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The weekly podcast where people talk about the greatest jobs they ever had and how they lost them. Comedian & Unemployed Expert Anna Roisman interviews some of her favorite people about what it's like to be jobless.
17 Episodes
In the latest episode of Unemployed (which was recored in a Covid-Free world) Anna chats with her friend, hilarious comedian Corinne Fisher (Guys We F*cked, & podcast queen)! They talk about everything from Corinne's "childhood educational vacations" to going to art school, to working at a management company for years! You know, one that reps Lin Manuel Miranda... NBD. Corinne gives amazing advice on manifesting your jobs, and how to scan a room during an interview to say the right things. It's such an inspiring and uplifting episode, especially for right now! Plus they call Arden, who is a mall cop at the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica but trying to become a writer. Arden is hilarious and truly shows us how to find the silver lining in a shitty job!
This week on the podcast (in a covid-free world) we have my friends Sydnee Washington & Marie Faustin who host the podcast Unofficial Expert on Foreverdog! We discuss everything from what we wanted to be when we grew up to jobs we were all fired from to that one time Marie almost got cast on The Real World. Sydnee talks about her Victoria Secret days and just how many boobs she saw in her 2 years there. Marie and Anna relive their temping days and how they got in trouble while being a temp. Also, everyone admits to having stolen from a job before! Whoops. This episode is full of stories about getting fired, but has great advice on getting a foot in the door! (which is don't tell the truth...AGAIN)
Today's episode of Unemployed was recorded in a Covid-19 free world where Anna still had her job at HQ. It's a refreshing break and it's super inspiring! Anna is joined by her friend, a lifestyle influencer and content creator, Chinae Alexander (of Press Send Podcast)! Chinae and Anna talk about how they met on a very bizarre audition that no one booked! They talk about Chinae's superwoman confidence at age 21 and how much that impacted her future career. Chinae is a self starter, an entrepreneur, and most importantly she's SO REAL and GENUINE. She chose the scarier path and made it work. Anna also tells her about her aspiring goal to be an influencer. They also call John who was laid off from his job as a Geo-Spacial Analyst and discuss how he's maintaining his unemployed lifestyle.
Warning: The latest episode of Unemployed was recorded in a coronavirus-free world when Anna was still employed at HQ...sounds beautiful, right? How lucky are we to have the very funny Josh Gondelman on this episode?! VERY. You may know Josh from his work on Desus&Mero on Showtime, or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. He's the king of pep talks on twitter and he's actually pretty employed! Josh and Anna talk about his days teaching pre-school and tutoring, and what it was like to make the move from Boston to NYC to pursue comedy writing. Then Josh and Anna call Taylor, who is looking to find a job as a mechanical engineer. (A job Anna is fully capable of commenting on...?) Regardless of the field, it's frustrating getting told you're "overqualified!" Josh also has an awesome sneaker collection and that is not on this episode.
In this episode of Unemployed, Anna sits down with her friend, hilarious comedian, and Podcast Queen, Krystyna Hutchinson! You may know Krystyna from the hit podcast, "Guys We F*cked" (new episodes on Luminary). Krystyna and Anna talk about all of the jobs she had from working at Apple and not knowing who Steve Jobs' daughter was, to getting fired for 'not wearing enough makeup' at a restaurant job! The nerve! Krystyna also gives the beautiful story about how she finally paid off all of her bills that lived in a trash bag in a closet. (She dreamt of being rich!) Also, they call Greg who was a mascot for a professional baseball team and recently lost his job after 20 years!! Greg is a hero among us, and so they help him figure out his next move!
It happened. Anna's unemployed again. But she's not alone, she is joined by her close friend and former(?) co-worker Matt Richards! The Money Flipper and The Word Queen UNITE! Anna and Matt hosted on HQ, and you may remember them from their late night hang, HQ After Dark. This is the most RECENT and RAW episode yet. On this episode, you'll hear how Anna and Matt got started at HQ! They talk about behind the scenes stuff at HQ, how hard Matt commits to his "cleanses," what it was like to meet each other. They also answer HQ fan submitted questions and you get to know them even more!!! If you're going through a little HQ withdrawal, this episode will bring you all the love! Plus they discuss going on a comedy tour... so stay tuned.
On the 10th episode of Unemployed with Anna Roisman, she chats with her friend of almost 10 years and semi (former) co-worker, comedian, 1/2 Cooligan, and former HQ Sports host Alexis Guerreros! Alexis and Anna talk about their love of food, and yes you will know where to get a good sandwich if you're visiting NYC by the end of this episode. They also talk about how Alexis left a very high paying job to pursue his dreams. Plus, they call Amanda who was a teacher, and is now focusing on writing. They give her unconventional tips on how to get a job by 'not lying, but not saying the whole truth on her resume'! It's a very funny episode, and 18 month severance packages apparently exist?!
