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Author: Kara Loewentheil

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UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for high-achieving feminist women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. If you know you’ve accomplished a lot professionally but still secretly feel like you’re unqualified….if you want to feel confident but you worry about what everyone else thinks about you...if you want to succeed but fear failure...this podcast is for you. In each episode Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., will teach you how to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence, and get what you want in life. Download a free guide to creating confidence at
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Welcome to UnF*ck Your Brain! This podcast teaches you concrete, effective, mind-blowing tools that you can use to reduce anxiety, improve your productivity, dial-up your self-confidence, and dial down your insecurity and people-pleasing. I’m Kara Loewentheil, a master certified life coach with degrees from Harvard and Yale – and a former high-powered career working for women’s rights. I’ve taken all the best neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and coaching tools I know and combined them with feminist theory to create a set of powerful practices and life-changing ideas that will teach you how to liberate yourself from the inside out. You can be the strong, empowered, confident woman you’ve always wanted to be – you just have to learn how to clear away all the negative self-talk and messages from the patriarchy that are keeping you small. So let’s not sit here just talking about it – because I’m all about teaching you how to take smart action! You can start anywhere you like, every episode stands alone – just scroll and find a topic that calls you, and hit play. Join the feminist mindset revolution - your life will never be the same.
We live in a society that teaches women to put themselves last, and the more marginalized identities you live in, the more ways you are told you’re not good enough or worthy of taking up space. For those who live in marginalized identities, self-love is a radical political act that enables us to claim our worth and challenge oppressive belief systems. Tune into today’s Greatest Hits episode to learn how to cultivate radical self-love and how to use it to transform the world. Get full show notes and more information here:
Do you lay awake at night obsessing over why a new date or partner took 3 hours to respond to your text instead of their usual 30 minutes? Or maybe you start to feel avoidant when a new partner wants to hang out too much, and worry about losing independence in a relationship? Whatever your attachment style, this Greatest Hits episode will help you discover how it may be affecting your relationships - and how to use thought work to feel secure in your relationships. Get full show notes and more information here:
Do you tie your self-worth to how productive you are? You know the signs: Never feeling like you’re doing enough, criticizing yourself for being “lazy” or “unmotivated.” If you feel stuck in a cycle of burnout and self-criticism, this episode’s for you. On today’s podcast, I join business coach Simone Seol to explore cultural beliefs about productivity - and how shifting your own beliefs about productivity can help you compound your results. Get full show notes and more information here:
Do you believe that if you just got that new job title, got married, or achieved any other fill-in-the-blank-accomplishment, you’d be happy and confident? And then do you create unrealistic plans to achieve that goal and abandon them entirely when you inevitably stumble in the execution? Tune into this Greatest Hits episode to learn how your perfectionist fantasies are holding you back - and how to build integrity with yourself (and accomplish your goals) by letting them go. Get full show notes and more information here:
It’s no secret that I am an anti-diet coach. On today’s podcast, I’ll introduce you to my dear friend - and wildly successful weight loss coach - Corinne Crabtree. We’ll dive into our shared qualms with the diet industry, explore how Corinne holds space for unconditional self-love and body diversity in how she teaches weight loss, and discuss the top three lessons we’ve learned from each other. Get full show notes and more information here:
There are a lot of misunderstandings about life coaching out there - that coaching is about gaslighting and spiritual bypassing, that it’s about learning how to “fix” yourself on your own, that it’s only for privileged people. In today’s podcast, I break down the 5 biggest misconceptions about mindset coaching to reveal what coaching is really about: taking control of your experience of the world and generating more love and compassion for yourself and others. Get full show notes and more information here:
Most women feel immense pressure to be “normal.” We evolved to conform for our literal safety, and patriarchy has socialized us to fit in, to defer to the needs of others, to not challenge the dominant social norms. But in order to create an extraordinary life, you have to learn how to leave normal behind and be YOURSELF, fully, weird and wonderful as you are. Learn how in today’s episode. Get full show notes and more information here:
Why is it so valuable to set audacious goals, and how would it feel to have full confidence you could create exactly what you want this year? Find out in today’s podcast with Master Certified Coach and holistic nutritionist Brenda Lomeli, who has changed lives and shattered glass ceilings on the way to accepting herself fully. We’ll share 3 things we’ve learned from each other, how diversity benefits the entire coaching industry, and why it’s sometimes good to feel nauseous. Get full show notes and more information here:
Are you a perfectionist who wants to do something big? Most of the tools life coaches use to help their clients go after big goals don’t take perfectionist thought patterns into account, which sets you up to fail before you’ve even started. Tune into today’s episode to learn how to work WITH your brain and blow your f*cking mind. Get full show notes and more information here:
The year is almost over, which means a lot of people are making ambitious resolutions that they will fully abandon by February 1. Tune into today’s bonus podcast to learn how to use the concepts of constraint and massive action to break the cycle of abandoned resolutions and achieve any goal you make for yourself this year. Get full show notes and more information here:
UFYB 165: Saying No

UFYB 165: Saying No


Do you agree to do things you’d prefer not to because you’re worried it would be rude or uncomfortable to refuse? Whether you take on extra obligations at work or make subtle concessions at home to “keep the peace,” your discomfort with saying no is likely impacting every area of your life. Tune into today’s episode to learn how you can say YES to yourself by getting better at saying NO to others. Get full show notes and more information here:
This week, I invited fellow life coach, friend, and sales savant Stacey Boehman onto the podcast. Stacey is a Master Certified Coach who teaches other coaches how to sell and make money. Tune in as we explore the top three lessons we’ve learned from each other, where security and safety come from, and Stacey’s history of deer-related trauma (yes, you read that right). Get full show notes and more information here:
UFYB 163: Loving Lightly

