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Craig Domann, NFL Agent joins us to discuss the prom mindset and how it is important at every level, as well as how it works into recruiting, and many aspects of coaching. Show notes: -The drive to understand the pro mindset -Extracting and reverse engineering through interviews -Work to be your best version of you -Busts in the NFL - why so many -Projections and potential on physical -Expectations and entitlement -Identity story and channels -Intentions _Goal to get a schools or play ball -Recruiting and understanding intentions -Pro Mindset Math -How does he become combat ready? -Visualize -Be in the moment -North Star story
On this week's episode we share some ideas on fixing issues before the become a big play, techniques on zero coverage, and how gap alignment affects things overall. Show notes: -Fixing issues before it’s a big play -In game coaching -Tackling in space -Coaching the hitch tackle -Eye discipline in man -Training your eyes -The oldest coaching point in man coverage -Corners in zero coverage -Gap alignment -Be zone aligned
Keith and Steve finish their walk of the field in the Scoring Zone discussing each area and the strategy, schemes and techniques that help the offense and defense achieve their objectives
Beat Burnout and Enhance Your Performance as a Coach Dr. Erik Korem joins us again with some eye-opening data as well as simple, practical ways we can enhance our performance as coaches while remaining physically and mentally healthy in a demanding profession. -Stress Fallacies -Build capacity to adapt t more stress -Stress is the gateway to growth -Mental and physical stress is one input -The price to be paid for stress 5- Pillars to build more capacity -One behavior that everyone should engage in -Effects of lack of sleep’ -Sunlight -50 times less effective through window- must go outside -Sit on porch - cold exposure in am same effect as cold bath -Imbue sunlight - outside -20 minutes per day can be 5 min at a time -Do it frequently throughout the day -Do it for 2 weeks Sleep -Restore and regenerate -The brain’s detoxification system -7-9 hours -3 key behaviors Caffeine -Caffeine 4 cups of coffee per day -Can improve longevity -Delay it Not 1st thing in the morning it spikes cortisol -Then 2 hours -Not after 6 hours before bed time Mental Fitness -Be consciously present and process info without bias -Attention is the currency of performance -Myth that best in the world do not feel pressure -Cyclist Shift attention to feet in clips -Rumination Mindfulness -Learn to control your attention -Train mindfulness -8 week study - 8 weeks of mindfulness 30% reduction in anxiety -Helps you adapt to stress -5-10 min 4-6 times per week -10 min per day can radically improve ability to adapt to stress and executive functioning -Attention is the currency of performance -Rumination Exercise -Exercise training improves general stress resilience -Toughening effect to stress -2 types everyone needs to do -Aerobic -Resistance training -Stats -Moderate 150-300 minutes week -Reduce all cause mortality by 25% -Walking won’t get it done -75-150 min of vigorous -Moderate above 60% max heart rate -Vigorous hit 20 seconds rest 40-60 -1::2 ratio vigorous vs moderate -Doesn’t have to be compound -Upper/lower strengthening -45 min 2x per week min -Aerobic with resistance reduces all cause mortality by over 30% Nutrition -Anti-inflammatory diet -Repair tissues and lower systemic inflammation which causes disease -Effective means of Reduce depression -Impacts testosterone significantly -Outside of grocery store -Rainbow every day -Nuts and seeds -Recommends ti Everyone high quality fish oil -Brain health and improvements in mood -Multi colored Vegan -Key issue getting adequate protein -Key amino acid - leucine -Supplement with leucine -Maintain or build muscle -Protein powder Community -Kill your clone -Assume a new identity Related:
On this episode of the Defense with DC, Keith and Dan discuss the importance of rivalries to our game as well as explore ideas on how to approach a game like this on defense and specifically take a look at OSU-Michigan defenses. Detailed show notes to follow.
