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Unapologetically Evolving

Author: Samuel James

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I have a relentless fascination with topics that explore and attempt to explain the human experience. That and electric skateboards (for some reason). Unapologetically Evolving is a podcast that engages with people who have a story to tell; a perspective on their own personal evolution and how their lives continue to change for the better because they refuse to stand still.
6 Episodes
LINK TO FULL EPISODE - It's a huge disappointment this episode didn't turn out as well as it should have. We covered a lot of ground. Jay Boston is a YouTube personality famous for his electric skateboard and urbex content. Like everyone who amasses a decent size following, he has some detractors too. I wanted to take the time to sit down and talk with him about the pros and cons of his journey, the ups and downs, wins and loses, and what he's learned along the way. We chat about Jed Boards, authenticity, his approach to YouTube, Evolve's massive turn-around, travel, Trampa, taking calculated risks, leaning into your "third thing," trial and error, and learning from your mistakes, Jay's other life as a successful digital agency owner (big risks and big rewards), time management, what the post-FOCBOX landscape might look like and what 2020 holds for him. Jay Boston will return... -Connect with Jay- || || || -Connect with me- || || --- Send in a voice message:
What's a personality hacker? In this episode counselor, mental health professional and certified personality hacker profiler, Dan Anear, introduces us to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Enneagram test and Spiral Dynamics. We talk about systems thinking and the use of systems as tools, not dogma. -Connect with Dan- || || -Listen to Convergently Speaking- || -Connect with me- || || --- Send in a voice message:
Rory Noke is the main man behind Adelaide's first and only professional podcasting studio. I recently got the chance to sit down with him and pick his brain about challenges of starting a business based around an emerging medium; podcasting for business vs. fun, as well as taking the opportunity to extract a few hints and tips for podcast newbies such as myself. -Connect with PodBooth- || || -Connect with me- || || --- Send in a voice message:
Recovery with Colorado Cadi

Recovery with Colorado Cadi


Colorado Cadi (just Cadi or Caddy to his friends) is a recovering alcoholic who uses e-skate to help on his road to recovery. For him skating isn't just a pastime or a hobby, it's life saving medicine. Despite his past, Caddy has gone from strength-to-strength, building a social following around his infectious, positive outlook on life, all the while using his story to reach out and help others. Apologies for the audio quality. Lessons were learned. -Connect with Caddy- || || -Connect with me- || || --- Send in a voice message:
What’s it all about?

What’s it all about?


UPDATE: After some great feedback on my first episode, I've decided to go ahead and just call the podcast 'Unapologetically Evolving.' It captures what this podcast is about perfectly. - Some people meditate. I e-skate (and also meditate). But beyond that I’m also deeply interested in philosophy, psychology, comparative religion (from an academic perspective), history, anthropology, esoteric thought, music, movies and martial arts. Want to chat or know someone who might make a good guest? Get in touch with me: - || || --- Send in a voice message:
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