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Unapologetic Black Radio is a weekly radio show on WXDU Durham dedicated to black voices on Duke's campus. The show covers controversial topics and campus life at a predominately white institution for Black students. UBR was founded by Naomi Lilly and is co-hosted with Treniyyah Anderson and Aanan Henderson.
7 Episodes
People's State of the University at Duke: Protests, demands and reactions to hate and bias. Featuring special guests Mumbi Kanyogo and Trey Walk.
The "Black Card"

The "Black Card"


What is the "Black Card" and how does it manifest on Duke's campus? Is being Black is something that can or should be measured? Featuring special guests Arianna Carr and Kalif Jeremiah.
Mental health and its stigma in the Black community. Topics include therapy, spirituality, and the idea that it is "okay not to be okay". Featuring special guests Alyssa Cleveland and Taylor Jones.
Colorism within the Black community at Duke. Featuring special guests Sam Messie and Melody Ward.
This episode seeks to tackle issues of exclusivity in Duke's Black community. The topics covered include monolithic blackness, sexual assault, classism, and possible ways to address these issues. Our special guests include Mumbi Kanyogo and Adriana Parker.



Meet the Unapologetic Black Radio team. This episode marks the beginning of their journey discussing thought-provoking questions, stories and a bit of advice.
Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex


This episode explores sex on Duke's campus. We talk about The Thot Paradox, bad communication, STD stigmas and more. The special guest on the show is Arilia Frederick.
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