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Under the Radar

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From development and design to marketing and support, Under the Radar is all about independent app development. It's never longer than 30 minutes. Hosted by Marco Arment and David Smith.
195 Episodes
Adapting to the continued consolidation of Apple's platforms and frameworks.
How the online-only format of WWDC 2020 is working out in practice, and how quickly we plan to adopt the new APIs.
Putting mental health above productivity during challenging times.
Using compatibility shims and abstractions to gain some of the newest APIs' benefits on previous OS versions.
Imposing arbitrary limits on yourself to produce better projects.
The risks and rewards of using custom fonts, and how to implement them in a modern app.
The launch of David's new app that pushes the boundaries of watchOS and finally makes our smartwatch faces actually smart.
The business side of Apple Watch app development in 2020.
Business decisions for app developers during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Considering how Apple could replace and expand the roles filled by WWDC if it's canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.
How we tackle the occasional need for more advanced math skills than what we actually have.
Looking back at the launch of the iPad, and what its present and future hold, from an app-development and business perspective.
As Marco discovers the value of staying with the old, David plows headfirst into the new.
Making plans, setting goals, and setting guidelines for decision-making — and, taking a page from our friends at Cortex, our chosen themes for 2020.
Revisiting the decision to go iOS 13-only with Overcast, and the pros and cons of potentially re-adding support for iOS 12.
Time-saving tips and tricks, and the value of test-harness mini-apps during development.
If you ship a major update, but don't announce it anywhere, does it make a sound?
A huge update to the computer that most of you are probably using.
Energy logs, API-misuse terminations, and other unexpected ways our apps crash due to system policy enforcement.
Gather around the campfire as Uncle Dave tells the tale of how the conditions formed for today's App Store subscription scams.
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