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Unchained: Your No-Hype Resource for All Things Crypto

Author: Laura Shin - Business Journalist Covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, ; Forbes Contributor

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Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3.0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. Disclosure: I'm a nocoiner.
127 Episodes
Charlie Lee on How Litecoin Can Be Truly Successful - Ep.116
Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and aka SatoshiLite, discusses how he came to launch Litecoin, how the "fair" launch may have helped its success, why he didn't work on it for a stretch, and what inspired him to devote all of his time to it — but not own any litecoins. We also discuss his vision for Litecoin, why he believes stablecoins aren't superior, why he's considering enabling private Litecoin payments, and how he feels about the perception that he sold his litecoins near the all-time high, leaving others holding the bag. Read the full show notes on Read Charlie’s additional answers: Thank you to our sponsors! CipherTrace: CoinDesk: Since 2015, Consensus has been recognized as the most influential blockchain and digital assets event of the year. Hot-button topics such as adoption challenges, privacy,blockchain innovation, capital formation and more take centerstage as experts and pioneers give voice to the new developments and innovations occurring around the globe. Don't miss this three-day experience! Register today: Use promo: UNCHAINED300 to save $300 on your pass. Episode links: Litecoin: Charlie on Twitter: Charlie on Unconfirmed, discussing the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper: Charlie on Unconfirmed, discussing the Ethereum Classic 51% attack: Unchained interview with Charlie's brother, Bobby Lee: CoinDesk on Charlie’s work after Coinbase: CoinDesk profile: Charlie selling his LTC: WSJ article on selling his LTC: Multicoin Capital report on Litecoin: Magical Crypto Friends:
Why Beam Thinks Businesses Will Use Its Cryptocurrency - Ep.115
Alexander Zaidelson, the CEO of Beam, a cryptocurrency being built on the MimbleWimble protocol, talks about how he came to start Beam, how it differs from Grin, another cryptocurrency being built on MimbleWimble and what types of users the cryptocurrency is targeting. See the full show notes at: Interested in a weekend of yoga, nature, healthy food and talking crypto? Then join me, Meltem Demirors of CoinShares and Jalak Jobanputra of Future Perfect Ventures at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, from September 20-22. Sign up today! Thank you to our sponsor! CipherTrace: Episode links: Beam: Medium: Overviews of Grin vs. Beam: Comparisons of Beam to Zcash and Monero: Beam Roadmap: Beam emission schedule: Beam FAQ: The Block on Mimblewimble: Wallet vulnerability: Blockchain stoppage:
Grin: A More Private, Lighter Bitcoin - Ep.114
Daniel Lehnberg and Michael Cordner, core team members of Grin, discuss the first implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol, named after a tongue-tying curse in Harry Potter. We discuss the many ways in which Grin is similar to Bitcoin: its origin story, its goal to be "digital cash," as Satoshi's paper was subtitled, and even its emission schedule. We discuss how Grin is private, how it is lighter weight than the Bitcoin blockchain, and the philosophy behind Grin, which stands in stark contrast to the many ICOs. For the full show notes, go to Thank you to our sponsor! CipherTrace: Episode links: Grin: Grin newsletter: Daniel Lehnberg: Michael Cordner: MimbleWimble white paper: Grin Intros: Circle Research report on MimbleWimble technology: Grin's monetary policy — visually, easier to see how its similar in effect to Bitcoin's: Questions about whether Grin got the incentives right: Tracking YeastPlume’s funding: Ignotus Peverell post noting his disappointment in funding for YeastPlume: Interview with Ignotus Peverell: Conversation with Grin developers:
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce on Why You Shouldn't Have to Be Rich to Get Rich - Ep.113
In a fireside chat I moderated with SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce held by the Blockchain Digital Asset Forum, in conjunction with the NYU Stern Executive MBA program, on March 26, 2019, she explained where her reputation as 'Crypto Mom' comes from — a desire to look at the world with fresh eyes and say, are there things we can do things better? We also discussed a Bitcoin ETF and the prospects for one after Bitwise released a report showing a health legitimate market, as well as initial coin offerings and what will happen to the hundreds of ICO issuers that had initial coin offerings that look much like the ICOs that have already had enforcement actions against them. She described the process that occurs when something like an application for a Bitcoin ETF is submitted to the SEC, whether or not there's a lot of disagreement amongst the commissioners about how to regulate crypto, how much they work to persuade each other to come over to their side and whether Chairman Jay Clayton's opinion overrules everyone else's or whether majority rules. Plus, we covered dexes, stablecoins and security tokens. View the full show notes on my Forbes page: Thank you to our sponsor! CipherTrace: Episode links: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: SEC: Event link: Hester's dissent to the Bitcoin ETF disapproval: Bitwise's report: SEC enforcement action against Munchee: SEC enforcement action against Paragon: SEC enforcement action against Airfox: SEC enforcement action against Gladius: Speech by William Hinman, SEC director of the Division of Corporate Finance, on ether not being a security: Token Taxonomy Act: Unchained episode with CZ: SEC enforcement action against Zachary Coburn of EtherDelta: DTC report on blockchains for securities: Thank you to Lawson Baker at TokenSoft (disclosure: a previous sponsor) for helping me think through some of the issues for this episode.
