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Welcome to Uncontained hosted by Aaron Static Render! Sit in on conversations with individuals in entertainment, discover new artists, and hear interesting stories along with advice from entertainers at all levels of "Making it." Find out about the successes, failures, struggles and sacrifices that each guest has faced and how they live Uncontained no matter what life throws at them.
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This week singer Chris Lyric and producer Wisdumb join me on Uncontained. We discuss how they teamed up and talk about the EP they recorded together titled Creation. We also dive in to how they got their start in music and how Chris overcame obstacles such as stagefright and what he claims to be his biggest obstacle, himself. This is how Chris Lyric and Wisdumb live Uncontained!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week on Uncontained ie take a listen to past episode with talented actor and friend of the show Dan Hampel! Take a listen and enjoy the horror of halloween!Dan Hampel is back on Uncontained to talk about his new horror movie “We Should Have Died.” This is Daniel’s first movie he has written and directed. The screen play is Co-wrote with, Dustin Hills. WSHD Stars Linnea Quigley the original Queen of Scream known for countless horror classics including “Return of the Living Dead.” Daniel announces that Mike Keeler the director of photography for “Up On The Wooftop” will be working on WSHD, along with an all Iowa cast and crew. You can be an executive produce all you need to do is help s film by supporting their kickstarter campaign. I am looking forward to seeing this movie when it is finished.
Guitarist and Vocalist Andreas Amnell joins me on Uncontained! Andreas plays guitar for Valley Sons with Robert Sims (bass/vocals) and Kurt Custer (ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Earle drummer/vocalist). He also sings and plays guitar in his solo project, you can hear his song Taste The Riches featured at the beginning of the episode. We talk about how he became interested in playing guitar from playing a video game, and some of the challenges that he has faced in the LA music scene. Plug in your earbuds, enjoy the debut single off of Andreas' upcoming album and listen to how Andreas Amnell Lives UncontainedAndreas Social Media Sons:
This week on Uncontained I am joined by vocalist, guitarist, audio engineer, and personal trainer Ari Mihalopoulos! Ari was one of my first interviews ever, back in 2004 when I was working at my old college radio station KBVU the Edge. He was promoting his band Destrophy's new album Crystalis. A lot has happened since then, Destrophy got signed to Victory records, he and his band mates became the backing band for the national touring metal band Otep for 9 years, and is still recording bands at his studio Inner Light Records. We talk about what the music industry is really like, some of the musicians he toured with including the late Peter Steele from Type O Negative, and get some great advice for musicians along with some physical fitness advice as well. Plug in those earbuds this is how Ari Mihalopoulos livesInstagram@aristotle76 FacebookAri MihalopoulosTrainingAriArmy.comRecording
Rapper C.J. Soul joins me this week on Uncontained, to talk about his new album, Beat Of Your Heart, that hit digital stores and streaming sites on Friday the 27th of September. Listen in as he shares stories of some highs and lows in his 15 year rap career including a story that involves Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas and President Obama. C.J. Also explains how letting go of control helped him gain more control of his life and career. Take a listen to the title track of his new Album, Beat Of Your Heart!Plug in your earbuds, this is how C.J. Soul lives Uncontained!Instagram @iamcjsoulFacebook @iamcjsoul
Actor and musician Robert Felsted Jr. joins me on Uncontained to talk about his upcoming movie, Hanukkah, starting Charles Flischer, P.J. Soles and the late film icon, Sid Haig, known for many roles including Captian Spaulding from Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Courpses movies. Robert shares some stories from set and talked about his experience working with this cast. We also talk about work he has done from extra work on Brooklyn 99, working as a stand-in for Andy Sandberg, and dangling from the rafters in front of Steven Speilberg and Laurn Michaels. Along with acting Robert also records music with his band The Moonshoots, making songs for movie placement. There are a few surprises that come up in this Interview including working with Murders INC. You will have to plug in your earbuds to find out more this is how Robert Felsted Jr. Lives Uncontained! The Movie (NSFW):
Director and cinematographer Jose Zambrono Cassella joins me on this weeks episode of Uncontained. He shares some great advice for upcoming and experienced filmmakers alike. We also talk about his first film that he directed, a horror film with a budget of only $5000. Now he is working on bigger budget films including Brides of Jesus, about two nuns on the run, who are in a punk band. I am personally looking forward to seeing this movie. What isn't there to love about nuns in a punk band. This is a must listen for up and coming filmmakers. Jose suggests that filmmakers should study film and find influences, and get to know their styles so you can develop your own. Plug in your ear buds, this is how Jose Zambrono Cassella Lives Uncontained!DEMO REEL: DP REEL
This week on Uncontained I talk to the founder/owner of Creative Combat and film fight choreographer, Steve Huff. He came as a recommendation from past Uncontained guest Jarrell Hall (episodes 58 and 172). Steve and I talk about his love of history and ancient weapons, how his previous career as a high school teacher helps him with acting the fight, and the differences between film fighting and real street fighting. We even talk about The Princess Bride--you will have to listen to hear that story. Plugin your earbuds, this is how Steve Huff lives Uncontained!
Billy Singhas returns to Uncontained! He moved back home to West Virginia and is now running for governor in 2020. He created the People Party, leaning not to the left or right, but to the people. We talk about some innovative ideas to improve education and teachers pay, along with Billy wearing a body camera streaming live, so everyone can see what is happening behind government's closed doors. Plug in your ear buds, this is how Billy Singhas Lives Uncontained!To support Billy's campaign, follow him on Facebook at Revolutionize West Virginia
This week we Re-Visit episode #83 with Kabir Singh Plug in your ear buds and Live Uncontained.Voice Actor, Poet, and Philosopher, Kabir Singh is my guest this week on Uncontained If you recognize Kabir's Voice it may be because his voice is just about everywhere, including Advertisements for Under Armour, Samuel Adams, The Memphis Grizzlies and even T-Mobile. Kabir Singh's voice is in many places and now he is on Uncontained. Kabir shares some great advice and out looks on life and the business of voice over. We talk about his journey to get where he is today and where he plan to go from here. I would recommend checking out some of his poetry/philosophy video he posts on his Facebook page. You will get a great look in to how he thinks and lives life. This is how Kabir Singh Lives Uncontained. Here is the book that Kabir recommended for those looking to get in to voice over. James Alburger "The art of voice acting" #Uncontained #UncontainedPod #LiveUncontained #AaronStaticRender #Podcast #Podcasting #Podcastlover #voiceover#voiceacter #VoiceOfKabir #KabirsVoice #KabirSinghwww.kabirsvoice.comInstagram @kabirsvoiceFacebook @kabirsvoice
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Really enjoyed this one. Looking forward to hearing more.

Feb 16th
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