk about stage fear, how to get comfortable in front of a camera if you want to start blogging or youtube, I’ve shared my tips and tricks. We also talk about not letting empathy and oversensitivity drown you.. 3 am breakdowns, how I earn, dealing with anger issues, how to stay fit in quarantine, girl we talk about it ALL! So stay tuned till the end.. lots of love!
Hey guys, this is the first episode of Unkut Kritika, a podcast in which I share all my words of wisdom, that I’ve gathered throughout my life by reading books, having experiences, and of course making mistakes sometimes, nobody is perfect right?! We’re in for some real, deep, honest conversations and in the first episode, we will be talking about stress about the future, and anxiety about what life has in store for us. We also talk about self love, and how the lack self love, or the need to feel loved leads us in toxic relationships.  We then talk about body shaming and how to deal with it, how to move on from toxic people, dealing with overthinking, and finally we end up talking about how to be productive, without beating ourselves up for taking a break when needed. See you next week!
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My first ever podcast. Yay!!!  Hi guys!  I’m Kritika, I’ve been creating content on the internet for almost 6 years now, starting a new venture, let's see how it goes.  Welcome to my first ever podcast  So, I do these episodes on YouTube called unkut Kritika wherein I take up questions from the people who follow me, and answer them in my video.  Hope you guys enjoy this one, and don’t forget to subscribe for more! ✨
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i love it

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Very good

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Slow Down !

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