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“Don’t give a speech; deliver an EXPERIENCE!” is an exhortation that co-host Mark offers frequently. Today he and Darren dive into the ‘3-D’ technique they used with a recent coaching client. They discuss how this technique will help you to authentically recreate and relive the scenes in your stories, elevate your audience’s experience, and make your story unforgettable.   SNIPPETS: • Go beyond stage-ology • Recreate and re-live your stories • Anchor scene locations in your speaking area • Anchor points of wisdom to specific locations in your speaking area • Use post-its to represent and rehearse specific locations in a scene • Use stage depth for realistic distances in scenes • Use angles to correctly depict the location of objects and characters • Realistically show character height differences when standing, sitting etc. • Visit speaking location beforehand and map out post-it locations
Can you remember the moment when you KNEW you were ‘legit?’ Perhaps you’re an emerging presenter and have no idea what that means. Darren and Mark each share their coming of age story and explain how acknowledging, understanding and sharing your coming of age story can serve your audience and make you unforgettable.   SNIPPETS: • Your journey encourages others • You can come of age by teaching other people’s content • Strive to be unforgettable • Dollars follow impact • Always deliver value • You can start by delivering fee-waived presentations • Share your coming-of-age story • Encourage others to share their coming-of-age stories
Ep. 185 Your Next Step