Vitalik Buterin on Whether or Not Ethereum Is 'Blowing It' - Ep.112
At the first Unchained Live, Vitalik explained why he thought it was "inevitable" Ethereum would lose some of its lead, when he would be upset if Ethereum were overtaken by a competitor, and whether the Ethereum 2.0 road map was too long. We also discussed why a strain of Ethereum maximalism is emerging, how the foundation sets its funding priorities, whether or not the community should adopt inflation funding for development of the blockchain and why he thinks the MolochDAO experiment likely won't garner much investment. For the full summary, go to Thank you to our sponsors! Quantstamp, the venue sponsor for Unchained Live: Columbia School of Professional Studies, the networking sponsor: CipherTrace: Episode links: Previous Unchained interview with Vitalik Buterin: Unchained episode about MolochDAO: Zcash interview: Unchained interview with Glen Weyl and Santiago Siri referencing radical markets: 0x interview: Augur interview: Dharma interview: Compound interview: dYdX interview: Unchained episode on MakerDAO, part 1: Part 2: Unconfirmed episode about superfluid collateral and echoes of the 2008 financial crisis: Unconfirmed episode about Uniswap: Dfinity interview: 100th episode of Unchained featuring a poem about crypto and the podcast:
MolochDAO: Could This Decentralized Autonomous Organization Help Ethereum Scale Faster? - Ep.111
Ameen Soleimani, CEO of Spankchain, comes on the show to discuss his latest effort to fund Ethereum development through the decentralized autonomous organization MolochDAO. He describes how it works, plus we cover competition in the smart contract space and whether we're seeing the emergence of Ethereum maximalism. Full show notes are back on! See the full recap of this week's recap of the episode at Thank you to our sponsor! CipherTrace: Episode links: MolochDAO website: MolochDAO on Twitter: MolochDAO white paper: Moloch Github: State of Ethereum 2.0 report: Ameen's tweet storm on MolochDAO: MolochDAO tweetstorm with update on members, etc.: MolochDAO presentation at ETHDenver:  Post by Dino Mark, Vlad Zamfir and Emin Gun Sirer, A Call for a Temporary Moratorium on the DAO: Ameen on the importance of ETH price: Ryan Zurrer's position on ether fund recovery: r/Ethereum decision on moderators: Ameen on the timeframe for developing Ethereum 2.0 relative to development on potentially competitive chains like Polkadot:
How Melon Could Make Asset Management Easier - Ep.109
Mona El-Isa, the cofounder and CEO of Melonport, explains how Melon, the asset management protocol which recently launched on Ethereum, makes launching a fund easier and less expensive, plus gives investors even more transparency into the manager's decisions. She describes who will be using Melon, how the funds using Melon access liquidity if the protocol only connects to decentralized exchanges, what happens if bugs are found in the protocol's smart contracts, and how know-your-customer processes are handled. Noting that the company Melonport will now be winding down, she talks about how the protocol will be managed going forward. Plus, we dive into the MLN token. Thank you to our sponsor! Episode links: Melonport: Launch of Melon 1.0: Front and back office functions in a traditional fund vs. a Melon-based fund: Management fees in Melon: Integration with Kyber: Melonport will not exist by DevCon V: Melon governance: MLN token: Melonomics 1: Melonomics 2: Melonomics 3:
How Blockchains Can Help Create Little Democracies Everywhere - Ep.108
Glen Weyl, a political economist and social technologist, the coauthor of Radical Markets and a principal researcher at Microsoft, and Santiago Siri, the founder of Democracy Earth, discuss how blockchains can be used to create borderless democracies that can reach any citizen on earth and can be used not just by nation-states but in all kinds of communities such as the workplace, church or a social network like Facebook. We cover concepts such as quadratic finance and quadratic voting, and look at how forcing voters to have a budget for their votes changes voting behavior. We also dive into what needs to be put in place for blockchain-based voting systems to work, why identity solutions are crucial but also so hard to get right, and how we can prevent token-based governance systems from becoming plutocracies. Plus, we surmise that blockchain-based governance might be the 21st century political experiment and that someday, we may all be citizens of multiple communities. Thank you to our sponsors! CipherTrace: Microsoft: and Episode links: Democracy Earth: Santiago Siri: Radical Xchange: Glen Weyl: Radical Xchange conference in March: Radical Markets: Democracy Earth white paper: Democracy Earth cofounder Pia Mancini on early work with digital democracy: Santi on how blockchains could revolutionize democracy: Wired article on Democracy Earth: CoinDesk feature on Glen Weyl: Vitalik Buterin blog post on Radical Markets: Paper by Vitalik, Zoe Hitzig and Glen on quadratic financing:
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43:59 what is BNB tokens? 1:04:47 crypto scene in different countries.

