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Author: Daniel Wagner

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Uncomfortable Conversations without a Condom. With the guideposts of free speech and the non-aggression principle, we battle the forces of evil by lobbing fiery balls of truth, reason, and evidence over safe-room walls. We discuss those things you're not supposed to talk/think about. Our mission is to follow truth, reason, and evidence wherever it leads. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”
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My guest today is Theodore, a half-assed statist and the executive director of He advocates for voluntarily funding public services without taxation; taking power out of lobbyist hands and handing it back to the people. Sounds like a potential move in the right direction, but as an anarcho-capitalist, I’m skeptical. I poke holes in his idea to change the way in which we handle funding of public services.
Strange Packages, Dating Nightmares, and Illegal Benefits
My guest, Conner ( is here to discuss his newfound ideas about anarchy, the state, capitalism vs freemarket principles, and more. We also discuss how he is being forced to vote against his will once he becomes 18 and how he feels about it.
Back in November, 2018 in Tallahassee FL, a gunman enters a Yoga studio and begins firing on the people inside. 7 months later, the WaPo is still trying to paint a picture of Patriarchy Bad, Men are Toxic, and anyone who is in any of the groups of the shooter are bad bad men too. Stay tuned as I deconstruct the latest WaPo article and show you how these mainstream media companies use sneaky language and fear to brainwash you right out of thinking critically for yourself.
UoM108: Hunter Parker

UoM108: Hunter Parker


Hunter Parker is a 15 year old wandering mind who’s interested in discussing important topics; in this case, abortion. After events at his school transpired in which a gaggle of young girls disrupted an otherwise peaceful and mundane lunch hour, Hunter reached out to me to discuss this important issue.
Sen. Lindsey Graham proposes new bill to attempt to plug up the illegal immigrant dam (and why it wouldn’t matter), Alabama lawmakers pass the most strict Abortion legislation in the US, and of course, on the Phobeismist, we’ll tell you why Man Buns are offensive; and, no, it’s not because it looks like a tied-up trash bag.
JFK was wrong, dealing w loss of treasured family members, #cryptomining is cool (and $BAD) again, & the logistics of #reparations... will it work? Find out tonight, on the Unframe of Mind show
I speak with Tiana Elisara from the Left the Left Show about her journey out of the democratic plantation and her aspirations to be more politically active.
Lazy-ass Nurses sitting around playing cards all day, and Senator Maureen Walsh isn’t pleased. @AOC, who had PLENTY to say about #ChristChurchAttck, has nothing to say about #SriLankaBombings. And PROOF that the race war has been over for a LONG time!
Mentu Hotep brings on the research and facts in an attempt to educate us on the origins of many of our modern-day holiday practices surrounding Easter, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, etc. We also deliver our initial reactions to the Notre Dame Cathedral “accident,” as well as Pop Icon, Cher’s sudden change of heart about Donald Trump?
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