Ep. 185 Your Next Step


It’s always nice to know that you rocked your presentation. The audience is buzzing and the event planner is happy. Do you go home thrilled with a job well done, or have you missed a critical step? Today Mark and Darren offer a perspective on the step that can serve your audience beyond your presentation, a step that provides additional value, a step that can make you unforgettable.   SNIPPETS: • Added value is your responsibility • Define your next step • Believe in your next step • Point your audience to additional resources, even if they aren’t your own • Give your audience a reason to desire more from you • Think OFFER, not SALE • You’re not HAWKING, you’re HELPING • Give your audience THEIR next step
You’ve delivered your presentation, but your impact doesn’t have to end there. How can you extend your influence? With testimonials! How valuable can they be? Listen as Mark and Darren discuss the influence that testimonials can provide. They explain different types of testimonials, how to  capture them, and how to use them effectively, proving that powerful testimonials can help you to expand the reach of your unforgettable presentation.   SNIPPETS: • Multiply the value of your presentation • Get Event Planner testimonials • Get event attendee testimonials • Maintain separate folders for testimonial types • Use iRig mic with your mobile device • Compile specific questions to get influential responses • Get Virtual testimonials • Edit video testimonials and use a royalty-free music bed • Have Execs/Event Planners identify themselves in testimonial videos • In text testimonials, highlights key observations by key individuals
How do you handle the overwhelming questions and comments that come after your talk? How do you get testimonials when others want to talk to you? How do you focus on one person when someone else wants to join in? Today Darren and Mark answer these questions and offer additional ideas to help you be even more unforgettable after your talk.   SNIPPET: • Be accessible after your talk • Get Event Planner testimonials • Use iRig2 mic with your mobile device • Wear your own recording device during your talk and leave it on afterwards • Ask: “What specifically helped you or made you feel connected?” • Capture common comments • Study responses and find the gold • Deputize someone to record for you
What can presenters learn from a professional football (soccer) commentator? Today Mark and Darren find out from Peter Drury, rated by the world’s largest football community 90min as “the best commentator of all time.” Among other subjects, Peter discusses preparation, criticism, customization, being respectful with language, and showing up BIG every time. He even participates in an impromptu word game along the way! The principles he shares will propel any presenter on their journey to being unforgettable. SNIPPETS: • Love the words you use • A speech is not well-delivered if it sounds too written • You do your best work when you are relaxed • There is no excuse for not being absolutely prepared • Stay on top of your subject • Be respectful and careful with language • Accept fair criticism; be robust in the face of unfair criticism • Be self-critical • Listen to the people you trust • Remain yourself; humble, authentic; and do it because you love it
Is there a science to being unforgettable? The answer comes today from the man known as “America’s Science Teacher,’ author, Hall-Of-Fame speaker, TV personality, and Guinness World Record holder Steve Spangler. He reveals the ingredients in his formula for unforgettable presentations…and shares some sensational science as well! SNIPPETS: • People don’t connect with characters; they connect with human beings • Have a thirst for growth • Never use your skill as a gimmick • You have a purpose; your job is to not deny it • Listen to what connects with your audience • Be willing to ask for help and have a confidant • Use the support of a mastermind • Speak to civic and service groups to gain experience • Don’t brag that you’re a pilot; log the cockpit time • Engage your audience and get them to think differently
Burned over 100% of his body at 9 years old, John O’Leary lives a story of great inspiration. Today he talks with Darren and Mark about his life’s journey and speaking career. John also dispenses advice on how to be a relatable and unforgettable presenter. SNIPPETS: Don’t think ‘marketing’; think ‘service’ The smaller the audience, the more difficult the talk Be radically authentic and highly relatable Begin with the audience’s need in mind Taking risks allows you to be great Change the temperature in the room Our best stories have very little to do with us Respect your audience; meet them where they are Keep leaving breadcrumbs for your audience to follow Move the audience to laughter and tears; share trauma and drama
“When should I use dialogue in my speech?” Darren and Mark have fielded this question numerous times. Today they provide answers…and a bonus: WHY it’s important to use a combination of both narration and dialogue. The reasons that they provide and the techniques that they recommend will help you improve your presentation and enhance your audience’s experience.   SNIPPETS: Convert NARRATION to CONVERSATION Don’t RE-ENACT; RE-LIVE Let the audience ‘hear’ from characters Narration sets up the dialogue Use dialogue when a character experiences a change Use dialogue when the story has emotional shifts See Ekman’s SIX BASIC EMOTIONS Add the emotions that the character feels Share the internal dialogue of the characters
You’ve worked hard, you’ve rehearsed, you’ve delivered your presentation…perhaps several times…and it’s GOOD. But is it good ENOUGH? Today Mark and Darren take a look at the dangers of thinking a presentation is ‘good enough’ and offer suggestions for avoiding the confidence that can become arrogance. They also discuss the mindset and strategies that can help you make a good presentation UNFORGETTABLE. SNIPPETS: How do you define ‘good enough?’ Ego gets in the way Confidence can be your enemy Is your presentation as good as it can be? How good COULD it be? It’s never good enough Deliver like it’s the last time Perfection is a dream; improvement is a reality Be coachable Prepare Properly Test, test, test
Every endeavor starts with Version 1.0. Today Darren and Mark present Version 1.0 of their podcast livestream using StreamYard for the first time. They speak with guest presenter Amanda Mae Gray…their StreamYard guru…about the importance of taking the first step in every endeavor. Together they offer solid suggestions for creating Version 1.0 of YOUR unforgettable presentation, testing it, and making adjustments along the way. SNIPPETS: Don’t try to make Version 1.0 perfect It’s not wise to test new content on a paying audience There’s no such thing as a ‘practice speech’ Any audience that you trust can tell you how your speech affects them Your audience helps you to write your speech Take the FIRST STEP in your speech and your business Version 1.0 is instructive and can show you what needs to be changed Version 1.0 leads to Version 2.0 and beyond Crave feedback
