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Audio Engineer & Music Technologist Paul Edwards interviews Engineers, Producers, Artists, and others in the pursuit of audio knowledge, and advice on building a career in the music industry. We'll also dig up some good ol' fashioned in-studio & tour shenanigans. Other shows focus on the 1%, who ultimately offer little to the rest of us in terms of relatability. UnFamous seeks concrete strategies and advice from the 99%'s best. The men & women making a life and a living in music, giving the listener a leg up.
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Connor Seidel is a Montreal based songwriter & producer who has dedicated the last 10 years to developing new acts in the Quebec music scene. After 3 years of creative direction for Outro Music (a music technology company), he now holds residency at Cult Nation where he’s producing & writing with Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski, Soran and a number of other emerging artists. After a gold record for Holubowski’s “Solitudes” he’s now building strong ties with the London & Berlin music scene, connecting Quebec artists with talent in Europe and bringing European acts back to Canada. You'll also be hearing some new Charlotte Cardin Music throughout the show. If you haven't heard of her, you definitely need to. She's an artist with Cult Nation and Atlantic Records and the music is courtesy of them.  Connor and I have known each other for a few years. He popped up on my radar a while before we actually met because we had worked with a few of the same artists. Fun Trivia Fact: We also both have produced and recorded a few artists who appeared on and were finalists on the hit TV show "La Voix" which is Canada's version of The Voice.  Connor also had a string of #1 hits on Quebec Radio in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down.I had a great chat with Connor and I have to warn you it's even longer than the last one, but I promise it's chock full of music business goodness. And don't forget to stick around until the end for the outtakes.Connor and I discuss Budgets, Production philosophies, Songwriting, Publishing, Licensing, Why you should never work for Free, Strategies on Splitting up Royalties, Grants and Finding a Grant Writer, and ways for artists and producers to make money these days. Perhaps the main take away from Connor's interview is his approach to songwriting and collaboration and the power of storytelling.  Without further ado, here's my chat with the up in coming Producer/Songwriter Connor Seidel.Outro:Would be stoked to have you rate & review the show on iTunes and follow on Instagram @unfamouspodcast, Like on show notes either in your podcast app or at http://unfamouspodcast.comIf you'd like to reach Connor please visit https://www.connorseidel.comInstagram: @connor_seidelTheme Music for UnFamous Podcast is by The Pines.All other Music by Charlotte Cardin (Cult Nation / Atlantic Music)http://www.thecultnation.com Seidel Highlights:- Writing/production Collaboration with Charlotte Cardin, new releases and new album 2019 with Atlantic Records- Matt Holubowski “Solitudes” Gold Record!- Socan Creative Entrepreneur Grant Recipient- Six #1 Quebec Radio Hits in 2018 with one SOCAN Chanson Populaire Award- Worked with in 2018: Soran, Elliot Maginot, Claudia Bouvette, Charlotte Cardin- New Artists for 2019: Beau Diako & Jordan Rakei, Les Soeurs Boulay



Welcome to the pre-episode of the UnFamous Podcast. The teaser, the trailer the "what the heck is this show about?" Episode. I'm your host, the soothing voice in your earbuds, Paul Edwards.I'm an Audio Engineer & Music Technologist from Montreal. I've been making music and helping others make music for a while now and also spent four years as Lead Audio Engineer at LANDR, running the audio team and helping create an online Artificial Intelligent Mastering service. I'll be getting into all that in future episodes, but mainly I'll be interviewing Engineers, Producers, Artists, and Others in the pursuit of audio knowledge, and gettings advice on building a successful career in the music industry. We'll also no doubt dig up some good ol' fashioned in studio & tour shenanigan tales. One thing I hope for this show is to have a little fun and not take things too seriously. After all I basically got into music to have a good time and meet people who shared my passion for music and who spend their lives creating art by putting music into the world. There are a lot of reasons why I wanted to start this Podcast; from an excuse to catch up with old friends and colleagues, a way to meet new people in the industry and also to cover some topics I haven't been hearing on other shows, or at least maybe to approach them in a different way. I find a lot of Music shows often speak with the 1%, by which I mean, the superstars of audio who ultimately offer little to the rest of us in terms of relatability. Let's face it, most of us will never have access to huge budgets and the world's best studios. We also can't go back in time to when the tap was flowin'. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy listening to those guys talk about the golden days of record production, but it doesn't offer much in terms of strategies for today's realities. Does that mean I'll never interview a Grammy winner, heck no, that would be good times, but it's just not my main goal. What UnFamous seeks is concrete advice and strategies from the rest of the 99%. The men & women making a life in music, and maybe giving the listener a leg up in his or her career along the way. I hope you subscribe to this show and check in everytime or over time. If you have any feedback or would like to suggest a guest you can connect on, or on Facebook & Instagram @UnFamousPodcast or Twitter @UnFamousPod.Thanks for lending me your ears and have a good one! Cheers,Paul Edwards