UFYB 163: Loving Lightly


Do you get attached to the things you love? Many people wear their attachment as a badge of honor, thinking that loving something deeply means fearing its loss. In this episode, I’ll teach you why loving lightly - without attachment - is so revolutionary. You will learn how to love others lightly by committing to your OWN happiness, knowing that you will always love yourself and your life, no matter what. Get full show notes and more information here:
What happens when two coaches fall in (platonic) love? You’ll find out in this episode, where I’ll introduce you to life coach - and best friend of mine - Rachel Hart. You’ll get a window into how our friendship has transformed both of our lives, and find out the three most valuable lessons we’ve learned from each other. Get full show notes and more information here:
If you have insomnia, do you spend so much energy dreading the possibility of waking up at night that you literally can’t fall asleep? This is a perfect example of anticipatory stress, the stress we feel in anticipation of anything we label “bad.” It’s also the main source of our suffering in any situation we dread. Tune in to learn four simple steps you can take to feel calmer even if what you fear comes to pass. Get full show notes and more information here:
Do you define yourself by what you have or haven’t achieved in the past? If you’re in debt, do you think of yourself as someone who’s bad with money? If you’re perpetually single, do you think you aren’t capable of love? Most of us judge ourselves because we want to change - but doing so actually PREVENTS us from changing. If you want to change your life, you have to start by changing your beliefs about yourself. Get full show notes and more information here:
How often do you look at someone else’s behavior and think, “If I were them, I’d do that differently”? This may seem like an innocent habit, but it can wreak havoc on your relationships and stagnate your growth. In today’s episode, learn how to let go of your judgments and generate curiosity, compassion, and love for those around you. Get full show notes and more information here:
Do you ever notice a low hum of discomfort and anxiety when you do things that someone, somewhere along the line, told you that you shouldn’t do? Like, say, eat carbs or take a nap. In this episode, I’ll teach you a simple brain hack that will instantly dissolve your guilt and discomfort. Get ready to take control of your life and experience WHATEVER you choose with more ease, relaxation, and pleasure. Get full show notes and more information here:
Are you feeling anxious and worried about the upcoming US presidential election? Our brains are wired to fixate on anything in the future that they perceive as a potential “threat,” but you don’t have to let your fear consume you. In this episode, I’ll teach you how to wrangle your brain when you are spinning out about the election (or any other future-focused event you’re stressed about). Get full show notes and more information here:
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Danyelle Tousey

Hi, I love the show! I'm an aspiring author and I believe that you will also enjoy my story as I do. It's about human trafficking with a moral story integrated into it. Is there a way to contact the show?

Feb 23rd


Attaching self worth to my some of my goals is a pitfall I have noticed resolutions!

Jan 12th

Helina Abye

This was beautiful. I had some goals that were mixed with my self worth. Going forward without identifying this would have limited the benefits I would get from going on that journey. Thank you for unf*cking my goals :)

Jan 10th

Michael Martin

This episode is the best!!! So helpful, I've re-listened to it several times.

Jan 8th

Amber Weekley

Hey Kara! Tysm for an amazing podcast that helps me start my day in a positive way, everyday. Thank you for such an amazing, positive community of other women just like me. I listen to this every morning w/a cup of coffee to start my day the best way possible. Happy Holidays all.❤

Dec 23rd

Hasti Dadvand

this episode is great💗

Nov 26th

Amber Weekley

this episode helped me realize so much about my anxiety and thought patterns that I am now able to recognize when they start happening. thought work really works! tysm Kara.❤

Oct 22nd

Sara McLellan

“...every single god*%mn one of you can think of a way to make $97 a month.” Love how she tied her message into not canceling subscriptions. I’ve enjoyed this podcast, but this feminist rockstar needs a dose of humility. Listen to her listener Q&A on obesity and health where she tells the listener to “back the fu%k up.” Maybe that’s why your subscriptions are getting cancelled.

Oct 21st

Hamed Salimi

I want that course 👍🏻

Sep 22nd

Dawn Wilkinson Evans

wow!!! i appreciate the transparency.

Sep 17th


I’m dealing with a Narcissist. What do we do with people like this in our life? Aren’t we supposed to run??

Aug 18th

Green Mortisha

So helpful and insightful. Today I can see that I am a perfectionist and that definitely needs to change. Thank you so much for your inspiring podcasts. Greetings from Portugal.

Aug 11th

Victoria Muchiri

Great content. I'd really love to transcribe your podcasts. People who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, non-native speakers, or suffer from auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder may have trouble following a fast conversation. Transcription provides an avenue for them to absorb everything you are putting out. My email is Thank you.

Aug 9th


se você é do Brasil 🇧🇷 eu fiz um grupo de ansiedade social no telegram Ansiedade Social Se não puder voar, corra Se não puder correr, ande Se não puder andar, rasteje Mas continue em frente sempre, de qualquer jeito. #ansiedadesocial #fobiasocial

Jul 13th

Maryann Migichi

how do I differentiate being a people pleaser and putting myself first with being selfish and/or a narcissist?

Jun 26th

Bradley Frost

what leftwing propaganda is this shit?

Jun 12th

Tiffany doyle

PSA*just a warning here for anybody that has death related phobia or anxiety attacks*

May 14th

Cristina Rios

Such an awesome episode

Apr 21st

Aleksandra Kowalska

Very helpful tips, thank you so much. I've been dealing with anxiety for a long time, the process described here is a practical tool to be used by everyone. Thanks again!!!

Apr 19th

Heidi Wells

the media's job is to create news? wow

Mar 31st
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