Apr 10th

Lior Goldenberg

Great episode, very informative & help understanding the makerDao eco system! looking forward part2

Feb 4th

pablo creel

I would be great if you could do a podcast on Loyalty programs and blockchain. I topic you haven't talked that much in a high growing industry. Happy holidays

Dec 15th

Jomari Peterson

leveraging an opportunity zone fund can allow people to defer and eliminate their capital gain taxes “Don’t Worry About Capital Gain Taxes this Year.” by Jomari Peterson

Dec 4th

Rr Mathieu

ransom!? what facts are these statements based on? sounds like 2 old men who live in the past. terrible interview, very biased

Oct 30th

Rr Mathieu

I am an investor in crypto. Most of which is in Bitcoin and some alts such as, XRP, 0X. In my opinion you are doing a fantastic job with your research and top notch interviews. Believe me they help. Keep up the good work Laura! Ron M.

Oct 17th

R. R.

Financial derivatives are the foundation/underlying cause of the 2008 financial crisis.

Oct 3rd


Wow, she says that she was trading totally on inside information. And they wonder why regulators are playing it safe on the sector.

Sep 21st

R. R.

Q: So Robert, what are you having for lunch tomorrow? A: That's a great question......

Sep 20th

Devin Turner

Laura, your ability to point out flaws in your guest's weak arguments with counterexamples is why I love the show. No hype and no BS!

Jul 20th

Philip Schweitzer

The opening of this really made me wary of the future of Ethereum.

Jul 13th

Philip Duncan

amazing episode! keep up the great work

Jun 9th

Philip Duncan

Great job on this one!

Apr 29th
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