In this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Brian Kight joins the show to discuss all things culture. Kight, the CEO of, discusses why culture is so much more than posters on the wall and why coaches need to have a plan for establishing culture—the same way they have a plan for installing offenses and defenses. SHOW NOTES • 2:00 Who is coaching the coaches? • 3:38 Why business is the inverse of sports • 5:48 Why culture is more than just posters on the wall • 7:41 The three things that comprise culture • 11:03 "Core Values" and why they're harder to install than any offense • 13:10 Culture does not exist to make people feel good • 15:15 Need for a system for culture • 19:20 Coach quiz • 25:21 Getting started with building a culture system • 29:49 Why assistant coaches are critical to culture • 32:53 Not everyone will buy into your culture—and why that's OK • 36:38 No BCD: Blame, complain, defend • 40:40 The importance of responses (E + R = O) • 46:05 Establishing a performance pathway • 51:16 Resources for HS coaches
On this week's episode of TeachTapes we continue our walk down the field and discuss open field 3rd down with all of the variations, thinking about strategy and technique from both sides of the ball.
On this week's episode of Defense with DC we put the focus on the three safety defense, taking a look specifically at TCU's play against Texas. We also give this week's option tips with ND against Navy as the examples. Shownotes: -Homer Smith on evolution of the game -The 3-safety defense in its early days -New Mexico "Lobo" with Brian Urlacher -Offense always has the pen last - patterns of change in football -Today's pass concepts negate a great rush -The guy who can make it right in the 3-Safety Defense -Flawed thought on thinking you can run against it -Run fits - dead key the guard -LB friendly -Why plays with pullers are not great answers -Run right at it -Texas use of unbalanced -Back end - TCU coverages -Why ISU created this structure -ND vs. Navy Option Tips -Caution in using multiple fronts -Using safeties vs. corners -Don't create vertical seams Save 25 % on Dan Carrel's course to analyze your defense after the season. "Make Sense of Your Self Scout":
After an illustrious 26-year head coaching career, Thom McDaniels is still impacting the next generation of football players and coaches. Some may mostly know him as the father of Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Josh McDaniels and Houston Texans passing game coordinator/quarterback coach Ben McDaniels. But Thom McDaniels himself truly has had a Hall of Fame career. He earned the USA Today and Nike National Coach of the Year award in 1997. In that same season, Coach McDaniels led Canton (Ohio) McKinley to a state title and a national championship. Today Coach McDaniels joins us to discuss how we learned the game in the past can be applied today. Twitter: @TheCOOLClinic @thomas_tmcdwgh @CoachKGrabowski Related: Thom McDaniels - Why HS Football Matters Thom McDaniels - How to be a head coach Mushroom Society Series: C.O.O.L. Clinic Speakers Playlist: C.O.O.L. Clinic Channel on Coachtube:
On today's episode of the OC Office Hour Series, Keith shares Homer Smith's strategies for play calling. He wrote these in his book "Handbook for Coaching the Football Passing Attack" in 1970 but they are as applicable as ever today. Coach Smith ideas provide food for thought in how you approach calling plays and can provide some clarity in using the game plan you work all week long to prepare. Related: Be Your Own Futurist - The Game Continues to Change, Reflecting on Homer Smith's Thoughts How to Train as a Play Caller - George Allen OC Office Hour Playlist:
The GoArmy Edge app can revolutionize the way you practice. On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, our host Keith Grabowski details how the app can be used for every position on the football field. 1:22 Usefulness of the Go Army Edge app 3:10 Offensive line 5:23 Quarterback 7:07 Receiver 7:40 Running back 9:48 Defensive backs 10:06 Linebackers 11:01 Defensive line 11:41 Special Teams 12:40 Simple use of the technology Related Content User-804678956 – The-edge-weed-1-prepare-to-adapt-and-adjust User-804678956 – Keith-grabowski-and-andy-ryland-discuss-the-goarmy-edge-app User-804678956 – Dynamic-presentations-and-virtual-reality-for-more-effective-coaching User-804678956 – Air-raid-analytics-and-virtual-reality