New Year Resolutions have become commonplace, and all too often, these resolutions don’t last. In this brief episode, Darren and Mark outline the difference between a resolution and a decision. They offer suggestions for the decisions you can make to change the trajectory of your growth as a presenter and become unforgettable. SNIPPETS: Don’t make a resolution; make a decision It starts with a decision Be willing to ‘burn the boats’ The critical decision is to take action Your decision precedes your transformation The decision affects your mindset Get a coach Take classes and courses Recommit to being unforgettable
Following up on last week’s episode featuring Australian international speaker coach Jennifer Leone, this episode features live coaching. Mark takes the client’s hot seat as Jennifer and Darren deliver insight on one of his previously untold stories. Using the questions discussed in last week’s episode Jennifer and Darren dig deeper into his story to unearth metaphors and messages that will magnify the impact of his story. Witness first-hand how working with a qualified coach can help any presenter…even seasoned professionals…to be unforgettable.
How does a coach help their client get to the root of a story? How do they help uncover the gems hidden layers deep within a story? Today Mark and Darren find out from Australian international speaker coach Jennifer Leone, a faculty member at Stage Time University. Jennifer reveals that unforgettable questions are the key to finding gold in our stories, and shares three specific questions that she asks, knowing that the answers will help any presenter to be unforgettable . SNIPPETS: People often tell only half of their story What is the OTHER half of the story? What is the benefit of a negative experience? What is the other person’s point of view? Ask deeper questions Ask another question What do you say to yourself in painful situations? Is there a present in your pain and a gift in your grief?
Do you have a presentation that has served you well for quite a while? Have you made any modifications recently? Could it be time for a ‘refresher’? Today Mark and Darren have a frank discussion about REVIEWING and RENEWING your presentation. They extend their conversation to examine how you show up for every presentation, and how you can ‘up your game.’ Their advice will help you to be unforgettable in every speaking environment. SNIPPETS: With experience you bring new ideas, knowledge and expertise Refresh your presentation or sermon Update your stories Take another look at your infographics and visual aids Review your examples and supporting evidence Are your references outdated Adopt new interactive tools like Menti and others Assess your workshop activities Replace your demo video if necessary Should you revise your website and social media profiles Examine your persona before, during and after your talk
With experience comes the risk of being comfortable and too casual. Today Mark and Darren look at areas where presenters can become casual, and how costly it can be. They share behaviors to avoid…and confess to having been guilty of some…and offer practices that can help any presenter stay on their ‘A’ game to be unforgettable, both on and off the stage. SNIPPETS: Don’t neglect to write your own introduction Don’t fall into trap of thinking you can ‘wing it’ Don’t ‘phone it in’; show up and shine You can never over-communicate with clients and meeting planners Use custom visuals and avoid clipart and public domain images Examine the image you project off-stage; at the airport, in the hotel, etc. Ask yourself if it’s time to update your profile photo and wardrobe Re-assess your on-stage persona Engage an image consultant if necessary
You’ve invested hours preparing to deliver your unforgettable presentation, and you are READY! Right before you take the stage, the MC recites your bio, or decides to ‘wing it’ after a quick glance at your LinkedIn profile. Maybe they decide to tell a 4-minute story about the time they met you, and you can feel the air being sucked out of the room as the audience ‘checks out’. How do you avoid this? Darren asks Mark about his 7-Step Process for creating an engaging introduction, and they discuss the benefits of writing your OWN introduction. They also explain how a bad introduction will make any presenter unforgettable…for the wrong reasons. SNIPPETS: Write your own introduction Set up the listening Give the audience a reason to lean in before you say a word Send your intro to the introducer and meeting planner Have a call with your introducer before the event Remember the meeting planner is handling several issues; make it easy Panic-proof the process for your introducer and meeting planner Bring two copies of your introduction with you  
In North America, Thanksgiving is a time for food, fun and family. In this first LIVE brainstorming session, Mark and Darren come up with ideas for gleaning story and presentation ideas from the Thanksgiving holiday…and any other traditional family holiday experience. They reveal the what, the how and the why behind uncovering fresh and engaging material…while having family fun! Apply these ideas, find new material, and be unforgettable . SNIPPETS: Mine the memories Deputize your family to be your coach Don’t hold the gold or let it grow mold; it must be told Record conversations Capture details Recall ‘first-time’ attendee stories Elevate the elders and the young people in the family Focus on the food Remember those who are no longer here Examine traditions (who always sits where, games, family walks) Update your story folder
From playing in empty ‘dive bars’, to playing for millions and earning a gold record, to helping individuals and organizations ‘find their voice’. This has been the journey of Isaac and Thorald…The Brothers Koren. They talk with Darren and Mark about serving our audiences by becoming their ‘brother’ and delivering unforgettable experiences. The ideas, principles and practices that they share will help any presenter to be unforgettable . SNIPPETS: Nurture other voices Become someone’s brother Become a co-creator Dare to SUCK Try NOT comparing and NOT competing Take risks Invite your audience into your keynote experience Look for moment to make the audience feel needed Don’t present TO your audience; be WITH your audience Invite your audience onto your stage
Today’s guest Annie Sarnblad is a global expert on microexpressions…facial expressions that last a short time but reveal a great deal about us. In this lively and enlightening conversation, Darren, Mark and Annie discuss how microexpressions show our true emotions, help us read our clients/prospects, and help us connect with our audiences. Most importantly, by understanding microexpressions we can serve our audiences with compassion...which can make any presenter unforgettable . SNIPPETS: We are all wired with the same facial expressions In a meeting, always look at eyes first When their pupils dilate, they are most receptive Humans crave human connection, interaction and joy No need to create emotion; when we feel it our facial expression will show it Share your humanity with your audience by being authentic and real Attend every event networking opportunity, like VIP mixers and dinners Your audience may show disengagement; be kind and love them When we read each other better, we can be kinder and more forgiving Use stories to touch the audience’s emotions and inspire them
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Christine Halbe-Moore

this was so helpful and powerful thank you for sharing!!!!!

May 9th


Very informative podcast on Ted Talks! Wow! Great episode! I’m inspired to apply for a Tedx talk.

May 31st
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