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Author: Dr. Barry Kerzin

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Unclouded is your pocket wellbeing companion. This podcast is for those times when you need to cope with stress, sort out the clutter of your mind and find focus and happiness in the challenges of everyday life. Offering tips and techniques for mindful living, and easy to do exercises and meditations, Unclouded features Dr. Barry Kerzin and is recorded from a variety of locations around the world. Barry is a physician and Buddhist Monk who, when he isn’t travelling with his work, lives in Dharamsala and serves as doctor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Unclouded is brought to you by AIMI and is an Events in Sound production.
6 Episodes
Doubt is often a regular internal narrative we have, but by practicing self compassion we discover the opportunities of love...
Seeing the kindness in others will help us feel a sense of connection, and help deal with the more difficult relationships in our lives...
This breathing practice is used to reduce stress and anxiety...
This little awareness exercise will help you be in the present moment - settling your mind to be alert, yet relaxed...
This simple exercise will help you with your concentration...
This little introduction to Unclouded gives you a taste of things to come...
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