On this week's episode of Defense with DC, we discuss half-time adjustments, take a look at how Georgia defended Tennessee's high-powered offense, and discuss our weekly tips to defend the option. Shownotes: -Halftime adjustments format -Stealing time -Address problems with things that were practiced -Example- closing the middle of the field with fire zones -Example - open side run -No new coverages -Get the formational hit chart -Decision to make calls from the box or from the field - who best communicates with the players -Peel back the game plan -Creating formational blitzes -Having blitzes to attack certain things -Georgia coverage vs. Tennessee - taking away space -4is knocking the tackles back setting these from the inside out -Georgia’s man coverage -Hash divider rules -Option tips -Tight 9 to spill the G-Lead play -4is siting on horn blocks as a QB player - what does it open for the offense -Everything you do with your line and linebackers is being watched -Defending the zone dive play -Recognizing the difference between a midline path and a zone dive path Save 25 % on Dan Carrel's course to analyze your defense after the season. "Make Sense of Your Self Scout":
On this week’s episode of TeachTapes, Keith and co-host Steve Hauser continue to walk the field this time taking a look at all of the open field second down situations, tendencies that develop and the skills and techniques that can be developed to increase success on this down. Shownotes: -The most forgotten down -Styles make fights -The Big12 for examples -Difference in halves for 2nd down -Baylor on 2nd down -Rod Marinelli standards -Carry out fakes to get information backside -Your identity shows up on 2nd down -Complements and dressing up 2nd down -Matt Ryan boot drill -Shane Day drill -Goal line reps -Flood drill -Quick game - when the eyes are going to pop -Tight ends -Getting angles back -Dynamic use of the running back -2nd and extra long (11+) -Shallow screen and stick draw -Ryan Walters - How did they get to 2nd and 10? -Patterns or tendencies won 2nd and 10 -2nd and on track plus consideration for time and score differential -2nd and short “waste down” -The importance of receiver blocking Related: Ryan Walters, DC Illinois, presentation on 2nd Down - The Most Forgotten Down:
On this week’s installment of the Mushroom Society Series, Keith and co-hots Bob Wylie are joined by Dante Scarnecchia to discuss aspects of what was an incredibly successful career. His 34 tenure with the New England Patriots was the longest in the NFL. He was a part of 10 of the organization’s 11 Super Bowl appearances. Coach Scarnecchia was a part of five Super Bowl Championships. In this episode the coaches discuss the keys to a successful career, working in an elite organization, and more. Shownotes: -The decision to become a football coach happened early -How coaching defensive backs helped development as a coach -Taking the defensive quality control job for Bill Parcells -Key to longevity in the profession -Advice to young coaches always looking for the next job -Staying physically fit -Keeping great players from leveling off -Takeaways from working in an elite organization -Advice to having a successful working relationship with Bill Belichick (or any strong head coach) -Most effective way to make adjustments between series -Developing a great relationship with your offensive coordinator Coach Scarnecchia’s COOL Clinic Talk:
On this week's episode of Defense with DC, Dan Carrel, USFL Michigan Panthers Defensive Coordinator takes a look at the Missouri defense against South Carolina and Temple defense vs. Navy to point out ideas and concepts we can learn from. Shownotes: -Coaching up early game calls -Staying ahead of the game -Thinking about how else they can run their plays -Adjustment to motion -Motion may tie into gap schemes -Spinning to motion in Nickel -Adjusting to motion in Base -Make it simple for your guys but complex for them -Variations of Cover 3 -Finding places where it is advantageous to be different -Making the Game Plan as simple as possible -Defending bunch -Teaching run fits as crack replace -Playing bunch release routes - box concept -Defending the double out Option tips: -Guy who is your tackler - how fast can he trigger -Changing up to cloud to keep safety out -Playing a shade to steal a gap Save 25 % on Dan Carrel's course to analyze your defense after the season. "Make Sense of Your Self Scout":
Brian Kight and Keith Grabowski team up for this special Leadership Journey edition of the Coach and Coordinator podcast. Keith and Brian Kight discuss the challenges of adversity in today’s podcast. Show notes :55 Opportunity and adversity :3:25 Adversity is different for everyone 7:52 Coaching staff will face different types of adversity 10:23 Processing and training for adversity 13:40 Formula for success: E+R=O 15:05 Examples of adversity training 17:32 Putting pressure on variable moments 22:12 Skills needed to overcome adversity 24:35 Detach from the event of adversity 27:19 Maintaining a healthy perspective
