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Author: Isabel Dickson

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The Underground Artists Podcast is brought to you by @isabeldickson_. This show delves into the lives of artists from a variety of professions, hearing their stories and advice for those seeking to follow in their footsteps. We aim to empower, inspire and educate you with relevant and impactful conversations. Subscribe to stay in the loop. We hope you enjoy hanging out with us!
17 Episodes
In this episode your host @isabeldickson_ discusses with Curtis Lee her recently wrapped film, @rapidthefilm, of which she wrote, directed, co-produced and starred in. In this episode  Isabel delves into what it was like going public with her bipolar disorder to make a film about rapid cycling, and together they discuss writing in an altered state of mind and channelling it into creativity, how they raised 82% of their crowdfunding target, steps to make your crowdfunding campaign a success, uncovering fear around mental illness, and so much more.We discuss some members of the 'Rapid' crew in the film. To check out their work visit here:Ella Deane: www.elladeane.comRhys William Nicolson:
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, host @isabeldickson_ sits down with entertainment worker and former co-chair of the Equity Wellness Committee, Liam Mcllwain (Les Misérables, The Pirates of Penzance, Mary Poppins). We discuss the eye-opening statistics found in the groundbreaking study into Australian actors wellbeing by Sydney University and the Equity Foundation, contributors to the problem, duty of care institutions have for supporting and educating students, the importance of "cooling down" after a performance, tips for maintaining mind fitness, why and how things are changing in our industry, and so much more.For more information about the Equity Wellness Committee and to access their resources visit: WELLBEING HOTLINE: 1800 959 500LIFELINE: 13 11 14BEYOND BLUE: 1300 224 636 
This week's guest is esteemed costume designer/maker/researcher Martin Heusel who has worked on films such as Moulin Rouge, Superman Returns, Alien Covenant, and on London's West End, to name just the tip of the iceberg. In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast host @isabeldickson_ (Sydney) sits down with Martin Heusel (Greece) to discuss versatility in the industry, why his background in research and history has been crucial to his career, balancing style with realism, how to be employable, why it's worth pursuing costume design/making as a career, and much more.
"Any work you create should be to entertain, to educate, or to inspire. The best work is all three. That's the work that changes the world."In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast host @isabeldickson_ (Sydney) sits down with actor and coach @shanesavage (Vancouver) via Zoom to discuss the differences between the Australian and North American markets and why he made the move to Vancouver from Melbourne, why you should move overseas for the experience and not the outcome, the "fuck yes or no" method in choosing work, why you need to have solid training in order to be working at a level that affects people, what you should look for in training, what he works on with his clients, and so much more. 
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast host @isabeldickson_ sits down with renowned photographer @reedplummerimages to discuss how the ocean and nature inspire his photography, the role photography plays in conservation efforts and awareness, and his journey from making his own pinhole camera as a kid to becoming a household name in nature-inspired photography. Reed's work has been featured in media around the world including on BBC, CNN, Sky News, as well as with Tourism Australia. In 2019 and 2020 he was a finalist in the Australian Geographic Nature Photo of the Year. Reed also owns his own business, Central Coast Drones. Website:
Buckle down 'cos we're flipping the switch. @consistentlycurtis from the very first Underground Artists podcast interviews regular host, @isabeldickson_. In this episode we talk about the benefits of acting school, moving to a new city to pursue your dream, finding your own acting work in an overcrowded market, and keeping your skills sharp, particularly during self isolation. This episode is the third in our ZOOMPOD series recorded via zoom. 
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with filmmaker and actor Jace Pickard to discuss his 2020 feature film Fragmentary of which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in. We delve into the writing process, how he began producing films, and balancing the director-actor role on set. Website:
This episode of @undergroundartistspodcast was recorded via Zoom to comply with the Covid 19 restrictions. @isabeldickson_ sits down with entrepreneur, producer and performer Celyren Phipps to discuss how you don't need to limit yourself to one career path, following your gut, and her background in performing. We also delve into her newly launched business Switch Out Swim and Active (SOSA). Celyren sheds light on the inspiration behind launching an eco-friendly, zero-waste swimwear and activewear company, their business structure, and tips for marketing. 
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with author, communications specialist and storyteller Ross Healy to discuss how he secured his literary agent (a fascinating story!), his process for writing novels, how to cater your writing to a variety of forms (from a media release to an emoji!), how achieving his Bachelors and Masters in Communications from Bond University helped shape his writing, and so much more! This episode isn't just for writers but all creatives, and will inspire and empower you to reach your goals.Website:
Ready to be empowered? In this week's episode I sit down with French/Australian pole dancer and teacher @kimberleymahoney to discuss her process for achieving her incredible tricks, how to become an elite pole dancer, competing, and so much more!
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with acting agent and performer @seanmiguelperez to discuss his top tips for developing your actors package, securing rep in Australia and LA, how you can keep your skills fresh, and so much more. Sean shares his advice through the unique lens of an actor and an agent giving you a well-rounded perspective.
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with actor @danielneeds_ to discuss his starring role in the new feature film Swimming For Gold, working and auditioning in Vancouver, his top tips for a positive mindset, and so much more.
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with filmmaker and broadcast tv camerman, Michael Raso, to discuss how his first short film got into 57 film festivals worldwide & had 3 distribution deal offers, why he self-funds his films, top tips for getting your foot in the door of the Australian film and television industry, and so much more.
In this episode, @isabeldickson_ sits down with Drag Queen, @verybitterqueen, to discuss how she got into the drag scene, if anyone can do drag, some of her controversial performances, the best places to catch a drag show, and so much more. 
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with actress and filmmaker @karinabanno to discuss what it was like growing up in the industry, thoughts on acting school, her top tips for auditioning, how to juggle your side job, working with her twin sister @raechellebanno, and so much more.
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with actress and dancer @alea_osheaa to discuss what it was like working on Home and Away, her recent tour with Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler & Dream Dance Co, top tips for a healthy mindset, and so much more. 
In this episode of @undergroundartistspodcast, @isabeldickson_ sits down with up and coming filmmaker, Curtis Lee. A recent graduate of film school, Curtis shares insight into the application process, how film school assists in achieving your career goals, and how he created his graduate project - the TV pilot, Committed. 
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