In the latest episode of 'Unemployed,' Anna chats with friend and comedian Jess Salomon (The Tonight Show). Jess was once a war crimes lawyer (gasp!) who decided to pursue her passion and become a comedian. She takes us through a journey of what it was like to leave her job, start going to open mics in Holland, and then having to explain to security at the Canadian border that she and her wife are just heading to the states to hit up some comedy shows. It's a wild ride and you're gonna love it. If you've ever thought about a career change, this is the episode for you! Plus we call Katherine who was laid off and is looking to get a job in radio so family member stop asking the common question, "when are you going to get a job?!?"
On this special episode of Unemployed, Anna talks to the first entrepreneur of the show, Gracie Bensimon of Gracie Baked! She's a psychologist-turned-professional baker and her cookies are out of this world! We talk about how she always had a love for baking, but wasn't sure if she was gonna take the plunge and start a company. (Thank god she did! We are better for it!) Anna admits to stalking her on Instagram after tasting her cookies and that's how the obsession began! Gracie is a fairly new (badass) entrepreneur who chose to do what she loves with her life, even if it meant leaving behind skills she went to school for! This episode is an AMAZING TREAT. All puns intended.
On this week's episode of Unemployed, Anna chats with her friend and comedian, Jessie Jolles (Betches, No Such Thing As Love) about all of the jobs she had from being a teenage professional organizer and making bank, to sitting in a bathroom stall at a toy company for her personal "office hours." Jessie is a self starter, and iconic freelancer! And if you don't hire her, she will have to report you to her mom, who has an important title in the business bureau of DC, so be chill about it! Also, this is their audition for their own radio show, according to Anna & Jessie. Hey SiriusXM - u up?
On this episode of Unemployed, Anna talks to her friend and phenomenal comedian/host, Gabe Gonzalez. You may know him from the Scruff app, or MTV News... but today? He's unemployed! Gabe and Anna talk about nightmare living situations, his stint producing gay porn, and how his parents found out about that venture! (it's actually unreal) They discuss and fangirl over Eliot Glazer, and how he gave Gabe his first real job in entertainment (spoiler it was on Broad City)!! Gabe is amazing at finding the silver lining in all his jobs, and this episode is full of good energy! They also call Darcy, who recently graduated and has yet to land a job in her field. But don't worry, they help her come up with a great plan! Oh and it's Producer Brian's first time on THE MIC!
On the 5th episode of Unemployed, Anna finally properly introduces the show! She chats with her good friend Akilah Hughes, who you may know as the hilarious comedian, creator, and author of "Obviously." They learn about Akilah's job history (of never keeping a job for more than 9 months!!) and how she once impressively received 4 hair products as severance. Akilah and Anna discuss the best ways to take care of yourself in case the world crumbles. And on a positive note, they call "Positive Pat" who lost his customer service job at a mattress company but works out every morning and is hoping to find something as flexible! (He's an inspiration to them?)
On this episode of 'Unemployed,' Anna chats with her friend, comedian, TV writer, and former froyo expert, Alex Song! Alex opens up about her experience on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' and what it was like to have periods of unemployment after multiple TV writing jobs, as well as professing her love for her former Pinkberry boss! Anna and Alex also discuss the idea of, 'does everything happen for a reason?' Anna and Alex call a stranger-turned-friend from twitter, Cameron, who got laid off through a phone call after seeing Captain America! (Gross!) They talk to Cameron about his former job in marketing and learn about his creative side and come up with a dope plan for his future! Cuz sometimes? That's how jobs work!
On the latest episode of Unemployed, Anna sits down with her friend, also a comedian/host, Paul Costabile. From showing up to a PA job in Staten Island in a full suit (ready to go on camera) to maybe DJ-ing Anna's bat mitzvah(?), Paul has been one of the most hardworking entertainers in town, baby! This is the first episode where Anna and her guest call a stranger who is unemployed and can use a pep talk. Anna and Paul talk to the amazing Christina who lost her job as a baker, and doesn't know what to do. They chat about the importance of figuring out what you love to do, and building on that. And they ask Christina to send them baked goods, naturally.
In this real & raw episode of Unemployed, Anna chats with her friend Keisha Zollar who absolutely CANNOT talk about a TOP SECRET project, lol. (Spoiler alert, but not at all, it's her sketch series on Netflix called "Astronomy Club" and if you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor this holiday season and binge, baby!) Keisha is the queen of "gigging" and "gigged" all over, but really Times Square kept luring her back in. That is, before she became a Television writer. Listen for some incredible advice like, "if you give yourself an out, you'll take it" because we can't stop thinking about it.
This is the first episode of Unemployed with Anna Roisman! Anna talks to her friend, and spiritual guide, Mike Kelton, about all of the jobs he had and went through. From majoring in Musical Theater to becoming a full on sales person at David Barton gym in NYC, this episode has it all! (Except health insurance, cuz, that's tough.) Mike convinces Anna that she has manifested her own jobs, which you can do too! Mike also offers amazing advice to those who are going through unemployed times.
Introducing Unemployed with Anna Roisman. Anna gives you the background of The Unemployed Show and why she's bravely starting a podcast in 2019!! People are still without jobs, and she's here to help! Or here to give you a good laugh in the midst of filling out another cover letter.
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