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Undoing Mare Of Easttown

Author: philiplmatarese

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A podcast about HBO's miniseries "Mare Of Easttown" with Aubrey & Phil. Now Featuring: Adam's Korner.

Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell
Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip
Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
12 Episodes
Today we cover the FINAL episode of Mare Of Easttown. In classic Undoing Mare Of Easttown style, we start by yelling at Adam, we meander, we reflect, we chop it up. Thank u for joining us on this journey- and we'll see you on the next HBO Murder Mystery Miniseries.  Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
Today we cover EPISODE SIX of Mare Of Easttown "SORE MUST BE THE STORM." Basically, the audio is all fucked up and weird because I fucked up again. Listen to it on 2x anyway. Anywho we get into all the little nooks and crannies between The Kids, The CousinBrothers, and the Sioban! An ALL SIOBAN EPISODE! YES!  Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein  
Today we cover EPISODE FIVE of Mare Of Easttown "Illusions." Obviously a HUGE ep. Adam's Crouton is back. And we've all got theories. And.............................................secrets?  Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
Today we cover EPISODE FOUR of Mare Of Easttown. I, Phil, fucked up and deleted the first recording. Aubrey and I recorded an entire ep and I lost it. But you know what you're getting instead? An incredibly polished podcast ep. These are two professionals who put in the time, worked their set, and are giving you Half Hour special. This is, frankly, the best podcast ep of all time. Also, Adam has been kicked off the podcast. Or he's on vacation. OR he's MISSING?!!!!! Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
Today we cover EPISODE THREE of Mare Of Easttown which is dizzyingly titled "Enter Number Two." We discuss Even Peters' incredible drunk acting, that freaky-deacon, and  "THE ENERGY OF BETRAYAL."  We also got a big offer from Sp*tify and Adam's Korner is now known as Adam's Crouton because he's a mushy little morsel.  Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
Today we cover EPISODE TWO of Mare Of Easttown; also mom's ipads, juuling, I Wish I Was Skinnier Every Day, is Brianna the worst character of all time?, swapping spit sermon slingers, etc.  Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
Listen if HBO is gonna put out a murder/mystery mini-series, we're gonna recap it. Aubrey & Phil are back to undo the new series 'MARE OF EASTTOWN'. Today we cover EPISODE ONE and the nature of names, murder, and introduce Adam's Korner.  Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip Adam Rotstein @Madamepotstein
All good things must come to an end... Aubrey and Phil recap the episode, reflect on the series as a whole, and pontificate on the importance of loving things.  Thank you to all 45,000 of our subsribers! We love you! Now Go!!! You heard me! Get outta here!!! 
The Undoing: Episode 5

The Undoing: Episode 5


Episode 5: Trial By Fury. We loved this episode and YOU'LL love this episode of the podcast. We recorded it in the morning so coffee was running rampant through our little brains. Everyone's on trial. Some good theories on Kidman. Snack talk. And much, MUCH more! Thank you again to our 20k subscribers- we're rich! Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip
Hugh calls Aubrey. He really wants some taquitos. She really wants him to lose her phone number. 
The Undoing: Episode 4

The Undoing: Episode 4


Episode 4 of The Undoing: “See No Evil” We jam on the episode, Reese’s wafer sticks, how much we want Sylvia to be our friend. And our guesses for who killed Elena Alves. Also a GUEST PHONE CALL FROM A CAST MEMBER!!! 
We cover the first three episodes of HBO Miniseries The Undoing in our first episode. I never get how podcasts start with the first episode, like, you LOVE the show immediately and decide to start the pod? No. It takes three episodes to start the pod. So this is where we begin. Everyone on this show is so hot but the Detective is the hottest.   Aubrey Bell @AubreyBell Phil Matarese @PhilorPhilip
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