Today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast features former coach Terry Shea, who does consulting work for future NFL Draft prospects. He’s served as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator as well as quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, and St. Louis Rams. The Game Plan is a weekly in-season feature that shares thematic ideas that can help coaches and teams once the season begins. Today’s focus will be on how to implement and defend trick plays in a game. Show notes 1:32 How trick plays give you an edge in a game 3:15 Communicating special plays to your team 7:05 Shea’s tips for practicing trick plays 11:20 Creating a trick play with the right personnel 14:18 When to call the play 19:14 Using a special play after a turnover 21:35 How to defend special plays 26:55 Discipline defense and overtime periods 27:39 Favorite trick plays Related Episodes: Planning, Practicing, and Calling Trick Plays Building Character, Half-Time Adjustments, Trick Plays RPOs, Constraints, Trick Plays, Qb Progressions: Trick Play Resources:
On this week's installment of the TeachTapes Series, Keith and Stev discuss open field first and ten and how game plans, practice plans, individual periods and play calling are built around this situation. Teach Tapes First Down -The opportunities of first and ten -Beginning to write the narrative and set things up -Alabama ans Mississippi State -Ole Miss and LSU -Using Tempo on first down -Tempo to eliminate DL get off -First down vs. known passing situations -How do you keep a defense on its heels? -Using Tempo and Counters to Tempo on first down -Feeling confidence in a drive and as a play caller -Lane Kiffin trick with tempo -Complements to base plays -Maximizing yardage on first down -Five yard intent and running towards the ticks -George Kittle clip - finishing along the sideline -Ginats and Rams drill -Its what happens when the lines on the diagram run out -Eagles defensive drill off of fast screens -Speed beats power, angles beats speed, and over the top beats angles -Manny Diaz - most TFLs are roll tackles -Vince DiGaetano - one arm tear -The productive missed tackle -Circuits are designed for first down -It’s running and tackling -Chad O’Shea and receivers’ issues with ball carriage -Game plan to practice plan to individual plan Twitter: @TeachTapes @CoachKGrabowski Vince DiGaetano resources: Manny Diaz Tackling Clinic: Video of Keith's example of tempo:
On today's episode, Keith discusses complementary football with the coordinators of the USFL Michigan Panthers, Dan Carrel, and Eric Marty. Each share their perspective on what playing team football means and how they can work together to help the other. Shownotes: -What is team football? -Allocation of risk -Responsibility to the team and the game plan -Having a perspective from being the head coach -Getting buy-in from both coordinators -How the Michigan Panthers handle playing complementary football -Situations O/D need to work on together the most -Communicating what we need to do to win at the end of a game -Working together in practice to get the looks you need -How being a multiple offense helps the defense prepare -Creating continuity through terminology -Setting it up so everyone is getting what they need out of drills -The value of good vs. good in practice -Calling your own O/D in the scout team -Turning scout team into quality reps vs. looking at a card -Getting the two sides together to discuss what they see from the opponent as it affects the other side -What the defense can do to play complementary football -What the offense can do to play complementary football Eric Marty’s Offensive System:
Jeff Mullen joins Keith today on our weekly in-season series The OC Office Hour to discuss creating explosive runs and passes. Coach Mullen is the former OC at West Virginia University and UNC-Charlotte. He served as RB the OT and TE coach at Ohio University from 1995-2000. From there he moved on to Wake Forest as OT & TE and the QB coach. At WVU he served as QB coach and OC and did the same at UNC-Charlotte. Mullen has had success at every stop in his career. Show notes: -Mike Earys study -27 first downs -Coach Mullen’s definition -Creating explosive runs -Best runs and formations with tempo -Numbers runs -Sweeps and reverses -Orbit sweep -QB as Runner -Power Read -Pin and Pull RPO -Tagging the boundary X -Importance of Fly and orbit -The reverse -Defining efficient plays -Blocking the reverse -Explosive passes -Thoughts on RPO -Play Action must look like run for 3 steps -Bob Wylie - Run Action must sound like run -Selling the run -Offensive line in play action -Run action as an answer -Creating Look alike plays -Game planning off of 4 core runs -Jab-jab-left hook -Play calling anticipation -Strategy for openers -Scripting openers OC Office Hour Week 0 with Jeff Mullen: Big O System:
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