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Universal Soul Love with David Love and Dr. Lana Love
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Universal Soul Love with David Love and Dr. Lana Love

Author: BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.

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Show Description:

Our Internet talk radio show will discuss issues that involve consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm. The purpose of this show is to raise the conscious vibration of the planet to a higher level by sharing ideas and practices that:

- Increase spiritual awareness

- Advance personal growth and development

- Explore the hidden mysteries of the universe

- Protect the environment and our natural resources

- Develop self-sustainable living communities and self-sufficient living practices

- Encourage individuals to reclaim their personal power

- Advocate post-feminism ideas through the re-unification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source

- Form and maintain healthy romantic partnerships

- Promote a message of universal love
45 Episodes
Universal Soul Love with Det. David Love and Dr. Lana Love and guest Chris DockrillTopic: The Island of Doctor Moron
Universal Soul Love with Det. David Love and Dr. Lana Love
Universal Soul Love “There’s a way to do everything”Lana and David discuss conventional and unconventional problem-solving skills, with emphasis on “antithetical” thinking approach to solving common and complex life issues.
Universal Soul Love “International Woman’s Day”Lana and David celebrate International Woman’s Day with special guest Susan Glynn.The show will explore the many obstacles women of the past had to overcome in attempting to achieve a true sense of equality. We will be discussing the characteristics and attributes inherent in notable women such as Ruth Ginsburg, who contributed to the rising success of the feminine gender in the modern age. We want to show how everyone can make use of these inspiring personal qualities to positively improve the condition of humanity and the entire planet.Donald Newsom, president of BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio), engages David, Lana and Susan after the interview for a short discussion on the importance of celebrating Woman!
David and Lana speak to Don and Doug Newsom founders of BBS Radio Network in-person at the studio. Don and Doug will be telling the story of their harrowing escape from the Paradise City wildfire last year in 2018 and the inspiration they gained from the people who reached out to help them rebuild their lives.
Lana and David speak to Share International spokesperson Dick Larson about the reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacher.
Lana and David speak with Kathryn Hand co-creator of the Cosmic Consciousness in Uluru (Ayre’s Rock) Conference and Illuminate Conference in Coffs Harbour. Kathryn will be talking to us about the upcoming conferences. Kathryn will also discuss her experience with cancer and the natural healing techniques she used to cure herself.
Lana and David discuss the upcoming Shift to Superconsciousness teleonference event.
Det David and Dr Lana Love speak with South African Nutrition Specialist & Personal Development Counselor Brett Austin about his inspirational book " To All the People of the Planet". Brett discusses his amazing spiritual awakening experience and how he lost 144 lbs in the process.
Universal Soul Love Interview with author Chris Dockrill, creator of the musical The Island of Doctor Moron
Universal Soul Love Interview with Author Michael Tellinger - Dr Lana Love and Det David Love visit South Africa and interview Michael Tellinger author of Slave Species of the Gods and founder of the Ubuntu Movement. Ubuntu means “humanity” or “community”. Michael discusses the benefits of “contributionism”. Michael explains the virtue of replacing our money-based system of exchange to one where members of a society place value on contributing their time and talent to their community.
Universal Soul Love with Dr Lana Love & Det David Love with guest Jacqueline Boyd
Det David And Dr Lana Love have a round table discussion with George Neo founder of Etherion Ecovillage and permaculture specialist Taylor about building self-sustainable living communities and the Ringing Cedars book series.
Breaking up is hard to do. Should I stay? Or should I go? Lana and David explore the difficult question of how to know when it’s time to end a relationship and look for a new one. They will be sharing insights on this topic from their own personal experiences.
Det David and Dr Lana Love, and psychic medium Jacqueline Boyd, talk about the origins of humanity and spirit communication.
Dr Lana Love and Detective David Love with Mike Wolf is a self-made freedom lifestyle entrepreneur, seasoned investor, and international speaker. Mike will talk about the psychology of money, the energy of money, and how to make money flow, so it contributes to your happiness.
Dr Lana Love and Detective David Love speak with Robin Dreeke, author of The Trust Code and head of behavioral profiling for the FBI's Counterintelligence Unit about how to read nonverbal communication to improve your personal relationships.
Universal Soul Love with Det David Love and Dr Lana Love with guest Jacqueline Boyd
Dr Lana and Det David Love speak with Michael Reynolds, creator of the Earthship bioecture self-sustainable living model.
Universal Soul Love with Detective David Love and Dr Lana Love with guest Certified Nurse-Midwife, RN, BSN, Vanita Lott
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