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Welcome to Uncontained hosted by Aaron Static Render! Sit in on conversations with individuals in entertainment, discover new artists, and hear interesting stories along with advice from entertainers at all levels of "Making it." Find out about the successes, failures, struggles and sacrifices that each guest has faced and how they live Uncontained no matter what life throws at them.
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This week on Uncontained I talk to the founder/owner of Creative Combat and film fight choreographer, Steve Huff. He came as a recommendation from past Uncontained guest Jarrell Hall (episodes 58 and 172). Steve and I talk about his love of history and ancient weapons, how his previous career as a high school teacher helps him with acting the fight, and the differences between film fighting and real street fighting. We even talk about The Princess Bride--you will have to listen to hear that story. Plugin your earbuds, this is how Steve Huff lives Uncontained!
Billy Singhas returns to Uncontained! He moved back home to West Virginia and is now running for governor in 2020. He created the People Party, leaning not to the left or right, but to the people. We talk about some innovative ideas to improve education and teachers pay, along with Billy wearing a body camera streaming live, so everyone can see what is happening behind government's closed doors. Plug in your ear buds, this is how Billy Singhas Lives Uncontained!To support Billy's campaign, follow him on Facebook at Revolutionize West Virginia
This week we Re-Visit episode #83 with Kabir Singh Plug in your ear buds and Live Uncontained.Voice Actor, Poet, and Philosopher, Kabir Singh is my guest this week on Uncontained If you recognize Kabir's Voice it may be because his voice is just about everywhere, including Advertisements for Under Armour, Samuel Adams, The Memphis Grizzlies and even T-Mobile. Kabir Singh's voice is in many places and now he is on Uncontained. Kabir shares some great advice and out looks on life and the business of voice over. We talk about his journey to get where he is today and where he plan to go from here. I would recommend checking out some of his poetry/philosophy video he posts on his Facebook page. You will get a great look in to how he thinks and lives life. This is how Kabir Singh Lives Uncontained. Here is the book that Kabir recommended for those looking to get in to voice over. James Alburger "The art of voice acting" #Uncontained #UncontainedPod #LiveUncontained #AaronStaticRender #Podcast #Podcasting #Podcastlover #voiceover#voiceacter #VoiceOfKabir #KabirsVoice #KabirSinghwww.kabirsvoice.comInstagram @kabirsvoiceFacebook @kabirsvoice
Filmmaker Joe Clarke returns to Uncontained. To talk about his new film Alta Vista, his first film made in Hollywood. Ironically about a first-time filmmaker in Hollywood. True to Joe Clarke form the film is full of twists and subplots. We also get some behind the scenes stories from his documentary Headstrong, on WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam. Including how the documentary evolved from the original concept, and how he had fight tooth and nail with RVD to make what he believed was the best film possible. Plugin your earbuds and listen to how this ballsy filmmaker, Joe Clarke Lives Uncontained!
This week I talk with, Alton Pete, a decorated retired US Army, Iraqi war combat veteran, and author of Life Is So Precious. Alton served in the Army for 26 years and its from his experiences in Army life and post Army life readjusting to life as a civilian, he was inspired to write Life is So Precious. Alton is full of inspiration, passing on the message you can achieve what ever you want to, and working together brings everybody up instead of tearing people down. I know it sounds like a simple concept but way too many people tear each other down to try to get ahead. Let's all take a lesson from Alton. Plug in your earbuds this is how Alton Pete Lives Uncontained!Websitehttps://www.altoneugenepete.comemailaltonpete@gmail.comFacebook
This week I talk to my friend Gus. He shares some great stories working as personal security for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Sharon Stone, Ryan Seacrest, and Joe Rogan back in the Fear Factor days. He has also kept many rock stars protected from crazy fans, and shares some behind-the-scenes moments working as head of security for Vinnie Paul from Pantera and HELLYEAH. I have been trying to encourage Gus to write a book because he has so many more stories that we were not able to get to that need to be shared. We have been trying to make this interview happen for a long time, so I'm excited to share this episode. Now it is time to plug in those earbuds, this is how Gus Lives Uncontained!
I go solo on Uncontained this week. The phrase "trust in the process" is everywhere from motivational memes, YouTube videos, and podcasts on the business, and entertainment industries. In this episode I talk about a few people who inspire me and look at how they use the "the process" I take a look at Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness, Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia, stand-up comedian and host of ID10T Chris Hardwick, and Jordan Harbinger the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, along with my take on. Plug in your earbuds and trusting the process and Live Uncontained!Gary Vaynerchuk interview on infuencive.com Howes School of Greatness episode #168 Harbingerhttps//www.jordanharbinger.comChris Hardwick The Nerdist 
Back in January I was a guest on Instagram Stories, hosted by Daniel Hill to talk about Instagram. talking about using Instagram to promote Uncontained I also get some advice from Daniel on how to use Instagram more effectively.Original show descriptionAaron Static Render hosts a podcast called “Uncontained” where he interviews people in the entertainment industry – actors, musicians, comedians – about their roots, what advice they’d give, how they promote themselves, and what’s kept them going when others tell them they won’t succeed.In this episode, we talk about how Aaron can use Instagram to promote his podcast, including Going Live, Engagement pods, dealing with fluxation in the number of followers, and more.
I hope everybody had a great 4th of July to our neighbors to the North Happy 1st of July. I am re-releasing My first ever episode of Uncontained honor of the birth of our country I look back at the birth of the show. After all they say you can't know where you are going unless you know where you started. So please enjoy this look back at the beginning of Uncontained as we continue to move to the future. Plug in those ear buds this and enjoy re-visiting episode 001 with Comedian Tom Garland @tomgarlandlvEPISODE 01 OF UNCONTAINED. I interview comedian Tom Garland We talk about touring with Steve-O and Preston Lacey from Jackass and the creation of a reality TV show. We also talk about his first movie Upon The Wooftop.
What do the Night King, Arya Stark, 2 dragons have in common, besides being on Game of Thrones that is. They all get their motion or moves in Arya's case from my guest this week, MoCap actor, and stuntman, Jarrell Hall returns to Uncontained this week. Jarrell was first on the show back on episode 58, and has been busy since. If you watched HBO's Game Of Thrones you have seen his work. He did MoCap for 2 of the 3 dragons including the one that melted the Iron Throne, a number of white walkers, and developed a fight package for Arya Stark. You can also catch him in John Wick 3. We talk about those project and more that he is working on. We talk about Keanu Reeves, Brie Larson, Gal Gadot and how a fight between Brie and Gal would play out. This is definitely a fun interview that you don't wanna miss! Plug in your earbuds, this is how Jarrell Hill Lives Uncontaied.www.jarrellhall.com Instagram@ohmrhallTwitter@ohmrhall
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