So who is Paul Edwards and why should you care? Well over time, should you decide to subscribe and tune in you'll no doubt get to know me more and hear some of my personal stories. Whether they be about me as a musician writing songs and playing shows, me as an engineer and producer working with other artists, my experiences working for various music companies and even helping create a controversial Artificial Intelligent Music Technology. For now I'll just say, I'm a musician and Audio Engineer and have worked in the music industry for many years. I'm looking forward to sharing a bit of my knowledge and shooting the shit with other like minded folks. I by no means have all the answers, but that's part of the fun right? If you want more info on each episode, or to see behind the scenes, or if you have any feedback please visit, or hit us on Facebook or Instagram @UnFamousPodcast. We also have Twitter (UnfamousPod). On today's episode we have John Mullane. This one's what I call a 12 incher, clocking in at around 60 mins with a side A and B. But don't worry, you don't have to flip anything.  Please settle in and don't forget to stretch!  John Mullane is a Musician and Producer best known as the frontman of (East-Coast) Indie Rock Band In-Flight Safety. Over their 15 year or so run In-Flight Safety has released 3 albums and 2 EPs. They've toured extensively, including Europe the US and Canada at countless festivals, clubs, radio n TV stations. The band's songs appeared on various TV shows like The Office, Degrassi - Next Gen, Chuck, The Vampire Diaries and Rookie Blue! They've been nominated for Junos (which if you don't already know are The Canadian Grammy's) and they've even won a few East Coast Music awards along the way.Over the past few years, John has slowed down touring largely to start a family and be able to spend more time Producing other artists. John's what we call a "songwriter's" Producer. He gets his hands dirty and can help with everything from songwriting, arrangement, performance, and he's solid Mixing Engineer too. His musical chops are impressive and include, but are not limited to guitar, piano, synths, drums and of course, vocals. When he's not producing bands, he also composes for TV and Film.  I had a bit of a hard time deciding who I'd have as my first guest, but in the end, John just made sense. We share a lot in common and are in similar places in our personal lives and musical careers. I have a lot of musical friends I respect and admire, and they'll hopefully appear on this podcast at some point. Provided I can find the compromising polaroids I have in storage. Not only is John one of the more musical guys I know, he also one of my oldest friends. We met the first day my family moved to New Brunswick from Quebec. I was wandering around the neighbourhood on my own. Yup a five year old unaccompanied by an adult ready for something bad to happen to him so he could be immortalized in the Moncton news. Of course this was back in the 80s in a pre-internet, pre-dialup world. ... Our lives would eventually diverge in late childhood when I moved back to Montreal, but somehow we managed to stay close. Probably due to the fact we both were lucky enough to get the music bug and ended up being musicians and later music producers. Perhaps "Unlucky" enough if you ask our parents, but here we are. It's actually pretty interesting how similar our paths ended up being, not least that we ended up becoming fathers within months of each other. We chat about fatherhood a bit too but you'll have to wait till the end of the episode in the out-takes to hear that stuff.I caught up with John at his studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We recorded this interview through Skype so you'll have to forgive the audio connection. Overall it holds together but there are the occasional dropouts/glitches and overall compromised audio quality. We discussed John's history and career, production philosophies and strategies, (Word-of-mouth) Marketing, stepping back from social media in favour of engaging in Art and doing what's most important: writing great songs, the benefits of Pre-Production, .... etcWithout further ado, here's my conversation with the Conversationalist himself, John Mullane.Outro:Please subscribe on your favourite podcasting app and give us a rating & review on iTunes.If you wanna find more about the show visit, Facebook & Instagram is @UnFamousPodcast.And Twitter is @UnFamousPod, but fudge Twitter.If you 'd like to reach John you can use the contact page at Instagram: inflightjohnTwitter: JohnMullaneCredits:Engineer/Producer: Paul EdwardsTheme Music for UnFamous Podcast is by The Pines. All other music for this episode courtesy of In-Flight Safety. 
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